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#0023Radiation Transfer Parameters for Climatology

Database on benchmark calculations of solar and long wave atmospheric radiation transfer parameters for climate studies.

#0032Plasma Treatment

Development of scientific basis and industrial technologies for treating structural materials by ion and plasma beams combination with protective coating.

#0042Wide Aperture Plasma Accelerator

Development of wide aperture plasma accelerator with a low-flow rate of gas for technical purposes.

#0044Ion beam Recuperator

Ion beam energy recuperator.

#0076Atomic and radiation processes

Atomic and radiation processes in plasmas, gases and solids

#0101-2Ocean Nuclear Data Base (C)

Development of scientific and methodological basis for diagnostics and forecast of the state of Nuclear Waste at the bottom of the Barents and Kara Seas and the Sea of Japan. Identification of Ways to Prevent Dangerous Ecological Aftereffects.

#0116Verification of Reactor Data Bases (R)

Development of methodical and calculation technology verification of nuclear data bases used in the calculation of neutron-physical characteristics and in analysis of nuclear safety of reactor facilities and nuclear conversion technological processes.

#0161Spectroscopy of Tokomak

g-ray Spectroscopy of Tokamak Plasmas.

#0161-2Spectroscopy of Tokomak (C)

g-ray Spectroscopy of Tokamak Plasmas.

#0180Non-Uniform Shielding of Fusion Reactors

Experimental and Calculational Studies of Nonuniform Shieldings of Fusion Reactors and Development on this Basis of a Set of Benchmark Type Experiments for Codes Verification.

#0250Monte-Carlo Reactor Codes

Development of Reactor Lifetime Precise Calculation Code on Base of Monte-Carlo Method.

#0257Electro-Chemical Currents

Solid State Electrochemical Battery Based on Ionic Conductors of Lanthanum 3-Fluoride Type.

#0273Radiation Characteristics of MOX Fuel

Investigation of the Radiation in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Based on Reprocessed Uranium and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Fuel.

#0331Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Structures

Development of Technology of Production of Some Temperature and Radiation Resistant sic-based Semiconductor Structures

#0335Nuclear Propulsion System for Mars Mission

Development of the Conceptual Project of Nuclear Thermal Power Propulsion System (NTPP) for Space Exploration. Conducting of Fuel Testing in the IVV-2 Reactor. Development of Principles to Ensure Nuclear and Radiation Safety of NTPP...

#0345Tracker System for ALICE Experiment

Research and Development Towards the Technical Design and the Manufacturing of the Inner Track system (ITS) and of the Forward Multiplicity detector (FMD-MCP) for the ALICE Experiment at CERN.

#0347High-Temperature Fuel Elements

Investigation of Promising Fuel Materials for PWR Having Maneuverable Operating Conditions.

#0350Tritium Loop for ITER

Development of Model of Closed Tritium Loop with Purification Technology, Radiation Resistant Diagnostics and Radiation Shielding, Theoretical and Experimental Simulation of Plasma Effects on Reactor Systems with T-Be Safety Analyses in Support of ITER.

#0353Hybrid Reactor TEC-NIP

Hybrid Reactor (TEC-NIT) Conceptual Design Development

#0397Superconductivity in Strong Gamma & Neutron Fields

Investigation of non-thermal Possibilities of Origin of the Superconductivity in High-Energy Pulsed High-gamma-neutron Fluxed.

#0425Zirconium Ceramics for Nuclear Reactor

Design of Zircon-based Ceramics for a Nuclear Reactor Core Melt Catcher

#0471Neutron Fission and Capture Data

Measurements of Actinide Nuclear Data

#0487Self-Quenching Pulse Reactor

Development and Computational-Experimental Validation of the Concept of Self-Quenching Multi-channel Pulse Graphite Reactor (MIGR) for the Studies on Nuclear Reactor Safety.

#0529Tokamak Diagnostics by Fusion Products

Development of Methods and Creation of the Equipment Complex for Thermonuclear Plasma Diagnostics at Tokamak by Neutrons and Charged Fusion Products.

#0567Gas Centrifuge Theory

Theoretical Fundamentals for Multicomponent Isotope Separation by a Gas Centrifuge.

