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#A-2258Laser Induced Intense Radiation/Particles Sources and Nanotechnologies

Laser-Matter Nonlinear Interaction – Intense Radiation/Particles Sources and Nanotechnologies Towards the Green Energy Production and Nanomedicine

#A-2342Super sensitive nano-sensor for bio-safety and bio-security.

Super sensitive nano-sensor for bio-safety/bio-security based on photo-driven azobenzene polymer cantilever made by two-photon polymerization.

#A-2343Lasers and Nanoparticles in Medicine

Laser Synthesis of Hybrid Nanoparticles and Coherent THz Sources for Applications in Nanomedicine

#A-2424Lake Sevan GIMS

Development of a geoecological information modeling system (GIMS) for operational diagnostics and safety of hydroecological objects using microwave and optical monitoring tools: on the example of the Lake Sevan ecosystem

#G-058Applied Programs for Antenna System

Creation of the Packet of Applied Programs for Design of Complicated Antenna and Waveguide Systems.

#G-060Variable Geometry Propeller

Variable Geometry Propeller and its Control Aids

#G-060.2Variable Geometry Propeller

Variable Geometry Propeller (VGP) and Actuating Means (Actuating Components)

#G-1014Rotary Turbines and Pumps

Development and creation of new constructions of effective rotary turbines and pumps (RTP) for using them in small power engineering and spheres of economy

#G-1020Bioengineering Technology of Securing of Slopes

Securing and Re-cultivation of Slopes Using Natural Binding Materials (Bioengineering Technology)

#G-1024Anticorrosive, Protective Glass-Enamel Coats

Anticorrosive, Protective Glass-Enamel Coats Resistant to Chemical and Biological Corrosion for Protection of Steel Surfaces of Deep-Sea Apparatus

#G-1025Decorporators of Radionuclides

Development of Chelating Agents from Natural Sources for the Decorporation of Radionuclides

#G-1046Oil-Admixture Pollution of the Black Sea

Models of Flow, Wave and Oil-Admixture Propagation in Hedged Sea Basin Loaded by Oil Transport (Setting as Example the Black Sea)

#G-1057Agrorobot for Control of Vineyards

Agrorobot to Forecast Primary Infections Initiation and Development of Crops Diseases

#G-1061New Telecommunication System Sensors

Elaboration of New Telecommunication System Sensors

#G-1160Nanocrystalline Scintillators

Development of New Nanocrystalline Scintillation Materials

#G-1161Steel Modification in Ingots

Study and Development of the Process of Steel Modification in Ingots

#G-1166Gears From Deformed Bainitic Ductile Iron

Influence of Hot Plastic Deformation and Austempering on Structure-Property Relationships in New Ductile Iron for Gears

#G-117Biochemical Metal Extraction

Elaboration of Biochemical Methods of Extraction of Radioactive and Rare Metals from Production Waste and Lean Ores

#G-118Laser Cardiac Apparatus

Recovery of Cardiac Activity by Laser-Thermal Microburst Method

#G-1196Plasma Torch for Spraying of Powder Materials

Development and Research of the Method and Plasma Torch for Spraying of Powder Materials by High-Enthalpy Laminar Plasma Flow

#G-1211High strength seamless steel pipes

Structure Forming Control from Initial Crystallization till Obtaining of High Strength Seamless Pipes According to AP1SCT N80, Realized by Chemical Composition of Steel 40NMnVTi

#G-1216Ultra Low Frequency Waves in Ionosphere

Theoretical Modeling of Both Statistical Characteristics of Scattered Microwaves and Dynamics of ULF EM Wavy Structures in the Ionosphere

#G-1219Nonlinear Waves

Nonlinear Optical and Acoustic Waves in Isotropic and Anisotropic Media

#G-1225Bioremediation of Winery Wastewater

Development of Winery Wastewater Biological Treatment and Creation of High Efficient Working Installation

#G-1255Plasma Machine for Surface Treatment

Creation of Long-Lived Plasma Machine Consisting of Both Non-Transferred Arc Plasma Torch and Power Source with Deeply Dropping Characteristic for Surface Treatment of Construction Materials

#G-126Electromagnetic Waves Propagation

Turbulent Diffusion and Investigation of the Influence of Absorption on Statistical and Dynamic Characterization of Electromagnetic Waves Propagated in Turbulent and Nonuniformly Moving Dispersive Media

#G-1260Latent Periods of Plant Diseases

Recognition System for Diagnosing Initiation of Plant Diseases’ Latent Periods and Their Operative Treatment

