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#0001Monitoring of Illegal Testing

Theoretical Research of Spreading of the Seismic Waves Arising from Underground Explosions and Earthquakes


Monitoring Krypton-85.

#0003Modeling Nuclear Accidents

Theoretical and numerical models of severe nuclear reactor accidents due to inadvertent reactivity insertion and calculation of the radioactive pollution source parameters.

#0019Tritium retention

Study of the Interaction Between Tritium and Candidate Materials for Use in Fusion Reactors

#0115Reactor Kinetics

Partnership for basic research and education in nuclear reactor safety and novel application of transport theory.

#01443D Dosimetry for Radiation Therapy

Development of a three-dimensional dosimetry planing system for radiation therapy.

#0180Non-Uniform Shielding of Fusion Reactors

Experimental and Calculational Studies of Nonuniform Shieldings of Fusion Reactors and Development on this Basis of a Set of Benchmark Type Experiments for Codes Verification.

#0242TV Analyzer for Control of Fuel Pellets

Automatic Television Analyzer Development for Industrial Microstructure Control of the Fuel Tablets (ATLANT-TT).

#0254Microelectronic Elements

Research and Development of an analog microelectronics component basis for radiation detector signal processing in experimental nuclear physics, reactor control and safety systems, fissionable materials supervision and registration

#0270Detectors for Moon Investigations

Research and Design of X-g-rays and Neutron Detectors (GRAND) for Space Experiments and Moon Surface Investigation with Neutral Particle Beams.

#0331Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Structures

Development of Technology of Production of Some Temperature and Radiation Resistant sic-based Semiconductor Structures

#0348Radioactive and Fissionable Materials Detection

Development of Methods and Pilot of Equipment for Use in Systems of Detection of the Presence and Identification of Radioactive and Fissionable Materials.

#0365Laser Driver Fusion Reactor

Experimental and Theoretical Modeling of a Pure and Safe High Efficiency Laser Driver Fusion Reactor.

#0397Superconductivity in Strong Gamma & Neutron Fields

Investigation of non-thermal Possibilities of Origin of the Superconductivity in High-Energy Pulsed High-gamma-neutron Fluxed.

#0398Biological Processes in Electrosurgery

Theoretical and Experimental Researches of Physical and Biological Processes in the Region of Discharge for High-frequency Elecrosurgery and Development of Methods for Control of those Processes to Ensure the Optimal Regimes of Surgical Action.

#0465Radioactive Safety under Reactors Decommissioning

The Safety Insurance at Decommissioning of Reactor Installations of Civil and Military Application.

#0470Power Materials Acceleration

Physical Processes of Power Materials Microparticles Acceleration in Pulsed Electrothermal Launcher.

#0484Block-Modulus Monitoring System

Block-Modulus Multifunctional Automated System of Environmental Monitoring.

#0496Medical Control of Astronaut

Infrared Telemeasuring Complex of Medical Control of a Cosmonaut

#0534Uranium Dioxide Properties

Complex Investigation of Uranium Dioxide and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Dioxide Fuel's Properties for Prediction of Performance and Operating Characteristics and Verification of Calculating Models of Fuel elements for Operative and Advanced NPP.

#0534.2Uranium Dioxide Properties

Investigation Properties of Uranium Dioxide Advanced and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium fuels (MOX) for Prediction of Performance and Operating Characteristics to Provide Certification Fuel and Verification of Computational Models for Parameters Definition of Ox

#0561Tomsk-7 Graphite Contamination

Determination of Radioactive Contamination of Weapons-grade Pu Production Reactors Graphite of Siberian Groups of Chemical Enterprises, SGCE, (Tomsk-7).

#0564Temperature of Water-cooled Reactor

Methodological Security of Temperature Measurement and Diagnostics within Power Water-moderated Water-cooled Reactor (PWR) Type on Base of Analysis of Influence Functions for Measuring Means.

