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Investigations of the processes of dust and salt transfer from new decertified regions.

#0193Radiation Resistant Plastic Scintillators

Design and Study of New Radiation Stable Materials for Use as Scintillators for Radiation Control

#0521Aerosols in Upper Atmosphere

Investigation of Photochemical Processes in the Upper Atmosphere Involving Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols

#0524Diamond Growing Technology

Research of Ultradisperse Diamonds as Regards the Diamond Crystal Growing Technology, i.e. the Process of Advanced Material Obtaining for the Future Applications in Electronics.

#0784Aerosol Particles in Lungs

Dynamical Modeling of Composition Transformation and Deposition of Aerosol Particles in the Respiratory Tracts and Lungs

#1223Solar Radiation Transfer

Mathematical Models and Software for Operative Evaluation of Solar Radiation Characteristics According to Data of Satellite and Ground-Based Meteorological Measurements

#1229X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Development of Highly Sensitive Technique of X-ray Fluorescence Element Analysis

#1235Pollution Monitoring by Mobile Laboratory

Studies of the Main Sources and Peculiarities of the Distribution of Gaseous and Aerosol Pollutants in the Atmosphere over Russian Territory by Using a Specialized Carriage-Laboratory

#1437New Plastic Scintillators

Development of New Types of High Efficient Plastic Scintillators

#1544Natural Resources Remote Diagnostics

Passive and Active Optical Methods and Technologies for the Remote Diagnostics of Natural Environment

#1592Photochemical Membrane Process with Catalysts

Development of the Photochemical Membrane Process for Obtaining Oxyderivatives of Steroid Olefins with Use of Porphyrins and their Derivatives as Catalysts

#1707Safety Evaluation for Shallow Waste Repositories

Development of Methodological Bases of an Evaluation of Safety of an Environment in Conditions of Productions Operation on a Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Wastes in Shallow Ground Repositories

#1868Effect of Desertification on Atmosphere and Climate

The effect of the desertification processes on the atmospheric composition and climate. Basic region for investigation - the Kalmykian Black Lands Russia) and the Jornada del Muerto Basin of the Chihuahuan Desert (New Mexico, USA)

#1908Gas Contamination and Aerosols in the East Siberia

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Dynamics and Kinetics of Gas Contamination and Aerosols in the Central Continental Asia (Baikal Region and Sayan Background Station - Mondy Included)

#1916Sorbtion-Aerosol Fiber Filters

Development of Technology of Sorbtion – Aerosols Fibrous Superfiltres Produce in Electrostatic Poles

#1931Oxide Nanoparticles in Lead Melt

Development of Technology for Production of Nanodimensional Oxide Materials in Lead Melt for New Microsystem Method of Forming Sensitive Layers of Semiconductor Gas Sensors

#1998Pollution Measurements in Siberia with Mobile Complex

Development of Mobile Measuring Complex Based on the Boat-Laboratory and Conducting of Measurements of Gaseous and Aerosol Pollutants in the Basin of Main Siberian Rivers (Ob, Yenisei, Lena)

#2280Immobilized Porphyrins for the Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

Development of the Systems on the Base of Porphyrins Immobilized on Polymer Carriers Providing Controlled Generation of Singlet Oxygen to Carry out the Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

#2493Aerosol Photochemistry in Atmosphere

Experimental and Theoretical Modelling of Aerosols and Ozoneactive Gases Evolution in the Atmosphere

#2588New Environmentally Safe Fungicides, Antiseptics, and Bactericides

Synthesis of New Fungicides, Antiseptics, and Bactericides Based on Environmentally Safe Compounds

#2708Sorbents for Radioactive Metals Extraction

Development of High Efficient Selective Sorbents for Radioactive Metals Extraction from Industrial Waste

#2770Ecosystem and Troposphere in Central Siberia

Ecosystem Parameters and Tropospheric Chemistry in Central Siberia

#2773Atmosphere over Northern Eurasia

Atmosphere Composition Investigations Over the Northern Eurasia Using the Mobile Carriage-Laboratory

#2904Small Capacity Fuel Cells

Environmentally Friendly Small Capacity Power Plants Based on Fuel Cells for Stationary Application

#2921Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution in Issyk-Kyl Region

Influence of the Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution on the State of Mountain Ecosystem for the Issyk-Kyl Lake Region (Kyrgyzstan)

#2955Nanoparticles for Catalytic Technologies

The Catalytic Technologies Based on Ensembles of Immobilized Nanoparticles

#2958Earthquake Prediction in Kamchatka Region

A new Paradigm of Earthquake Prediction: Development of Theoretical Base and Real Time Application to an Analysis of Geodynamical Activity in the Kamchatka Region

#3032Transport of Pollution to Pacific Region

The Study of Atmospheric Pollution Transport from Europe to Pacific Region Using Ground-Based and Satellite Measurements

#3163Polymers with shungit for artificial bones

Shungit Filled Polymers for Artificial Bone Articulations

#3234Membranes for Pure Syn-Gas Generators

Development of High-Performance Oxygen-Conducting Membranes and Compact Pure Syn-Gas Generators on Their Base

#3288Exchange between Atmosphere and Underlying Surface

Investigations of Gas and Aerosol Exchange Between the Atmosphere and Underlying Surface Using New Instruments with Fast time response

#3491Electrodes for Batteries and Supercapacitors

The Development of the Production Technique of High-Performance Cheap Thin Film Electrodes Based on the Nanostructured Tin Oxides for Lithium Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors and Manufacturing of Pilot Samples of Energy Storage Devices.

#3595Polymer Composites for Skin Burns and Wounds Treating

Development of Composite Polymer Coatings Based on Natural and Synthetic Polymers, Containing Complexes of Porphyrins with Amphiphilic Polymers, for Photodynamic Therapy of Skin Burns and Festering Wounds

#3634Magnetic Metal-Polymer Nanocomposites

Development of the Technology of New Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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