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#0017Plutonium Conversion

Feasibility study of technologies for accelerator based conversion of military plutonium and long-lived radioactive waste.

#0154Heavy Ion Driver for Fusion

An energy fusion system concept based on heavy-ionity driver.

#0157Spallation of Tungsten

Spallation Experiment with Tungsten Target.


Biomedical and Analytical Aspects of the Chemical Safety of Biosphere.


╩Astroneutron╦: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Neutron Cross-Sections of Neutron-Enriched Nuclei Capture and Fission, Creation of a Data Bank and Simulation of Natural Nucleosynthesis Processes.

#0370Supernova Stars

Non-equilibrium Radioactive Transfer and Kinetics of Nuclear Reactions in the Theory of SUPERNOVA Stars.

#0423Vacuum Devices

Photoelectronic Devices for High-Energy Physics and Medical Tomography

#0442Blanket Driven by Accelerator

Shut down Reactor Transformation into Subcritical Neutron Source. Control and Safety System Substantiation and Development.

#0467Phase Transformations in Irradiated Metals

Atom Probe Field Ion and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Defects and Structure Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys while Impulse and Stationary Irradiation by High Energy Particles.

#0477Proton Irradiated Targets

Spallation Experiments with Cylindrical Targets Irradiated by Medium-Energy Protons.

#0495Laser for Heavy Ion Injection

Design and Construction of a Powerful CO2 -Laser for CERN Heavy Ion Laser Preinjectior.

#0573New Concept of Fusion Reactor

Investigation of New Concept of Energy Source Based on Fusion Reactions.

#0608Technique for Parity Violation Investigation

Development of a Research Technique for Investigation of Fundamental Problems of parity Violation and Time Reversal Invariance.

#0608.2Technique for Parity Violation Investigations

Development of a Research Technique for Investigation of Fundamental Problems of Parity Violation and Time Reversal Invariance

#0728Cherenkov Quartz Calorimeter

Cherenkov Quartz Calorimeter

#0747Fluoride Technology for Transmutation

Study of Gas- and Molten-Fluoride Separation and Transmutation for Accelerator Based Plutonium Disposition and Nuclear Waste Treatment

#0768Cerium Trifluoride Powder

Polycrystalline Powder and Monocrystal Synthesis of Cerium Trifluoride for Detectors

#0800Proton Beam Scanner for Medicine

Multichannel Computerized System for the Measurements of 3D Medical Proton Beam Dose Distributions

#0837Proton LINAC for Transmutation

Design, Manufacture and Test of the Prototypes of Accelerating Structures for Reliable Radiation-clean High Power Proton Linac

#0839Residual Product Nuclei

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Yields of Residual Product Nuclei Produced in thin Targets Irradiated by 100-2600 MeV Protons

#0839-2Residual Product Nuclei

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Yields of Residual Product Nuclei Produced in Thin Targets Irradiated by 100-2600 MeV Protons

#0912Codes for Ion Linac Study

Image-based Codes for Study of Ion Linac Physics

#1061Plane-Parallel Chamber

Development and Investigation of Prototypes for Gas-Filled Plane-Parallel Chambers, Realizing Time-of-Flight Detector for the Project "Alice" (LHC, CERN) and Other New Generation Experiments

#1062Improvement of Radiation Therapy

Equipment and Materials for Oncology (Generator System for Injections in PET Diagnostics, Pasteups for Local Delivery of Medical Agents to Disease Hotbed)

#1137Heavy Ion Fusion Research

Research on Powerful Heavy Ion Fusion Facility Based on Accelerator Developments in Europe and Russia

#1145Nuclear Data for Transmutation Problem

Nuclear-Physics Investigations Aimed at the Solution of Weapon Plutonium Conversion and Long-Lived Radioactive Wastes Transmutation Problems

#1251Experiments with Cylindrical Proton Target

Neutron- and Heat- Physical Experiments with Cylindrical Targets Bombarded with Medium-Energy Protons

#1314Fission of Heavy Elements by 30-3000 MeV Protons

Measurement and Analysis of Fission Cross Sections of Heavy Targets Induced by 30-3000 MeV Protons

