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#0001Monitoring of Illegal Testing

Theoretical Research of Spreading of the Seismic Waves Arising from Underground Explosions and Earthquakes

#0007Computer Network

Information and Computing Network Designed to Support Scientific Centers and Institutions Activities when Developing Joint Scientific-technical Projects and Conversion Programs.

#0007-2Computer Network-2

Information and Computing Network Designed to Support Scientific Centers and Institutions Activities when Developing Joint Scientific-technical Projects and Conversion Programs (Second Stage).

#0009Soft X-Rays

Investigations of Z-pinch X-ray Source for Medicine and Microelectronics.

#0158Oxygen Treatment of Cancer

Development of methods and technologies for utilization of O18 as a cytostatic in a novel approach to treatment for cancer.

#0158-2Oxygen Treatment of Cancer-2

Development of Methods and Technologies for Utilization of Oxygen Stable Isotoe O18 as a Cytostatic in a Novel Approach to Cancer Treatment Stage 2: Experimental in Vivo and Vitro Study of O18 Antitumor and Cytotoxic Activity

#0182Radon and Thoron Measurements

Multipurpose Portable Equipment for Radon, Thoron and its Progeny Measurements, Radon, Thoron in Water, Radon and Thoron exhalation Rate in Building Materials and Soil.

#0240Mobile Laboratory Using Tunable Lasers

Mobile Remote Sensing System Based on Tunable Transmitter for Environmental Monitoring.

#0242TV Analyzer for Control of Fuel Pellets

Automatic Television Analyzer Development for Industrial Microstructure Control of the Fuel Tablets (ATLANT-TT).

#0253Compound Separator for Medicine (R)

High-Molecular Compound Separator for Bio-Medical Purposes.

#0254Microelectronic Elements

Research and Development of an analog microelectronics component basis for radiation detector signal processing in experimental nuclear physics, reactor control and safety systems, fissionable materials supervision and registration

#0258Non Traditional Measurements of Electrical Currents

Developing the Scientific and Technical Methods and Means of Non Traditional Electric Currents for Electric Energy and High Power Electrophysical Installations.

#0270Detectors for Moon Investigations

Research and Design of X-g-rays and Neutron Detectors (GRAND) for Space Experiments and Moon Surface Investigation with Neutral Particle Beams.

#0297Radiation Monitoring of Earth Surface and Atmosphere

Development of Methods of Observation of the Radiation Conditions on the Earth's Surface and in the Atmosphere for Monitoring from a Space Vehicle.

#0325Heavy Gas Discharge X-Ray Source

The Soft X-ray Source Based ECR-discharge Sustained by Powerful Gyrotron Radiation in Heavy Gases.

#0329Generator of Superstrong EM-Fields

Superstrong Subnanosecond Electromagnetic Field Generation.

#0333Inverse Algorithms for Matrices Analysis

Development of the Spectral Method for Analysis of Inverse Algorithms for Ill-Conditional Matrices.

#0348Radioactive and Fissionable Materials Detection

Development of Methods and Pilot of Equipment for Use in Systems of Detection of the Presence and Identification of Radioactive and Fissionable Materials.

#0372Problems of Catastrophe Protection

Investigation of a Complex of Scientific and Technical Problems on Protection Against Seismic Effects, Air Shock Wave, Penetrating Radiation and Electromagnetic Effects Influencing on the High-Ecological Danger Enterprises of National Economy...

#0379Simulation of Electro-Optical System

Development of the Application Program Library for Mathematical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Complex Structure Electron-Optical Systems.

#0397Superconductivity in Strong Gamma & Neutron Fields

Investigation of non-thermal Possibilities of Origin of the Superconductivity in High-Energy Pulsed High-gamma-neutron Fluxed.

#0398Biological Processes in Electrosurgery

Theoretical and Experimental Researches of Physical and Biological Processes in the Region of Discharge for High-frequency Elecrosurgery and Development of Methods for Control of those Processes to Ensure the Optimal Regimes of Surgical Action.