#0567Gas Centrifuge Theory

Theoretical Fundamentals for Multicomponent Isotope Separation by a Gas Centrifuge.

#0596Identification of Fissionable Materials

Development of Technology of Non-destructive Identification of Fissile Materials in Control Stations

#0597Structure of Irradiated Materials

Fundamental Research of Materials Structure and Properties Changes Resulted from Irradiation by Means of Complex of Modern Physical Methods

#0617Coated Particles in Reactors

Use of Coated Particles of High-temperature Reactors in Reactors in Reactor Core of Operated WWER with Purpose of Safety Increase

#0643Cherenkov Water Detector

Cherenkov water Detector of Extensive Air Showers Generated by High-energy Particles

#0643-2Cherenkov Water Detector

Cherenkov Water Detector of Extenive Air Showers Genereted by High-Energy Particles

#0663On-line Control of Iodine-129

Iodine -129 and Nitrogen Oxides Monitoring at a Radiochemical Plant and in Air

#0686Earth Crust Investigation

Investigation of Geological Properties of the Earth Crust with the Use of Powerful Controlled Sources of Electromagnetic Field for Fundamental Research and Earthquakes Prediction

#0695EOS Reactor Fuel

Development of the Equations of State for Fuel Compositions, which Take into Account the Microstructure Accumulation Kinetics its Use for Simulation of the Fuel Failure Consequences in Nuclear Reactors of VariousType. (Continuation of the project 003)

#0697Seismic wave-Field Structure

Study of the Seismic Wave-Field Structure in a Regional Zone for Discrimination of Underground Explosions and Earthquakes

#0713Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics

Mathematical Modeling of Nuclear Process in the Framework of Super-ninequilibrium Thermodinamics

#0746Radiation Modification of Materials

Development of Physical and Chemical Principles for Radiation Techniques of Material Modification by Electrons, Polyenergetic Ions and High Temperature Plasma Fluxes (Phase of Feasibility and Market Study)

#0746.2Radiation Modification of Materials

Development of Physical and Chemical Principles for Radiation Techniques of Material Modification by Electrons, Polyenergetic Ions and High Temperature Plasma Fluxes

#0774Residual Stresses Determination

Development of Experimental-Numerical Methods and Equipment for Residual Stresses Determination in Welded Pipelines

#0786Universal Accelerator for Medicine and Industry

A Multifactoring Charged Particles Accelerator for Medicine and Industry Applications

#0787Polyfunctional Compounds for Environment Decontamination

Development and Design of New Polyfunctional Compounds and Materials for Radiation Hygiene and Medical Prophylactics. A stage #1. Edited and coordinated workplan

#0787-2Polyfunctional Compounds for Environment Decontamination

Development and Design of New Polyfunctional Compounds and Materials for Radiation Hygiene and Medical Prophylactics. Stage #2.

#0832Mutagen and Carcinogen Hazard

Detection of Mutagen and Carcinogen Hazard by Physico-Chemical Techniques

#0876Database for Monitoring of Irradiation Doses

Design of the Computer Information System (CIS) for Registration and Monitoring of Population Irradiation Doses from Ionizing Radiation Sources

#0893Gamma Recorder for Tomography

Gamma Recorder on Base of Code Aperture for Emissive Tomography with Reduced (3 to 5 Times) Patient Radiation Dose

#0943Deactivation of NPP Elements

A Device for Deactivation of NPP Constructional Elements' Surfaces Using Gas-Abrasive Method

#0961Ultra High-Speed Devices

Ultra High-Speed Devices and Microcircuits Based on A3-B5 Semiconductor Compounds Resistant to Cosmic Radiation Factors

#1003Monitoring of Electrical Equipment of NPPs

Dose, Temperature and Reliability Monitoring on Electrical Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants and Space Communication Systems

#1004Charge-Coupled Device

Development of Principles for Creating and a Process for Manufacturing a High Sensitivity X-ray Apparatus Based on Charge-Coupled Devices

