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#KR-1921Detoxication of Soils Contaminated by Obsolete Pesticides

Demonstration of Integrated Technology for Detoxication of Soils Contaminated by Obsolete Pesticides

#KR-1922Ecological Risk Assessment for Contaminated Soils

Development of Triad Approach based System for Ecological Risk Assessment for Contaminated Areas of Kyrgyzstan: Integration of Data of Chemical Analysis, Bioindication and Bioassay of Soils

#KR-1927Food Toxic Infections Propagation

Epizootiological, Epidemiological and Ecological Assessment of Evaluation of Food Toxic Infections in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1934Aborigenic Strains of Gold Ore Deposits

Microflora Aborigenic Strains of Kyrgyzstan Gold Ore Deposits for Using in Biogeotechnology

#KR-1938Electrochemical Conversion of Waste

Electrochemical Processing of a Waste and Reception of Products with the Set Properties

#KR-1964Radon and Lung Cancer

Monitoring and Assessment of Radon’s Role in Lung Cancer Occurrence in the Population of Troubled Regions of Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1967Ecology and Open-Pit Mining

Estimation of Negative Influence of Open-Pit Mining upon Ecological Situation in Chui Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

#KR-1968Atmospheric Pollution

Atmospheric Pollution and its influence on Environment

#KR-1969Physical Ways of the Reduction of the Risk of the Radioactive Influence

Development of methods and equipment of coherent photonics for studying the contact phenomena in demountable elements of constructions of nuclear power plants

#KR-1971Radionuclide Pollution of Biosphere Reserve of Issik-Kul

Risk assessment of pollution with radionuclides "Biosphere Reserve of Issik-Kul" (natural-caused uranium province of Kadji-Say).

#KR-1982Weed Pathogens for Bioprotections of Crops

Search and isolation of weed pathogens for possible use in biological protection of crops in Kyrgyzstan and in classical invasive weed control in the USA

#KR-1990The Ozone above Middle Asia

Monitoring of the Ozone Vertical Distribution in Stratosphere and Mesosphere Above Middle Asia Region by Radio Astronomical Methods in the Millimeter Waveband

#KR-1991Biostimulants growth and development of agricultural crops

Biotechnological approaches to the creation of growthstimulating plant preparations and phytoimmunecorrectors for using in plant cultivation

#KR-1997Landslide Modeling

Mathematical Modeling of Sismically Activated Landslides Threatening Uranium Tailing Dumps Along the Mailuu-Suu River in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-2001Radiation Risks Assessment on territory of Northern Kyrgyzstan

Uranium and Daughter Decay Products in Air and Water Enviromnent , their Space Distribution, Risks Assessment and Practical Recommendations on Territory of Northern Kyrgyzstan

#KR-2009Polymer Materials for Remediation of Natural Environments

Demonstration of Technology for Remediation of Technogenic Contaminated Natural Environments Using Polymer Materials

#KR-2010Plant protection

Scale up of technology for production and application of novel microbiological preparation as plants protection

#KR-2014Radioecological Center for Online Monitoring

Expanding the Scope of Activities of the Radioecological Center for Online Monitoring in the Context of the Hardware-Methodical Base and Territorial Coverage Development

#KR-2015Microflora for biogeotechnology

Development of New Microorganisms to Extract Gold

#KR-2016Multi-Drug and Extra Drug Resistance of M.Tuberculosis

Studying of mutations leading to Multi-Drug and Extra Drug Resistance of M.Tuberculosis in Kyrgyz Republic

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The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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