#0423Vacuum Devices

Photoelectronic Devices for High-Energy Physics and Medical Tomography

#0423-2Vacuum Devices

Photoelectronic Devices for High-Energy Physics and Medical Tomography

#0454Laser Device for Gas Analysis

Laser Air Analyzer.

#0476Earthquake EM-Pulse Propagation

Modeling of Radiopulse Propagation for Environmental Monitoring.

#0484Block-Modulus Monitoring System

Block-Modulus Multifunctional Automated System of Environmental Monitoring.

#0488Ocean Measuring Devices

Elaboration of New Class of Oceanographic Optical-electronic Devices for the precise Measurements of Fine Structure of the Hydrophysical and Hydrochemical Ocean Fields.

#0496Medical Control of Astronaut

Infrared Telemeasuring Complex of Medical Control of a Cosmonaut

#0505Electromagnetic Compatibility of NPP

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety of Nuclear Power Plants.

#0510Electron and X-ray Therapy

Development of Apparatus and Methods for Radiotherapy by Super-Short Electron and x-ray Beams.

#0513Software for Nuclear Accidents

Methodology and Software for Effectiveness of Countermeasures in Case of Nuclear Accidents as Part of RODOS

#0556Position-Sensitive Detection

The Inspectional Position-sensitive Detection Instruments for the Nuclear Materials Control.

#0570On-Site Inspection

Substantiation of Feasibility of Controlling the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty through On-site Inspection.

#0577Lakes Contamination after Chernobyl Accident

Radioecological Consequences of Contamination of the Lakes after the Chernobyl Accident and Analysis of Rehabilitation Measures.

#0594Russia/SIC Computer Network

International Information and Computing Network for Supporting the Activity of science Centers and Institutions of Russian Federation and other CIS Countries when Developing the Joint Projects and Conversion Programs.

#0600Quasiparallel X-ray Beam

Development and Construction of an Acting Model of Powerful Quasiparallel Pulse X-ray Beam Source for Research, Industrial and Medical Applications.

#0608Technique for Parity Violation Investigation

Development of a Research Technique for Investigation of Fundamental Problems of parity Violation and Time Reversal Invariance.

#0608.2Technique for Parity Violation Investigations

Development of a Research Technique for Investigation of Fundamental Problems of Parity Violation and Time Reversal Invariance

#0618Dose Load Reduction

Medical X-ray Image Digital System with Large Image Area, Enhanced Image Quality and Reduced Patient Radiation Dose.

#0641Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

Development of New Technology of Mass-Spectrometry for an Ion Trap Mass-Spectrometer (ITMS)

#0697Seismic wave-Field Structure

Study of the Seismic Wave-Field Structure in a Regional Zone for Discrimination of Underground Explosions and Earthquakes

#0702Lung Diagnostics

Device for Early Diagnostics of Lung Function by Method of Forced Oscillation

#0720Electromagnetic Monitoring of Seismicity

Investigation of Strain-Induced Electromagnetic Signals Preceding Earthquakes

#0722Mathematical Models for Nuclear Medicine

Development and Application of Mathematical Modeling for Nuclear Medicine Dynamic Studies

#0770Transient Processes Modeling

Development of Methods to Research Transient Processes in Irregular Waveguides with TEM-wave

#0780New Detectors for PET

Development of Major Elements for Positron-Emission Tomograph

#0800Proton Beam Scanner for Medicine

Multichannel Computerized System for the Measurements of 3D Medical Proton Beam Dose Distributions

#0822Multichannel Clinical Dosimetry

Multichannel Measuring System for Clinical Dosimetry

#0835EM-Pulses of Chemical Explosions

Investigation of Electromagnetic Signals Accompanying Underground Chemical Explosions

#0863Single-Photon Tomograph

A Mobile Single-Photon Emission Tomograph for Brain Death Detection and Evaluation of Scull-Trauma Severity at Mass Disasters and Car Accidents

#0893Gamma Recorder for Tomography

Gamma Recorder on Base of Code Aperture for Emissive Tomography with Reduced (3 to 5 Times) Patient Radiation Dose

