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#0021Ultrabright Laser X-Rays

Civilian Applications of Ultrabright Laser-produced X-Ray Sources.

#0029Boundary Layer Instabilities

Research of hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulent mixing for optimization of laser target compression.

#0030Industrial Diamonds

Physics of controlling pulse technology for diamond synthesis and compaction.

#0031Neuron Network

Development of a High-capacity Content-Addressed Neuron Network Memory

#0076Atomic and radiation processes

Atomic and radiation processes in plasmas, gases and solids

#0139Synchrotron Radiation for Concave Surface

The use of whispering gallery effect for steering of synchrotron radiation beam and testing of supersmooth concave surfaces.

#0207Mettalic Hydrogene

Theoretical Investigation of Production Possibility of Metallic Hydrogen and its Physical Properties at Low Temperatures

#0211Transportable Neutron Defectoscope

Development of Industrial Transportable Neutron Defectoscope for Control of Materials and the Most Important Items in Aircraft, Space, Fuel and Atomic Industries.

#0256Fluoride Glasses for Detectors

Devising and Production of Radiation Hard Fluoride Glasses as Detectors for Application on Future Accelerators in Nuclear Physics.

#0310EM-Radiation of Anisotropic Plasma (R)

Theoretical Study of Generation of the Electromagnetic Radiation from a Plasma with Anisotropic Electron Velocity Distribution.

#0311EM-Waves Propagation in Atmosphere

Theoretical Study of Intense High-Frequency Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Atmosphere Including Nonstationary, Nonlinear and Kinetic Effects.

#0365Laser Driver Fusion Reactor

Experimental and Theoretical Modeling of a Pure and Safe High Efficiency Laser Driver Fusion Reactor.

#0490Lightning Study by Electrons

Study of Lightning Governed by Relativistic Runaway Electrons.

#0508Microturbulent Plasmas

Investigations of Microheterogeneous (Microturbulent) Plasma.

#0512Cryotargets Formation

Development of the Device for Thick Fuel Layered Cryotarget Formation.

#0525Stable Plasma Column

Production of a High Temperature Dense Plasma Column Stable in Time and Space.

#0651Light Beams Apodization

Development of the Nonlinear Optical Element for Light Beams Apodization and Large Aperture Laser Amplifiers Decoupling

#0651-2Light Beams Apodization

Development of the Nonlinear Optical Element for Light Beams Apodization and Large Aperture Laser Amplifiers Decoupling

#0668Cold Compression Curves

CRYSTAL: Systematic Ab Initio Calculations of Cold (T= 0K) Compression Curves for Chemical Elements and Some Compounds

#0745Spectra of Diatomic Molecules

Investigation of Electron-Vibrational-Rotational Spectra of Diatomic Molecules

#0757Laser Produced Plasma of Volume Structured Media

High Intensity Laser-Produced Plasma of the Volume Structured Media

#0831Waveguide CO-Laser

RF Excited Waveguide CO Laser

#0855High Velocity Plasma Fluxes

High Velocity Laser Plasma Fluxes in Strong Magnetic Fields and their Application for Optimization of Pressure Profile and Current Distribution in Magnetic Confinement Systems and in Modeling Solar Plasma-Magnetic Phenomena

#0899Dense Plasma Focus

The Physical Processes Investigation of the Creation of Dense Plasma Focus (MPF) Having the Neutron Yield with Low Stored Energy of Power Supply and the Construct the Compact Pulsed Neutron Generators on its Basis

#0948Thin Film Organic Structures

Thin-Film Organic Structures for Electro-Luminescent Civilian Appliances

#1051X-Ray Testing of Supersmooth Surfaces

Development of Methods and Instrumentation for the X-Ray Testing of Supersmooth Surfaces and Interfaces


Development of Neuro-Stereo-Display for 3D Visualization

#1106Cosmic Gamma-Quanta (>100 TeV) Observation

Research of Very High Energy Local Gamma-Quanta Sources by Mirror Telescopes of Cherenkov Radiation and Development of Scintillation Methods for Gamma-Quanta Sources Observation with Energy > 100 TEV

#1116New Fast Scintillators

Development of New Fast Scintillators for Nuclear Power Facility Monitoring, Radioactive Material Detection Systems and in Medicine

#1183Picosecond Plasma Radiation

Radiative Properties of Picosecond-Lazer-Produced Plasmas

#1253Stability and Transport Phenomena in Plasma

Theoretical Problems of Oscillations, Stability and Transport Phenomena in the Plasmas and Plasma Like Mediums

#1374Homochirality as Extraterrestial Life Indicator

Search for Homochirality as a Signature of Extraterrestial Life

#1375Orbital Ionization-neutron Calorimeter

Ionization-neutron Calorimeter in orbit (INCAO); First Phase: Experimental Balloon Module

#1380Magnetic Measurements with Aerostats

Technology of Stratospheric Balloon Gradient Magnetic Surveys at 20-40 Km Altitudes:Solution of Fundamental and Applied Problems of the Earth's Lithosphere Structure

#1422X-ray and Extreme UV Technologies

Advanced XUV Technology: Methods, Sources, Instruments

#1480Runaway Breakdown and Lightning Initiation

Runaway Breakdown in the Air and Implications for Lightning Initiation

#14953D Simulation for Vortex Flow

Development of the Economical Adaptive Simulation Methods of 3D Vortex Flows for Multicomponent Media

