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#0091Molecular Chaperones and Immunology

Design of recombinant protein-peptide immunomodulators using new basic molecular biology data.

#0091-2Molecular Chaperones and Immunity

Design of Recombinant Protein-Peptide Immunomodulators


The Study of Molecular Mechanisms of Immunosuppressive Drugs Actions.

#0403Novo Proteins with Interferon

Design, Genetic Engineering, Production and Physico-Chemical Testing of Biologically Active de Novo Proteins Incorporating an Alfa-Interferon Fragment. Biological Study of the Obtained Constructions

#0463Antitumor Drugs

Study of New Cell Differentiation factors as Potential Antitumor Drugs.

#0536Preclinical Test of Immunocompounds

Organization and Performance of Preclinical Trails of Immunobiological Compounds According to GLP Requirements.

#0571Producing of Betta -Carotene

Development of the Technology of Microbiological Synthesis Aiming at Simultaneous Producing of Phospholipides and Betta-Carotene to be Used in Pharmacology.

#0620Human Cytokines

Structure-function Studies of Human Cytokines and their Mutant Analogs

#0716Thymus Micro-environment

In Vitro Model of Thymuc Micro-environment. Interaction between Epithelial and Lymphoid Cells of the Human Thymus: Nature of Signals

#0938Vaccine Against Disease

Grafting of B- and T-cell Epitopes of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus to Recombinant Protein Caf1 of Yersinia Pestis and Use of its Construction as a Vaccine Against Foot-and-Mouth Disease

#1038SELEX is Structure-Function Studies of Cytokines

Exploiting of SELEX Procedure in Structure-Function Studies of Recombinant Human Cytokines and Their Natural and Synthetic Antagonists in Order to Create Artificial Immunomodulating Medical Preparations

#1462New Immuno- and Neuromodulatory Peptides

Synthesis and Study of Novel Immuno- and Neuromodulatory Peptides, with Homologous "Hormone-Like" Sequences in Human Immunoglobulin G

#1520Chemical Tularemia Vaccine

Development of a Chemical Tularemia Vaccine and Studying F. Tularensis Outer Membrane Components Responsible for Protective Immunity Formation

#1804Molecular Chaperones and Immunity

Design of Recombinant Protein-Peptide Immunomodulators

#1877Extracorporal Cancer Immunotherapy

Development of Technique for Cancer Immunotherapy Based on the Complex Extracorporal Activation of Natural and Adoptive Immunity: Experimental and Clinical Studies

#1878Induced Apoptosis in Cancer Cells

Study of targeting apoptosis in tumor cells induced by human alpha-fetoprotein: application for anticancer drug design

#1879New Anti-Tuberculosis Vaccines

Dendritic cell-based anti-tuberculosis vaccines

#1880Alternative Forms of IL-4 Gene

Development of Technique for Diagnosis and Monitoring IL-4delta2, Being a Product of Natural Alternative Splicing of Human IL-4 Gene, in Norm and Pathology: Laboratory and Clinical Studies

#1903Incapsulated secreting transgenic cells

Preparation and Study of Encapsulated Transgenic Cells Producing Polypeptide Immunomodulators

#1904New Proteins with Biomedical Activity

Engineering and investigation of de novo proteins carrying important biomedical activities

#2069Protein Interaction between Pathogens and Host Cells.

Structural and functional Properties of Proteins Involved in the Interactions between Pathogenic Yersinia and Hst Cells, and Development of Approaches for their Application in Medical and Veterinary Practices

#2185Molecular Mechanisms of Immunosuppression

Studies of Molecular Mechanisms of Ganglioside-Induced Immunosuppression

#2217Lymphytropic Strain of Amoeba

Lymphotropic Strain of Acanthamoeba. Interactions of Amoeba and Human Cells in vitro and Consequences of Amoeba Penetration into a Thymus

#2352Caf1M and V-antigen of Yersinia pestis in crystal and solution

Study on the Structure and Conformational Properties of Molecular Periplasmatic Chaperone Caf1M and V-antigen of Yersinia pestis in Crystal and Solution as a Way for Construction of Antibacterial Drugs of a New Generation

#2413Yersinia Pestis Adhesins

Study on Structural-Functional Properties of Proteins Providing Specific Adhesion of Yersinia Pestis with the Host Cells and Development of Approaches to their Use to Prevent Plague