#G-1320Identification of Unauthorized Explosions

Development of Quick Identification System of Terrorist Explosions of Chemical Explosive Materials According to the Parameters of the Radiations’ Signals Accompanying the Process of Detonation

#G-1335Spin-polarized transport in ferromagnetic semiconductors

Comprehensive analysis of the spin transport in discrete alloys „semiconductor – ferromagnet“ with controlled disorder

#G-1376Electromagnetic Waves in Turbulent Media

Development and Application of Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in a Turbulent Anisotropic Absorptive Media

#G-1386Initial Fractures in Steels for Nuclear Reactors

Study of the Initiating Physical Aspects of Nucleation and Growth of Microscopic Сracks and the Processes Taking Place Ahead of Microcrack (Ultra Micro) Tip at LCF in Austenitic Steels Used in Nuclear Reactors

#G-1395Burnable Poison for Portable Reactors

The Development and Creation of Articles of a Burnable Poison on the Basis of the Boron-10 Isotope-Alloyed Stainless Steel

#G-1434Hydrogen Accumulating Alloys

Elaboration of Iron Based Hydrogen Accumulating Alloys

#G-1443Solid Waste of Madneuli Ore-Dressing Combine

Pollution of Environment with Solid Waste of Madneuli Ore-Dressing Combine

#G-1449Titanium Based Alloys with Shape Memory Effect

Development of Multi-Component Nickel-Free Titanium based Alloys with Shape Memory Effect for Biomedical Application

#G-1465New Composite Materials

Development of the Technology of Obtaining the New Dielectric, Radiationally Shielding, Moisture and High-Temperature, Cementing Composite Materials Based on Some Ore and Polymeric Materials Matrices

#G-1490Nanocomposites for Microsensors

Synthesis and Comprehensive Analysis of Novel Polymer Nanocomposites for Microsensors

#G-1496Progenitors for Medicinal Preparations

Progenitors of Indole- and [b]-Annealed Benzofurocontaning Condensed Systems for The Struggle against Coronary Insufficiency, Tuberculosis, AIDS and Tumoral Diseases (Synthesis and Wide Screening)

#G-1506Wind Turbine Efficiency

Increasing of the Wind Turbine Efficiency by Using of the Air Draught Power

#G-1510Multiport Waveguide Junctions and Branches.

Electrodynamic Investigation and Calculation of Multiport Waveguide Junctions and Branches with Arbitrary Number of Inputs and Outputs. The Ways of Improvement of their Matching Properties by Use of Matching Elements

#G-1581Water Purification after Terrorist Acts and Accidents

Development of Combined Physical-Chemical Method of Purification of Drinking Water of High Toxic Compounds and Pathogenic Microflora, Contaminated in Terrorist Acts or Man-Caused Accidents

#G-1600Variable Geometry Rotor

Updating of the Variable Geometry Rotor (VGR) Blade Diameter Change Mechanism Combined with the System of the Centrifugal Force Compensation and Extension of the Range of the Blade Twist Change

#G-1607Diagnostics of Railway Automatics

New Generation Computer-Aided Information Systems for Diagnostics of Railway Automatics and Telemechanics Equipment State

#G-1609Plasma-Arc Cutting and Surface Hardening

Development of Ecologically Pure Technology of Plasma-Arc Cutting of Metals and Surface Hardening without Melting of Surface in the Environment of Water Vapor

#G-1619Antiviral and Antituberculosis Chemical Agents

Progenitors of Benzimidazole- and [B]-Annealed Benzothiophen- and/or Benzofuran-Containing Condensed Systems with Antiviral Activity and for the Struggle Against Tuberculosis (Synthesis and Wide Screening)

#G-1620Progenitors of Anti-Tubercular and Antiviral Preparations

Progenitors of Pirrolo Coumarine Triciclice Condensed Systems with Antiviral Activity and for the Struggle against Tuberculosis (Synthesis and Wide Screening)

#G-1642Microelements in the Agricultural Products and the Population’s Health

Evaluation of Influence of Contaminated by Toxic Microelements Agricultural Products on the Population and the Ways of Risk Reduction

#G-1652Nanocomposits for Modern Technique

Multifunctional Nanocomposits of High Power and Perfected Structure in Multicomponent Systems on the Basis of Sic, Si3N4, BN, B4C, Al2O3, TiC and C-Fiber for Different Fields of Technique