#0895Relay Protection

Development of Micro-Processor Equipment for Relay Protection and Automation of Power System Networks

#0914Radiation Conditions in the Kalmyk Republic

Complex Research of Environmental Radiation in the Kalmyk Republic

#0928Pedestrian Portal for Detection of Radioactivity

Transportable Pedestrian Portal Monitor with Low False Alarm Rate for Detection of the Radioactive Sources and Special Nuclear Materials and their Location

#0942Magnetoresonance Tomograph

Research of Ways and Development of Magnetoresonance Tomograph with a Pulsed Magnetic Field

#0943Deactivation of NPP Elements

A Device for Deactivation of NPP Constructional Elements' Surfaces Using Gas-Abrasive Method

#0950Ionosphere Lighting

Investigation of Lighting Discharges Directed to the Ionosphere

#0994Diesel Soot Filter Regeneration

Development and Research of a Microwave Method for Diesel Soot Filter Regeneration

#0999Radonometry of Environment

The Multifunctional Portable Device for Dosimetry and Spectrometry of Radiation, Automatic Identification of Gamma Sources and Radonometry of Various Environments ("Garat")

#1048Electromagnetic-Acoustic System

Development of Electromagnetic-Acoustic System for Non-Destructive Testing of Cooling Systems of Nuclear Reactors

#1060Reprocessing of Metal Waste Using Powder Technologies

Elaboration of the Methods and Environmentally Clean Processes and Equipment to Convert the Dust-Like and Sludge Waste of Metal Working into Commercial Products Using Powder Technologies

#1067Seismic Stations Calibration

Cteation of a Technology Using Powerful Seismic Vibrators to Calibrate Seismic Stations and Seismic Traces

#1093Monochromatic Soft X-Ray

Generator of Monochromatic Soft X-Ray Radiation for Scientific Researches and Education

#1094Correlation between Radioactive Gases and Tsunami

System of Monitoring Radioactive Gases Released from the Sea Bottom for Predicting Strong Earthquakes and Tsunami Waves in Coastal Region

#1101Small-Sized Dosimeter

Universal Small-Sized Dosimeter of Photon Radiation

#1104Arc Guard Device

Development of the Arc Guide Device with the Distrubuted Fiber Optical Sensor of Light Exposure for Electric Power Industry

#1123Diagnostics of Streamer Discharges

Subnanosecond Spectral Diagnostics of Streamer Discharges

#1128Lightning Simulation

Investigation of Process of the Origin and Development of Lightning in a Thunderstorm Cloud on the Basis of Physical Simulation for the Purpose of Improving Calculation Methods for Lightning Protection of Facilities

#1132Radioactive Pollution Caused by Smoke

Elaboration of Methods of Estimating the Density and Scale of Radioactive Pollution Caused by Smoke Throws from Fires, Taking Place in Polluted Territories

#1138Ozone Sensor for Aerological Measurements

Elaboration of the Semiconductor Sensor Ozonesondes for the Aerological Measurements of the Ozone Vertical Distribution

#1157Holographic Endoscope

Development of Principles of New Generation Fiberoptic Endoscope Design Using Nonlinear Optics and Holography Methods

#1204Automated Regional Seismic Monitoring

Technology of Automated Regional Monitoring of Data from Seismic Arrays and Local Seismic Networks under Conditions of Strong Interference

#1275Solid State Electron Multiplier

A Solid-State Electron Multiplier of Multipurpose Application Based on Geiger Mode Microcells

#1280Femtosecond Diffractometry

Femtosecond Photoelectronic Diffractometry Measurement Techniques

#1302Telecommunication System for Laser Tumor Screening

Telecommunication System of laser Analyzers for Screening of Malignant Tumors

#1341Infrasound Method for Nuclear Tests Detection

Research of Infrasound Background Characteristics for Estimation of Threshold Sensitivity of Infrasound Method for Nuclear Test Monitoring

#1342Information System for Tumours Centre

The Experimental Chemotherapy of Tumours Information System of Cancer Research Centre RAMS