#2593Diagnostic Test-Systems for Anti-Cancer Therapy

Studies on р21Waf1/Cip1 Role in Cellular Cycle Regulation and in Apoptosis and Development of Diagnostic Test-Systems for Anti-Cancer Therapy Based on the Data Obtained

#2724Persistence and Pathogenicity of Mycoplasmas

Molecular Genetic Mechanisms of Mycoplasmic Persistence and Pathogenicity

#2725Transdermal Therapeutic Systems

Design of the Transdermal Therapeutic Systems for Health Care Medicine and Medicine in Disasters

#2750Study of Prion Proteins using Relevant Aptamers

Study of Prion Proteins using Relevant Aptamers, Obtained by SELEX, Aimed to Develop New Approaches in Diagnostics and Therapy of Prion-Mediated Diseases

#2858Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Phytosanitary of Greenhouse Agroecosystem

Biological Principles of Using Entomopathogenic Nematodes (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae, Heterorhabditidae) in Phytosanitary Optimization of Greenhouse Agroecosistem

#2874Restoration of Apoptosis Propensity of Tumor Cells

Restoration of Apoptosis Propensity of Tumor Cells by Transfection of the Apoptosis-Promoting Gene Cassettes Containing Translational Enhancing Elements: Potential Application for Targeting Gene Therapy

#2915Human Alpha-Fetoprotein for Anticancer Therapy

Development of the Biotechnology of the Yeast Recombinant Alpha-Fetoprotein: Design of the Highly Specific Anticancer Drug for the Tumor-Selective Triggering of Apoptosis

#2915.2Human Alpha-Fetoprotein for Anticancer Therapy

Development of the Biotechnology of the Yeast Recombinant Alpha-Fetoprotein: Design of the Highly Specific Anticancer Drug for the Tumor-Selective Triggering of Apoptosis

#2981Phago-Immunotherapy of Anthrax

Complex Therapy and Prophylaxis of Anthrax Infection with Specific Bacteriophages and Immunoglobulins

#2981.2Phago-immunotherapy of anthrax

Complex Therapy and Prophylaxis of Anthrax Infection with Specific Bacteriophages and Immunoglobulins

#3049Cell Therapy of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

Design of the Novel Approach for Immunotherapy of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases by the Use of the Allospecific Cytotoxic Lymphocytes

#3055Phago-immunotherapy of plague

Emergency Therapy and Prophylaxis of Plague with Specific Bacteriophages and Monoclonal Antibodies

#3177Neutralization of B.anthracis Spores in Soil

Development of the Laboratory-Experimental Technology of Neutralization of B.anthracis Spores in Soil with Spore Germination Activators and Bacterial Phages

#3188Cytochrome c: Pro-Apoptotic and Antioxidant Functions

Cytochrome c: Pro-Apoptotic and Antioxidant Functions

#3257Oral Anti-Tuberculosis Vaccine

New strategy of anti-tuberculosis BCG vaccination: oral administration in conjunction with heterologous protective antigens prime-boost delivery strategy

#3272New generation of Anti-HIV-1 Compounds

New approaches to designing anti-HIV compounds targeting late steps of HIV-1 replication

#3274Prophylaxis of Hemolytic Disease of Newborn

Obtaining and Application of Anti-Rhesus Monoclonal Immunoglobulin G (anti-D) for Prophylaxis of Hemolytic Disease of Newborn

#3278Tactivin Influence on Cells Apoptosis

Thymic Peptides in the Regulation of Apoptosis of Immunocompetent and Nervous Cells

#3299Component of Antiplague Molecular Vaccine

Y.pestis V Antigen - the Main Component of New Generation Antiplague Molecular Vaccine: Animal Studies of Positive and Negative Side Effects

#3301Prophylaxis and Treatment of Myocardial Infarction

Myocardial Infarction: New Approaches to Prophylaxis and Treatment; Apoptosis Regulation

#3303Function of Heat Shock genes in Human Ageing

The Role of Molecular-Genetic Mechanisms of Resistance to the Stress Impact in Human Senility and Active Longevity

#3336Antibacterial peptides

Synthesis and investigation of the peptides stimulating bactericidal activity of macrophages

#3561Mesenchymal Stem Cells under Irradiation

Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Mammalian Bone Marrow under Conditions of Irradiation at Ultralow Doses: Mechanisms of Action