#G-1667Agricultural Products Pollution in Georgia

Assessment of the Agroindustrial Production with Toxic Metals and Determination of their Impact on General Pathological Processes, based on the Scientifically Sound Methods as well as Development of the Methods Aimed at Reducing this Impact on Organism

#G-1686Modeling of Molecular Nanotechnology Materials

Comprehensive Analyze of Modeling and Creation of Molecular Systems –Materials of Molecular Nanotechnology

#G-1707Progenitors for Antiviral and Tuberculostatic Preparations

Investigation by Prof. T. Khoshtaria's Method of the Synthesis of Tricyclic Indole- and Isatin-Containing Systems with Antiviral and Tuberculostatic Activities” (Synthesis and Wide Screening)

#G-1748Progenitors of Antiviral and Tuberculostatic Preparations

“Investigation by Prof. T.Khoshtaria's Method of the Synthesis of Tetracyclic Systems of Izomeric 1H-benzo[b]thiophene(furo)-indoles, 1H-benzo[b]thiophene(furo)-benzimidazoles and 6α-pirono-1h-indoles – with Antiviral and Tuberculostatic Acrivities (Synth

#G-1752Radio Waves in the Low Atmosphere

Wavy Processes in the Lower Atmosphere and Development of Measuring Equipments for Investigation of Statistical Characteristics of Scattered Radio Waves

#G-1756Pollution of the Coastal Waters of Closed Seas

Monitoring and Mathematical Models of the Pollution Spread in Urban and River Mouth Water Areas of the Black Sea Coast of Georgia

#G-1760Plasma Amplifier of Open Type

Creation and Research of Physical Model of the New Plasma Amplifier for Getting of the Closed Plasma Formation of Open Type

#G-1765Boron Sensors

Novel Boron Based Semiconductor Temperature Sensors for Nuclear Radiation Environment

#G-1774Microelements in Agricultural Production and User’s Health Protection

Studying of Environmental Pollution by Microelements, their Transfer into Plants and Development of Health Protection Methods for Agricultural Production Users

#G-1832Progenotors for Antiviral and Tuberculostatic Preparations

Investigation by Prof. T.Khoshtaria's Method of the Synthesis of 1H-Benzo[B]Thiophen(Furo)-Indoles and 1H-Benzo[B]Thiophen(Furo)-Benzimidazoles with Antiviral and Tuberculostatic Activities (Synthesis And Wide Screening)

#G-1834Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases for Magneto-Sensitive Patients

Prevention of Cardio-Vascular Diseases Complications in Magneto-Sensitive Patients by Use of Magneto-Compensated Wards and Geomagnetic Storms’ Forecasting

#G-1870Toxic Metal Pollution in Georgia

Studying Landscape Pollution and Development of Scientifically Sound Methods for Producing Ecologically Clean Agricultural Products

#G-1871Nonlinear Waves in Nano-Structures

Nonlinear Optical and Acoustic Waves in Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Anisotropic Metamaterials

#G-1874Rotor with Dynamically Changing Parameters

The Rotor With a Possibility of Change of the Geometry Parameters In Dynamics

#G-1914Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Atmosphere

Development of Theoretical Simulation of Scattered Electromagnetic Waves by Turbulent Atmospheric Slabs and Experimental Investigation of Statistical Characteristics of This Radiation Using Designed Unique Measuring Equipment

#G-1937Nonlinear Waves in Nanostructures

Nonlinear Optical and Acoustic Waves in Nanostructures

#G-1939Arsenic Removal

High-Performance and Environmentally Friendly Technology and Equipment for Arsenic Removal from Mining Wastes

#G-1943Magneto-compensation for patients with cardio-vascular diseases

Clinical Approbation of Technology for Active Magneto-Compensation for Protection of Magneto-Sensitive Patients with Cardio-Vascular Diseases During Geomagnetic Storms

#G-1946Models for Identification of the Flu Virus

An estimation of the Level of Biological Security and Management of Biological Risks under Uncertainty

#G-1949Lightning Stroke Electric Station

Atmospheric Electricity Receiving and Transmitting Gadget

#G-1961Progenitors for Antiviral and Tuberculostatic Preparations

Investigation by Prof. T.Khoshtaria’s Method of the Synthesis of 1H-Benzo[b]thiophen(furo)-indoles and 1H-Benzo]b]thiophen(furo)-benzimidasoles, derivatives-6α-pirano-1H-indoles and dioxodihydro-6α-pirano-1H-indoles with Antiviral and Tuberculostatic Aciv