#0569Chernobyl Accident Analysis

Analysis of Accident Evolution and Consequences for the 4th Block Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

#0577Lakes Contamination after Chernobyl Accident

Radioecological Consequences of Contamination of the Lakes after the Chernobyl Accident and Analysis of Rehabilitation Measures.

#0587Tandem Fusion Reactor

Plasma-Physical D3He Fusion Tandem Reactor Model.

#0607Improved Control System for NPP

Development of Construction Concepts for Computerized Control, Monitoring and Diagnostic System for Nuclear Power Plants with Improved Safety.

#0683Benchmarks for Chernobyl Simulation

The Benchmarks for Mathematical Simulation of Chernobyl-4 Accident

#0685Self-protection of Reactors

Research of Nuclear Safety and Inherent Safety of High-temperature Gas-cooled Modular Type Reactors (HTGR-M).

#0685.2Self-protection of Reactors

Nuclear Safety and Inherent Self-Protection Investigations for Modular High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors (HTGR-M)/Experimental Demonstration in the ASTRA Facility of the Inherent Safety Characteristics of HTR's

#0687Cathodes for High-Current Electronics

Development of Cathodes Intended for High-Current Electronics on the Base of Intercalated Laminar materials with High Electron Emission

#0694Thermoionic Fuel Elements

Development of the System for Ex-reactor Heating of Multy-cell Thermoionic Fuel Assemblies and for Obtaining their J-V Characteristics

#0734High Power Neutron Source Based on Inductive Cascade Storage

Study of Plasma and Electrophysical Processes in the Pulsed and High Current Discharges for the Development of the Minik Conceptual High Neutron Source Design, Using the Inductive Cascade Storage

#0741Resonance Detector of reactor Neutrons

Working out of a Method for the Reactor Neutron Spectrum Measurements by Resonance Detectors

#0774Residual Stresses Determination

Development of Experimental-Numerical Methods and Equipment for Residual Stresses Determination in Welded Pipelines

#0786Universal Accelerator for Medicine and Industry

A Multifactoring Charged Particles Accelerator for Medicine and Industry Applications

#0814Modeling of UO2 Behavior

Uranium Dioxide Properties/Behavior at High Burnups under Reted and Emergency Conditions Determined through Out-of-Pile Modeling

#0816Super-Intensive Neutron Source

Development of a Super-Intensive Pulsed Neutron Source for Physics Research RIN-10 on the Basis of the INR RAS Accelerator-Storage System

#0842Nuclear Equation of State

Nuclear Equation of State with Deconfinement Phase Transition and 3D Relativistic Dissipative Hydrodynamics. Development of the Approach and Confrontation of Results to Experimental Data on Heavy-ion Collisions

#0860Reactivity Burst in VVER Reactor

Study of the Conditions for the Reactivity Burst Occurrence at the Reflood Phase of a Loss-of-Coolant-Accident in VVER-type Reactors

#0894Photon Spectrometer on Heavy Crystals

Development and Studies of Prototypes of Photons Spectrometer Based on Heavy Crystals

#0910Nuclear Data of Vanadium

Execution of the Complex of Benchmark Experiments for Testing the Nuclear Data of Vanadium - Main Component of Low-Activation Structural Materials for Perspective Nuclear Energetics

#0920Mo Production for Medicine

Development of High-Effective and Low-Waste Technology of Fission-Fragment 99 Mo Production for Medical Purpose Based on Use of Fluoride Molten Salts

#0942Magnetoresonance Tomograph

Research of Ways and Development of Magnetoresonance Tomograph with a Pulsed Magnetic Field

#0968Concept of Nuclear Submarines Utilization

The Conception of the Russian Nuclear Powered Submarines Inactivation and Recycling at the State Center of Nuclear Shipbuilding Industry (GRTsAS) Plants

#0993Pilot Plant for UF6 Conversion

Development, Assembling and Testing of Pilot Plant for Conversion of Uranium Hexe-fluoride Depleted on Isotope U-235 to Uranium Metal and Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride

#0995Fuel Elements

Fuel Elements with Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) Having Efficiency of up to 70%

#1004Charge-Coupled Device

Development of Principles for Creating and a Process for Manufacturing a High Sensitivity X-ray Apparatus Based on Charge-Coupled Devices

#1042Space System for Controlling Emergency Situations on the Earth

Space Technology for the Centralized Emergency Control. (Monitoring of Nuclear Power Facilities for the Normal Operation and Emergency; Monitoring of the Nuclear Sites' Influence on the Radiation Situation and Other Ecological Factors).

