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#0017Plutonium Conversion

Feasibility study of technologies for accelerator based conversion of military plutonium and long-lived radioactive waste.

#0176Reactor Cross-Sections for Fusion

Measurements of Activation Reaction Cross-Sections Important for Fusion Applications.

#0183Fission Spectra of Minor Actinides

Measurements of the Fission Neutron Spectra of the Minor Actinides. Spontaneous Fission of Curium Isotopes.

#0183-2Fission Spectra of Minor Actinides

Measurements of the Fission Neutron Spectra of the Minor Actinides. Spontaneous Fission of Pu-240. 242 and Thermal Neutron Induced Fission of Cm-243, 245.

#0245Radiation Contamination Data Base

Development of a Sophisticated Computer Based Data System for Evaluation of the Radiation Legacy of the Former USSR and Setting Priorities on Remediation and Prevention Policy.

#0255Final Disposal of LLRW

Investigations in the Field of Long-Lived Radioactive Waste Final Disposal in Geological Formations. An Assessment of the Possibility of the RT-2 Plant Radioactive Waste Disposal in Rocks of the Yenisei Ridge.


╩Astroneutron╦: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Neutron Cross-Sections of Neutron-Enriched Nuclei Capture and Fission, Creation of a Data Bank and Simulation of Natural Nucleosynthesis Processes.

#0369Economics of Plutonium Burn

Study on the Feasibility and Economics of the Use of Ex-Weapons Plutonium and Civil Plutonium as Fuel for both Fast and Thermal Reactors.

#0519Radioactive Influence on Health

Radionuclide Pollution of the Environment and the Population Health.

#0520Rocks Radioactive Contamination

Material Changes of Rocks in Underground Nuclear Explosions and Radioactive Contamination of Rock Massif.

#0535North-West Region Monitoring

Ecological Assessment of the Region, where Radioactivity Dangerous Enterprises are Located. North-West Region of Russia. Methodological Approaches to the Organizing of Ecological Monitoring System in the Vicinity of Nuclear Facilities.

#0535-2North-West Region Monitoring

Ecological Assessment of the Region, Where Radioactivity Dangerous Enterprises are Located. North-West Region of Russia. Methodological Approaches to the Organizing of Ecological Monitoring System in the Vicinity of Nuclear Facilities. Part 2

#0540Fission by Intermediate Neutrons

Measurements of Neutron Induced Fission Cross Sections in the Energy Region 20MeV

#0554Spontaneous Fission

Measurements of the Fission Neutron Multiplicity Distribution in Spontaneous Fission of Cm-244, Cm-248 and in Fission of U-233 and Pu-239 Induced by Thermal and Low Energy Neutrons.

#0554-2Spontaneous Fission

Measurements of the Fission Neutron Multiplicity Distribution in Spontaneous Fission of Cm-244, Cm-248 and in Fission of U-233 and Pu-239 Induced by Thermal and Low Energy Neutrons.

#0570On-Site Inspection

Substantiation of Feasibility of Controlling the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty through On-site Inspection.

#0604Control of Population Irradiation

Development of Instruments and Methods for the System of Environmental Radiation Monitoring and Control of Irradiation of Population in Russia.

#0609Heavy Nuclei Neutron Cross-sections

Neutron Induced Fission Cross-sections of Some Actinides and other Heavy Nuclei in Energy Region 1-200 MeV.

#0616Trace Detection by Pulse Laser

Trace Amount Lanthanide and Actinide Detection in Environmental Samples by Pulse Laser Radiation

#0648Study of Carbonyl Complexes

Synthesis and Study of Technetium (I) and Rhenium (I) Hydrophilic Carbonyl Complexes and Radiopharmaceuticals on their Basis

#0655Memory Chip Upsets

Development of Methods for Reliable Prediction of the Memory Chip Upsets in Radiation Fields

#0663On-line Control of Iodine-129

Iodine -129 and Nitrogen Oxides Monitoring at a Radiochemical Plant and in Air

#0717Secondary Titanium Processes

Research and Development of Resource-Saving Technology for Manufacturing of Titanium Semifinished Items from Chips

#0748Risk Assessment at Krasnoyarsk Region

Study of Migration Behavior of Radionuclides, among them Transuranium Elements, in the Environment, as Applied to Territories under the Impact of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Plants. Assessment of Ecological Risks in the Region the Krasnoyarsk...

