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#4030Terahertz Scanning Array Radiometers

Ultrasensitive Terahertz Range Radiometers of Sub-Diffraction Resolution with Receiving Arrays Based on the Superconducting Hot-Electron Nanobolometers-Sensors and the Procedure for Scanning and Reconstruction of Received Images

#4032Drugs for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Enantiomerically Pure None-Proteinogenic Amino Acids, Peptides and their Derivatives as Multi-Target Directed Ligands for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

#4036Antifriction Carbon Coatings-Orientants

New Generation of Antifriction Carbon Coatings-Orientants

#4037Black Sea Epidemiological Network

The Network of Epidemiological Surveillance and Response to Emergency Situations in the Field of Public Health Within the BSEC Region

#KR-1825Biocontrol Agents for Plants

Scale-up Technology and Establishment of Pilot Production of Plant Growth Promoting Biological Control Agents

#4040Plasma-Assisted Combustion

Development of a Low-Toxic Gas-Turbine Combustion Chamber Based on Plasma Assisted Fuel Combustion

#4041Artificial Radionuclides in the Sea of Japan

Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Measurements of Distribution Artificial Radionuclides in the Sea of Japan in a Spring Season

#4042Removal of Free Hemoglobin from Blood Plasma

Development of Electrochemically Controlled Removal of Free Hemoglobin from Blood Plasma by Polarized Electroconductive Affinity Sorbents Containing Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles

#4044Low Frequency Waves in Space Plasma

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Waves in Anisotropic High Pressure Space and Astrophysical Plasmas

#4049Emission of Terahertz Electromagnetic Radiation

Emission of Terahertz Electromagnetic Radiation from Nanoscale High-Tc Josephson Junctions

#4052Fire Protective Coatings

Fire Retardand /Heat Resistant Paint, Primer Insulation and Other Materials

#4053Incapsulation of Pre- and Probiotics

Polyfunctional complexes of pre- and probiotics: the target delivery to the different regions of the human gastrointestinal tract with use of biocompatible polymers

#4055Water Vapour Transport Mechanisms

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Water Vapour Transport Mechanisms at the Tropical Tropopause

#4056Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles Produced from Nanodiamonds

Investigation of Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles Produced from Nanodiamonds of Detonation Synthesis and Development of Composites with their Application

#4062Nano-Structured Kadmium Preparation for Treatment of Cancer

Construction of New Therapeutic Agents Based on Nanoparticles, Consisting of Cadmium and Food Plant Pigments for Neutron Capture-, Photodynamic- and Chemotherapy of Oncological Diseases

#4066Seismogenic Disturbances of the Lower Ionosphere

Electric Field Driven Disturbances in the Lower Ionosphere Caused by Seismic Activity

#4078Lactococci and Their Bacteriocins as Biopreservatives

Lactococci and their Bacteriocins as Biological Preservatives for Raw Food Materials and Food Products

#4080HIV Prognosis

Prognosis of New Antiretroviral Drugs Efficacy based on Genome Analysis of HIV-1 Genetic Variants Dominating in Russia and Former USSR Countries

#4085Phytoactive Polymers

Phytoactive Polymers – the New Preparations for Plant Growing

#4087Polymer Matrices for Tissue Engineering

Multifunctional Polymer Matrices with Entrapped Bioactive Molecules for Tissue Engineering

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The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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