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#2780Radiotracers for Positron Emission Tomography

Development of Novel Methods for the Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Fluorinated Amino Acids Labeled with Fluorine-18, Radiotracers for Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

#4032Drugs for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Enantiomerically Pure None-Proteinogenic Amino Acids, Peptides and their Derivatives as Multi-Target Directed Ligands for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

#A-1007Laser-Plasma Interactions

Interaction of High Density Electron Beams, Atoms and Plasma with Powerful Laser Radiation

#A-1016Synthesis and Properties Study of Nanostructures

Obtaining and Research of Physico-Chemical and Catalytic Properties of Nanosize Metals, Oxides, Carbides and Modified Natural Adsorbents

#A-108Third-Generation Insecticides

Investigations in Synthesis of Third-Generation Insecticides and New Highly Efficient Antimutagenous and Antiphosphororganic Compounds.

#A-1097Information Security in Computer Networks

Development of Models and Methods of System Approach to the Problem of Information Security in Local and Global Computer Networks

#A-1209Geocement binding materials for radioactive waste immobilization

Development of New Types of Geocement Binding Materials Based on Natural Minerals and Technology of Conditioning of Radioactive Absorbents (Zeolites) and Sludge Immobilized in Geocement Matrix

#A-1228Radioprotective and Antiviral Means

Elaboration and Investigation of Prospective Means Having Radioprotective and Antiviral Activities against the Sequels of Bioterrorism

#A-1232Chemical Nanosensors and E-nose Array

Synthesis and Investigations of Binary and Multicomponent Metal-Oxide Semiconductors for Manufacture of Chemical Nanosensors and Electronic Nose Arrays for Monitoring of Different Toxic Gases in Environment and Civilian Defense

#A-1290Biological Activity of Microbial Melanin

Study of Biological Activity of Microbial Water-Soluble Melanin as a Phytostimulator and Prospective Pharmacological Agent. Construction of New Active Melanin Producing Strains

#A-1295Armenian Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning

Radiological Characterization and Database Creation in Support of ANPP Decommissioning Planning

#A-1307X-Ray Sources and Accelerators

Laser Induced Generation of Coherent X-ray and Charged Particles Acceleration

#A-1311Monitoring of the Caspian Sea Rivers in Armenia

Study of the Level of Pollution with Radionuclides, Toxic and Chemical Hazardous Elements and Creation of Monitoring System of Kura and Araks Basins in Armenia

#A-1368Radiation Monitoring at the Armenian NPP

Development of on-line radiation monitoring system in the impact zone of the Armenian NPP

#A-1407Structure of molecules in orienting media

The Systematic Study of the Three-Dimensional Structure of Molecules in Orienting Liquid Crystalline Media

#A-1447Thermostable Spin Valves

Development of NiMn Spin Valves with Improved Exchange Field and Higher Thermal Stability

#A-1451Computing Grid for South Caucasus Region

Development of Scientific Computing Grid on the Base of Armcluster for South Caucasus Region

#A-1548Complex Nitrogen Biofertilizer

Development of the new Production Technology of Ecological Safe Complex Biofertilizer Based on Nitrogen-Fixing Microorganisms and Modified Zeolites

#A-1562Zeolites as Nanoporous Microcarriers for Drug Delivery

Modification of Natural Zeolites and Zeolite-Like Materials and their Application as Nanoporous Microcarriers of Pharmaceuticals (Biologically Active Compounds)

#A-1576Therapy of Radiation-Thermal Defeats

Method Treatment of Combined Radiation – Thermal Affections by HeNe and Ruby Lasers in a Magnetic Field and Application of Silver-Based Remedy Obtained by Laser Photolysis

#A-1606Armenian-Georgian Grid for Physics

Development of Armenian-Georgian Grid Infrastructure and Applications in the Fields of High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Quantum Physics

#A-1638Extremely High Frequency Radiation Effects an Water Properties

The Comparative Study of Low Intensity Millimeter Wave, Terahertz and Infrared Effects on Physicochemical Properties of Water and Water Solutions

#A-1653Antimicrobial and Innate Immune Modifier Agents

Antimicrobial Action and Modulation of Innate Immunity by Sulfoxides and Sulfones

#A-1655Treatment of Radioactive Wastes

Treatment of Radioactive Wastes of Nuclear Power Plants by their Immobilization into the Stable Matrix Glass-Crystalline Materials – Pyrocerams (Sitalls) on the Base of Natural Minerals

#A-1659Hydrogels with Sensitivity to Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

The Application of Hydrogel as Non-Ionizing Radiation Sensor

#A-1689X-Ray Ultra Violet Laser

Investigation of Laser Induced Processes on Atoms/Ions/Molecules and Charged Particle Beams


Selective DNA Biosensors with High Output Signal Amplified by Duplex-Specific DNA-Ligand Binding and their Application to Prevent Terrorist Threats

#A-1747Armenian NPP and Biodiversity

Investigation of the Influence of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant on the Environment Biodiversity During Regular Production and During Malfunction

#A-1749Geocement Binders for Liquid Radioactive Waste

Development of New Geocement Binders Based on Natural Minerals of Armenia and Technology of LRW Conditioning into Ecologically Safe Compounds

#A-1795Electromagnetic Fields Effects on Water

The Study of the Mechanisms of Infrasound (IS)- and ELF EMF- Induced Modulation of Non Thermal Effect of Millimeter Wave (MMW) on Water and Water Solution Properties

#A-1856Electromagnetic Waves and Changes in Blood Cells

A Study of the Mechanisms of Exposure of Electromagnetic Waves of Various Frequency Ranges on Structural and Functional Changes in Blood Cells


