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#0012Laser Isotope Separation

Creation of a Technological Laser Complex for Laser Separation of Middle Mass Isotopes.

#0012-2Laser Isotope Separation

Creation of a Technological Laser Complex for Laser Separation of Middle Mass Isotopes.

#0050Plasma Neutron Source

Experimental and theoretical simulations of a plasma-type neutron source GDT based.


GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-3GLOBUS-M (Add 2)

GLOBUS-M Tokamak

#0159-4GLOBUS-M (Add 3)

Commissioning of Globus-M installation and collaborative fusion research with NSTX

#0180Non-Uniform Shielding of Fusion Reactors

Experimental and Calculational Studies of Nonuniform Shieldings of Fusion Reactors and Development on this Basis of a Set of Benchmark Type Experiments for Codes Verification.

#0328Multiwave Lidar for Atmosphere Monitoring

Creation of a Multiwave Lidar for Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring.

#0350Tritium Loop for ITER

Development of Model of Closed Tritium Loop with Purification Technology, Radiation Resistant Diagnostics and Radiation Shielding, Theoretical and Experimental Simulation of Plasma Effects on Reactor Systems with T-Be Safety Analyses in Support of ITER.

#0377Diode Pumping of Solid State Laser

Creation of 1kW Power Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser

#0492Plasma Trap Neutron Source

Neutron Source Based on Plasma Gas Dynamic trap: the Key Elements.

#0539Disruption in Tokomak

Plasma-surface Interaction Study in Heat Load Range Typical for Tokamak Disruption and Plasma Technology

#0546Discharge-Pumped Excimer Laser

Creation of a Discharge-pumped Excimer Laser with High-pulse-repetition Rate

#0601Irradiated Fiber Optics

Investigation of Fiber Optic Properties in the Strong Radiation Fields

#0664Mass-Spectrometers for Tritium Analysis

Specialized Mass Spectrometers for Analysis Tritium Gas Mixed in "In-line" Mode

#0816Super-Intensive Neutron Source

Development of a Super-Intensive Pulsed Neutron Source for Physics Research RIN-10 on the Basis of the INR RAS Accelerator-Storage System

#0911Start-up Problems of Spherical Tokomak

Start-up, Neutron Fueling and Material Problems of a Spherical Tokomak reactor

#0944Laser Treatment of Cancer

Development of Laser Installations and Methods for Laser Treatment of Oncological and Infectious Disease and Radiation Lesions

#0975Beams for Surface Treatment

Development of Methods of Large Area, Repetition Rate Electron and Ion Beams Formation for Improvement of Properties of Material Surface

#0975.2Beams for Surface Treatment

Development of Methods of Large Area, Repetition Rate Electron and Ion Beam Formation for Improvement of Properties of Material Surface


Physics and Technique of Nanometer Scale IC Element Formation Processes Based on the Interaction of Intensive EUV Radiation with Matter

#1005Radiation Safety under Hydrogen Interaction

Creation of a Database on Ecological and Radiation Safety under the Interaction of Hydrogen and its Isotopes with Constructional Materials of Energy Devices

#1072High-Pressure CO2-Amplifier

Creation of a Wide-Aperture High-Pressure CO2-Amplifier

#1126Globus-M Diagnostic Equipment

Advanced Diagnostics Array for Spherical Tokamak Globus-M

#1142Completion of ITER Tritium Circuit Development

Completion of a Closed Tritium Circuit Device, Investigation of Processes, Manufacturing, and Tests of Models of ITER Tritium Loop Components; Experimental Simulation and Theoretical Analysis of Plasma Effects of ITER In-Vessel Structure Components; Radia

#1259Material Improvement by Laser Radiation

Development of Industrial Technology of Magnetic Properties of Electrotechnical Materials Improvement by Pulse - Periodic CO2 - Laser Radiation

#1415Alpha-Radiometer with Surface Contamination Visualisation

Development of the Portable Alpha-Radiometer with a Silicon position-Sensitive Detector and with Visualisation of a Density Distribution of Alpha-Active Nuclides on an Inspected Surface

#1490Preparations Labeled with Carbon-13

Creation of Stable Carbon-13 Isotope - Labeled Preparations and Their Application in Practical Medicine

#1706Bioactive Preparations Production by Lasers

Creation of Biologically Active Preparations by Laser Technologies

#1754Efficiency Improvements in Excimer Lasers

Research into Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Short-Pulse Excimer Lasers with E-Beam Pumping

#1958Lasers in Radiation and Oncology Therapy

The Development and Improvement of Laser Methods and Facilities for Treatment of Patients with Infectious and Oncological Diseases and Radiation Lesions of Tissues; Joint Researches in Russian and Foreign Clinics and Laboratories

#2035Coherent X-radiation Source for Microelectronics and Medicine

Creation of a 5–50 nm Coherent Radiation Source with the Discharge-Laser Formation of Active Medium for Microelectronics and Medicine Applications

#2048Improvement of Steels Corrosion Resistance

Improvement of Corrosion Resistance of Constructional Steels in Liquid Pb and Pb-Bi Alloys by Means of Their Surface Modification with the Help of Pulsed Electron Beams and Protective Coatings

#2183Industrial Equipment for Intensification of Oil and Gas Wells

Development, Manufacture, Tests and Introduction into the Oil and Gas Industry of the Electrohydroimpulse Action Equipment Affecting upon Productive Oil and Gas Layers Aimed at Magnification of Yields of Productive Wells. Preparation for Serial Production

#2271Semiconductor Pumping Systems for Solid State Lasers

Development and Investigation of Pumping Systems for Solid State Lasers Based on Semiconductor Laser Bars and Stacks

#2309Fullerens Production

Investigation of Processes of Fullerens Production and Development of New Methods of Production

#2319Centrifuge Fuel Pellet Injector

Development of Centrifuge Pellet Injector for Fuelling Tokamaks and Stallarators

#2515Beam Technology Complex for Surface Modification

Beam Technology Complex for Surface Modification

#2521International Picosecond Laser Facility

Creation of the International Facility for Research about Interaction of Picosecond Laser Radiation with Matter

#2565New Generation of Semiconductor Materials

New Generation of Semiconductor Materials

#2573Laser Separation of Lead Isotopes

Investigation of Processes of High - Performance Laser Separation of Lead Isotopes by Selective for Development of Environmentally Clean Perspective Power Reactor Facilities

#2632Helium-Cooled Divertor Target

Gas-Cooled Heat-Receiving Device Rated for High Steady-State Load for the Divertor of the Demonstration Fusion Reactor-Tokamak

#2887Hadron Therapy and Diagnostics Center

Development of Technical Proposals for the North-West Regional Center of Hadron Therapy and Diagnostics in St. Petersburg

#2900Intra-Osseous Implants

New Materials for Intra-Osseous Implants and Methods of Their Biocompatibility Estimation

#3167Monitoring of Construction State

Design of Fiber-Optic System Intended to Monitor State of Constructions with Peak Temperature at Measure Points up to 1000 °C

#3648Extreme Ultraviolet Source

Creation of a Compact and Effective Short-Wave EUV Source of Recombination Type with Using Current-Carrying Radiationally Collapsing Radially Converging Shock Waves in Low-Inductive High-Current Discharges

#3677Mechanical Strength of Magnet Systems for Stellarator

Strength Analysis of Magnet System and Cryostat, Running Tests and Development of Conceptual Design of Mechanical Monitoring System of W7-X Magnet System

#3961CO2-Laser Radiation and Matter Interaction

Development and Creation of the International Facility for Study of CO2-Laser Radiation and Matter Interaction

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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