#0841Radioactive Inventory for Decommissioning Reactors

Evaluation of Radioactive Inventory for Fission Reactor Decommissioning

#0902Superheavy Cluster Ion Beams

Studying of Cluster Macroeffect Caused by Single Multiply Charged Ions and Developing of a New Method of Producing Superheavy Cluster Ion Beams

#0946Recovery of Palladium from NPR Fuel

Development of Methods for Recovery of Palladium from Nitric Acid Solution Arising from NPR Fuel Reprocessing

#0964Fission Cross Sections Library

Development of Model Code and Theoretical Data Library on Heavy Nucleai Fission Cross-Sections in a Wide Energy Range

#0997Mineral Matrices for Waste Disposal

Technology of Producing the Material-like Matrices by High-Temperature Sorption and Gesostatic Pressing for Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Waste Containing Long-lived Transuranium Elements

#1050Mobile Device for Explosives Detection

Development of Methods and Building a Mobile Device for Explosives Detection

#1052Fission Platinoid Recovery

Development of Technological Options for Fission Platinoid Recovery from Spent Nuclear Materials

#1063Immobilization of Long-Lived Radionucleides

Synthesis and Investigation of the Optimal Crystalline Materials for Immobilization of Plutonium, Actinides and Iodine-129 by Various Methods

#1065Seismological System for Earthquake Prediction

An Automated Regional Seismological Observation System for Short-Term Prediction of Earthquakes

#1069Double-Differential Measurements of Cm-248

Double-Differential Prompt Neutron Spectra Measurements in 248cm Spontaneous Fission. Calculation and Evaluation of Prompt Neutron Spectra in Fission of Neptunium, Americium and Curium Isotopes

#1081Lazer Stimulation of Photochemical Reactions

Selective Extraction of Rare-Earth Elements and Isotopes from Solutions Based on the Effects of Elements and Isotopes under Lazer Irradiation of Compounds

#1096Nuclear Fragmentation

Multifragmentation of Nuclei Induced by Relativistic Light Ions

#1112Nuclei Yield from High Temperature Target

On-Line Delay Time and Yield Measurements of Short Lived Produced from High Temperature Refractory Targets

#1145Nuclear Data for Transmutation Problem

Nuclear-Physics Investigations Aimed at the Solution of Weapon Plutonium Conversion and Long-Lived Radioactive Wastes Transmutation Problems

#1160Fluid Actinides Extraction

Study of Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Uranium and Transuranium Complexes with B-Diketones and Other Complexones as Applied to Decontamination

#1189Information Support for Storage Decommission

Decision - Making Information Support of Territory Remediation in the Course of Decommissioning Temporary Radioactive Waste Storage Sites in the Northwestern Region of Russia. Elaboration of an Environmental Monitoring System for Enterprises Involved in T

#1191Cross Sections for Transmutation

Measurement of Reaction Cross Sections Leading to Production and Destruction of Radioactive Materials

#1212Partitioning of Radioactive Waste

Development of the Technology for Partitioning of Radioactive Waste Arising in Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

#1219Co-57 Decay for Solid State Physics

Study of Aftereffects of Nuclear Decay of Co-57 in Cobaltates and Ferrates of Rare earth Elements to Expand the Advantages of the Emission NGR Spectroscopy in the Investigation of Complex Oxides of Rare Earth and Transition Metals and Prediction of Proper

#1227Properties of Transuranium Radionuclides

Transuranium Radionuclides: Producing Highly Enriched Isotope Samples, Measuring Emission Probabilities of Radiations and Decay Data Evaluation

#1246Nondestructive Burnup Measurements

Nondestructive Control of a Burnup Depth of Spent Fuel for RBMK-1000 Reactors in Storage Pond of Nuclear Power Plants

#1247Barriers Improving Environment Safety

Development of the Engineered Barriers to Assure the Improvement of Environmental Safety for Objects in the Nuclear Power Industry

#1306Isotopes Recovery for Te-125 Generator

Development of Methods for Antimony-125 Recovery from Spent Fuel and Separation of Tellurium-125m from Antimony-125 for Production of Te-125m Radionuclide Generator

#1309Fission Cross-Section for Near Lead Nuclei

Measurements and Comparison of Proton- and Neutron-Induced Fission Cross Sections of Lead and Neighboring Nuclei in the 20-200 MeV Energy Region

#1314Fission of Heavy Elements by 30-3000 MeV Protons

Measurement and Analysis of Fission Cross Sections of Heavy Targets Induced by 30-3000 MeV Protons

#1325Immobilization of Irradiated Fuel

Development of Technology for Immobilization of Irradiated Fuel not Subject to Reprocessing.

