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#0017Plutonium Conversion

Feasibility study of technologies for accelerator based conversion of military plutonium and long-lived radioactive waste.

#0019Tritium retention

Study of the Interaction Between Tritium and Candidate Materials for Use in Fusion Reactors

#0040Nuclear Materials Accounting

System design for safeguarding nuclear materials utilized at complex nuclear facilities.

#0071Validation of Lead-Cooled Reactors

Development, Calculation and Experimental Validation of the Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor Concept (including the Comparison of Critical and Subcritical Reactor with External Proton Source)

#0134Transmutation in Fast Reactors

Experimental and calculation investigation to validate the concept of the reactor technology with ultimate neutronics and thermal-hydraulic characteristics.

#0143Slag Melting for Radioactive Waste

Development of process induction slag melting of radioactive waste.

#0173Fuel Elements for Water-Cooled Reactors

Creation of New Fuel Elements Generation for Water-Cooled Power Reactors of Different Purposes.

#0219Deactivation of Contaminated Buildings

Development of Decontamination Techniques and Technologies for Industrial Buildings and Equipment that are Polluted by Radionuclides

#0220Fast Sodium Reactors

Studies of Physics and Engineering Problems for Safety Increase and Burning of Actinides Efficiency for Advanced Fast Reactors.

#0241Surface Cleaning with Colloids

Development of Surface Decontamination Methods based on Using Foams and Microheterogeneous Suspension.

#0242TV Analyzer for Control of Fuel Pellets

Automatic Television Analyzer Development for Industrial Microstructure Control of the Fuel Tablets (ATLANT-TT).

#0245Radiation Contamination Data Base

Development of a Sophisticated Computer Based Data System for Evaluation of the Radiation Legacy of the Former USSR and Setting Priorities on Remediation and Prevention Policy.

#0273Radiation Characteristics of MOX Fuel

Investigation of the Radiation in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Based on Reprocessed Uranium and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Fuel.

#0281Waste Minimization in Fuel Reprocessing

Development of Scientific Fundamentals for Active Waste Minimization in Extraction Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Reprocessing.

#0290Plutonium Utilization in Nuclear Reactors

Process Development for Utilization of Civil and Military Plutonium in Fast and Thermal Reactors with Account for Ecology and Economics Requirements

#0323Tritium Targets for Neutron Tubes

Development of Tritium Targets for Small-dimension Sealed Neutron tubes with High Reliability ("INTEGRITY").

#0330Reprocessing of Pu-Contaminated Water

Development of Technology to Remove Transuranium Elements from Silt of Radioactive Storage Ponds.

#0332Safe U and Pu Storage

A Safe Method for Storing Large Masses of Plutonium and Uranium after Dismount of Nuclear Weapons.

#0332-2Safe U and Pu Storage

Project for the Safe Storage of large Masses of Weapon-grade Plutonium and Uranium

#0341Antibiotics Production

Ecological Pure Antibiotics Production.

#0350Tritium Loop for ITER

Development of Model of Closed Tritium Loop with Purification Technology, Radiation Resistant Diagnostics and Radiation Shielding, Theoretical and Experimental Simulation of Plasma Effects on Reactor Systems with T-Be Safety Analyses in Support of ITER.

#0369Economics of Plutonium Burn

Study on the Feasibility and Economics of the Use of Ex-Weapons Plutonium and Civil Plutonium as Fuel for both Fast and Thermal Reactors.

#0376Liquid Waste Solidification

Research on the Process of Liquid High-Level Waste Solidification in Induction Smelter with Cold Crucible.

#0382Therapy of Eye Cancer

Development and Creation of New Forms of Ophthalmology b - Applicators for Radiation Therapy of Eye Cancer and Study of Psycho-Physiological Effects on Man of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted by Radio Nuclides.

#0397Superconductivity in Strong Gamma & Neutron Fields

Investigation of non-thermal Possibilities of Origin of the Superconductivity in High-Energy Pulsed High-gamma-neutron Fluxed.