#1552Anti Tumors Laser Methods

Investigation of Nonthermal Destruction of Malignant Tumors by Laser Radiation at Different Wavelengths

#1557Tomographic Imaging Systems

Creation of a Prototype of the Tomographic Imaging System Using Quasi-uniform Geometry for Application to Inertial Confinement Fusion

#1649Indistructive Portable Control Equipment

Development of Fast Neutron Radiography and Tomography Methods Based on a Portable Equipment

#1683New High Light Scintillators

Development of New Scintillators with High Light Yield for Use in Nuclear Physics and Medicine

#1973Catastrophes Prediction Complex

The Development of an Equipment to Predict Regions and Dates of Nature Catastrophes (Earthquakes, Typhoons, Tsunami, etc.) Using Research of Ion Plasma Beam Dynamics in the Ion Sphere of the Earth

#2023Extragalactic Gamma-Quanta

The Research of Extragalactic and Galactic Sources of Gamma-Quanta with Energy 1–100 TeV by Mirror Telescopes System Shalon

#2151"Cold start" Stage of Wire Explosion

Experimental Investigation and Mathematical Simulation of “Cold start” of Metal Wire Explosion by High-Power Current Pulse (Dynamics, Transport Properties, and Equation of State of Metastable Phases)

#2268X-ray Optics Based on Uranium Compounds

Soft X-ray Reflective Optics Based on Depleted Uranium Compounds and Transition Metals for the 3-6nm Wavelength Interval

#2275High-Sensitive Infrared Photographic Films

Creation and Research of High-Sensitive Infrared Photographic Films for 1300-1700 nm Spectral Range

#2275.2High-Sensitive Infrared Photographic Films

Creation and Research of High-Sensitive Infrared Photographic Films for 1300-1700 nm Spectral Range

#2314Non-Destructive Control Method of Material Fatigue

Development of Physical Principles of Non-Destructive Method for Control over Material Fatigue Degree Basing on Measurement of Dynamic Characteristics of Elastic-Plastic Wave Initiated by Pulse Source of Energy

#2348Fluoride Materials for VUV Lasers

New Complex Fluoride Compounds as Promising Materials for Solid State Lasers, Fast Scintillators and Luminophors of UV and VUV Wavelength Regions

#2714.2Detection of Explosives by Gamma-Activation Method

Detection of Explosives by Gamma-Activation Method

#2771Enhanced Density Materials at Nuclear Power Facilities

Development and Study of Properties of Enhanced Density Composite Materials for Construction Activities at Nuclear Power Facilities

#2774Coexistence of Superconductivity and Magnetism

Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Coexistence and Interplay of Superconductivity and Magnetism

#2798Radiation Mechanism of Biosphere Homochirality Origin

Experimental Testing of Radiation Mechanism of Chiral Biosphere Dissymmetry Origin

#2810Materials for Vacuum Ultraviolet Emitters

New VUV Inorganic Media for High Technologies in Laser, Scintillation and Phosphor Techniques

#2814Cryogenic Targets for Inertial Fusion Reactor

Development of a Facility for Producing the Reactor-Scaled Cryogenic Targets and Their Repeatable Assembly with Sabots

#2869Atomic Xenon Laser

Achievement of Ultimate Efficiencies and Output Powers for Atomic Xenon Laser Excited by Different Methods

#3114Cosmic rays and thunderstorm activity of planetary atmospheres

The Association of Cosmic rays and Penetrating Radiation to Thunderstorm Electrical Activity and the Implications for Planetary Atmospheres

#3253Laser Active Medium Formation

Study of Mechanisms of Active Medium Formation by Electric Discharge in Pulse-Periodic Oxygen-Iodine Laser

#3294Ultraviolet Emitters

Production of ZnO-Based Film Structures Emitting in Blue and Near-UV Spectra

#3411Laser Instrument for Malignant-Tumor Therapy

Development of a Medical Laser Instrument for Photochemical and Hyperthermal Therapy of the Malignant Tumors in the Absence of an Exogenous Photosensitizer

#3648Extreme Ultraviolet Source

Creation of a Compact and Effective Short-Wave EUV Source of Recombination Type with Using Current-Carrying Radiationally Collapsing Radially Converging Shock Waves in Low-Inductive High-Current Discharges

#3710Neutron-Free Fusion Reactions in Laser Plasma

Neutron-Free Fusion Reactions in Laser Plasma

#3741Radiographic Inspection of Heavy Metals Containers

Development of Prototype System for Neutron Radiographic Control of Heavy Metal Containers

#3761Laser Pulses with Axially-Symmetric Polarization

Formation of Powerful Short Pulses with Axially-Symmetric Polarization in Solid-State and Gas Lasers for the Production of High-Energy Particles and Applications in Laser Technology

#3763Energy Gain at the Impact Initiation of a Fusion Reaction

Energy Gain Optimization in the Fast Ignition Concept at the Impact Initiation of a Fusion Reaction

#A-219Super-Low Temperature Detector

Construction of Low-Background Setup Based on Low Temperature Detector

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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