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#0076Atomic and radiation processes

Atomic and radiation processes in plasmas, gases and solids


GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-2GLOBUS-M (Add 1)

GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-3GLOBUS-M (Add 2)

GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-4GLOBUS-M (Add 3)

Commissioning of Globus-M installation and collaborative fusion research with NSTX

#0161Spectroscopy of Tokomak

g-ray Spectroscopy of Tokamak Plasmas.

#0161-2Spectroscopy of Tokomak (C)

g-ray Spectroscopy of Tokamak Plasmas.

#0168Erbium-Doped Silicon

Erbium-Doped Silicon. New Semiconductor Material for Nonlinear Optics.

#0172New Approach to Laser Diagnostics

New Approach to Laser Diagnostics (LIDAR and LII techniques).

#0197Silicon Carbide Radiation Resistance

Development of High Temperature Radiation Hardened Silicon Carbide Field-Effect Transistor.

#0280Optical Tomography for Medicine

Development of the Instruments for Optical 3D-Intrascopy-Medical Optical Tomography.

#0314-2Wave HF Plasma Heating

Construction of the High-Frequency System for Plasma Heating (VOLNA)

#0331Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Structures

Development of Technology of Production of Some Temperature and Radiation Resistant sic-based Semiconductor Structures

#0409Alpha Diagnostics of Thermonuclear Plasma

Alpha Particle Diagnostics and Data Analysis

#0410Fusion Products Measurements

Fusion Products Measurements and Elementary Atomic Process Studies.

#0486First Wall Materials

Investigation of Structure and Mechanical Properties of Perspective Structural Materials for the First Wall of the Thermonuclear Reactor after the exposure of Ion Beams, Plasma Radiation of Laser Range and Dynamic Loads Modeling the Plasma Attack...

#0907Superpower Semiconductor Switch

Superpower Semiconductor Switch Based on Reversed Switched Dinistor

#0934Transport of Hydrogen Ions

Investigation of the Elementary Processes Acting on Production and Transport of Intensive Beams of Negative Hydrogen Ions


Physics and Technique of Nanometer Scale IC Element Formation Processes Based on the Interaction of Intensive EUV Radiation with Matter

#1126Globus-M Diagnostic Equipment

Advanced Diagnostics Array for Spherical Tokamak Globus-M

#1354Isotopically Pure Semiconducting Materials

Development of Production Methods and Research into Properties of Isotopically Pure Semiconducting Materials for Use in Modern Technologies

#1358Data for Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic Data: Photon Absorption, Electron Scattering, Vacancy Decay

#1708Ferroelectric Films in Radioelectronics

Ferroelectric Film Structures for Application in Radioelectronic Devices

#1744Isobaric Multiplets of Light Nuclei

Investigation of Isobaric Multiplets of Light Nuclei with T=2 Near Neutron-Decay Thresholds Using Tritium Beam

#1745Rocks Fracture Investigations

Investigation of Formation and Development of the Fracture Nucleation Site in Rocks Aimed at Prediction of Seismic Events

#1801Laser Propulsion Systems

Study on Application Capability of Laser Propulsion in a Space

#2010Samarium Sulfide Semiconductors

Development of Samarium Sulfide Based Semiconductor Technology and its Usage while Serial Fabrication of Primary Semiconducting Transducers

#2043Light Emitting Structures for Optoelectronics

Light Emitting Rare Earth Doped Si-based Structures for Optoelectronics

#2106Laser-Ultrasonic Monitoring of Steel Destruction

Development of a Laser-Ultrasonic Method and Appropriate Experimental Apparatus for Detection of Structural Deterioration and Defectiveness of Steel Aiming at Increase of Safe Work of Nuclear Power Stations (NPS)

#2136Cadmium Fluoride for Optics and Optoelectronics

New Prospective Materials Based on Wide-Gap Ionic Semiconductor CdF2 for Emitters, Memory Cells, and Holographic Elements

#2306Rectifier on a Heat-into-Electricity Thermionic Converter Basis

Creating the High Current Low Voltage Rectifier on a TEC Basis (TEC-Rectifier)