#1058.1Fuel Cycle Strategy for Russia

Optimum Strategy for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Development in Russia

#1142Completion of ITER Tritium Circuit Development

Completion of a Closed Tritium Circuit Device, Investigation of Processes, Manufacturing, and Tests of Models of ITER Tritium Loop Components; Experimental Simulation and Theoretical Analysis of Plasma Effects of ITER In-Vessel Structure Components; Radia

#1152Safety of Underwater Gas/Oil Production Facilities

Underwater - Underice Systems for Arctic and Far Eastern Offshore Oil and Gas Field Development: Risk Assessment; Study of Methods to Provide Safety

#1188Radiation-Induced Degradation of Steel

Study of Radiation-Induced Degradation by Swelling of Austenitic Stainless Steel Intravessel Components in Western PWR and Eastern WWER Reactors

#1224Decision Support System for Contaminated Areas

Development of GIS-DSS Systems for Research, Education and Training in the Context of the Rehabilitation of Contaminated Territories with Consideration of Radioecological, Ecological, and Socio- Economic Factors. (GIS - Geographical Information system; DS

#1249Validation of Fuel Elements for PU Burning

Validation of Technical Feasibility of Burning Weapon's Grade and Civil PU Via New Generation PWR Fuel Elements Designed in ISTC Project N173-95

#1257Safety of Helium Cooled Reactor

Calculations for Validation of Safety and Design of Safety Systems for Helium Modularised Reactor with Gas Turbine ( GT-MHR) and Plutonium as a Fuel

#1308Repetitive Plasma Injectors

Development of Repetitive Plasma Injectors for a Generator of Superpower Electromagnetic Pulses

#1336Plasma Implantation for Surface Treatment

Development of Implantation-Plasma Surface Treatment and Creation of the Protecting Coating for the Improvement of High Temperature Oxidation Corrosion Resistance of Gas Turbine Blades and Other Machine Parts Operating Under Sign-Alternating Loading

#1358Data for Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic Data: Photon Absorption, Electron Scattering, Vacancy Decay

#1371Anti-Personal Mines Detection and Deactivation

System of Improved Reliability for Detection and Deactivation of Anti-Personal Mines remaining in Place After the End of Military Operations

#1387Sensor Technology for Toxic Gases Monitoring

Development of Efficient Sensor Technology, Prototypes of Gas Sensors and, Based on Them, Improvement of Methods of Explosive and Toxic Gases Monitoring

#1403X-Ray Polarisation of Z-Pinch Plasma

X-Ray Polarisation Researches of the High Current Z-Pinch Plasma Radiation. Theory and Experiment

#1410Plutonium Oxide Microspheres

Development of Basic Principles of Processing of Plutonium in Fuel PuO2-x -Microspheres with Multi-layer Coating with the Purpose of a Disposition of a Weapons Plutonium with the Substantiation of Their Long-Duration and Safe Storage and/or Burn out in Nu

#1446Radiowaste Disposal in the Permafrost

Development and Substation of Main Technical Solution for Underground Isolation of Permafrost of Radioactive Wastes Including Reactor Sections of Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines and Ice-Breakers and Spent Nuclear Fuel, Not Intended for Reprocessing, For

#1486Cascade Subcritical Reactor

Experimental and Theoretical Justification of the Cascade Scheme of the Subcritical Molten-Salt Reactor for Transmutation of Long-Lived RW of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

#1606Molten Salt Loop for Waste and Plutonium Disposal

Experimental Mock-up of Molten Salt Loop of Accelerator-Based Facility for Transmutation of Radioactive Waste and Conversion of Military Plutonium. Stage 2: Experimental Study of Molten Salt Technology for Safe, Low-Waste and Proliferation Resistant Treat

#1664Strontium-89 Production

Feasibility Study of New Low-Waste Technology for the Production of Fission-Fragment Strontium-89 for Medicine

#1703Waste Reprocessing with Heat Production

Utilisation of the Energy Released from Processing Municipal Solid Waste for Desalination of Sea Water