#1444Liquid Electronuclear Target

Model of Liquid Electronuclear Target with Supersonic Wind Shutter

#1572Flight Time Measurement for Charged Particles

Development of Engineering for Measurement of Time of Flight for Identification of Charged Particles in Nuclear Physics and for Applied Purposes

#1586Heavy Water Reactor Neutrino Source

Development of Technology for Creation of Neutrino Source on the Basis of 51Cr Isotope with Activity not less than 8 MCi, Using an L2 Heavy Water Reactor for Calibration of Solar Neutrino Detectors

#1610Pressing and Punching in Detector's Technologies

Development of the Pressing and Punching Technics for the Manufacturing of Particle Detectors

#1615Cathode Luminescent Field Emission Light Sources

Design and Creation of the Working Prototypes of the Cathode-luminescent, Lightly Effective, Ecologically Pure Light Sources for Different Purposes, Utilising the Phenomenon of the Field Electron Emission of the Nanoclucter Carbon Structure

#1618Search for Neutrino Rest Mass

Neutrino Mass Search (2Betta0v-decay of 150Nd)

#1620Doping and Radiation effects in Intermetallic Structures

Revealing of Ordered Intermetallic Based Construction Materials Phase Structure States and Radiation Defects Evolution Legitimatise under Doping, Mechanical, Thermal and Radiation Effects

#1734Bioobjects Detection by Scanning Probe

Development of an Original, High-Sensitive, Express Method for Biological Objects Identification and Control in Water Environment Using Scanning Probe

#1735Civil Technologies Data Base

The Development of Data Base and Servers on Technologies for the Nonmilitary Fields

#1755Experimental Modeling of Accelerator - Blanket System

Experimental Study of Fast and Fast-Thermal Accelerator Driven Systems on the Basis of BFS-1 – Microtron Complex

#1824Diagnostic Complex for Heavy Ion Beam

The Diagnostic Complex Development for Fundamental Characteristics Researches of Heavy Ion Beams Interaction with Matter

#1825Improvement of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy

Method Development of Essential Increase of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy Resolving Power and of New Type Gamma-Sources Design for Use in This Field

#1836Nuclear Safety of MOX Fueled VVER

System Analysis of Uncertainties of Nuclear Safety Characteristics for VVER Reactors with Various Fraction of MOX Fuel in the Core

#1934Software for High Energy Particles Registration

Development of Models and Software to Study and Register Interactions between High-Energy Particles and Matter

#1966Solid Hydrogen Target

Development of a Solid Hydrogen Target to Study the Nature of Scalar Mesons

#2002Proton-Pb and Proton-Bi Reaction Yields

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Yields of Residual Product Nuclei Produced in Thin Pb and Bi Targets Irradiated by 40–2600 MeV Protons

#2107Thermal Properties of Uranium Dioxide

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Thermophysical Properties of Uranium Dioxide (UO2) and Other Materials Related to the Problems of Nuclear Power Plants Safety

#2156Crystals for High Energy Calorimetry

R&D Studies for Growing Long CeF3 Crystals to be used on Calorimetry in the E391a Experiment (KEK, Japan)

#2211Magnetic Resonance for Materials Science

Investigation of New Materials for Electronics and Medicine by Magnetic Resonance Methods

#2224Eco-Friendly High-Power Linacs

New-Generation Eco-Friendly High-Power Ion Linear Accelerators

#2405Experimental Nuclear-Physics Data for Transmutation

Experimental Researches of Nuclear-Physics Characteristics of Materials Essential for the Processes of Weapon Plutonium Utilization and Radioactive Wastes Transmutation

#2509Silicon-On-Insulator Structures

Technology Development and Production of Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) Structures by the Bonding of Wafers Using the Radiation-Induced Gas-Stimulated Splitting Method

#2563Induced Radioactivity in Heavy Ions Reactions

Impact of Heavy Ion-Induced Radioactivity and Secondary Neutrons on Biosphere and Environment: Experiments and Long-Term Predictions