#1075Test Lab for ICs against Radiation

Micro-Electronic Radiation Technological and Testing Laboratory -"Lira"

#1079Optimization of Radiation Therapy

System for Optimization of Radiation Therapy Planning by Photon and Electron Beams on the Basis of a Pencil Beam Algorithm

#1275Solid State Electron Multiplier

A Solid-State Electron Multiplier of Multipurpose Application Based on Geiger Mode Microcells

#1312Microelectronic Basis for Pattern Recognition Systems

Research and Development of the Neuron-Like Microelectronic Component Basis with Data Compression for fast Pattern Recognition Systems in Experimental High Energy Physics, Atomic Stations Robotics, Interactive Computer Systems (NEURON)

#1345Radioactive Targets

Development and Creation of Radioactive Targets on the Basis of Russian Nuclear Technologies

#1379Symbol Sequences for Genetic Code Analysis

Symbolic Sequences and Their Application to Analysis of the Genetic Texts

#1379-2Symbolic Sequences in Genetic Analysis

Symbolic Sequences and their Application to Analysis of the Genetic Texts

#1391Electronics for Drift Chamber

Design, Research and Application of Analogue Electronics for Multi-Wire Detectors of Experimental Physics Installations

#1396Penetration of Micro-particles into Solids

Physical Processes of Anomalistic Penetration of Micro-particles into Solid Bodies.

#1402New Crystals for Electronic Chips

Investigation and Development of an Analogue Semicustom Array Chip Providing the Creation on its Basis of Radiation-Hard Multichannel LSIC for Physical Experiment Equipment, Ecological Monitoring and Medicine

#1409Contamination of Graphite Sleeves

Analysis of Radioactive Contamination of the Graphite Sleeves Removed from the Plutonium Production Reactors of SGCE (Tomsk-7)

#1419First Wall and Divertor Effects

Investigation of the Effect of Exposure to Tritium and Reactor Irradiation on the Properties of the First Wall and Divertor Materials for Magnetic Fusion Experiment

#1423Electromagnetic Effects on Human

Elaboration of Devices Complex for Estimating the Exposure of Human Beings to Electromagnetic Radiation

#1449Safe Transportation of Excess Plutonium

Theoretical-Calculation and Experimental Support of Safe Transportation and Storage of Excess Weapons-Grade Plutonium Transferred to the Civil Sphere of Utilization

#1559Aerocomplex for Radiation Monitoring

Development of Mobil Complex Based on Light Flying Vehicle for Radiation Monitoring of Environment

#1572Flight Time Measurement for Charged Particles

Development of Engineering for Measurement of Time of Flight for Identification of Charged Particles in Nuclear Physics and for Applied Purposes

#1644Nuclear Materials Identification

Technology of Nuclear Materials Identification with the Help of the Equipment Measurement-control Complex and Development of Commercial Proposal on its Application

#1722Radiatioactive Contamination in Storage Vaults

Determination of Radioactive Contamination and Conditions for Radioactive Wastes Storage in Interim Storage Ficilities (Vaults) of the Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises (SGCE) for Substantiation of Measures for Safe Decommissioning of Plutonium-Produ

#1807Lidar Sensing of Ocean Trough Disturbed Surface

The Development of the Technique for Polarization Lidar Remote Sensing of the Stratified Ocean with Allowance for the Effects of the Sea Surface Roughness

#1933Remote Detection of Alpha Pollution

Design of the Instrument for a Remote Detection of Alpha-Radioactive Pollution

#1951Preclinical NCT Studies

Preclinical Neutron Capture Therapy Studies at the MEPhI IRT Nuclear Reactor

#1965Gas Discharge Sterilization in Medicine

Development of Technology for Medical Instrumentation Sterilization by means of Gas Discharge Technique

#1982Magnetic Power Amplifiers

Magnetic Amplifiers of Power for Fundamental Research in Physics and Technology

#2047High Burn-up of Fuel in LWRs

Foundation for Achievement of High Burn-up (20-30% HM) of Ceramic Fuel in LWR-type Reactors and for Upgrading the Fuel Proliferation Resistance

