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#0382Therapy of Eye Cancer

Development and Creation of New Forms of Ophthalmology b - Applicators for Radiation Therapy of Eye Cancer and Study of Psycho-Physiological Effects on Man of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted by Radio Nuclides.

#0519Radioactive Influence on Health

Radionuclide Pollution of the Environment and the Population Health.

#0585Epidemiological Inspection

Control of Human Environment: an Information/Analytical Support System for Territorial Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection, Public Health, and Nature Management Services in Areas (Towns) where Industries Hazardous to Health or Safety are Located.

#0596Identification of Fissionable Materials

Development of Technology of Non-destructive Identification of Fissile Materials in Control Stations

#0784Aerosol Particles in Lungs

Dynamical Modeling of Composition Transformation and Deposition of Aerosol Particles in the Respiratory Tracts and Lungs

#1002Treatment of Eye Cancer

Complex Calculation and Experimental Research to Select the Optimal Composition and Application Mode of Ophthalmic Applicators for Treatment of Eye Cancer

#1015Environmental Impact of Fuel Cycles with Plutonium

Evaluation and Prognosis of radiological and Ecological Effects of Nuclear Fuel Cycles in Russia when Using Weapons- and Power- Grade Plutonium, and Definitions of Ways to Reduce These Effects

#1108Safe Handling of Waste Products

Elaboration of Chemical Engineering Processes for the Safe Handling of Beryllium Waste Products

#1352Technogenic Risk for Population in Nuclear Environment

Technogenic Radiation Risk Assessment for Population Residing Nearby Atomic Facilities

#1601Electromagnetic Fields in Oncology

Experimental and Clinical Validation of the Use of Low Intensity, Multi-Stage Modulation Electromagnetic Fields as Adjuvants and Immunomodulators in Oncology

#1657Zinc Diethyl Risk Assessment

Toxicological and Hygienic Risk Assessment of Zinc Diethyl Autooxidation and Hydrolysis Products at Normal Temperature and Air Humidity. Synthesis and Analysis of Physical and Chemical Properties of Zinc Diethyl Transformation Products

#1723Technetium(I), Rhenium(I) Carbonil Complexes as New Radiopharmaceuticals

Study of Coordination Chemistry of Tricarbonyltechnetium(I) and Rhenium(I) Ions and Distribution of Their Complexes in Animals with Aim to Develop New Radiopharmaceuticals

#1951Preclinical NCT Studies

Preclinical Neutron Capture Therapy Studies at the MEPhI IRT Nuclear Reactor

#2082Radiation Damage to the Thyroid at Iodine Deficiency

Radiation Damage to the Thyroid for the Population in Areas with a Varying Level of Iodine Deficiency

#2420Fuzzy Sets in Danger Assessment

Methodology of Danger Indexes Assessment Based on the Methods of Fuzzy Sets at Handling Hazardous Production Objects

#2534Psychophysiology Testing and Rehabilitation Complex

Development of a Hardware and Software Suite for Preventive Psychophysiological Examination and Rehabilitation of Workers Engaged in Potentially Hazardous Production

#3003Radiation Impact on Biota

Radiation Impact of the Russian Nuclear Facilities on the Environment and Man. Amendment of the Scientific Basis for Radiation Protection of Non-Human Species

#3096Radiation synthesis method for anti-tuberculosis medical preparation

Development of Radiation Synthesis Method for new Highly Efficient Antituberculosis Medical Preparation "Izodex"

#3136Oncological Death Rate Depending on Doses of Irradiation

The Investigation of the Incidence Rate and Structure of Oncological Mortality Dose Ratio in the Personnel of Siberian Chemical Plant

#3341Neutron Capture Therapy at the MEPhI

Implementation of an Irradiation Base for Clinical Studies on Neutron Capture Therapy at the IRT MEPhI Nuclear Reactor with use of an Epithermal and Thermal Neutron Beam

#3591Cancer Therapy by Carbon Ions

Experimental Investigation of the Efficiency of Cancer Therapy by Carbon Ions at the TWAC-ITEP Facility

#3605Facility for Neutron Capture Therapy

Medical Facility for Neutron Capture Therapy Based on Compact Tandem Accelerator

#3685“Dry” Decontamination of Human Skin

Self-Contained Personal Kit for “Dry” Decontamination and Isolation of Human Skin and Wounds from Radioactive Contamination and Pathogenic Bacteria

#3765Medical Preparations on the Basis of Ga-68

Generating System for Synthesis of Labeling Compounds on the Basis of Ga-68 and Transdermal Applications for Diagnostics and Therapies at Oncological and Cardiovascular Diseases.

#K-1068Personal Gamma-Neutron Dosimeter

Development of Personnel Gamma-Neutron Emergency EPR Dosimeter with Separation of Various Radiation Components Portion and Methods of Local Dosimetry at Neutron-Capture Therapy

#K-236Tissue Equivalent Emergency Dosimeter

Development and Tests of a Personal Tissue-Equivalent Emergency Dosimeter for the Staff of Nuclear and Radiation Hazardous Development and Tests Establishments

#KR-1123Uranium Production Waste Impact upon Kirgizian Population

Environmental Monitoring to Assess Uranium Production Waste Impact upon Kirgizian Population Health and Gene Pool

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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