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#2020The Renix Project

The Development of the New Computerized Roentgen Diagnostics Methods

#A-001Radiation Technologies of Armenia

Development and Adoption of Radiation Technologies on the Base of the Radiation-Physical Center of YerPhI.

#A-013Plasma Focusing and Acceleration

Research of Plasma Wake-Field Acceleration and Focusing for the Next Generation of Accelerators.

#A-014Microwave Sounding of See Surface

Investigation, Development and Creation of the Technique and Equipment for the Sea Surface's Remote Sounding in the Microwave Range with a High Background-Contrast Sensivity.

#A-028Diamonds Modification by Radiation

Synthesis of Diamonds and Improvement of their Properties Accelerators.

#A-087High-Gradient Waveguide

The Development of Theoretical Basis for the Construction of High-Gradient Waveguide and Cavity Accelerating Structures.

#A-089Laser Acceleration of Microparticles

Laser Acceleration of Microparticles

#A-089.2Laser Acceleration of Microparticles

Laser Acceleration of Microparticles

#A-090Quasi-Cherenkov Radiation

The Influence of External Excitations on Quasi-Cherenkov Radiation.

#A-097Indoor Air Radon Pollution

Investigation of the Main Sources of Indoor Air Radon Pollution

#A-098Spallation of Heavy Nuclei

Investigation of the Process of Heavy Nuclei Spallation

#A-099Polarized Photon Beams

Production of Polarized Photon Beams with Energies Higher than 100 GeV Using Single Crystals at Proton Accelerators

#A-100Source of Monochromatic Radiation

Development of Monochromatic X-ray Radiation Sources with Controllable Spectral and Angular Characteristics

#A-100.2Source of Monochromatic Radiation

Development of Monochromatic X-ray Sources with Controllable Spectral and Angular Characteristics

#A-101Superconductive Microstrip Detectors

Research and Development of Superconducting Microstrip Detectors

#A-102Order-Disorder Transitions

Order-Disorder Transitions in Gauge and Spin Systems and "Memory" Effects in Solid States

#A-102.2Order-Disorder Transitions

Order-Disorder Transitions in Gauge and Spin Systems and "Memory" Effects in Solid States

#A-1035Synthesis and Modification of Highsilica Zeolites

Synthesis, Radiation and Chemical Modification of High-Silica Zeolites and Study of their Catalytic Activity in the Methanol Conversion into Hydrocarbons and Ethers

#A-1058Space Weather Forecasting

Development of a Prototype Detector System for Space Weather Monitoring and Forecasting World-Wide Network

#A-1075Polarized Photon Beam

High Energy Circular Polarized Photon Beam for Spin Physics Experiments

#A-1114Sensors Based on Vibrating Wires

Gas Сatarometers and Particle Beams/Radiation Profilers Based on Vibrating Wires

#A-116Armenian Neural Technologies

The Development and Implementation of Applied Neural Information Technologies

#A-1229Testing Materials for Application in Space

Simulating Space Conditions and Their Effect of Materials and Devices Intended for Application in Space

#A-123Lasers on KTP Crystals

Development of a Growth Method of Doped KTP Crystals and Creation of Lasers on their Basis

#A-1249Synthesis of Metal Hydrides

Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis of Hydrogen Content Materials with Maximum High Content of Hydrogen

#A-125Armenian Center of Radiation Therapy

The Technical Project of the Radiation Theraphy Center Establishment

#A-1292Converters and Detectors for X-Ray Imaging

Development of Novel High Effective Image Broad Energy Range Porous Converters and Pixelled Micropattern Read-Out Porous X-ray Detector

#A-1306Detectors for X-Ray Imaging

Development of High Spatial Resolution Detectors for X-Ray Imaging Based on YAG:Ce and YAP:Ce Scintillation Crystals

#A-131Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactor

Design of Proof-of-Concept Technology Demonstration for Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Nuclear Reactor

#A-1425Accelerator on Base of Plasma Wake Fields

Development and Investigation of the Prototype of the 100 MeV High Сurrent Accelerator using Wake Field Waves in Plasma

#A-1444Accelerator in Medical Isotopes Production

Development of Medicine Intended Isotopes Production Methods on the Basis of Accelerator Facility of Yerevan Physics Institute

#A-1447Thermostable Spin Valves

Development of NiMn Spin Valves with Improved Exchange Field and Higher Thermal Stability

#A-1448Zeolite Catalysis of Methanol

Radiation and Microwave Influence on the Synthesis of High Silica Zeolite Catalysts and on the Catalytic Conversion of Methanol

#A-1468Radiation Monitoring in Armenia

Radiation Monitoring of the Territory of Armenia and of the Armenian Enterprises in Order to Detect Orphan Radioactive Sources and to Dispose of These Sources in Accordance with the Established Procedure

#A-1537Radio Frequency Phototube

Development of a New Photon Detector with Picosecond Time Resolution

#A-1554Planetary Space Weather

Space Weather Research and Forecasting by Networks of Hybrid Particle Detectors Measuring Neutral and Charged Fluxes

