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#G-1005Method of Nano-Disperse Grinding

Universal Method of Mechanical Grinding (Milling) of all Sort of Materials to a Nano-Dispersed (Sub-Micron) Magnitude

#G-1008Processing of Goldcontaining Antimony Ores

Ecologically Friendly Processing of Goldcontaining Antimony Ores of Georgia

#G-1034Titanium Alloys for Medical Instrumentation

The New Titanium Alloys With Increased Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance for Medical Instruments and their Coatings

#G-1083Small Mountain Rivers Power Resources

Small Mountain Rivers Power Resources Study, Basic Micro Hydro Parameters Determination and Protection of Ecosystems in High-Mountainous Locales of Caucasus

#G-1104Single-Phase Structural Materials

Synthesis of Ti-Al Single-Phase Materials

#G-1112Diamond Synthesis

Elaboration of New Industrial Technology for the Manufacturing of Synthetic Single Crystals of Diamond Using Small Caliber Cannons

#G-1161Steel Modification in Ingots

Study and Development of the Process of Steel Modification in Ingots

#G-1237Industrial -demonstration technology of purification of sewage’s

Industrial Demonstration of Environmentally Friendly Technology of Purification of Sewage's from Heavy Metals and Petroleum Products by the Method of Flotoelectrocoagulation

#G-1293Micro Hydro Power Plants in Caucasus

Environmentally and Economically Sound Micro Hydro in High-Mountainous Regions of the Caucasus on the Basis of Disused Derivational Systems

#G-1299Low-Cost Corrosion-Resistant Steels

Elaboration of Low-Cost Cryogenic and Corrosion-Resistant Chromium-Manganese Austenitic and Double-Phased Steels Based on Newly Revealed Phenomena in Fe-Cr-Mn System

#G-1497Low Temperature Biogas Production

Development of the Methods of Intensification of Processes of Fermentation in Biogas Installations at Low Temperatures

#G-1542Burning High-Ash Coals

Development of Environmentally Friendly Technology of Alumina Manufacturing from Non Utilizable Wastes of Cleaning and Burning of High-Ash Coal for Processing on Aluminum

#G-1553Composites with Improved Properties

Development and Synthesis of New Composites with High Operation and Economic Characteristics

#G-1577Ferroalloys Continuous Casting Machine

Development and Demonstration of New Machine for Continuous Casting of Ferroalloys with Water Cooled Rotor Crystallizer Supplied with the Device for Cutting of Cast Products

#G-1669Boron Based Thermoelectric Materials

Production of High-Temperature Thermoelectric Materials by Binary Doping of Beta-Rhombohedral Boron

#G-2210Compositions of titanium- and zirconium borides and carbides

Preparation and research of composite ceramic materials containing titanium- and zirconium borides and carbides for multifunctional application

#G-2285Ferro boron master alloys

Development and obtaining of low-carbonaceous Ferro boron master alloys on the basis of stable isotopes of boron 10B and 11B by SHS technology – metallurgy

#G-2383Railway Transport Efficiency.

Perfection of The Traffic Safety, Ecological Compatibility and Efficiency of The Railway Transport by Development of The New Resource-saving Technology

#G-2413Technology of producing of master alloys from manganese processing waste

Processing of manganese production waste into master alloys utilizing an environment-friendly SHS technology

#G-286Composite Materials for Hard Alloys

New Composite Materials for Manufacturing Hard Alloy Tools with Elevated Exploitation Properties

#G-296Nanocrystalline Metal-Ceramics

Elaboration of Nanocrystalline Metal-Ceramics for Heat-Insulating, Wear-Resistant, Antifriction Coatings with Increased Adhesion and High-Temperature Strength Properties

#G-346Composite Materials Processing

Elaboration of Technological Process for Manufacturing of Composite Materials and Products from them by Means of Electric Rolling and Selfpropagating Hightemperature Synthesis

#G-402Boron Crystalline Monoisotopes

Preparation of Single and Polycrystalline B-10 and B-11 Monoisotopes of Beta-Rhombohedral Boron, for Usage in Devices, Containers, Covering Materials and Other Nuclear safety Facilities

#G-462New Hard Alloy Composites

New Hard Alloys with Nanocrystalline Components

#G-533Corrosion Protection of special steels and alloys

Development of the Corrosion Protection Technology for Special Steels and Alloys

#G-577Technologies for Sewage Purification

The New Technologies of Purification of Sewage's from Heavy Metals, Petroleum Products and Dyes

#G-601Gallium Arsenide Single Crystals

Growing and Investigation of Gallium Arsenide Single Crystals and Producing Semiconductor Devices on the Base of them

#G-609Biologically Active Metal Complexes

New Production Technologies of Raw Materials and Syntheses of Biologically Active Metal-Complexes on Their Base

#G-618Titanium-Aluminum Composites

New Structural and Composite Alloys of Ti-Al System Produced by the Method of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis for Engineering Applications

#G-638Fiber Metal Matrix Composites

Manufacture and Modelling of Fibre Metal Matrix Composites

#G-723Processing of Gold Containing Antimony Ores

Physical Chemistry and Development of Complex, Environmentally Safe Technology Processing of Gold containing Antimony Ores of Georgia

#G-811New Austenitic Alloys for Cryogenics

Development of New Austenitic Stainless Alloys with Increased Strength Plastic and Toughness Properties for Cryogenic, Chemical and Special Mechanical Engineering

#G-912High Performance Steels with Corrosion Resistance

Low Alloyed Steels for Super-Deep Oil Wells and Metal Constructions for Natural Media of Southern Caucasus with Increased Corrosion Resistance and Mechanical Characteristics

#G-963Chromium-Manganese Nonmagnetic Steels

Corrosion- and Wear Resistant Silicon Containing Chromium-Manganese and Nickel-Chromium-Manganese Nonmagnetic Steels with Increased Strength and Toughness for Reliable Work at Normal and Cryogenic Temperatures

#G-985Biogas Production in the High-Mountainous Areas

Development of Environmentally Friendly Technology for Biogas Production in the High-Mountainous Areas of the Caucasus Based on the Local Resource’s Utilization

#G-987Heavy Industry Wastes Utilization

Environmental Technology for the Utilization Heavy Industry Detrimental Wastes through their Recycling in the Manufacturing of Carbon-Thermal and Ceramic Alloys

#G-995Refractory Powder Alloys

Manufacturing of New Ni-Co-Cr-based Refractory Powder Alloys for the Strengthening of Coatings and Creating of the Articles Working in Extreme Conditions

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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