#1326Deep Underground Disposal of the Actinide-Loaded Radioactive Wastes

Evaluation of Geological and Geochemical Conditions for Deep Underground Disposal of the Actinide-Loaded Radioactive Wastes

#1354Isotopically Pure Semiconducting Materials

Development of Production Methods and Research into Properties of Isotopically Pure Semiconducting Materials for Use in Modern Technologies

#1370Radwaste Immobilisation Using Microspheres

Immobilisation of Long-lived Radionuclides Using Ultraporous Blocks Based on Thermostable Microspheres

#1370.2Radwaste Immobilization Using Microspheres

Immobilisation of Long-lived Radionuclides Using Ultraporous Blocks Based on Thermostable Microspheres

#1447Evaluated Data on Nuclear Related Materials

Evaluated Data Exchange Properties of Substances and Materials Utilized and Produced by Nuclear Industry

#1450Radiopharmaceuticals for Diagnostics

Development of Modern Technology fo Radiopharmaceuticals Production for Diagnostics

#1491Site for Underground Repository of Radwaste

Geological-Geochemical and Geophysical Research of Granitoids of the Nizhnekanskiy Massif for a Choice of Sites for Underground Repository of High-Level Radioactive Waste of Russian Industrial Sites: Mining-Chemical Combine (MCC), "Mayak" Production Assoc

#1608Zirconium Salts for Radwaste Treatment

Process Development for the Treatment of Radioactive Waste Using Zirconium Salt of Dibutyl Phosphoric Acid Dissolved in 30% Tributyl Phosphate

#1671Iodine-129 Burial

Development of Iodine-129 Separation During Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Concentrating and Obtaining of the Forms, Suitable for a Long Term Storage of Burial

#1723Technetium(I), Rhenium(I) Carbonil Complexes as New Radiopharmaceuticals

Study of Coordination Chemistry of Tricarbonyltechnetium(I) and Rhenium(I) Ions and Distribution of Their Complexes in Animals with Aim to Develop New Radiopharmaceuticals

#1795Alternative Technologies for Medical Radionuclide Production

Creation of Economic Alternative Technologies for Radionuclide Production for Medical Diagnostics and Therapy

#1819Plutonium Ceramic in Underground Storage

Study of Plutonium Ceramics Alteration under Conditions of Underground Disposal

#1819.2Plutonium Ceramic in Underground Storage

Study of Plutonium Ceramics Alteration under Conditions of Underground Disposal

#1828Prompt Neutron Spectra of Minor Actinides

Measurements of the Prompt Neutron Spectra of Minor Actinides. Fast Neutron Induced Fission of 241Am and 243Am, Thermal Neutron Induced Fission of 243Cm

#1939Biomineralogical Water Decontamination

Development of Biomineralogical Methods of Water Decontamination from Actinides, Sr-90 and Cs-137

#1956Database on Silicon Nuclei Fragmentation

Complete Nuclear Database Evaluation of Si Fragmentation for Microelectronics

#1971Fission Cross Sections for Intermediate Neutron Energies

Neutron Induced Fission Cross-Sections of Pu-240, Am-243 and W in the Energy Range 1–200 MeV

#2055Soil Decontamination by Subcritical Carbon Dioxide

Development and Demonstration of Technology for Decontamination of Solid Surfaces and Soils by Subcritical Carbon Dioxide

#2068Nuclear Waste Partitioning by New Extractants

Development and Demonstration of HLW Partitioning Technology with the Use of Phosphorylated Calixarenes

#2106Laser-Ultrasonic Monitoring of Steel Destruction

Development of a Laser-Ultrasonic Method and Appropriate Experimental Apparatus for Detection of Structural Deterioration and Defectiveness of Steel Aiming at Increase of Safe Work of Nuclear Power Stations (NPS)

#2133Monitoring of Xenon and Krypton Isotopes

Development of Methodical Bases and Mobile Equipment for Monitoring of Xe and Kr Radionuclides in the North-West Region of Russia