#A-1602Smith-Purcell Free Electron Laser

Smith-Purcell Free Electron Laser

#A-1605Basalt Fiber Based Filters

Development of Highly Effective Filtering Systems on the Basis of a Super-Thin Basalt Fiber for Radioactive Aerosols Purification and Creation of a Work Cycle for Filters Manufacturig with the Purpose of Their Operation at the Nuclear Power Plants

#A-1606Armenian-Georgian Grid for Physics

Development of Armenian-Georgian Grid Infrastructure and Applications in the Fields of High Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Quantum Physics

#A-1617Soft X-Ray Sources

New Soft X-ray Sources Based on the Diffusive Radiation

#A-1633Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Cooperation

NATO-MATRIX (Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Cooperation)

#A-168Detection of Electrons Multiplication

New Technologies of X-ray Diagnostics, Detection of Radiation, and Multiplication of Electrons

#A-169Gamma Source at Yerevan Synchrotron

Quasimonochromatic and Polarized Gamma Radiation Source at Yerevan Synchrotron

#A-1715Very-High Energy Cosmic Radiation

Study of the Main Characteristics of the Very-High Energy Primary Cosmic Radiation

#A-174Sea-Surface Remote Sensing

Multichannel Panoramic Microwave Radiometric/Scatterometric System for the Sea Surface Remote Sensing

#A-182Multi-Wave Industrial Laser

Development of 0.5 to 10 mm Industrial Laser Facility to Processes Various Materials

#A-1865Space and "Silicon-on-Insulator" Structure

Study of the Effect of Space Factors on the "Silicon-on-Insulator" Structure and Microelectronic Elements on Its Basis Using the Yerphi Facility Modeling the Space Exposure

#A-1900Thermoregulating Coatings for Space Vehicles

New Technology of Obtaining of Thermoregulating Coatings for Space Vehicles

#A-1901Free-Electron Lasers

Free-Electron Lasers (FEL) Exploiting Media with a Periodically Modulated Refractive Index (MPMRI)"

#A-192Electron Beams for Hydride Formation

The Influence of Electrons Beams on Formation of Binary and Multicomponent Hydrides with Extremal Properties

#A-1935Materials in Near-Earth Space Radiation Conditions

Ground In-Situ Study of Materials and Devices under Space Complex Conditions with Addition of Atomic Oxygen

#A-1973Energetic processes in the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere

Investigation of the Energetic Processes in Atmosphere, Ionosphere and Magnetosphere at the Aragats Space-Environmental Center

#A-2040The Radio Frequency PhotoMultiplier Tube

Development of a Pilot Prototype of the Radio Frequency PhotoMultiplier Tube

#A-2066Surface Plasmon Free-Electron Laser

Surface Plasmon Free-Electron Laser

#A-2138Technetium 99m Production

Creation of Technetium 99m Trial Production Using Proton Beam from C18 Cyclotron

#A-216Detection of Solar Neutrons

Detection of the Neutron Flux from Solar Flares at the Aragats Cosmic Ray Observatory

#A-217Extensive Air Shower Observations

Model - Independent Determination of the Mass Composition and Energy Spectra of the Primary Flux Based on Extensive Air Shower Observations (ANI Experiment)

#A-2182Isotopes production

Development of Technologies for the Production Medical Intended Isotope 67Ga at Cyclotron C18/18

#A-2187Vibrating Wire Neutron Monitor (VWNM)

Development of the Thermal Neutron Flux Monitor Based on Vibrating Wire

#A-219Super-Low Temperature Detector

Construction of Low-Background Setup Based on Low Temperature Detector

#A-2208Effect of Space Factors on the Materials and Devices

Development and Ground Study of Materials and Devices under Simulating Space Complex Conditions including in-situ measurements

#A-2247Theviolent atmosphere

Research and monitoring of violentprocesses in the terrestrial atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere

#A-2332Laser modification of diamond powder

Study of laser modification of synthetic diamond powder

#A-239Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

Chaotic and Information Properties of Nonlinear Complex Dynamical Systems

#A-2390RF Timer

Radio frequency timer for keV electrons

#A-250Enhancement of High-Temperature Superconductors by Radiation

Radiation-Induced Effects in the Intragranular Medium of High-Tc Superconductors and Enhancement of Their Critical Parameters

#A-264Artificial Diamonds and Diamond Like Films

Non-Traditional Methods of Obtaining Diamonds and Diamond-Like Films and Improving Their Properties

#A-267Measurements of Electron Beam Polarization

Investigation on Synchrotron Light Polarimetry at SLAC

#A-279High Resolution Methods for Heavy Ion Experiments

High-Precision Coordinate and Time Measuriment Techniques and Data Analysis Methods for Cern Heavy Ion Experiments

#A-280Synthetic Diamond Powder

Development of Technology of Synthetic Diamond Powder Modification by Laser Radiation

#A-283Cherencov Waveguide Laser

High Accelerating Gradient Cavity Module's and Cherenkov-Waveguide Laser's Prototypes Development, Manufacturing and Testing

