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#0052Medical Communication

Hardware and software for medical wide area network.

#01443D Dosimetry for Radiation Therapy

Development of a three-dimensional dosimetry planing system for radiation therapy.

#0158Oxygen Treatment of Cancer

Development of methods and technologies for utilization of O18 as a cytostatic in a novel approach to treatment for cancer.


Biomedical and Analytical Aspects of the Chemical Safety of Biosphere.

#0722Mathematical Models for Nuclear Medicine

Development and Application of Mathematical Modeling for Nuclear Medicine Dynamic Studies

#0845Human Bone Marrow Cells

Development and Implementation into Practice of the Health Protection Device for Immunomagnatic Separation of the Human Bone Marrow Cells

#1302Telecommunication System for Laser Tumor Screening

Telecommunication System of laser Analyzers for Screening of Malignant Tumors

#1342Information System for Tumours Centre

The Experimental Chemotherapy of Tumours Information System of Cancer Research Centre RAMS

#1525Treatment for Rectal Cancer

New Approach to the Treatment for Advanced Primary and Recurrent Rectal Cancer Based on Cytoreductive Surgery and Controlled Flow-Through Intravenic Hyperthermic Chemotherapy

#1552Anti Tumors Laser Methods

Investigation of Nonthermal Destruction of Malignant Tumors by Laser Radiation at Different Wavelengths

#1877Extracorporal Cancer Immunotherapy

Development of Technique for Cancer Immunotherapy Based on the Complex Extracorporal Activation of Natural and Adoptive Immunity: Experimental and Clinical Studies

#2221Tumor Thermoradiotherapy Enhancement

Complex Research into Thermoradiotherapy Efficiency Enhancement due to Simultaneous Action of Ionizing Radiation and Heat on the Tumour and Development of Relevant Equipment

#2418Heavy Metals Effect on Animal Cells

Studies of the Superheavy-metal Effect as a Stress-factor on Protein Biosynthesis and Cytoskeleton Integrity in Animal Cells

#2722Gastrin Modified Fragments

Gastrin Modified Fragments as Drug Delivery Systems for Gastrointestinal Track Tumours Treatment Synthesis and Biological Efficiency Investigation

#2722.2Gastrin Modified Fragments

Synthesis and Biological Efficiency Investigation of Gastrin Modified Fragments as Drug Delivery Systems for Gastrointestinal Tract Tumors Treatment

#2746Clinical Practice and Optimization of Radiation Therapy

System for Optimization of Radiation Therapy by Photon and Electron Beams on the Basis of a Pencil Beam Algorithm. Phase 2: Introducing into a Clinical Practice and Improving

#2957Human Tumors Pathology

The Information System of the Department of Human Tumors Pathology at Russian Cancer Research Center, RAMS, on Formalized Gross Descriptions of Different Gastrointestinal Tumors in Oncologic Patients

#2986High-Intensity Laser Pulses for Oncology

Study of Ablation Processes and Potential Hazard to DNA in Pathological Biotissue Irradiated by High-Intensity Visible and Near IR Laser Pulses for Application in Oncological Practice

#3049Cell Therapy of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

Design of the Novel Approach for Immunotherapy of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases by the Use of the Allospecific Cytotoxic Lymphocytes

#3065Early Nonphototoxic Luminescence Diagnostic of Cancer

Early Luminescence Diagnostic of Endoscope Accessible Forms of Cancer for Risk Groups of Population Based upon Creation and Using of Nonphototoxic Photosensitizers of Malignant Tissue and High Sensitive Stroboscopic Oncofluorometer

#3092Fibre-Optic Dosimeters

Development of Fibre-Optic Dosimeters for Civil Nuclear Industry, Environmental Monitoring, and Medicine

#3125Modeling of protein – ligand interactions

Computer-Aided Design of Farnesylproteintransferase Inhibitors, Synthesis and In-vitro Estimation of Their Anti-cancer Action

#3179Distant Ray Therapy Planning

Algorithms and Codes for Distant Ray Therapy Optimal Planning Based on Transport Theory and Parallel Calculations (Prototype of New Generation of Ray Therapy Computation Complex)

#3312Methylation and Cervical Tumors

Methylation as Epigenetic Factor in Progression of Cervical Tumors Associated with Human Papilloma Virus Infection

#3341Neutron Capture Therapy at the MEPhI

Implementation of an Irradiation Base for Clinical Studies on Neutron Capture Therapy at the IRT MEPhI Nuclear Reactor with use of an Epithermal and Thermal Neutron Beam

#3369Antitumor Drug “Chlonizol”

Development and Preclinical Trials of the New Alkylnitrosourea Antitumor Drug Formulation

#3589Multi-functional Biocompatible Coatings

Multi-functional Bioactive Nano-structured Coatings for Load-Bearing Implants

#3591Cancer Therapy by Carbon Ions

Experimental Investigation of the Efficiency of Cancer Therapy by Carbon Ions at the TWAC-ITEP Facility

#3671Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Carcinogens

Investigation of the Correlation Between Physico-Chemical and Medico-Biological Characteristics of Organic Chemicals

#3934Cyclophilin A: a Novel Radioprotector

Cyclophilin A: a Novel Granulocute-Stimulating Factor and a Radioprotector

#3996Simultaneous Action of Radiation and Heating on Tumor

Further Progress of Research and Development of Methods and Equipment for Simultaneous Action of Radiation and Heating (SARH) on Tumors for Increasing Therapeutic Effect

#4062Nano-Structured Kadmium Preparation for Treatment of Cancer

Construction of New Therapeutic Agents Based on Nanoparticles, Consisting of Cadmium and Food Plant Pigments for Neutron Capture-, Photodynamic- and Chemotherapy of Oncological Diseases

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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