#2106Laser-Ultrasonic Monitoring of Steel Destruction

Development of a Laser-Ultrasonic Method and Appropriate Experimental Apparatus for Detection of Structural Deterioration and Defectiveness of Steel Aiming at Increase of Safe Work of Nuclear Power Stations (NPS)

#2138Pilot Production Technology for Shape Memory Materials

Development of Pilot Production Technology of Thin Shape Memory Materials Based on Quasi-Binary Intermetallic Systems

#2221Tumor Thermoradiotherapy Enhancement

Complex Research into Thermoradiotherapy Efficiency Enhancement due to Simultaneous Action of Ionizing Radiation and Heat on the Tumour and Development of Relevant Equipment

#2303Model for Radioactive Waste Treatment

Development and Study of New Statistical and Technological Models for Radioactive Waste Treatment

#2304Miniature Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Development of a Miniature Ion Mobility Spectrometer Using Microelectronic Manufacturing Methods

#2320Tomography for Fuel Elements

Development of the Tomographic Methods of Testing of the Fuel and its Components Distribution in Fuel Elements before and after Irradiation

#2405Experimental Nuclear-Physics Data for Transmutation

Experimental Researches of Nuclear-Physics Characteristics of Materials Essential for the Processes of Weapon Plutonium Utilization and Radioactive Wastes Transmutation

#2420Fuzzy Sets in Danger Assessment

Methodology of Danger Indexes Assessment Based on the Methods of Fuzzy Sets at Handling Hazardous Production Objects

#2492Beta and Gamma Activity Indicator for Ground Water

Development and Test of the Beta-, Gamma-Activity Indicator of the Radioactive Subterranean Waters

#2585Characterization of Samples with Spontaneously Fissioning Isotopes

Development of the Method for Characterization of the Samples, Containing Spontaneously Fissioning Radionuclides, by Measuring Fission Products Gamma-Radiation (for the System of NM Control and Accountability of the Federal State Unitarian Enterprise "PA"

#2746Clinical Practice and Optimization of Radiation Therapy

System for Optimization of Radiation Therapy by Photon and Electron Beams on the Basis of a Pencil Beam Algorithm. Phase 2: Introducing into a Clinical Practice and Improving

#2805Hydrogen Trapping and Release

Hydrogen Trapping and Release at Plasma and Ion Interaction with Solids

#2852Gamma-Neutron Detector

Development of a Dual Gamma-Neutron Detector Based on Xenon and He-3 Gas Mixture for Identification of Radioactive and Fissile Materials

#2880Start Detector for ALICE Experiment

Development and Design of Start Detector for Trigger and Time-of-Flight Systems for the ALICE Experiment at CERN, LHC

#2886Radionuclides Migration in the Japan Sea

Distribution of Artificial Radionuclides and Winter Convection in the Japan Sea

#2893Coherent Photonics and Computer Simulation in Dentistry

Development and Application of Laser Photonics and Computer Simulation Methods in Prosthetic Dentistry for Denture Design Optimization

#2894Non-Destructive Determination of Welding Residual Stress

Development of a Non-Destructive Method and Equipment for Determination of Welding Residual Stress on the Basis of Coherent Photonics and Computer Modeling

#2942Thermodynamic Stable Metal Compositions

Thermodynamic Stable Metal Compositions for Improvement of an Operational Safety of Constructional Materials under Conditions of Multifactor Loadings of an Aggressive Environment

#2947Reconstruction of Paleoclimate

Tree-Ring and Ice-Core Record Combination for Paleoclimatic Reconstructions in the Tien Shan, Kamchatka, and Taymir / Franz Josef Land / Severnaya Zemlia

#2957Human Tumors Pathology

The Information System of the Department of Human Tumors Pathology at Russian Cancer Research Center, RAMS, on Formalized Gross Descriptions of Different Gastrointestinal Tumors in Oncologic Patients

