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#G-658New Method for Blood Flow Monitoring

Investigation and Elaboration of Conceptual Principles and Technical Means for Identification of Latent and Manifested Heart Failure

#G-764Fetal-Maternal Status Influence on Allergic Sensitization

Effects of Fetal-Maternal Allergic, Antioxidant and Cytokine Status on the Allergic Sensitization in Early Childhood

#G-856Photodynamic Therapy in Oncology

Early Diagnostics of Pre-Cancer Changers and Intravascular Photodynamic Therapy in Oncology

#G-888Diagnostic Breath Tests

Application of Substrates Labeled with Carbon-13 Isotope for Breath Testing

#A-890Low Field Effects on Cellular Membrane

The Study of the Membrane Target for Extremely Low-frequency Electromagnetic Field (ELF EMF)

#G-904Helicobacter Pylori Resistance

New Natural Antimicrobial Factors Affecting Helicobacter Pylori and Genetic Mechanism of Antibiotic Resistance in Some Regions of Caucasus

#G-915New Medicinal Preparation on the Basis of Iodized Spirulina Platensis

Biotechnology and Pharmacology of New Medicinal Preparation on the Basis of Iodized Blue-Green Algae Spirulina Platensis: Technological, Experimental and Clinical Investigations

#G-946Morphologic Features of Infections in Georgia

Spread and Morphologic Features of Infections in Georgia Revealed by Morphologic Investigations of Biopsies and Postoperative Materials

#G-957Ferric Hydrophosphate Against Infectious Diseases

Ferric Hydrophosphate – Preparation of New Generation Against Infectious Diseases

#G-975Genetic Determination of H.Pylori Virulence Factors

Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Clinical Gastro Duodenal Diseases in the Caucasus Region

#G-981Psychometric Parameters of Refugees

Development of the Methods Measuring Psychometric Parameters in the Refugee Population

#G-1038Chronic Heart Failure

Management of the Chronic Heart Failure: Elaboration and Development of the New Method

#G-1618Early Indicator of Atherosclerosis

Alteration of Inflammatory/Redox Balance as an Early Indicator of Atherosclerosis, and its Correction by the Means of Statins and Antioxidants

#G-1676Antioxidant Therapy in Atherosclerosis

New Antioxidants from Georgian Red Grapes and Treatment of Atherosclerosis in Postmenopausal Women

#G-1840Probiotics of Georgia and “Caucasian Longevity” Phenomenon

Investigation of Probiotics, Isolated from Traditional Fermented Milk Products and Ecological Isolates in the Regions of Georgia with Phenomenon of “Caucasian Longevity”: Genetic Typing and Creation of Live Cultures’ Bank


The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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