#1349Instrumentation for Solar Activity Monitoring

Instrumentation Complex for Timely Warning about Sporadic Increases of Solar Activity

#1374Homochirality as Extraterrestial Life Indicator

Search for Homochirality as a Signature of Extraterrestial Life

#1375Orbital Ionization-neutron Calorimeter

Ionization-neutron Calorimeter in orbit (INCAO); First Phase: Experimental Balloon Module

#1391Electronics for Drift Chamber

Design, Research and Application of Analogue Electronics for Multi-Wire Detectors of Experimental Physics Installations

#1401Chambers for Electromagnetic Tests

Computation of the Anechoic Chambers Constructions for the Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

#1402New Crystals for Electronic Chips

Investigation and Development of an Analogue Semicustom Array Chip Providing the Creation on its Basis of Radiation-Hard Multichannel LSIC for Physical Experiment Equipment, Ecological Monitoring and Medicine

#1471Resonant Molecular-Nuclear Fusion

Resonant Molecular-Nuclear Fusion, Relevant Aspects of Single Bubble Sonoluminescence, and New-Type Picosecond-Pulse Light Sources

#1572Flight Time Measurement for Charged Particles

Development of Engineering for Measurement of Time of Flight for Identification of Charged Particles in Nuclear Physics and for Applied Purposes

#1574Mine Methanometers Diagnostics

Development and Study of Methods of Diagnostics and Automatization of Periodic Metrological Checks of Mine Stationary Methanometers

#1592Photochemical Membrane Process with Catalysts

Development of the Photochemical Membrane Process for Obtaining Oxyderivatives of Steroid Olefins with Use of Porphyrins and their Derivatives as Catalysts

#1617Modeling of Radionuclides Flow in Different Environments

Radionuclide Fluxes in Natural, Semi-natural and Agricultural Ecosystems: Development of a Regional Radioecological Data Handling and Advanced Modeling Using GIS-technology

#1625Nuclear Accident Countermeasures Efficiency

Methodology and Software for Evaluating Effectiveness of Countermeasures in Case of Nuclear Accidents as Integral Part of the RODOS (Continuation of ISTC 513-97)

#1644Nuclear Materials Identification

Technology of Nuclear Materials Identification with the Help of the Equipment Measurement-control Complex and Development of Commercial Proposal on its Application

#1681Laser Analysis Microprobe

Ways and Means to the Creation of a Laser Medical Analysis Microprobe

#1735Civil Technologies Data Base

The Development of Data Base and Servers on Technologies for the Nonmilitary Fields

#1769New Photosensitizers for Medicine and Photobiology

Fast Photochemical Process in Photosensitizer Dye-DNA Complexes - Scientific Basis for the Creation of New Generation of Photosensitizers for Medicine and Photobiology

#1807Lidar Sensing of Ocean Trough Disturbed Surface

The Development of the Technique for Polarization Lidar Remote Sensing of the Stratified Ocean with Allowance for the Effects of the Sea Surface Roughness

#1823Software for CTBT Inspectors Training

OSI CTBTO Training and Simulating Software

#1824Diagnostic Complex for Heavy Ion Beam

The Diagnostic Complex Development for Fundamental Characteristics Researches of Heavy Ion Beams Interaction with Matter

#1834Portal Detectors for Nuclear Materials

Development of Highly Effective Portal Radioactive Material Detectors

#1857Informational Technologies for Export Control System

Telecommunication Informational and Analytical System for Technical Support of Export Control for MINATOM of Russia

#1933Remote Detection of Alpha Pollution

Design of the Instrument for a Remote Detection of Alpha-Radioactive Pollution

#1952Noninvasive Monitoring of Glucose in Blood

Development new noninvasive monitoring of glucose in blood of the person on the basis of a method of near infra-red spectroscopy

#2000Electromagnetic Effects at Blasting Destruction of Rocks

Electromagnetic Effects at Blasting Destruction of Rocks

#2003Infrasonic and Microseismic Fields

The Influence of Natural and Industrial Infrasonic and Micro Seismic Fields on Human Organism