#2966Laser Refractometry for Biomedical Diagnostics

Application of a New Method of Laser Refractometry for Determining the Stimulating Action Mechanisms of Optical Therapy, for Disease Diagnostics and Treatment Efficiency Evaluating of Pneumonia and Helminthosis

#2978Digital Technology for Fissile Materials Detection

Digital Technology for the Detection and Control of Fissile Materials in Devices with Pulsed Neutron Sources

#2983Joining Ultra-Dispersed Materials

Methods of Joining Metallic Ultra-Dispersed Materials

#3008Transportable Gamma-Spectrometer for Field Conditions

Development of Methodology for In-Situ Control of Soil Radioactive Contamination by Means of Gamma-Spectrometer with CdZnTe-Detector

#3009Modeling of Physical Processes in Astrophysics

Extreme Processes Near Neutron Stars and Black Holes

#3023Deactivation of Fish Raw Materials

Development of Complex Technology to Remove Radionuclides out of the Fish Raw Material and Production of High-Quality Food Products

#3064Monograph "Radiowaste Transmutation"

Monograph "Physics of Nuclear Reactor Long-lived Radiowastes Incineration (Neutron Induced Transmutation)"

#3090Calorimeter modules for new generation colliders

Developing, Creating and Beam Testing Of The Calorimetric Modules for the New Generation Colliders

#3095Stratosphere-Troposphere Research

Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange in Extratropical Regions: Observation and Analysis

#3131Electrothermal Technology of Coating

Development of Electrothermal Technology of Coating

#3179Distant Ray Therapy Planning

Algorithms and Codes for Distant Ray Therapy Optimal Planning Based on Transport Theory and Parallel Calculations (Prototype of New Generation of Ray Therapy Computation Complex)

#3210Microwave Dosimeter

Development of Microwave Radiation Dosimeter for Human Safety Provision and Ecological Monitoring

#3218Remote Gamma Spectrometry

Development of High-Performance of Search of Radioactive Sources Using Remote Gamma-Spectrometry Techniques

#3297Targets for Neutron-Rich Nuclei Investigation

Development and Creation of Radioactive Ве-10 Targets on the Basis of Russian Nuclear Technologies

#3341Neutron Capture Therapy at the MEPhI

Implementation of an Irradiation Base for Clinical Studies on Neutron Capture Therapy at the IRT MEPhI Nuclear Reactor with use of an Epithermal and Thermal Neutron Beam

#3444Excess Plutonium Safe Storage

The Computational and Experimental Investigations of Problems of Excess Plutonium Safe Storage

#3556Interaction of Femtosecond Laser Pulses with Nanostructures

Theoretical and Numerical Study of Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulses Interaction with Nanostructures, Simple Quantum Systems and Plasmas

#3603New Energy Materials Based on Non-Molecular Nitrogen

Search for New Energy Materials based on Metastable Cluster and Polymeric Forms of Non-Molecular Nitrogen by Means of Computer Modeling from the First Principles, and Experimental Researches

#3607Radioactive Graphite Handling

Feasibility Study for the Development and Introduction of Radiation-Safe Technology for Handling Radioactive Graphite of Channel-Type Reactors

#3623Trace Quantity of Explosives

LETI - Development of Instruments and Technique Based on Combination of Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Identification of Trace Quantity of Explosives

#3671Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Carcinogens

Investigation of the Correlation Between Physico-Chemical and Medico-Biological Characteristics of Organic Chemicals

#3680Safety of Nuclear-Power Enterprises

The Coordinating Complex of the Protection Means for the Solution of Safety Problems of the Objects of the Nuclear-Power Enterprises

#3691Medical Applications of Ultrasonic and Optoacoustic

Novel Ultrasonic and Optoacoustic Technologies in Medical Applications: Theoretical Models and Experimental Investigations

#3692Zr-based Alloys under irradiation

Fundamental Investigations of Processes, Responsible for Changes in Crystallographic Texture and Microstructure of Model Samples from Zr-Based Alloys under Neutron Irradiation