#0440Recultivation of Soils

Development of Biological Methods for Recultivation of Soils Polluted with Radionuclides.

#0468Extractants for Nuclear Decontamination

Molecular Design of Extractants to Resolve Tasks Relevant to Ecology and NPP Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing.

#0486First Wall Materials

Investigation of Structure and Mechanical Properties of Perspective Structural Materials for the First Wall of the Thermonuclear Reactor after the exposure of Ion Beams, Plasma Radiation of Laser Range and Dynamic Loads Modeling the Plasma Attack...

#0504Basalt Materials

Physicochemical Studies of Basalt Materials and Ceramic Chromite-Niobate Composites for the Purpose of the Immobilization of Ecologically Hazardous Actinides and the Making of Protective Barriers for a Long-term Safe Storage of Radwastes.

#0523Cutting of NPP Parts

Research of the Cutting Methods During Withdrawal of NPP from Operation.

#0534Uranium Dioxide Properties

Complex Investigation of Uranium Dioxide and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Dioxide Fuel's Properties for Prediction of Performance and Operating Characteristics and Verification of Calculating Models of Fuel elements for Operative and Advanced NPP.

#0534.2Uranium Dioxide Properties

Investigation Properties of Uranium Dioxide Advanced and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium fuels (MOX) for Prediction of Performance and Operating Characteristics to Provide Certification Fuel and Verification of Computational Models for Parameters Definition of Ox

#0538Packing Nuclear Fuel

Development of Scientific Foundations of the Technology of the Metal Matrix Packing of Leaky Unreprocessible Spent Nuclear Fuel of Different Purpose Reactors for a Long-term Environmentally Safe Storage.

#0565Structure of Fuel Elements

Study of Structure of Materials Based on U-Pu-Zr alloy, their Thermodynamic Properties and Interaction with Materials of Fuel Element Shell under Quasi-Isothermal Conditions and Conditions of Non-stationary Exposure

#0572Superconductors for Hadron Collider

Creation of Superconductors Applicable to Magnetic Systems of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, CERN).

#0589Confinement of Radioactive Waste

Developing Confinement Techniques for Radioactive Matters within Topsoil to Prevent their Spread with Water and Wind from the Sites on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Sites.

#0597Structure of Irradiated Materials

Fundamental Research of Materials Structure and Properties Changes Resulted from Irradiation by Means of Complex of Modern Physical Methods

#0645Waste Management Training Center

Working out Educational and Methodological Base and Technical Means for Federal Training Center in the Field of Radioactive Waste Management

#0664Mass-Spectrometers for Tritium Analysis

Specialized Mass Spectrometers for Analysis Tritium Gas Mixed in "In-line" Mode

#0705Np-Sn-Quadrupole Magnet

Development, Fabrication and Test of a Superconducting Quadrupole magnet with High Gradient (200 T/M) and Large Aperture (7 CM), Based on Nb3Sn Superconductor

#0721In-Pile Tests of Very High Burn-Up Fuel

In-Pile Tests of New Generation Fuels for VVERs of Different Purpose

#0723-2Recycling Weapon-grade U and Pu in U-Th Closed-cycle Reactors

Conceptual Studies for Use of High-Enriched (Weapon-Grade) Uranium and Plutonium and Power Plutonium under Conversion of Thermal Reactors to the Closed Thorium-Uranium Cycle

#0732Quality Control of Magnetic Powders and Magnets

The Quality Control of Magnatic Powders aand Permanent Magnets Prodused with Use of Technology and Equipment Formerly Applied for the Manufacturing of Nuclear Weapons

#0732.2Quality Control of Magnetic Powders and Magnets

The Quality Control of Magnetic Powders and Permanent Magnets Produced with use of a Technology and Equipment Formerly Applied for the Manufacturing of Nuclear Weapons