#2600Neodymium Isotopes Separation

Neodymium Isotopes Separation for Searching the Neutrino Mass (2-beta-0-nu-decay of Nd-150)

#2761Damaging of Materials by Ionizing Pulse Radiation

Investigations of Mechanisms of Damaging and Microstructure and Properties Evolution of Materials in Conditions of Impact of Extreme Ionizing Radiation Pulse Fluxes for the Purpose of Radiation-Thermal Resistance Increase

#2776Two Dimensional Protein Arrays

Two Dimensional Protein Arrays with Regular Structure for Analytical Biotechnology

#2838Proton-Induced Gamma Ray and Neutron Emissions

Study of the Characteristics of High-Energy Proton-Induced Gamma Ray and Neutron Emissions from Materials that Imitate Surfaces of Planets

#2888Alvarez-Type Accelerating Structure

Alvarez-Type Accelerating Structure for Room-Temperature Part of the CERN SPL Project

#2960Bacteria Detection with Using Mass Spectrometry

Development of a Remote Method for Bacteria Detection with Using Mass Spectrometry

#3090Calorimeter modules for new generation colliders

Developing, Creating and Beam Testing Of The Calorimetric Modules for the New Generation Colliders

#3245Bionanotechnology for Bacteria Detection

Bionanotechnological Analysis of Affine Surfaces

#3266Structure Materials of Accelerator-Driven Systems

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Residual Nuclide Production in 40-2600 MeV Proton-Irradiated Thin Targets of ADS Structure Materials

#3293Scintillators for beta-spectroscopy

Technology Development for Growth of Large Volume СаМоО4 Scintillation Сrystal for Double Beta-Decay Experiment in Yang-Yang Korean National Laboratory

#3462X-Ray Microradiography for Bioobjects

Prototyping of the Nanosecond Micro-Radiography Technique for the Bio-Objects Testing in Active Condition to Study Radiation Resistance and to Compare This Method Self-Descriptiveness with Scanning Probe Microscopy

#3563Planning System for Proton Therapy

Modernization of a Treatment Planning System for Proton Therapy (Development of Monte Carlo Codes, Databases, Treatment Planning System Verification, Verification of Complicated Treatment Plans)

#3574Accelerator-Driven Systems for Transmutation

Comparative Study of ADS-burners with Fast, Intermediate and Thermal Neutron Spectrum for Radioactive Waste Transmutation

#3591Cancer Therapy by Carbon Ions

Experimental Investigation of the Efficiency of Cancer Therapy by Carbon Ions at the TWAC-ITEP Facility

#3741Radiographic Inspection of Heavy Metals Containers

Development of Prototype System for Neutron Radiographic Control of Heavy Metal Containers

#3765Medical Preparations on the Basis of Ga-68

Generating System for Synthesis of Labeling Compounds on the Basis of Ga-68 and Transdermal Applications for Diagnostics and Therapies at Oncological and Cardiovascular Diseases.

#3814Irregular Heterogeneous Effects in a LWR Reactor

Study of Irregular Heterogeneous Effects in an LWR-Type Reactor Core

#3845Accelerating Structure for Linear Accelerator

Development and Manufacture of a Preproduction Model of ALVAREZ-Type Accelerating Structure for a “Warm Part” of Linear H- Ion Accelerator to be Installed and Tested as a Component of LINAC-4 in CERN

#3880Yields of Residual Nuclei from Proton-Irradiated Materials

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Residual Nuclide Production in 40-2600 MeV Proton-Irradiated Thin Targets of ADS Basic Materials

#3882Super-Pure Niobium

A Super-Pure Niobium Structure Optimization and Development of the Technology of the Super-Pure Niobium Production for Linear Accelerator Superconducting Cavity Fabrication

#3893Calcium Molybdate for Low Background Beta Spectrometry

First Growth of the CaMoO4 Crystal with Mo-100 for Double Beta Decay Search in YangYang Underground Laboratory

#3950Chemical Vapor Deposition Films for Dosimetry

Development and Production of Multichannel Measuring System with CVD-Films for Clinical Dosimetry

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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