#3780Reactor Temperature Control

Modernization of Metrological Security of Reactor Thermometry Taking into Account Quality of Thermal Contact Between Thermocouple and Object and Degradation of its Characteristics at Irradiation

#3820Marketing of Data Acquisition Modular Blocks

Activity Arrangement for Entering the High-Tech Market with Enhanced Data Acquisition System Modular Blocks

#3863Graphite Grass

Development and Investigation of a Grass-Like Surface on Graphite by Plasma Impact

#3928Control of Fissile Materials in Gas Clearing and Pipelines

Development of Techniques of Nondestructive Assay of Fissile Materials by Neutron and Gamma Radiations in Gas Cleaning Systems and Gas Pipelines

#3957Counteraction against Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear Materials

Development of the Concept on Improving the Normative and Legal Regulation on Combating Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive Material in the Russian Federation

#3989Multicomponent Synergetic Shells

Multicomponent Synergetic Shells of Refractory Interstitial Phases with Substructural Metal Sublayer for Double Protection and Safety Enhancement of Industrial Materials Application under Ionizing Radiation Effect

#3996Simultaneous Action of Radiation and Heating on Tumor

Further Progress of Research and Development of Methods and Equipment for Simultaneous Action of Radiation and Heating (SARH) on Tumors for Increasing Therapeutic Effect

#4041Artificial Radionuclides in the Sea of Japan

Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Measurements of Distribution Artificial Radionuclides in the Sea of Japan in a Spring Season

#4055Water Vapour Transport Mechanisms

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Water Vapour Transport Mechanisms at the Tropical Tropopause

#B-023Human Activity Accidents Simulation

Mathematical Simulation of Natural and Human Activity Accidents and their Influences on Environmental Conditions and Ecology.

#B-1213Ultrasound Contrast Agent Dynamics

Contrast Agent Dynamics in Ultrasound Biomedical Applications

#K-039Structural Materials Testing Complex

Development of Structural Materials Testing Complex Located at the Former Semipalatinsk Test-Site. Project SMTC-STS.

#KR-067Blasting Informative System

New Informative Technology for Engineering and Performing Open Pit Blasting Jobs.

#KR-1348Atmospheric Electricity

Complex research of electrical state of near-ground atmospheric layer by example of the Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1351Detection of Biological Objects

Development of Magnetometric Methods for Remote Diagnostics and Location of Biological Objects

#KR-187Automated System for Radon Monitoring

Development of Automated System for Radon Monitoring and Recommendations for its Use as an Information Predictor of Earthquakes in Northern Tien Shan

#KR-187.2Automated System for Radon Monitoring

Development of Automated System for Radon Monitoring and Recommendations for its Usage as an Information Predictor of Earthquakes in the Northern Tien Shan (The Kyrghyz Republic)

#KR-245Laser Analyzer for Carbon Isotopes Ratio

Laser Analyzer of [13]CO{2} and [12]CO{2} Ratio in a Human Exhalation for Medical Diagnostics

#KR-334Glaciers as Climate History Log

Investigation of Climate Change in the Tien Shan Highland Based on the Study of Quantitative and Qualitative Composition of Glacier Annual Layers

#KR-566Automation of Mining at Open Pits

Computer Aided Mining Development at Open Pits

#KR-568Rubber-metal Layered Structures for Seismic Protection

Parameters Optimum Choice of Rubber-Metal Thin Layered Bearings for the Buildings and Constructions seismic isolation Taking into Account Regional Conditions (the Case of Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-586Database on Gold Mining in Kyrgyzstan

Database and Metallogenegy of Gold Ore (Gold Mining) in Kyrgyzstan. Model and Methods of Management (Golden Objects along the Ancient Silk Road)

#T-1333Seismic Monitoring of Tajikistan

Complex Geophysical Monitoring of Seismic Active Tajikistan Republic Regions

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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