#2137Vegetable Production System in CELSS

Development and Evaluation of a Continuous Vegetable Production System as a Сomponent of the Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS)

#2181Monograph "Mathematical Modeling of Radiation Effects on Mammals"

Monograph "Mathematical Modeling of Radiation Effects on Mammals"

#2210Artificial Initiation of Ionospheric Lightnings

Investigation of Possible Artificial Initiation of Lightning Directed to Ionosphere

#2241Combined Neutron and Gamma-Ray Monitor

A Radiation Monitor on the Basis of CdZnTe and NaI(Tl) Gamma-Ray Detectors and Neutron Detectors on Scintillating Fibers for Determining the Characteristics of Radioactive Materials with Localization of Irregularities throughout the Volume

#2242New Zirconia Based Materials

Advanced Nanocrystal Zirconia Based Material of New-Generation

#2266Laser and Electromagnetic Field Effects in Diabetes Treatment

Development and Study of Noninvasive Monitoring of Diabetes Diagnostic and Treatment by Electric and Magnetic Fields and Laser

#2280Immobilized Porphyrins for the Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

Development of the Systems on the Base of Porphyrins Immobilized on Polymer Carriers Providing Controlled Generation of Singlet Oxygen to Carry out the Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

#2288Liposomal Preparations against Drug Resistant Tumors

Development and Study of Liposomal Preparations for Therapy of Drug Resistant Tumors

#2302Electric Power Meter

Development of the Fiber-Optical Counter of the Electric Power

#2315Monitoring and Control Systems of Nuclear Power Plants

The Database about Equipment Maintenance of Monitoring and Control Systems of Active Units of Nuclear Power Plants with WWER-440, WWER-1000, RBMK-1000 Reactors

#2494Liquid Medium Toxicity and Pollution Indicator

Express Analysis of Liquid Medium Toxicity and Pollution Device to Control Clearing Process

#2522Neutron Therapy with Cf Source

Development of Treatment Methods, Technical Means and Small Sized Cf-252 Sources for Neutron Brachytherapy

#2598Slot Nozzle for Rocket Engine

The Rocket Engine Jet Nozzle with High-Altitude Characteristics

#2732Search for Neutron Source in Urban Areas

Development of a Technology for Seeking a Neutron Source in Compactly Built-up Urban Areas and Design of a Prototype Survey Radiometer

#2803Oil on Water Surface

Estimation of Oil Outflow Along the Surface of Water Medium and Support System of Oil Patch Localization and Gathering

#2845Simultaneous Propagation of Infrasound and Seismic Waves

Investigation of Simultaneous Signal Propagation from the Sources of Infrasound and Seismic Waves for Improving the Performance of the Infrasound Method of Monitoring the Conduct of Nuclear Tests (Continuation of the Research under ISTC Project No. 1341)

#2847Position-Sensitive Luminescent Detectors

Development of Position-Sensitive Luminescent Detectors Based on Optical Fibers for Scientific, Industrial, and Medical Applications

#2855SiC-Based Detectors of Particles

Study of SiC Irradiated with High Energy Particles to Create High-Temperature Radiation-Resistant Detectors of the Ions and Nuclear Particles

#2880Start Detector for ALICE Experiment

Development and Design of Start Detector for Trigger and Time-of-Flight Systems for the ALICE Experiment at CERN, LHC

#2881Sensors for Measuring Magnetic Fields

Controllable Magnetosensitive Sensors Intended for Operation in Extreme Physical Fields

#2957Human Tumors Pathology

The Information System of the Department of Human Tumors Pathology at Russian Cancer Research Center, RAMS, on Formalized Gross Descriptions of Different Gastrointestinal Tumors in Oncologic Patients

#2966Laser Refractometry for Biomedical Diagnostics

Application of a New Method of Laser Refractometry for Determining the Stimulating Action Mechanisms of Optical Therapy, for Disease Diagnostics and Treatment Efficiency Evaluating of Pneumonia and Helminthosis

