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The first Central Asia Nobel Fest


The International Science and Technology Center (hereinafter – the ISTC) supports the 4 Day Central Asia Nobel Fest 2020 with the key results highlighted, a letter of appreciation received from CANF on the ISTC Supported Nobel Fest and highlighted the success and exposure of ISTC in this event.

 Within the framework of the first Nobel Festival, the ISTC received the status of an Intellectual Partner, in the role of which it was presented to all spectators and participants of the event.

The opening of the second day of the festival began with a welcoming speech from Aidyn Turebayev, Deputy Executive Director of the ISTC. More than 2500 viewers attended the live broadcast of Mr. Turebayev’s speech, which is remembered as a manifesto of resilience and persistent struggle against the difficulties that the pandemic and the global crisis pose to the world. Mr. Turebayev emphasized the importance of the platform for the Central Asian region, which can serve as a reference point for the younger generation and the entire scientific community.

A partner video on the ISTC, its mission and the role in the international scientific community was broadcast before the start of the day, in transitions between sessions, as well as in dedicated digital breaks.

More than 3700 participants watched the videos from the company in full.

Text module about the ISTC in Russian and English was added to the festival’s electronic guide, which was received by over 5000 registered participants.