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#1818Identification of Concealed Nuclear Explosions

Study of Possibilities for Identifying Concealed Explosions in Seismically Active Mountain Country with Commercial Explosions: Selection of Experiment Configuration and Issue of Documentation for Project

#2921Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution in Issyk-Kyl Region

Influence of the Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution on the State of Mountain Ecosystem for the Issyk-Kyl Lake Region (Kyrgyzstan)

#3098Plasma Display and Excimer Lamps

High-Effective Methods of Investigation and Modelling of the Barrier Discharges for Optimization of Plasma Display Panels and Excimer Lamps

#3562Generation, Modeling and Diagnostics of Microwave Plasma

Development of New Methods of Generation, Modeling and Diagnostics of Nonequilibrium Microwave Plasma in Molecular Gases

#B-1063CIS Lidar Network for Atmosphere Monitoring

Atmosphere Aerosol and Ozone Monitoring in CIS Regions through Lidar Network (CIS-LiNet)

#K-1585Holographic Complex for Measurements of Dynamic Deformations

Development of Digital Holographic Complex for Contactless Measurements of Transient Dynamic Deformations in Materials and Constructions

#KR-067Blasting Informative System

New Informative Technology for Engineering and Performing Open Pit Blasting Jobs.

#KR-072Tail Storages Study

Development of Scientific Bases and Complex Studying of Radioactive and Other Hazards of Tail Storages of the Northern Kyrgyzstan Accumulating Radioisotopes and Accompanying Toxic Metals

#KR-1052Heavy Metals Influence Risk in Tian-Shan Mining

Heavy Metals in Mining Objects of Tian-Shan: Migration, Risk Assessment

#KR-1111Confinement Problem in Quantum Chromodynamics

Two Lines of Attack of the Confinement Problem in Quantum Chromodynamics

#KR-1120Physics of Life

Physics and Human Energy

#KR-1123Uranium Production Waste Impact upon Kirgizian Population

Environmental Monitoring to Assess Uranium Production Waste Impact upon Kirgizian Population Health and Gene Pool

#KR-1130Hydraulic Structures for Small Hydropower Engineering

Hydraulic Structures for Small Hydropower Engineering of the Mountain and Foot-Mountain Area

#KR-1140Heavy Nitrogen in Normal and Cancer Cells

The Hyperthermia and Cancers Therapy Mechanism of Negative Pions

#KR-1182Biogenic preparations for soil

Synchronization of Auto-Wave Soil-Rhizosphere Processes, Biogenic Management over Soil Stimulation and Plant Nutrition

#KR-1185Nitrogen blasting in open-pits

Technology and Automated System for Hardrock Destruction by Blasting of Condensed Nitrogen

#KR-1262Critical Facts in Cancer Hyperthermia

Physical Principles of Cancer Hyperthermia in Electromagnetic Fields on the Basic of Phase Transition Theory into the Spectrum of Mutagenic Emission

#KR-1287Blast-Formed Dams in Canyons of Mountain Rivers

Improvement of Methods for Designing Blast-Formed Вams in Сanyons of Mountain Rivers and Prognostic Determination and Characteristics of Such Dams

#KR-1305Safe Use of Hydrogen

The Development of Technology of Hydrogen Safe Use for Dwelling Heating and Kitchen-Ranges

#KR-1330Enterosorbents of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides

Polymer Products for the Civil Purposes - New Preventive Drugs

#KR-1348Atmospheric Electricity

Complex research of electrical state of near-ground atmospheric layer by example of the Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1351Detection of Biological Objects

Development of Magnetometric Methods for Remote Diagnostics and Location of Biological Objects

#KR-1379Water Explosives for Mining

Continuous Hard Rock Breaking by Blasting with Water Charges: Technological and Technical Prerequisites for Automated and Environmentally Friendly Open Pit Mines

#KR-1415Dark Energy in the Universe

Field Models of Dark Energy in the Universe

#KR-1417Disbalance of Small Spinning Pruducts

Development of the Theory Bases, Methods and Devices for the Automatic Сontrol of the Form Errors and Disbalance of Spinning Products with Small Sizes and Mass

#KR-1522Atmospheric Brown Cloud

Lidar Investigations of Atmospheric Brown Cloud in the Central Asia

#KR-1534Fine Structure of Geomagnetic Variations

Fine Structure of Regular Geomagnetic Variations from Satellite and Ground-Based Data