#2162Mobile Device for Detection of Narcotics

Mobile Device for Detection of Narcotics, Including Hidden and Sealed Ones

#2213Fission Cross Sections of Tungsten Isotopes

Measurements of Proton- and Neutron-Induced Fission Cross Sections of Separated Tungsten Isotopes and Natural Tungsten in 50-200 MeV Energy Region

#2220Spectrophotometry with Internal Standardization

Method for Precise Determination of Metals in their Solutions by Means of Spectrophotometry with Internal Standardization

#2262Carbon-14 Recovery

Recovery of Carbon-14 from Low-Content Waste Originating from Operation of Medical Facilities, Biology Research Institutions and Labeled Compounds Producing Enterprises, as well as of Other Origin

#2265Detection of Pu&Np Trace Amounts in Solutions

Trace Amount of Plutonium and Neptunium Detection in Solutions Using Laser Spectroscopy Methods

#2390Beams of Liquid and Solid Nanocluster Ions

Converting of Ion Beams of Accelerators into Beams of Accelerated Metal Nanoclusters – 2-60 nm in Liquid and Solid State, Detection and Application in Molecular Biology Thereof

#2391Carbon Materials for Nuclear Waste Storage and Transmutation

Development of the Methods for Encapsulation of Long-lived Nuclear Waste in the Carbon Matrixes for Storage and Transmutation

#2524Nuclear Data Library for Heavy Nuclei

Development of Nuclear Data Library for Nucleon-Induced Reactions on Heavy Nuclei in Wide Energy Region

#2543Portable Device for Detection of Hidden Objects

Detection of Hidden Objects by Their Dielectric Properties

#2604Fission Fragments Angular Measurements

Fission Fragment Angular Distribution Measurements in the Energy Interval 20-200 Mev on a Spallation Neutron Source; Method Development, Manufacturing of Installation and Performing Measurements

#2630Optimization of Monoisotope Silicon Technology

Optimization of the Test Technology of Production of Highly Enriched Silicon Isotopes for Semiconductor Quality Crystal Growth

#2730The Use of Palladium Derived from Spent Nuclear Fuel for Radionuclides Immobilization

Studies on Immobilization Technologies of Long-Lived Radionuclides with Use of "Reactor" Palladium

#2735Yttrium-90 Generator Creation for the Medical Purposes

The Study of Strontium and Yttrium Extraction Separation Conditions, and Yttrium-90 Generator Creation for the Medical Purposes

#2737Wastes Management with the Use of Polymer Materials

Management and Safe Disposal of Liquid Radioactive Wastes with the Use of High Technology Polymer Materials

#2762Process for Liquid Waste Treatment

Process Adaptation for Treatment of HLW and ILW by Extraction with Zirconium Salt of HDBP and its Testing Using Real Radwaste

#2950Vitrificated Nuclear Waste

Verification of the New Model of Leaching of Vitrificated Nuclear Waste Using a Single Pass Flow-Through Test Method – Participation in the International Program

#2959Encapsulation of High-Level Radwaste

High-Level Radioactive Waste Encapsulation with the Use of Pyrocarbon and Silicon Carbide Coatings

#2965High Temperature Targets-Ions Source

Development of High Temperature Uranium Carbide Target-Ion Source Units for Production of Isotopes Far from Stability

#2967Tellurium-125m Generator

Development of Process Flowsheet for Separation of Tellurium-125m from Antimony-125 and Production of Pilot Sample of Tellurium-125m Generator

#3007Radwaste in Granitoid Blocks

Geoecological Forecast of HLW Long-Term Isolation in Granitoid Blocks of the Nizhnekanskiy Massif (South-Yenisei Ridge)

#3106Prevention of mail terrorism

Development of Multi-Purpose Technology for Detection of Toxic, Explosive and Radioactive Chemical Compounds and Inactivation of Organisms

#3192Fission Fragments of Th-232 and U-238

Measurements of Mass, Energy and Angular Distributions of Fragments from Neutron-Induced Fission of Th-232 and U-238 and Creation of Intermediate Energy Nuclear Data Files for ADS Research

#3217Plutonium, Neptunium and Uranium Trace Amounts

Valence States Determination of Plutonium, Neptunium and Uranium Trace Amounts in Environmental Samples by Chemiluminescence Laser Spectroscopy Methods

#3226Spent Nuclear Fuel Cladding Removal

Elaboration of Solvometallurgical Method for Chemical Removal of Spent Nuclear Fuel Claddings