#0747Fluoride Technology for Transmutation

Study of Gas- and Molten-Fluoride Separation and Transmutation for Accelerator Based Plutonium Disposition and Nuclear Waste Treatment

#0771MOX Fuel Fabrication

Development of Pulsed and Vibration Nuclear Power Reactor MOX Fuel Fabrication Equipment

#0816Super-Intensive Neutron Source

Development of a Super-Intensive Pulsed Neutron Source for Physics Research RIN-10 on the Basis of the INR RAS Accelerator-Storage System

#0898Melting Metals Wastes

Mastering the Process and Equipment for Induction-Slag Melting High Activity Level Metal Wastes

#0941Database on Fission Products Release

Creation of a Database for Computational Codes, Realizing Detailed Mathematical Modeling of a Radioactive Fission Products Realize from Fuel Rods VVER 440, VVER 1000

#0963Uranium Container for Fuel Transportation

Development of a Technical Design for DU-shielded Transport Cask with Increased Spent Nuclear Fuel Specific Loading

#0967Gallium in MOX Fuel

Studies of the Influence of Ga Available in Weapons Grade Plutonium on the Quality of Produced Fuel and Serviceability of Fuel Rods

#0976Fluctuations in Transition Metals

Fluctuation Phenomena in Transition Metal and Actinide Based Systems with Magnetic and Structural Instabilities

#1041Decontamination of Radio-Isotopes Polluted Soils

Development of Scientific Basis for Decontamination of Soils, Contaminated as a Result of Chernobyl Accident

#1052Fission Platinoid Recovery

Development of Technological Options for Fission Platinoid Recovery from Spent Nuclear Materials

#1070Low-Radiation Vanadium-Based Alloys

Development of Scientific Fundamentals for Development of Low-Activation Radiation - and Corrosion-Resistant Vanadium-Based Alloys to be Used as Structural Materials for the first Wall and Tritium Blanket Thermonuclear Fusion Installations and Reactors

#1076Electron Antineutrino

Search for Electron Antineutrino Rest Mass in the Tritium b-decay

#1193Fuel Materials with Non-Uranium Diluent

Development of Fabrication Technology and Studies into the Properties of Fuel Materials Containing Skeleton-Type Inert Diluent (Without U-238) to Utilize Weapon Grade and Civil Pu as well as Minor Actinides (Np, Am, Cm, etc.) in Power Reactors With Improv

#1212Partitioning of Radioactive Waste

Development of the Technology for Partitioning of Radioactive Waste Arising in Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

#1222Surface Decontamination by Solution

Development of Technology for Metal Surface Decontamination in Aqueous Solutions

#1249Validation of Fuel Elements for PU Burning

Validation of Technical Feasibility of Burning Weapon's Grade and Civil PU Via New Generation PWR Fuel Elements Designed in ISTC Project N173-95

#1283New Materials for Surgery

New Materials for Surgery

#1298New Alloys for Nuclear Waste Handling

Development of Scientific Bases and Technological Aspects of Creation of New Generation Hard Deformation of Cr-Ni Staainless Steels with the High Contents Boron (1,0-1,9% of Weights) on the Basis of Principles of Metallurgy of Atomized Powders of an Alloy

#1307Spherical Adsorbers and Catalysts from Aluminium Oxides

Development of Multiaimed Low-Waste Technology of Production of Spherical Aluminium Oxide and Catalysts and Adsorbents on its Base which Allows to Solve Urgent Ecological Problems in Various Branches of Industry

#1316Radiation in Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Investigation of the Radiation in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Based on Reprocessed Uranium and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Fuel

#1356Model for Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting

Development of a Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting System Model for Complex Nuclear Facilities

#1361Safe Uranium Waste Storage

Development of Technology for Fire and Explosion Safe Storage of Wastes from Industrial Processing of Metallic Uranium

#1369Acoustic Seismic Monitoring

Use of Coherent and Non-linear Acoustic Methods in Nondestructive Testing and Seismology