Structure, Reactivity and Application of Dialkyl Sulfoxides (DASO)

#A-2089Effective method for monitoring environmental state in a post-radiation period

Development of a new effective method for monitoring environmental state by investigating changes in biological membrane structures in a post-radiation period after an accident at nuclear power plant (NPP)

#A-2137Enhanced devices for study of optically active substances

Development of enhanced devices based on new generation optical elements for study of optically active substances

#A-2171High Energy Sources and Nanotechnologies

Interaction of Superintense Laser Fields with the Matter of High Nonlinearity - High Energy Sources, Nanotechnologies and Implication of Astrophysical Processes

#A-2258Laser Induced Intense Radiation/Particles Sources and Nanotechnologies

Laser-Matter Nonlinear Interaction – Intense Radiation/Particles Sources and Nanotechnologies Towards the Green Energy Production and Nanomedicine



#A-2296Providing electromagnetic safety of the population

Study of the mechanisms of action of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on biological systems for providing electromagnetic safety of the population

#A-2342Super sensitive nano-sensor for bio-safety and bio-security.

Super sensitive nano-sensor for bio-safety/bio-security based on photo-driven azobenzene polymer cantilever made by two-photon polymerization.

#A-2343Lasers and Nanoparticles in Medicine

Laser Synthesis of Hybrid Nanoparticles and Coherent THz Sources for Applications in Nanomedicine

#A-301Chromosome Aberrations Caused by Antitumor Preparations

DNA and Chromosome Alteration Caused by Newly Synthesized Potential Antitumor and Carcinogenic Compounds. Comparison with Radiation Effects

#A-301.2Chromosome Aberrations Caused by Antitumor Preparations

DNA and Chromosome Alteration Caused by Newly Synthesized Potential Antitumor and Carcinogenic Compounds. Comparison with Radiation Effects

#A-321Liquid Crystal - Semiconductor Interface

Investigation of Optical and Photoelectric Properties of Semiconductor - Liquid Crystal Interface

#A-322Devices with Porous and Oxide Semiconductors

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Porous and Oxide Semiconductors and Their Interfaces with Electrolyte or Gas. Development and Manufacture of Gas Sensors and High Efficient Photoconverters of Solar Energy into Electricity or Chemical Energy B

#A-353Particles Interaction with Laser Fields

Interaction of Charged Particles with Strong Laser Fields

#A-356Asymmetric Synthesis of Non-Proteinogenic Amino-Acids

New Chiral Auxiliaries and Catalysts for the Asymmetric Synthesis of None-proteinogenic Alfa-Amino Acids

#A-485Liquid Waste Treatment with Zeolites

Efficient Treatment Of Radioactive Liquid Waste By Zeolithes Modified Through Chemical and Radiation Methods

#A-509Armenian NPP Upgrading

Development and Analysis Measures to Improve the Safety, Reliability and Operating Efficiency of Armenian NPP

#A-509.2Armenian NPP Upgrading

Development and Analysis Measures to Improve the Safety, Reliability and Operating Efficiency of Armenian NPP

#A-538Optically Nonlinear Crystals

Synthesis, Investigation and Growth of New Nonlinear Optical Crystals

#A-574Radiation Modification of Disperse Materials

Radiation - Induced Modification of Solid Dispersed Materials with High Yields

#A-621Monitoring of Natural Disasters Geodynamics

A Complex System ("KIANK") of Estimation of the State of Natural Disasters Geodynamics

#A-629Oxidic and Chalcogenidic Films

Obtaining of Monocrystallic Oxidic and Chalcogenidic Films by Way of Chemical Transportation of Crystallic Compounds

#A-656Pharmaceuticals from Plant Cells

The Production of Anticancer Compounds of Medicinal Importance, Especially of Hypericins and Podophyllotoxin by Cell Cultures of Armenian Hypericum and Linum Species

#A-675Superfocusing and Modulation of Electromagnetic Radiation

Investigation of Electromagnetic Phenomena on Metal Surface: Superfocusing and Modulation of Surface Plasmon Polariton

#A-704Chloroprene Copolymer Rubbers and Latexes

Synthesis of New Different Functional Groups-Containing Chloroprene Copolymer Rubbers and Latexes and Composites on their Basis

#A-708Temporal Kerr Lens

New Approach to Signal Manipulation and Analysis in Ultrafast Optics: Temporal Kerr Lensing

#A-738Device for Time-Dependent X-Ray Researches

Development and Creation of a Device for Investigating Various Time-Dependent Processes in Single Crystals Using Diffracted X-Ray and Synchrotron Beams

#A-745Quantum De-coherence

De-coherence and its Control in Quantum Optics, Measurements and Communication

#A-773Armenian NPP Effect on Environment

Net Effect of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant on Environment and Population in the Background of Global Radioactive Fallouts

#A-826Low Frequency Field Effects on Industrial Microbes

The Molecular and Cellular Study of ELF EMF Effect on the Functional Activity and Biotechnological Properties of Industrial Microbes

#A-939Superconductivity Precursor “Para-Magnetic” Effect

Investigation of the “Para-Magnetic” Effect as Precursor to the Superconductivity (by Means of the Single-Layer Flat Coil-Based Test Method of High Spatial-Resolution to be Created)

#A-940Optical Effects in Complex Media

New Optical Effects at Frequency Transformation and Wave Irreversibility in Complex Media

#G-2292Nitrogen Fertilizers q

New generation nitrogen fertilizers

#T-1181Radiation Monitoring of the Republic Tajikistan

Radiation Monitoring of the Area and Atmosphere of Coal-Producing Regions, Ionizing Radiation Sources, and Territory of the Republic of Tajikistan Polluted by Radioactive Wastes

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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