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#A-682Action of Damaging Factors on an Organism of Mammals

Studies on the Damaging Action of Extreme Physical-Chemical Factors on the Functioning of Mammal Nervous, Immune, Haemopoietic Systems and the Protective Influence of Some Biologically Active Compounds

#A-684Cancer Prophylaxy

Development of New Method of Cancer Prophylaxy by Means of Biotechnology of Natural Fetal Proteoglikans in Combination with Microwave Resonant Therapy

#A-686Waves Propagation in Media

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Propagation of Space Linear and Nonlinear Waves in Various Continuous Media

#A-691Radiofrequency Coherent Radiation of Particles

Coherent Radiation Produced by Bunches of Particles in the Radio Frequency Region

#A-695Light-Induced Electromagnetic Responses of Doped Polar Crystals

Light-Induced Electromagnetic Responses of Doped Polar Crystals: New Methods and Tools for Diagnostics of Radiation and Media

#A-696Ceramics Based Magnetometer

High-Temperature Superconducting Ceramics-Based Three-Dimensional Magnetometer

#A-703Sol-Gel Thin-Layer Coating

Sol-Gel Method as a Basic for Getting of New Classes of the Glassy, Glass-Ceramic Covering and Composition Materials

#A-704Chloroprene Copolymer Rubbers and Latexes

Synthesis of New Different Functional Groups-Containing Chloroprene Copolymer Rubbers and Latexes and Composites on their Basis

#A-708Temporal Kerr Lens

New Approach to Signal Manipulation and Analysis in Ultrafast Optics: Temporal Kerr Lensing

#A-709Wasteless Recycling of Vegetation Raw Materials

Technology Justification and Development of Mechanization Means and Automaton of Technological Processes of Wasteless Treatment (Recycling) of Vegetable Raw Materials

#A-710Oxygen Generator for Fuel Cells

Oxygen Generator Based on Nitrogen Adsorption from Air Using Natural Zeolites for Application in Fuel Cells

#A-711Modeling of Porous Materials Treatment

Modeling of Technological Processes of Usual and Sintered Powder Materials’ Cold and Hot Treatment by Pressure for Manufacturing of Materials and Articles with Improved Characteristics

#A-724Aerobic Bacteria as Decontamination Factor

The Investigation of Some Aerobic Bacteria’s Capability to Transform a Number of Widely Used Toxic Compounds

#A-738Device for Time-Dependent X-Ray Researches

Development and Creation of a Device for Investigating Various Time-Dependent Processes in Single Crystals Using Diffracted X-Ray and Synchrotron Beams

#A-744Excited Particles and Heterogeneous Stages in Chemistry

Investigations Processes of Gas-Phase Oxidation with Account of Excited Particles and Heterogeneous Stages in Well-Stirred Reactor for Design of Technologies Converting Organic Compounds to Valuable Products

#A-745Quantum De-coherence

De-coherence and its Control in Quantum Optics, Measurements and Communication

#A-758High-Effective Accelerating Modul

The Prototype of the High-Effective Accelerating Module on the Base of Bicylindrical Cavity

#A-767Electronic Database of Analytical Materials "Investor - Armenia"

Creation of Electronic Database of Analytical Materials in Economics, Finance and Law of Armenia "Investor - Armenia"

#A-770Solar Heater for Liquids

New Automatic Solar Heater of Flowing Liquid

#A-771Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems Based upon ISO-9000 Standards in Enterprises of the Republic of Armenia Earlier Manufactured Military Products, with the Aim to Create Favorable Conditions for their Re-Profiling and Export Promotion of Civil Products

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The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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