#1388Metal Tritides

Study of Metal Tritides

#1410Plutonium Oxide Microspheres

Development of Basic Principles of Processing of Plutonium in Fuel PuO2-x -Microspheres with Multi-layer Coating with the Purpose of a Disposition of a Weapons Plutonium with the Substantiation of Their Long-Duration and Safe Storage and/or Burn out in Nu

#1419First Wall and Divertor Effects

Investigation of the Effect of Exposure to Tritium and Reactor Irradiation on the Properties of the First Wall and Divertor Materials for Magnetic Fusion Experiment

#1447Evaluated Data on Nuclear Related Materials

Evaluated Data Exchange Properties of Substances and Materials Utilized and Produced by Nuclear Industry

#1499Materials for a Micro Filters

New Materials for a Micro-Filtration

#1567Soil Remediation

Use of IPEC for Remediated Soils Contaminated from Nuclear and Industrial Activities

#1713Cold Crucible Technology for Waste Treatment

Mastering Technology and Equipment Based on Induction Melters with “Cold” Crucible for conditioning Active Metal Waste and Thermal Insulation Materials Arising at Operating and Decommissioned NPP and Radiochemical Plants to Storage and final Disposal

#1825Improvement of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy

Method Development of Essential Increase of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy Resolving Power and of New Type Gamma-Sources Design for Use in This Field

#1835Pure Scandium Production

Development of the Technology to Obtain Pure Metal Scandium by Thermal Decomposition of Scandium Iodide

#1852Multifunctional Composite Coating

New Composite Multifunctional Coatings Produced Using SHS-Electrodes

#1870Nano-Materials in Metal-Matrix Composites

Metal Matrix Composites on the Basis of Nano-Materials

#1888Supercritical Fluids in Radwaste Treatment

Supercritical Fluids – Basis of Fundamentally New Technologies of Radioactive Waste Conversion

#1974Brickwork Materials for Operational and New NPP's

Perspective Materials for Brickwork Elements of External Catchers of Operating and Design NPP. Methods of Severe Accidents Consequences Mitigation

#2016Floating NPP with Low Enrichment Fuel

Low Enrichment Uranium Core for Floating Nuclear Power Plant Reactor (FNPP) as a way of Resolving Weapon’s Nuclear Material Nonproliferation Problem

#2034Environmental Safety of Extraction Reprocessing

Improvement in Environmental Safety of Irradiated Material Extraction Reprocessing

#2066Radiation Resistant Zirconium Alloys

Development of Scientific Fundamentals for Creation of Irradiation Resistant Structural Zr Alloys for Nuclear Reactor Cores

#2252Immobilization of Radioactiveand Rare-Earth Element Wastes

The Study of the Immobilization of Pu, Sr+Cs and Rare-Earth Element Waste Fractions from Spent Nuclear Fuel and Weapon Materials Reprocessing

#2267Creation of Subcritical Assembly Driven by Proton Accelerator (SAD)

Construction of the Subcritical Assembly with Combined Neutron Spectra Driven by Proton Accelerator at Proton’s Energy 660 MeV for Experiments on Long Lived Fission Products and Minor Actinides transmutation (Phase I: Design, Design Documentation and Safe

#2284Immobilization and Safe Storage of Plutonium Actinide Wastes

Nuclear Safe Ceramics for Compact Storage and Immobilization of Plutonium and Nuclear Power Engineering Actinide-Containing Wastes

#2287Reinforced Castings

Optimization of the Technology of Steel Casting Reinforcement by Hard Alloys with the Use of Computer Modeling

#2506Immobilization of Alpha-Active Wastes in Porous Composites

The Exploration of the Immobilization Method of Alpha-Active Wastes in Chemically Stable Porous Composites

#2585Characterization of Samples with Spontaneously Fissioning Isotopes

Development of the Method for Characterization of the Samples, Containing Spontaneously Fissioning Radionuclides, by Measuring Fission Products Gamma-Radiation (for the System of NM Control and Accountability of the Federal State Unitarian Enterprise "PA"