#3244Monitoring for Radiation Beams

Development of Detection System for Monitoring High Intensity Ionizing Radiation Beams Used in Medicine, Science and Technology

#3246Technetium Radiopharmaceuticals

Fatty Acids Labeled with 99mTc. Influence of the Lipophilicity of the Chelating Core on the Biodistribution

#3363Fragments of Fission by Intermediate Energy Neutrons

Developing the Experimental Database on Fragment Yield in Fission of the Main Nuclear Fuel Isotopes and other Minor Actinides Induced by Intermediate Energy Neutrons

#3364‘Electronic tongue’ for detection of metals

Development of an Analytical Methodology for Quantification of Stable Elements in Radioactive Solutions Using Electronic Tongue Multisensor Systems

#3405Transplutonium Elements Recovery from Wastes

Development and Demonstration of the Process for Selective Recovery of Transplutonium Elements from HLW Using Binary Calixarene Extractants

#3486Neutron Source Based on Electron Acceleration for Transmutation

Experimental Investigations of Radioactive Waste Transmutation Technology with Electron-Accelerator-Driven Neutron Source (E-ADTT)

#3492Superconducting and Nonsuperconducting Nanoclusters

Superconducting and Nonsuperconducting Nanoclusters of Non-Random Geometry with a Fixed Number of Atoms for the Simulation of Nanostructures with Desired Properties

#3534Device for Detection of Explosives

Creation of a Device for Detection of Explosives, Nuclear and other Hazardous Materials in Cargo Containers and Luggage

#3536Diamond Production Technology

Development of Energy-Saving and Effective Diamond Production Technology

#3540Strip Detector for Barionic Matter Investigations

Prototype of a Silicon Strip Detector Section of the Tracks Restoring System for Studies of Condensed Baryonic Matter at Future Accelerator Facility of GSI

#3567Fullerene-containing Carbon Matrices for Transmutation of Iodine

Synthesis and Investigation of Fullerene-Containing Carbon Matrices for Transmutation of Iodine-129

#3652Long-Lived Radionuclides Separation

Partitioning of Long-Lived Radionuclides Using the Mixture of Short-Chain Alkyl Phosphoric Acids or their Zirconium Salts and Chlorinated Cobalt Dicarbollide

#3694Laser Spectroscopy for Medicine

Applications of the Chemiluminescent Laser Spectroscopy for Diagnostics in Medicine and Biology

#3751Fission Product Yields

Complete Data Library on Nucleon-Induced Fission Product Yields for Applications in Wide Energy Region

#3769Analysis of Nuclear Spent Fuel

Methods for Non-Destructive Analysis of Fuel in Chemical Reprocessing of Nuclear Power-Plant Spent Fuel

#3779Neutron Spectrometer for Spacecraft

Development of a Portable High-Energy Neutron Spectrometer for Active Diagnostics of Radiation Environment in Spacecraft

#3799Off-Gas Cleaning from Semivolatile Radionuclides

Innovative Method of Gas Purification from Semivolatile Radionuclide Using Porous Inorganic Materials

#3849Low-Waste Decontamination

Low-Waste Nonaqueous Decontamination of Work Clothes, Tools, and Soils in Ozone-Friendly Freons

#3865Radiopharmaceuticals for Diagnostics of Lung Diseases

Technetium-99m Pentacarbonylhalides as New Lung Imaging Agents

#3900New Nuclear Fuel Cycle. Fuel Reprocessing

Adv-ORIENT Cycle – a New Approach to Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing. Sorption Behavior of Elements at Basic Stages of Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Flowsheet

#3983Spectroscopic Neutron Detector for Detection of Nuclear Materials

Low-background Spectroscopic Position-Sensitive Neutron Detector for Detection of Nuclear Materials in Cargo Containers

#4043Fission Product Yields

Experimental Mapping of Fission Product Yields in the Fast and Intermediate Energy Neutron-Induced Fission of 232Th, 235U, 238U and 237Np

#B-567Treatment of Liquid Radioactive Waste with Organic Components

Development and Test of Technology for Treatment of Liquid Radioactive Waste Containing Organic Substances

#K-234Radiological Safety at Former Nuclear Explosion Sites

Estimation of Radiological Safety on Sites of Series of Technological Peaceful Nuclear Explosions in Kazakhstan

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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