#2969Arc Guard Device

An Arc Guard Device Based on a Distributed Position-Sensitive Fiber-Optical Light Sensor

#2978Digital Technology for Fissile Materials Detection

Digital Technology for the Detection and Control of Fissile Materials in Devices with Pulsed Neutron Sources

#3001Explosive Phenomena in the Solar Corona

Investigation and Prediction of Explosive Phenomena in the Solar Corona and of Coronal Mass Ejections to Improve Safety of Aerospace Flights

#3102Heavy Elements Accumulation in the Explosion Epicenter

The Disturbance Zone from an Underground Nuclear Explosion as a Physical Model of Heavy Elements Accumulation Zone Formation

#3105Seismic Traces Calibration for CTBT

Development and Efficiency Analysis of Blast Techniques of the Seismic Traces Calibration for CTBT

#3163Polymers with shungit for artificial bones

Shungit Filled Polymers for Artificial Bone Articulations

#3182Low-level Long-term Irradiation of Humans

Individual-Based Approach to Assessment of Risk of Low-Level Long-Term Irradiation to Humans: Elaboration the Mathematical Tools

#3210Microwave Dosimeter

Development of Microwave Radiation Dosimeter for Human Safety Provision and Ecological Monitoring

#3222Subminiature Antennas

Subminiature Antennas

#3251Semiconductor X-ray Converters

Matrix Semiconductor Converters Based on Thallium Bromide for Medical X-ray Diagnostics

#3332Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena

Development of a Computer-Aided System for Forecasting Powerful Explosive Solar Phenomena and Estimating Disturbances Caused by them in the Earth Space Environment

#3339Salad for Astronauts

Development and Testing of Space Salad Machine Prototype and Elaboration of the Grown Plants to Food Conversion Technology

#3370Relativistic Electrons in the Earth’s Outer Radiation Belt

Special-Purpose Equipment Set for Correlated Investigations of the Dynamics of Relativistic Electron Fluxes in the Earth’s Outer Radiation Belt

#3384High-Voltage Impulse Source of Nanosecond Duration

Investigation and Development of High-Voltage Impulse Sources of Nanosecond Duration on the Basis of Double-Forming Line

#3595Polymer Composites for Skin Burns and Wounds Treating

Development of Composite Polymer Coatings Based on Natural and Synthetic Polymers, Containing Complexes of Porphyrins with Amphiphilic Polymers, for Photodynamic Therapy of Skin Burns and Festering Wounds

#3630Insensitive to Magnetic Fields Picosecond Photomultipliers

Development of Single and Multi-Channel Picosecond Magneto-Stable (up to 10 Tesla) Photomultipliers

#3706Fianite in Optoelectronics

Advanced “Semiconductor-Dielectric” Fianite-Based Structures for Optoelectronic Devices of New Generation

#3708Seeking a Neutron Source in Town

Development of a Technology for Seeking a Neutron Source in Compactly Built-up Urban Areas

#3904A Detector of Sparking for Use on Electric Rail Transport

Development of a Fiber Optic Detector of Current Collector Sparking for Use on Electric Rail Transport

#3950Chemical Vapor Deposition Films for Dosimetry

Development and Production of Multichannel Measuring System with CVD-Films for Clinical Dosimetry

#3980Arc Protection Device

Advanced High Reliable and Fast Acting Device for Protection of Electrical Engineering Equipment from Arc Short Circuit

#4020Scanner for Positron Emission Tomograph

High Sensitivity ~(1-3)·10-10s Time Resolution TOFPET Positron Emission Tomograph Model

#B-261Picosecond Range Oscilloscope

Photoelectronic Oscillograph of Stochastic Repeating and Unitary Optical Signals of a Picosecond Range

#KR-1202Lightning-Generated Electromagnetic Radiation

Experimental Studies of Radiation Connected with Lightning in Thunderstorm-Active Regions of Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-246Telecommunication for the Kyrgyz Republic

Telecommunications Support of ISTC Projects in Kyrgyz Republic

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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