#KR-154Quantum Birth of the World

Cosmological Consequences of the Quantum "Birth" of the World

#KR-1551Bifunctional, Moisture Saved Irrigative Equipment

Development of Bifunctional, Moisture Saved Irrigative Equipment and Relevant Manual Applied in Hot Climate and Compound Relief

#KR-156Bioconversion of Organic Raw Materials

Development of the Project # Kr-156 on Preparation of New Materials Based on Bioconversion of Organic Raw Materials

#KR-156.2Bioconversion of Organic Raw Materials

The Preparation of New Materials Based on Bioconversion of Organic Raw Materials

#KR-1647Ecological Settlement in the Issyk-Kul Biosphere Reserve

Ecological Settlement in the Issyk-Kul Biosphere Reserve

#KR-1649Center “Alternative Energetic”

Teaching, Training and Retraining of the Specialists and Population in Alternative Energetic

#KR-1660Frequency of Paleoearthquakes in Kyrgyzstan

The Study of the Paleoearthquake by Seismogenic Formation of the Caves with Aims of the Estimation of Strong Earthquake Frequency and their Parameters in the Territory of the South Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1668Sliding Phenomena in High-Mountain Conditions

Prediction of the Sliding Phenomena on the Basis of Analysis of Mechanisms of a Failure of Natural and Artificial Slopes in High-Mountain Conditions of Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1698Nanoceramics Fabrication by Microwave Sintering with Application of Pressure

Investigation of Nanostructured Ceramic and Composite Materials Fabrication by Combined Effect of Microwave Radiation and External Pressure

#KR-1718Boiler for Agricultural Waste Burning

Development of Technology of Slagless Burning Granulated Agricultural Waste Products and Designing and Manufacturing of a Boiler where this Technology is Applied

#KR-1740Uranium Mines Piles in Kyrgyzstan

Development of Technology of Uranium Mines Piles Liquidation in Kyrgyzstan by Utilization and Useful Application of Deactivated Mined Rock

#KR-180Protection Measures for U-Tail Storage

Study of the Radiogeological Situation in Uranium Production Waste Storage Sites of the Kyrgyz Republic and Development of Recommendations for Conducting Environmental Protection Measures

#KR-1835Wasteless Processing of Brown Coal

Wasteless Processing of Brown Coal from a High-Mountainous Deposit

#KR-1846Seismotectonic of the Issyk-Kul Depression

Quaternary / Subrecent seismotectonic activities in the Issyk-Kul depression: Its impacts upon drainage diversions, lake level and building constructions

#KR-1848Archeoseismology of the Chui Valley

Assessment of Seismic Hazard of the Chui Valley of the Northern Kyrgyzstan According to Data of Archeoseismology

#KR-1851Ecology of Pits in Chui Depression in Kyrgyzstan

Eco-Geological Influence of the Open-Pit Workings in Chui Depression, Kyrgyzstan and Ways of Solution

#KR-1858Hydraulic Structures of Small Hydropower Engineering

Introduction, Field and Model Research of Improved Constructions of Hydraulic Structures for Small Hydropower Engineering

#KR-187Automated System for Radon Monitoring

Development of Automated System for Radon Monitoring and Recommendations for its Use as an Information Predictor of Earthquakes in Northern Tien Shan

#KR-187.2Automated System for Radon Monitoring

Development of Automated System for Radon Monitoring and Recommendations for its Usage as an Information Predictor of Earthquakes in the Northern Tien Shan (The Kyrghyz Republic)

#KR-1909Central Asia Air Quality

Central Asia Air Quality

#KR-1967Ecology and Open-Pit Mining

Estimation of Negative Influence of Open-Pit Mining upon Ecological Situation in Chui Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

#KR-1968Atmospheric Pollution

Atmospheric Pollution and its influence on Environment

#KR-2011Rupture mechanisms of major earthquakes

Seismic hazard assessment of Kyrgyzstan through the integrated study of focal mechanisms of major earthquakes and seismic trenching

#KR-2020DNA-technologies in legal safety

Application of DNA-technologies in legal safety

#KR-2062Nanoaerosol and Climate

Radiative effects of Small-Scale Aerosol and Climate variation

#KR-2105Aerosol and Climate

Climatic effects of Central Asia Microscale Aerosols

#KR-2108Electromagnetic monitoring network of the Northern Tien Shan

Creation of the permanent network of multi-parametric electromagnetic monitoring for seismically active zones of the Northern Tien Shan in frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz

#KR-2184Roasting free high-silica composites

Resource-and-energy efficient roasting free materials for construction purposes on the basis of the activated high-silica compositions

#KR-2207Modeling and technology to reduce the risk for seismic hazard of blasting operations in quarries

Modeling and technology to reduce the risk for seismic hazard of blasting operations in quarries

#KR-2253Seismicity, focal mechanisms and paleosesimic studies

Seismicity, modern tectonically movements and seismic hazard of Kyrgyzstan

#KR-2254Paleoseismology and earthquake hazards of Northern Kyrgyzstan

Paleoseismic history and earthquake hazards of Northern Kyrgyzstan (Northern Tien Shan)

#KR-2256Safe blasting technology at the quarry

The technology of blasting at the quarry for insuring safety of the secure facilities

#KR-242.2Seismic Risk for the Chui-River Valley

Estimation of Seismic Risk for the Chui Valley of the Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-244Imaging System of Gas-Filled Detectors

Development of X-Ray Visual Digital System on the Basis of the Coordinate-Sensitive Detector of Large Sizes

#KR-245Laser Analyzer for Carbon Isotopes Ratio

Laser Analyzer of [13]CO{2} and [12]CO{2} Ratio in a Human Exhalation for Medical Diagnostics

#KR-260Multipurpose Holographic Interferometer

Development of the Holographic Interferometer with the Expanded Field of Its Application

#KR-310Lidar Monitoring in Central Asia

Lidar Monitoring of Aerosol and Temperature of Central Asia Middle Atmosphere

#KR-331Prediction of Catastrophic Landslide

Prediction of Catastrophic Landslide Phenomena: New Methods and Means

#KR-476Pharmaceuticals Production from Local Raw Materials

Development of Methodology of Producing Medications with Given Medical Properties from Local Raw Materials, Study of Their Pharmacological Effects and Spare of Their Use

#KR-536Tien-Shan Earthquakes Catalog

Tien-Shan Earthquakes Catalog and Seismic Activity of Kyrzyz Territory

#KR-547Monitoring of Toktogul Hydro Power System

Stability Monitoring of Toktogul Hydro Power Stations at River Naryn to Prevent Disastrous Aftermath under Seismic Impact

#KR-586Database on Gold Mining in Kyrgyzstan

Database and Metallogenegy of Gold Ore (Gold Mining) in Kyrgyzstan. Model and Methods of Management (Golden Objects along the Ancient Silk Road)

#KR-645Technogeneous Reproduction of Mineral Resources

Research of the Mechanism, Processes and Possibility of Technogeneous Reproduction of Lithosphere’s Mineral Resources

#KR-707Seismic Risk Mitigation for Kyrgyz Republic

Seismic Risk Mitigation for the Regional Conditions of Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-727Silicon Nitride Ceramics from Silicon Wastes

Development of a Technology for Producing Silicon Nitride Ceramics from Silicon Industrial Wastes from Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-741Seismic-Survey Complex

Seismic-Survey Complex for Researches of Small Depths

#KR-768Creation of a Training Center for Off-shore Programming Specialists

Creation of a Training Center for Off-shore Programming Specialists

#KR-798Metal Forming Optimization on the Basis of Superplasticity

Optimization of Technological Processes of Metals and Alloys Volumetric Forming on the Basis of Controllable Dynamic Superplasticity

#KR-836Infrasonic Ecology

An Infrasonic Ecology – Infrasonic Effects of Mines and Hydraulic Structures on a Biotope

#KR-864Dynamic Synthesis of Diamonds

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Tests of Phase Transitions in Carbon at Moderate Dynamic Conditions of Loading

#KR-899Explosives for Industrial Underwater Blasts

Novel Efficient Metal-Containing Energetic Materials for Underwater Explosions in Industry

#KR-920Information-computing complex based on a high-performance cluster

Creation of information-computing complex based on a high-performance cluster to solve scientific and applied problems with a large volume of calculations

#KR-980Monitoring of Radioactive Mining Waste

Creation of Monitoring Basis in Handling of Radioactive Wastage of Mining Industry

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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