#G-201Fiber-Optical Sensors

Development of Methods of Fiber-Optical Sensor Operation for Creating Construction Failure Diagnostic Centers Using Optical Fiber Measuring and Controlling Local Computer Networks

#G-2013Rotor for Wind Power Stations

Investigation of the Effectiveness Increase of Wind Power Stations By Means Of Application of Rotors with the Possibility of Change of the Geometry Parameters in Dynamics

#G-2056Device for prostate cancer early diagnosis

Near Infrared Irradiation Based Novel Medical Device for the Diagnosis of Early Stage of Prostate Cancer Development

#G-2063Ultraviolet radiation influence on the human reproductive system

Comprehensive analyze of ultraviolet radiation influence on the human reproductive system

#G-2126Radio waves propagation in magnetized collision plasma

Development and application of radio waves propagation in turbulent magnetized collision plasma

#G-2157The study of mechanisms of low-frequency electromagnetic field impacts on living organisms

The study of mechanisms of low-frequency electromagnetic field impacts on living organisms based on analysis of the changes in kinetics and stoichiometry of the ion transport in the Na, K-ATPase, localized in brain synaptic membranes

#G-2158Increasing of the agricultural crop yield

Significant increase in the agricultural crop yield by synergy of ecologically safe methods

#G-2190A new plasma device for seed bioactivation

Development of new-type highly efficient plasma device and technologies for plasma bioactivation of agricultural seeds

#G-2191Development of a New Environment Monitoring Device

Study of spectral characteristics of the infected environment and elaboration of the automatic identifier of the micro-organisms

#G-2195Rotor with variable parameters

Rotor with the changing possibility of geometry parameter in dynamics for aviation and powerful wind stations

#G-2234The physics of localized plastic deformation and nano-processes in plastic zone ahead of crack tip

Physical aspects of localized plastic deformation and nanostructural changes in plastic zone ahead of microcrack tip and the reasons of nanocrack initiation after LCF in chromium austenitic steels used in power machine building

#G-2238Degradation of Agricultural Lands and Methods of their Improvement

Investigation of agricultural lands' degradation factors and development of methods for their improvement on the example of Agrarian Sector of Georgia

#G-2282New nanomaterials for magnetic hyperthermia

Development and study of new nanomaterials for magnetic hyperthermia of cancer cells

#G-2295Enhancement of bismuth-based superconductor by nanoparticles doping

Enhancement of phase formation and critical current density in bismuth-based superconductor by nanoparticles doping

#G-2298Geomagnetic field influence on magnetosensitive humans

The study of Geomagnetic field influence on the autonomic regulation of healthy magnetosensitive humans

#G-2304Mudflow- and earthquake-resistant hydraulic concretes.

New mudflow– and earthquake – resistant hydraulic concrete with modified structure, low- anizotropic high strength, investigation of for possibility of creation of innovative nanotechnologies

#G-2305Wastewater to Fuel

Creation of Environmentally and Energetically High Effective Electric Arc Reactor for Cleaning the Wastewater and Producing Fuel from Wastewater and Carbon Dioxide

#G-2314Application of the Diamagnetic Reflectors to the Magnetic Emitter

Improvement of the Magnetic Field Emission Parameters Using Diamagnetic Reflectors

#G-2355Slurried ADI

Advancement of the high temperature oxidation properties of Austempered Ductile Iron with the high performance diffusion coatings

#G-2386Identification of magneto sensitivity

Identification of a specific mechanism on magneto sensitivity

#G-2394Discover hazardous sources

Development of analytical software system to discover hazardous sources using data science methods

#G-258Surface Passivation Technology for GaAs

Development of the New Surface Passivation Technology for the Microwave Integrated Circuits on GaAs

#G-285Electroresistive Composites

New Electroresistive Composites and Multipurpose Electric Heater Devices on Their Basis

#G-346Composite Materials Processing

Elaboration of Technological Process for Manufacturing of Composite Materials and Products from them by Means of Electric Rolling and Selfpropagating Hightemperature Synthesis

#G-390Electromagnetic Waves Scattering in Chaotic Media

Investigation of New Effects of Multiple Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in Nonisotropic Absorptive Chaotic Media

#G-419Multifunctional Composites for Construction

Multifunctional Composition Materials for Constructions and Products of Different Purpose

#G-458Expert Systems for Astronauts

Development of the Information and Expert System of Support, Self-control and Interpretation of Functional and Psycho-Somatic States of a Spaceman in conditions of the Autonomous Flight on the International Manned Space Stations