#3566Nanostructured DNA Vaccines

Nanostructured Polymer Systems Forming Complexes with DNA Vaccines for their Targeted Delivery into Dendritic Сells

#3604Express Detection of Mycotoxins

Immuno-Technology for Express Detection of Mycotoxins at Nano-Scale Concentration in Food Products

#3626Recombinant Subunit Tuberculosis Vaccines

Novel Recombinant Subunit Tuberculosis Vaccines: Cellulose Microparticles as an Adjuvant for Mycobacterial Antigens Fused with Cellulose-Binding Protein Domain

#3729Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bacteriophages

Antimicrobial Activity of Bacteriophages and Their Lytic Products in Respect to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clinical Isolates

#3759Synthetic Peptides for Allergovacines

Allergovacines Based on Synthetic Peptides Imitating Т- and В-Cell Epitopes of Allergen

#3808Cell Therapy of Ischemia

Development of the Technology for Cell Therapy of Ischemia with Adipose Tissue Stem Cells and Recombinant Human Alpha-Fetoprotein

#3851Therapy of Clostridium Difficile-Associated Diarrheas

Development of Laboratory Sample of Complex Preparation Based on Enzymes of Specific Bacterial Phages, Anti-Toxic Antibodies and Recombinant Human Alfa-Fetoprotein and Interferon 2 for Therapy of Clostridium Difficile-Associated Diarrheas

#3856Transport of Neurotropic Peptides into the Brain

Neurodegenerative Diseases: Nanotechnological Approach to the Treatment and Prophylaxis Based on Targeted Transport of Neurotropic Peptides into the Brain

#3866Probiotics as an Alternative for Antibiotics

Probiotics as an Alternative for Antibiotics in Treating And Preventing Infections Caused by Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens

#3917Preparation against Streptococcus Pneumoniae-Associated Diseases

Design of Laboratory Sample of Complex Preparation Based on Specific Bacteriophages and their Lytic Enzymes for a Prophylaxis and Treatment of Human and Animals Streptococcus Pneumoniae-Assiciated Diseses

#3934Cyclophilin A: a Novel Radioprotector

Cyclophilin A: a Novel Granulocute-Stimulating Factor and a Radioprotector

#3949Probiotics for Functional Food

A Study of Probiotic Properties of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria Strains for the Production of Direct-to-the Vat Starters Used in Food Processing Industry and Agriculture

#3998An Astrobiosupplement for Individual Use

An Evaluation of Probiotic Properties of Lactic Acid Bacteria Obtained from the Persons Staying in an Artificially Self-Contained Ecosystem and a Creation of Biological Dietary Supplement for Personal Use Based on Autostrains of Intestinal Microflora

#4031Immunomodulator Drug for Treatment of Tumor and Allergic Diseases

Development of Immunomodulator Drug of a Novel Generation for Treatment of Tumor and Allergic Diseases

#4053Incapsulation of Pre- and Probiotics

Polyfunctional complexes of pre- and probiotics: the target delivery to the different regions of the human gastrointestinal tract with use of biocompatible polymers

#4062Nano-Structured Kadmium Preparation for Treatment of Cancer

Construction of New Therapeutic Agents Based on Nanoparticles, Consisting of Cadmium and Food Plant Pigments for Neutron Capture-, Photodynamic- and Chemotherapy of Oncological Diseases

#4077Site-Directly Attenuated F. Tularensis Strains

Immunobiological Study of Attenuated Francisella tularensis Strains Producted by Site-Directed Mutagenesis

#4078Lactococci and Their Bacteriocins as Biopreservatives

Lactococci and their Bacteriocins as Biological Preservatives for Raw Food Materials and Food Products

#4082Drugs against Multiresistant Tuberculosis

Search of New Antituberculosis Drugs Blocking Nicotinamide-Adeninedinucleotide Biosynthesis and Efficient Against Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

#B-1744Biodiversity of Probiotic Microorganisms in Belarus

Biodiversity and Adaptation of Probiotic Microorganisms in Various Regions of Belarus

#K-1790Beet Juice for Functional Nutrition

A Selection of Lactobacillus Strains and Associations for the Fermentation of Beet Juice and for the Improvement of its Properties as a Product of Functional Nutrition

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ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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