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#0207Mettalic Hydrogene

Theoretical Investigation of Production Possibility of Metallic Hydrogen and its Physical Properties at Low Temperatures

#0619Electrical Phenomena in Shock Waves

A Monograph "Electrical Phenomena in Shock Waves"

#0829Theory of Metalinsulator Transition

Theoretical Investigation of Metal-Insulator Phase Transitions in Strongly Corrected Metals and Analysis of their Feasible Applications

#0902Superheavy Cluster Ion Beams

Studying of Cluster Macroeffect Caused by Single Multiply Charged Ions and Developing of a New Method of Producing Superheavy Cluster Ion Beams

#1109Pulsed Opening Switch

Development of New Type of Pulsed High-Current Open Switch

#1181Failures and Phase Transformations in Solids

Investigation on Failure Mechanisms and Phase Transformations in Solids under Dynamic Loadings

#1203Database on Material Dynamic Strength

Creation of Database on Dynamic Strength Properties of Construction Materials

#1208Calculation Model of Materials Dynamic Destruction

Investigation of the Dynamic Destruction of Materials in Wide Longevity Ranges Aimed at Creating a Process Calculation Model

#1478Educational Package on Solid State Physics

Tutorial and Methodical Package on Condensed Matter Physics

#1478.2Educational Package on Solid State Physics

Tutorial and Methodical Package on Condensed Matter Physics

#1522Magnetic Multilayered Structures

Electrodynamic Properties of Magnetic Multilayered Structures

#1536Virtual Laboratory for Elastisity Problems

Virtual Laboratory on Fundamental and Applied Problem of Elastisity Theory

#1538Monitoring and Prediction of Seismotectonic Processes

Using of Research Potential in the Field of Aviation Technologies for Modeling, Monitoring, and Prediction of Seismotectonic Processes

#1630Stable Radiation Resistant Semiconductor

High-stable Radiation Resistant Semiconductors

#1665Alkali Metals Spectrum

Phonon Spectrum Investigation of Alkali Metals at External Pressure Corresponding to Anomalous Range of Electrical Resistance by Means of Inelastic Neutron Scattering

#1708Ferroelectric Films in Radioelectronics

Ferroelectric Film Structures for Application in Radioelectronic Devices

#1741Cathodoluminescence Method for Analysis

Investigation of Pulse Cathodoluminescence of Substances, Development of Method, and Building of Equipment Complex for Condensed Media Analysis

#1745Rocks Fracture Investigations

Investigation of Formation and Development of the Fracture Nucleation Site in Rocks Aimed at Prediction of Seismic Events

#1794Diffraction Gratings Based on Multilayer Structures

Development of High Efficiency Diffraction Gratings on the Basis of Multilayer Structures for Monochromators and Polychromators of X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation and for Ultra-High Spectral Resolution X-Ray Diagnostics in the 0.1 – 10 Kev Energy Range

#1859Magnetic Sensors Based on CMR Effect

Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Field Sensors and Devices Controlled by Magnetic Field on the Base of Colossal Magnetoresistance Materials


The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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