#G-499Titanium Alloys with Shape Memory Effect

Development of Technology for Preparation of Ti Based Alloys for Provision of Maximum Manifestation of Shape Memory Effect, Superelasticity and Damping Properties

#G-518Environmental Effects on Oil Pipelines

Determination of the Ecology Factor for the Magistral Oil Pipelines, Working in Difficult Hilly and Geology Conditions

#G-572New Alternating Current Generator

Alternating Current Contactless Generator with Variable Speed of Rotor

#G-592Nonlinear Optical and Acoustical Waves

Nonlinear Optical and Acoustical Waves in Dielectrics and Semiconductors

#G-609Biologically Active Metal Complexes

New Production Technologies of Raw Materials and Syntheses of Biologically Active Metal-Complexes on Their Base

#G-638Fiber Metal Matrix Composites

Manufacture and Modelling of Fibre Metal Matrix Composites

#G-679Interplanetary Station on Celestial Bodies

Technical and Economical Basing of Space Development Using Celestial Bodies

#G-681Natural Radioactive Geological Objects in Georgia

Manifestation of Abnormally High Natural Radioactivity of Rocks and Underground Waters on the Territory of Georgia and Assessment of Risk of Their Use for Different Purposes

#G-698Purification of Acidic Quarry Waters

The New Technology of the Processing of Barite Raw for Purification of Acid Quarry Waters from Ions of Heavy Metals

#G-698.2Purification of Acidic Quarry Waters

The New Technology of the Processing of Barite Raw for Purification of Acid Quarry Waters from Ions of Heavy Metals

#G-717Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves in Random Media

Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves and Optical Beams in a Randomly Inhomogeneous Nonstationary Absorptive Media

#G-719Investigation of Destruction Mechanisms in Reactor Steels

Investigation of Destruction Mechanisms in Reactor Steels and Alloys under Cycling Deformation

#G-734Elaboration of steel ware plasma surface heat treatment technology

Elaboration and Research of Universal Plasmation with Electromagnetically Controlled Plasma Arc and Technology of High-Speed Plasma Surface Heat Treatment of Bulky Carbon Steel Ware

#G-784Disk-Shaped Aircraft with Vertical Takeoff

Aerodynamic Disk-Shaped Aircraft with Vertical Takeoff and Landing

#G-804Nontraditional NMR Spectroscopy of Magnetics

Nontraditional NMR Spectroscopy of Magnetically Ordered Materials with Applications to Materials Research and NMR Instrumentation

#G-807Analysis, Modeling and Optimization of Computer and Telecommunication Systems

A New Technology of Analysis, Modeling and Optimization of High-Performance Computer and Telecommunication Systems and Applications in Conditions of Georgia

#G-857Protection of Patients from Geomagnetic Storms

Protection of Patients from Geomagnetic Storms by Compensatory Shielding from Conditions of Magnetolability

#G-871Multiport Waveguide Junctions

Analysis and Design of Multiport Waveguide Junctions and Branchings With Improved Matching Characteristics

#G-894Synthesis of Bio-active Metal-Complexes

New Production Technologies of Raw Materials and Syntheses of Biologically Active Metal-Complexes on Their Base

#G-900Hydraulic Engine for Deep Drilling

Development and Resarch of the Rotary Hydraulic Face Engines for the Incline-Directed Drilling of the Deep Oil and Gas Well "RFE"

#G-916Variable Geometry Rotor with Compensation of Centrifugal Forces

Controlled Variable Geometry Rotor with Centrifugal Force Compensation

#G-937Diamond Nanocrystals via Tribosynthesis

Conversion of Amorphous Carbon, Suspended in Oil, to Nano-Size Diamond Crystallites via Tribosynthesis Improving Endurance of High-Loaded Wearing Surfaces

#G-945Heavy Metals Contamination in Mining Regions of Georgia

Heavy Metals in the Soil and Natural Waters of Mining Regions of Georgia and Development of Methods of Environmental Improvement

#G-945.2Heavy Metals Contamination in Mining Regions of Georgia

Heavy Metals in the Soil and Natural Waters of Mining Regions of Georgia and Development of Methods of Environmental Improvement

#G-961New Titanium Carbide Materials

Elaboration of New Low-Tungsten and Tungsten-Free Nanocrystalline Hard Alloys Based on Titanium Carbide

#GE-2606Greenhouse Gases Utilization

Development of Sorbents- Carriers, Catalysts and Technology for Utilization of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gases

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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