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#G-1490Nanocomposites for Microsensors

Synthesis and Comprehensive Analysis of Novel Polymer Nanocomposites for Microsensors

#3685“Dry” Decontamination of Human Skin

Self-Contained Personal Kit for “Dry” Decontamination and Isolation of Human Skin and Wounds from Radioactive Contamination and Pathogenic Bacteria

#3692Zr-based Alloys under irradiation

Fundamental Investigations of Processes, Responsible for Changes in Crystallographic Texture and Microstructure of Model Samples from Zr-Based Alloys under Neutron Irradiation

#3698Radiation Sources for Therapy of Tumors

Development of Sealed Radiation Sources for Therapy of Malignant Tumors in the Vision Organ

#3699Vaccine against Infections Bovine Rhinotracheitis

Development of the Experimental DNA Vaccine Preparation for Induction of Mucosal Immunity Against Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis

#3702Long-term Behavior of Corium after Accident

Long-term Behavior of Corium after Accident (Using the Data of the Chernobyl NPP Accident)

#3704Electromagnetic Radiation Flashes in the Atmosphere

Study of Fast Flashes of Electromagnetic Radiation in Earth Atmosphere aboard of Artificial Satellites of the Earth. Experiment, Theory, Numerical Simulations

#3707Institutional Control of Radiation Sources

Development of Information, Legal and Regulatory Basis for a System of the Institutional Control and Stewardship Of Radioactively Contaminated Areas and Radionuclide Ionizing Radiation Sources in the Russian Federation

#3708Seeking a Neutron Source in Town

Development of a Technology for Seeking a Neutron Source in Compactly Built-up Urban Areas

#3710Neutron-Free Fusion Reactions in Laser Plasma

Neutron-Free Fusion Reactions in Laser Plasma

#3712Oil and Gas Bearing Capacity Prognosis

Development of Hydrogeochemical Method for Separate Prognosis of Oil and Gas Bearing Capacity by Polyarenes with Fine-Structure Luminescent Spectroscopy by the First Borehole

#3724Detection and Analysis of Graphic Images

LETI - Detection of Graphic Images (Various Format Graphic Images) by Analyzing the Given Fragment Among Number of Various Computer Data

#3725Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

Development of Advanced Technology of Thermomechanical Treatment Forming Well-Developed Substructure and Nanocrystalline Structure for Improvement of Functional Properties of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

#3728Anti-Hantavirus DNA Vaccine

Immunogenicity of the Experimental Aerosol Anti-Hantavirus DNA Vaccine Preparation

#3729Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bacteriophages

Antimicrobial Activity of Bacteriophages and Their Lytic Products in Respect to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clinical Isolates

#3730Resistance of Plaque Pathogen to Innate Immunity

Serum and Cationic Antimicrobial Peptide Resistance in Isogenic Lipopolysaccharide Mutants of Yersinia pestis

#3732Radiation Shielding Concrete with Depleted Uranium Dioxide

Production and Testing of High-strength Concretes Including Depleted Uranium Dioxide Concerning their Use as Shielding Materials in Construction of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel. Stage 2

#3734Hydrogen Generator

Research and Development of Hydrogen Technology Using Activated Aluminum Composites without Rare Earth Elements to Apply in Power Engineering and Transport

#3738Catalytic Microheater for Cassette Type Fuel Cell

Development of a Multifunctional Catalytic Microheater from Metal Fiber Mesh Sheet for Portable Cassette-Type Fuel Cell Stacks

#3741Radiographic Inspection of Heavy Metals Containers

Development of Prototype System for Neutron Radiographic Control of Heavy Metal Containers

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The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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