#2309Fullerens Production

Investigation of Processes of Fullerens Production and Development of New Methods of Production

#2481Quantum Well Mid-Infrared Lasers

Asymmetric III-V/II-VI Hybrid Quantum Well Heterostructure Lasers for Mid-Infrared Spectral Range

#2482Hydrogen Isotope Composition in Hot Plasmas

Apparatus for Measurements of the Hydrogen Isotope Composition (Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium) and the Studies of Isotope Effects in Hot Plasmas

#2630Optimization of Monoisotope Silicon Technology

Optimization of the Test Technology of Production of Highly Enriched Silicon Isotopes for Semiconductor Quality Crystal Growth

#2769Aggregation of Shungite Carbon Nanoparticles

Complex Investigation of Aggregation of Carbon Nanoparticles and Their Role as Basic Elements of Nanotechnology in Systems: Shungites, Aqueous Dispersions of Shungites

#2855SiC-Based Detectors of Particles

Study of SiC Irradiated with High Energy Particles to Create High-Temperature Radiation-Resistant Detectors of the Ions and Nuclear Particles

#2955Nanoparticles for Catalytic Technologies

The Catalytic Technologies Based on Ensembles of Immobilized Nanoparticles

#3045Optical in Vivo Glucose Monitor

Developing 2D (Dual-Parameter) Methods and Means of Polarization Spectroscopy for Estimating Glucose Concentration in Vivo and Creating Artificial Pancreas

#3157Position-sensitive detector of electrons

Spectrometric Position-Sensitive Detector of Electrons with Base Energy Shift

#3469Holographic Prism

Novel Optical Element – Holographic Prism Based on Fluorite Crystal with Quasi-Colloidal Color Сenters

#3470Laser Projection System Diffraction Limit

Physics and Techniques of ArF Excimer Laser Projection System Diffraction Limit Overcoming by Means of the Nonlinear Effects

#3478Modified Polyimede Films

Enhancing Functional Efficiency of Polyimide Films by Forming Nanocomposites, Metal Ion Doping and Chemical Modification

#3509Multi-Functional Semiconductor Detector

Multi-Functional Semiconductor Radiation Detector

#3536Diamond Production Technology

Development of Energy-Saving and Effective Diamond Production Technology

#3597Spectrum Analyzing Equipment

Precision Analytical Instrument for High Spectral/Temporal Resolution Spectroscopy

#3743Oxide Interfaces for Quantum Devices

Oxide Nanointerface Engineering and Study for Electronic Quantum Device

#3754Electron Beam Pumped Semiconductor Lasers

Electron Beam Pumped Lasers of Visible and Ultra-Violet Ranges Based on Quantum-Size Semiconductor Heterostructures

#3800Fluorine Sensors Based on Superionic Conductors and Heterostructures

New Materials and Heterostructures for Conductometric Sensors of Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride

#3821Detector for Extreme Ultraviolet Range

Research and Technology Development of Matrix Array Detectors for Extreme Ultraviolet Spectral Region

#3824Diagnostics for Tokamak Divertor Plasma

Research and Development of Advanced Diagnostics for Divertor Plasma in the KTM Tokamak

#3857Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography

Key Technologies of Super-Resolution EUV Nanolithographic System Based on High-Effective Laser-Produced Plasma Source.

#3986Low-Dimensional State of the Matter

Simulation of the Low-Dimensional State of the Matter in Experiments on Excitons in High and Ultra-High Magnetic Fields

#4026Thermionic Converter Based Rectifier

Creation of a High-Current Low-Voltage Thermionic Rectifier with the Phase Control of the Output Voltage

#B-1724Properties of Composites Based on Nanostructured Metal-Oxides

Photoelectrical and Optical Properties of Composites Based on Nanostructured Metals in a Matrix of Oxy Compounds in the Infrared Spectral Region

#B-678Optical Radiation Interaction with Planar Metal Nano-Structures

Complex Investigation of Low-Intensive Optical Radiation Interaction with Aspherical Metal Nanoparticles and Their Planar Structures Ordered in Various Manners

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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