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#KR-1516Bacteriological Safety in Fergana Valley

Prevention of Distribution of Infectious Diseases by Transboundary Rivers of the South of Kyrgyzstan with the Purpose of Maintenance of Bacteriological Safety in Fergana Valley

#T-1257Acute Intestinal Diseases in Tajikistan

Study of Etiological Structure of Acute Intestinal Diseases, Activators Behavior and Optimization of Preventive and Anti-Epidemiological Activities during Such Infections in Republic of Tajikistan

#T-1298Brucellosis Disease in Tajikistan

The Definition of Real Epidemiological Situation of Brucellosis Disease among the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan, Circulation of the Basic Type of the Activator and Role of Milk and Dairy Products in Transfer of This Infection

#T-1545Epidemiological Situation of Diphtheria in Tajikistan

Definition of an Epidemiological Situation of a Diphtheria in Tajikistan, Strengthening of Laboratories Potential to Assist in Usage and Expansions of Laboratory Operating Networks

#T-1613Sources of Leptospirosis in Tajikistan

To Study Epidemiological Situation and Etiological Structure of Leptospirosis’s Sources in the Republic of Tajikistan

#T-1952Patogenic E.coli Strain in Tajikistan

Role of enteropathogenic E.coli O157-H7 in structure of acute intestinal diseases and study of etio-pathogenic characteristics of the pathogen in the Republic of Tajikistan

#T-1963Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria

Monitoring of bacteria strains detected from the clinical materials and foodstuff. Development of technique and strategy for the use of antibacterial means

#T-2044Integrated surveillance of hepatitis in Tajikistan and Armenia

Enhanced epidemiologic and laboratory diagnostic capacity and applied research for the control of enteral and parenteral hepatitis and development of the Integrated Surveillance Information System in Tajikistan and Armenia

#T-2316Production of echin-allergen for in vivo diagnosis of echinococcosis of farm animals in Central and Middle Asia countries

“Study of the epizootic situation of echinococcosis, development and production of echin-allergen and its application for diagnosis of echinococcosis of animals in Central and Middle Asia countries”

#T-2361Diagnosis and prevention of leptospirosis of man and animals in Central Asia

Development of measures for the prevention of leptospirosis in human and animals using modern molecular methods of diagnostics in the countries of Central Asia

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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