#1786Fusion Reactor for Waste Transmutation

Feasibility Study of the Blanket and Fusion Reactor Concept for Transmutation of Minor Actinides and Plutonium

#1836Nuclear Safety of MOX Fueled VVER

System Analysis of Uncertainties of Nuclear Safety Characteristics for VVER Reactors with Various Fraction of MOX Fuel in the Core

#1916Sorbtion-Aerosol Fiber Filters

Development of Technology of Sorbtion – Aerosols Fibrous Superfiltres Produce in Electrostatic Poles

#2112Spent Fuel Handling in Severodvinsk

The Transport and Technological Plan of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in Severodvinsk

#2136Cadmium Fluoride for Optics and Optoelectronics

New Prospective Materials Based on Wide-Gap Ionic Semiconductor CdF2 for Emitters, Memory Cells, and Holographic Elements

#2141Membrane Ozonation of Waste Waters

Ozone Pertraction through Non-Porous Polymeric Membranes for Efficient and Energy Saving Treatment of Waste Waters and Disinfection of Drinking Water

#2290Radioactive Waste and the Environment in the Kurchatov Center

An Analysis of Burials of Radioactive Waste in the Territory of the Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" in Moscow and Paths of Supposed Radionuclides Migration in the Environment

#2378Residual Resource Evaluation for Power Equipment

Development of Methods, Equipment and Software for Evaluation of Residual Resource of Elements of Nuclear Power Stations and Oil, Gas Pipelines Transport

#2459Submillimeter Polarization Spectroscopy in Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Study of Opportunities for the Submillimeter Polarizational Spectroscopy in Pulsed Magnetic Fields up to 50 T

#2484Production and Exploration of Carbon Nanotubes

Development of a Technology for Large Scale Production of Carbon Nanotubes and Exploration of Use of This Material in Power Engineering

#2503Gas Sensors and Radiation Detectors for Monitoring

Research and Development of High-Sensitive Semiconductor Gas Sensors and Ionizing-Radiation Detectors for Environment Monitoring

#2505Physical methods in oncological diseases diagnostics

Synchrotron radiation application for oncological diseases risk forecasting

#2560Data Uncertainty Influence on Reactor Parameters Variances

Development of the Basis for Neutron-Physical Calculations of Reactor Value Variances Caused with Uncertainties of Initial Data

#2600Neodymium Isotopes Separation

Neodymium Isotopes Separation for Searching the Neutrino Mass (2-beta-0-nu-decay of Nd-150)

#2635Nuclear Data Reactions Data Base for Internet

The Integrated Relational Database of the Nuclear Data Reaction References in the Internet Created on the Base of CINDA, EXFOR Libraries and Other Sources

#2637Nuclear Materials Detection by Photoneutrons

Developing the Experimental Model of the Device for Nuclear Material Detection by Photoneuton Technology, Optimization of Device Detection Parameters to Meet the Solution of Non-Proliferation Problems

#2638Synthesis of Diamonds from Organic Compounds

Synthesis of Diamonds from Organic Compounds, Manufacturing of Diamond Compacts and Composites, and the Study of Physical and Chemical Properties of these Materials

#2649Analytic Information System on Health Risk Analysis

Development of Analytic Information System to Carry out Analysis of Health Risk from Technogenic and Natural Sources of Harmful Impact

#2698Tungsten Nuclear Data

Evaluation and Integral Validation of Nuclear Data of Tungsten – Candidate Material of Fusion Reactor Diverter

#2779Radioactive Contaminated Territories

Risk Based Land Management, Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development of Radioactive Contaminated Territories

#2805Hydrogen Trapping and Release

Hydrogen Trapping and Release at Plasma and Ion Interaction with Solids

#2839Radiation-Induced Processes in Reactor Materials

Fundamental Studies of Radiation-Induced Processes for Production of Radiation Resistant Structural Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors and Future Advanced Technologies

#2863Trinitrotoluene Detection by Semiconductor Gas Sensors

Development of Fundamentals and Engineering Solutions of Detection of Explosives (Group of Nitrocyclohydrocarbons) by Micromachined Semiconductor Gas Sensors Using Gas Pre-Concentration System

