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#KR-1101Anthrax Agents in Kyrgyzstan

Assessment of Spatial Techniques of Pollution of the Territory of Kyrgyzstan by Anthrax Agents

#KR-1133Sheep Pox Vaccine

Sheep Pox Vaccine and Its Produce Technology

#KR-1154.2Kyrgyz Center for Infectious Diseases

Information-Analytical Center of Extremely Dangerous Infection in Kyrgyz Republic. Stage I – Creation of Database of Laboratory System and Estimation of the Control Condition for Zoonotic Extremely Dangerous Diseases of Human and Animal in the Kyrgyz Repu

#KR-1275Mountain Ecosystem Polluted by Uranium Waste

Restoration Broken Mountain Ecosystems in the Territories Polluted Technology Waste of Uranium in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1289Microbiological Monitoring in Uranium Provinces

Microbiological Monitoring in Biosphere Objects of Uranium Biogeochemical Provinces and Effect of Microorganisms on the Ecology, Animals and Human Beings

#KR-1327Arbovirus infections in Kyrgyz Republic

The estimation of Potential Biological Danger from Natural Arbovirus Foci in Kyrgyz Republic with a Help of Modern Molecular-Genetic Methods, Studying of Isolated Viruses and Development of Diagnostic Preparations

#KR-1406Maintenance of the Collection of Microorganisms

Maintenance, Storage And Study of the Collection of Microorganisms’ Strains


Milk Mini-Cow Breeding Technology Design

#KR-1428Hepatitis in Kyrgyz Republic

Study on the etiology of non-A, non-C hepatitis, Zoonotic Reservoirs of Hepatitis E Virus, Genetic Diversity of Viral Isolates and Risk Factors for Transmission and Distribution of Hepatitis E and non-A, non-E Viruses in the Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1521Sheep Genetics

Study of Sheep Genetic Structure in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1535Animals in Polluted Areas

Evaluation the ecological and genetical risk of animals in the areas of radiational and chemical pollution in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1610Biochips in the Diagnostic of Emerging Infectious Zoonotic Diseases

Development of Diagnostic Microchip for Study of Epidemiological Situation and Detection of Natural Areas of Emerging Infectious Zoonotic Diseases in Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1632Pollution of Kyrgyzstan by Anthrax Agents

Assessment of Spatial Mechanisms of Pollution of the Territory of Kyrgyzstan by Anthrax Agent (Second Stage)

#KR-1654Monitoring of Salmonellae in Kyrgyzstan

Epizootiological, Epidemiological and Ecological Assessment of Salmonellosis in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1684Plant-based Medicines

Cell Biotechnology of Plant-Based Medicines: Elite Lines of Germplasm and Hairy Root Cultures of Endemic and Rare Plant Species of Kyrgyzstan of the Genus of Scutellaria

#KR-1768Regulations on Biosafety in Kyrgyzstan

Development and Modernization of Guidelines, Standards and Regulations on Biosafety and Biosecurity in Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1791Substances for Plant-Based Medicine

Development of Molecular-Genetic Approaches of Purposeful Search for Pharmacologically Active Substances for New Plant-Based Medicine Creation

#KR-1878Anthrax Forecasting in Kyrgyzstan

Forecasting Anthrax Occurrence in the Areas of Landslide Danger on the Territory of Kyrgyzstan

#KR-1927Food Toxic Infections Propagation

Epizootiological, Epidemiological and Ecological Assessment of Evaluation of Food Toxic Infections in Kyrgyzstan

#KR-2240High-yielding cell cultures

Biotechnological production of a valuable secondary metabolites on the basis of high-yielding cell cultures of medicinal plants of Kyrgyzstan

#KR-614Vaccine Against Sheep Pox

New Technology of Sheep Pox Vaccine Produce, Peroral Vaccine

#KR-614.2Vaccine Against Sheep Pox

New Technology for Sheep Pox Vaccine Produce, Peroral Vaccine

#KR-716Genetic Data Bank of Kyrgyz Native Cattle

Biotechnological Manipulations with Genetic Materials and Resources and Creation of a Genetic Data Bank of Aboriginal and Cultural Animals of Kyrgyzstan

#KR-766Uranium Monitoring and Phytoremediation

Biological Monitoring of Uranium, Use of Phytomeliorants and the Development of Methods Reducing its Penetration into Plants in the Geochemical Provinces of Kyrgyzstan

#KR-973Conservation and Use of Germplasm of Wild Flora

Conservation and Use of Germplasm of Kyrgyzstan’s Wild Flora for Management of Genetic-Selectional and Economical Tasks

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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