#A-291X-Ray Imaging Detectors

Development of X-Ray Imaging Detectors Based on Multiwire Gas Chambers for X-Ray Diagnostics

#A-292Properties of Hadron and Nuclear Matter

Study of Properties of Hadronic and Nuclear Matter at Short Distances with Yerevan Electron Synchrotron

#A-313Cyclotron for Transmutation

Design of Proof-of - Concept Technology Demonstration for Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technologies

#A-332Characterization of Alpha-Active Hot Particles

Development Methods for Definition of Composition and Contamination Density of Alpha-Active Hot Particles on Traces of Nuclear Plant Accidental Emissions

#A-347Accelerators Beams Diagnostics Sensors

Research and Development of Vibrating Wire Sensors for Accelerators Beams Diagnostics and Thermogravimetry

#A-350Radionuclide Ecology

Ecological Standartization on Radionuclide Pollution around Nuclear Power Plants

#A-372Picosecond Timer

Development of a RF Picosecond Timing Technique Based on Secondary Electron Emission

#A-382New Proteins - Inducers

Study of Properties and Biological Activity of New Endogenous Proteins-Inducers of Superoxide Radicals

#A-397New Radiation Detector

Radiation Detectors on the Basis of New Scintillation Materials

#A-405Plasma Wake Field Accelerator

Development of the Project and Creation of Pilot Model of High-Current Accelerator Using Wake Field in Plasma

#A-454.2Disposal Site for Radioactive Waste in Armenia

Research on Selection of the Long-Term Disposal Site for the Radioactive Waste of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (Phase I: Selection of Suitable Sites)

#A-502Monitoring of Forecasting of Solar Activity

Monitoring and Forecasting of Geomagnetic and Radiation Storms during the 23rd Solar Cycle. Creation of a Regional Space Weather Center

#A-538Optically Nonlinear Crystals

Synthesis, Investigation and Growth of New Nonlinear Optical Crystals

#A-574Radiation Modification of Disperse Materials

Radiation - Induced Modification of Solid Dispersed Materials with High Yields

#A-575Hydrogen Containing Materials for Radiation Protection

Synthesis and Investigation of Hydrogen Containing Materials Used in Biological Protection from Ionizing Radiation

#A-655Diffusive Radiation in Random Media

Diffusive Mechanism of Radiation in Random Media: Application to Particle Detection and Astrophysics

#A-684Cancer Prophylaxy

Development of New Method of Cancer Prophylaxy by Means of Biotechnology of Natural Fetal Proteoglikans in Combination with Microwave Resonant Therapy

#A-691Radiofrequency Coherent Radiation of Particles

Coherent Radiation Produced by Bunches of Particles in the Radio Frequency Region

#A-710Oxygen Generator for Fuel Cells

Oxygen Generator Based on Nitrogen Adsorption from Air Using Natural Zeolites for Application in Fuel Cells

#A-724Aerobic Bacteria as Decontamination Factor

The Investigation of Some Aerobic Bacteria’s Capability to Transform a Number of Widely Used Toxic Compounds

#A-738Device for Time-Dependent X-Ray Researches

Development and Creation of a Device for Investigating Various Time-Dependent Processes in Single Crystals Using Diffracted X-Ray and Synchrotron Beams

#A-744Excited Particles and Heterogeneous Stages in Chemistry

Investigations Processes of Gas-Phase Oxidation with Account of Excited Particles and Heterogeneous Stages in Well-Stirred Reactor for Design of Technologies Converting Organic Compounds to Valuable Products

#A-745Quantum De-coherence

De-coherence and its Control in Quantum Optics, Measurements and Communication

#A-757Nonparametric Methods of data Analysis in Astroparticle Physics

Nonparametric Methods of Data Analysis in Cosmic Ray Astrophysics. An Applied Theory of Monte Carlo Statistical Inference. Monograph

#A-758High-Effective Accelerating Modul

The Prototype of the High-Effective Accelerating Module on the Base of Bicylindrical Cavity

#A-767Electronic Database of Analytical Materials "Investor - Armenia"

Creation of Electronic Database of Analytical Materials in Economics, Finance and Law of Armenia "Investor - Armenia"

#A-774Polarized Photon Beam at SLAC

Photon Facilities For Spin-Dependent Photoproduction at SLAC

#A-816Fast Detectors with Resistive Plate Chambers

Development of Fast Timing Detectors Based on Resistive Plate Chambers

#A-820Lasing without Inversion

Free Electron Laser without Inversion

#A-853Experimental Set-up for Non-barionic Matter Search

The Construction of Large Volume Low-background Set-up for Searching for Non-barionic Dark Matter

#A-933New X-Ray and Particle Detectors

Development and Study of New in Principle Porous Detectors of X-Rays and Charged Particle

#A-947Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Materials

Mechanically Activated Synthesis of Micro and Nanocrystalline Materials

#A-976Coolant System Safety of Armenian NPP

Research on Confinement Strength During Large Break of Primary Coolant System for Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP)

#G-2293Study of physics beyond the standard model at ATLAS experiment

Study of New Physics at ATLAS Experiment of Large Hadron Collider (RUN-2) at CERN

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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