#2864Analytical Methods of Hydrogen and Helium Embrittlement

Development of Analytical Methods of Hydrogen and Helium Embrittlement of Nuclear Reactor Materials and Containers for Storage and Transport of Radioactive Materials

#2880Start Detector for ALICE Experiment

Development and Design of Start Detector for Trigger and Time-of-Flight Systems for the ALICE Experiment at CERN, LHC

#2904Small Capacity Fuel Cells

Environmentally Friendly Small Capacity Power Plants Based on Fuel Cells for Stationary Application

#2912New Quasicrystal-Based Composites

New Quasicrystal-Based Composite Materials for Industrial Applications

#2916Nuclear Fuel Behavior During Chernobyl Accident

Development of the Models for Nuclear Fuel Behavior During Active Phase of Chernobyl Accident

#2917Pinch-Effect in Laser Produced Plasma

Pinch-Effect in Laser Produced Plasma

#2918Civilian Nuclear Power Technology and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

Development of Concept and Methodology for Assessing Risk of Nuclear Weapon Proliferation through Civilian Nuclear Power Systems

#2923Nitrogen and Carbon Isotopes Production

Development of Physical Bases of New Technologies of Nitrogen and Carbon Isotopes Production by Nonequilibrium Reactions Proceeding in a Post-Discharge Zone

#2928High-Temperature Liquid Metal Coolant

Liquid Metal Coolant for High-Temperature Fast Reactors

#2931Liquid Metal Coolant for Reactors

Experimental and Theoretical Verification of a Precision Method for Electronic Controlling the RedOx-Potential of Molten Salts for Reactors, Transmutation of Long-Lived RW, and Non-Aqueous Reprocessing SNF

#2933Fuel Technology for Power Water Reactor

Theoretical Substantiation of Vacancy Doping Oxide Fuel for its Deep Burn Up into PWR

#2973Gas Cooled Fast Nuclear Reactor Facility

Development of Conceptual Proposal on Design of Fast Nuclear Gas Cooled Reactor Facility FBGR-1000 with Using of Light Water Reactors and Micro-Coating Fuel Technologies

#3012Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel

Calculational-Theoretical and Design Studies, Preparation of Experimental Works on the Substantiation of the Conceptual Design of Small Power Installation MARS (Autonomous Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel)

#3113Deep-Burnable Glass Micro-Fuel

Theoretical and Conceptual Substantiation of Deep-Burnable Glass Micro-Fuel for Fast Reactors

#3132Dismantling Nuclear Powered Submarines

Ecological Safety by Dismantling Nuclear Powered Submarines (Damaged Included) in Primorsky Krai

#3176Nuclear Data for Minor Actinides

Measurement and Evaluation of Cross Section for Minor Actinides in Low Energy Region

#3189Amendments for Rehabilitation of Soils Contaminated by Radionuclides

The Development of Composition and Technology of Amendment Production for Rehabilitation of Soils Contaminated by Radionuclides and Assessment of Their Application Efficiency

#3191Human Tissues Exposed to Heavy Metals

Research into the Mechanisms of Structural-functional Stability of Human Tissues Exposed to Heavy Metals

#3206Sub- and Supercritical Water Radiolysis

Experimental Determination of the Yields of Molecular Products in Water Irradiated by Accelerated Protons in the Test Bench "PROTOKA" at Supercritical Pressure and Temperatures 280-500 °C

#3232Dangerous Objects of «Kurchatov Institute»

Radiation Investigation of Nuclear Dangerous and Radiation Dangerous Objects of the Russian Research Center «Kurchatov Institute» for Scheduling of Works on Their Decommissioning

#3267Computing Nuclear Reactor Cells

Development of Calculation Methodology Used in Computing Nuclear-Physics Characteristics of Nuclear Reactor Cells and Assemblies Containing MOX Fuel, and in Unstructured Grids for Nuclear Safety of Reactor Facilities

#3420VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel

Material Science Work Package for Lifetime Extension of VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPV) from High Nickel Materials

#3529Control of the Forest Carbon Balance

Development of Novel Technology for Instrumental Control of the Forest Ecosystems Сarbon Balance in Remote Areas

#3574Accelerator-Driven Systems for Transmutation

Comparative Study of ADS-burners with Fast, Intermediate and Thermal Neutron Spectrum for Radioactive Waste Transmutation

