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#K-559Decontamination of Undeground Nuclear Cavity Solutes

Developing the Methods of Radioactive Decontamination of Underground Nuclear Cavity Aqueous Solutes in Salt Rock

#K-571Thin Oxide Films for Miscellaneous Applications

Research and Development of Oxidized Thin Films of Various Functionality, Particularly, for Photovoltaic, Optoelectronic and Gas Detection Applications

#K-622Natural Remediation of Mines after Uranium Leaching

Assessment of Ore-Containing Aquifers Natural Remediation after Uranium in-situ Leaching in Conditions of Shu-Sarysu Uranium-Ore Province

#K-662Remote Sensing for Locust Population Monitoring

To Study Spatial Structure of Mass Propagations Centers of Parasitic Kinds of Locusts by Methods of Remote Sensing for Elaboration of Ecologically Safe Technology for Agricultural Lands Protection

#K-667GIS Model for Kazakhstan

Creation of GIS model for the nations inhabiting region in Kazakhstan for cartographic support of ISTC projects on the example of territory zoning of RK by the degree of radiation risk

#K-672New Tritium Detection Technology

Development of a New Technology to Determinate Tritium Contents in Hydrogen-Containing Mediums

#K-687Immunomodulating Preparations against Plague and Cancer

Development of a Technology for Synthesis of Biologically Active Preparations on the Basis of Natural Immunoactive Bio-Polymers and Their Use as Cure for Cancer and Plague

#K-765Radiochronograph Development

Creation and Trials of Pilot Specimens of the Radiation Chronograph (Radiochronograph «SPIL») Intended for Collection of the Information Concerning the Date Identification and Quantification of the Extent of Local Radioactive Contamination

#K-779Mathematical Models of Turbulence

Method of Construction of Mathematical Models of Turbulence in Conditions of Intermittency

#K-792Gene Fund of Kazakhstan Fruit Forests

Preservation and Utilization of Genetic Polymorphism of Kazakhstan Fruit Forests

#K-793Remote Sensing of the Ecologically Destabilized Regions

Remote Sensing of the Ecologicaled Destabiliz Regions Owing to Pesticide Pressure

#K-799Molecular and Genetic Peculiarities of Resistance to HIV Infection

Molecular and Genetic Peculiarities of Resistance to HIV Infection

#K-800Technologies and Equipment for Transport Infrastructures

Innovative Solutions in the Sphere of Activity of Infrastructural Enterprises of Transport

#2499Synthesis and Fission of Superheavy Nuclei

The Experimental Study of Regularities of the Formation and Decay of the New Superheavy Elements Nuclei in Heavy Ion Reactions

#K-883Corrosion Resistance of Radwaste Storage

Corrosion Protection Experimental Studies and Tests under Gamma-Radiation and Heating Combined Effect in BN-350 Spent Fuel Dry Long-Term Storage Facility Silo Models

#K-885Expert system of transformation of natural complexes

Expert system of transformation of natural ecosystems and complexes in South-Balkhash region of Kazakhstan

#K-255.2Catalytic Synthesis of Pheromones

Catalytic Synthesis of Pheromones for Protection of Environment in Agriculture

#K-923Shungite Rock Processing

A Development of a Comprehensive Technology of Shungite Rock Processing Including a Separation of Shungite and Mineral Parts and Their Utilization in Different Industrial Processes

#K-927Database on animal diseases in Republic of Kazakhstan

System of Forecasting and Monitoring of Spread of Infectious Diseases among Farm Animals on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Step I. Creation of a Database and Monitoring Laboratory on Especially Dangerous Infectious Diseases among Animals in

#K-944Reactions with Helium and Lithium Nuclei

The Study of Nuclear Interaction of He-3,4,6 and Li-6 Ions Beams at the Energy Region of 2-15 MeVA


The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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