#3593Uncertainty of Transient Processes Calculation for Nuclear Reactors

Analysis of the Methodical Part of Uncertainty of Neutron-Physics Calculation of Transient Processes for Next Generation Reactors and Fuel Cycles

#3600Spent MOX Nuclear Fuel Handling

Technical and Economic Feasibility of Alternatives for the Packaging, Interim Storage & Transportation of Fresh and Spent MOX Nuclear Fuel

#3656Neutron Technology for Mine Identification

Development of Experimental Model of Portable Device for Identification of Explosives Hidden in Soil and Buildings by Tagged Neutron Technology

#3674Quantum Devices in Optical Communicating Systems

Quantum Information Processing Devices on the Base of Optical Transients and Collective Phenomena for Optical Communication: Research and Development

#3702Long-term Behavior of Corium after Accident

Long-term Behavior of Corium after Accident (Using the Data of the Chernobyl NPP Accident)

#3707Institutional Control of Radiation Sources

Development of Information, Legal and Regulatory Basis for a System of the Institutional Control and Stewardship Of Radioactively Contaminated Areas and Radionuclide Ionizing Radiation Sources in the Russian Federation

#3749Molten Salt Applications for Nuclear Energy

Experimental Study on Critical Issues of Nuclear Energy Systems Employing Liquid Salt Fluorides

#3773Electric Potential in Core Plasma

Development of the Fusion Core Plasma Electric Potential Diagnostics

#3800Fluorine Sensors Based on Superionic Conductors and Heterostructures

New Materials and Heterostructures for Conductometric Sensors of Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride

#3810Helium and Hydrogen Embrittlement of Reactor Materials

Investigation of Helium and Hydrogen Embrittlement and Early Diagnostic Methods Development for Reactor Materials Embrittlement

#3818Semiconductors Ferromagnetism at Room Temperature

Intrinsic Room Temperature Ferromagnetism, Magnetic Moments and Magneto-Optical Effects in Elemental and Oxide Semiconductors

#3828Dust Technologies for Thermonuclear Fusion

Dust Technologies for Thermonuclear Fusion

#3854Semiconducting Spin-Electronics

Development of Physical Principles and Creation of Active Elements of Semiconducting Spintronics Based on Magnetic Nanostructures

#3941Gas Cooled Fast Reactor

Examination of the ETDR Engineering Decisions, Development of Proposals for their Improvement, Analytical and Experimental Studies of Properties of Advanced Fuel and Materials of GCFR Fuel Assembly in the BOR-60

#3943Cross –Verification of Neutron-Physical Codes

Cross-Verification and Analysis of Accuracy of Neutron-Physical Codes for Nuclear Reactors RBMK and CANDU

#3944Atomic Energy in East Europe

Meeting Energy Needs in Selected European Countries Faced with a Shortage of Raw Material Resources

#3975Ecology of Radioactive Waste Storage Sites of “Radon”

Assessment of Radiation Impacts of the Radioactive Waste Storage Sites of Specialized Enterprises "Radon" within 50 km Monitoring Zones

#4056Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles Produced from Nanodiamonds

Investigation of Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles Produced from Nanodiamonds of Detonation Synthesis and Development of Composites with their Application

#G-066Boron-10 and Boron-11 Production

Development of Plants for the Production of Highly Concentrated Boron Isotopes and Synthesis of Boric Acid Labeled with Boron-10 and Boron-11 Isotopes; Development of the Process for the Production of Highly Pure Elementary Boron.

#G-1335Spin-polarized transport in ferromagnetic semiconductors

Comprehensive analysis of the spin transport in discrete alloys „semiconductor – ferromagnet“ with controlled disorder

#G-1490Nanocomposites for Microsensors

Synthesis and Comprehensive Analysis of Novel Polymer Nanocomposites for Microsensors

#K-1068Personal Gamma-Neutron Dosimeter

Development of Personnel Gamma-Neutron Emergency EPR Dosimeter with Separation of Various Radiation Components Portion and Methods of Local Dosimetry at Neutron-Capture Therapy

#K-236Tissue Equivalent Emergency Dosimeter

Development and Tests of a Personal Tissue-Equivalent Emergency Dosimeter for the Staff of Nuclear and Radiation Hazardous Development and Tests Establishments

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ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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