#2656Composite Materials with Nano-Scale Reinforcements

Composite Materials with Nano-Scale Reinforcements

#2664Drawability of Automobile Sheet from IF-steel

Methods of Improvement of Drawability of Automobile Sheet from IF-steel

#2667New Sorbents for Water Decontamination

Synthesis of Sorbents of the New Type and Development of the Sorbent-Based High Performance Technologies for Decontamination of Water from Chemical and Radioactive Contaminants

#2668Affecting of Gamma-Radiating on Paint Protecting Coatings

Study of Affecting of Gamma-Radiation on Polymeric Solutions and their Component for Deriving Paint Coatings with New Service Properties in Operation Conditions of Atomic Productions and NPP

#2680Minor Actinide Transmutation in Nitrides Fuel Environment

MATINE - Study of Minor Actinide Transmutation in Nitrides: Modelling and Measurements of Out-of-pile Properties

#2686Absorption-Electrochemical Surface Decontamination

Development of a Comprehensive Decontamination Database and an Absorption-Electrochemical Metal Surface Decontamination Technique Combining Chemical and Electrochemical Process

#2691Radiation Shielding Concrete on the Base of Depleted Uranium Dioxide

Production and Testing of Heavy Concretes Including Depleted Uranium Dioxide Concerning their Use as Shielding Materials in Constructions of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel

#2693Cast Uranium Cermet for Shielding Casks

Production and Testing of Cast Cermet on the Base of Stainless Steel and Depleted Uranium Dioxide as Applied to its Use as Shielding Materials in Constructions of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Wastes

#2707Database on Characteristics of Nb3Sn Strands

Creation of a Database on Electromagnetic, Mechanical, and Thermal Parameters of Superconducting Nb3Sn Composite Strands and Components of Composite Strands

#2741Development of Method for Actinides Determining

Development of Express and High-Sensitive Liquid Scintillation Alpha-Spectrometric Method of Determining Actinides in Process Solutions from Radiochemical and Isotope Production and in Environmental Samples

#2819Set-up for the Neutrino Mass Search

Problem of Search for the Neutrino Mass in the Cosmologically Important Sub-Electronvolt Region by Means of Tritium Beta Decay Spectrum Measurement. Study of the Systematic Effects in New Proposed Experiment KATRIN with Existing Set-up “Troitsk Neutrino-M

#2851Non-Dendritic Solidification Mechanisms of Light Alloys

A Profound Study of Non-Dendritic Solidification Mechanisms at Ultrasonic Cavitation Effect upon the Melt for Obtaining Ultimate Refined Structure in Light Alloy Ingots

#2883Dioxide Plutonium Storage

Experimental Investigation and Mathematical Modeling of Radiation-Chemical Processes in the PuO2 – sorbed Water System

#2910Interaction of Nitric Acid with Organic Compounds

Research of Characteristics and Dynamics of Exothermic Reaction Runaway of Nitric Acid with Organic Compounds in Heterogeneous Systems

#2949Animals Sounds for Animals State Monitoring

Development of Acoustical Detection Methods for Ecological Monitoring

#2968Heteroepitaxial Diamond Films

Development of the Scaled Methods for Depositing Heteroepitaxial Doped Diamond Films. Creation and Investigation of Devices Based on the Films

#3138Early Diagnoses of Cancer Diseases

Development and Testing of the Express Method and Analytic Equipment for Early Diagnosis of Cancer Diseases Taking into Account the Radiation Factor

#3258Transport Cask for Radioactive Waste

Develop a Transport Cask for Transportation, Storage and Burial of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Using Cast CERMET Based on Dioxide of Depleted Uranium and Steel

#3354Lithium Target for International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility

Experimental Validation of IFMIF Lithium Target Long-Term Performance

#3365Experimental Mixed-Oxide Fuel

Fabrication of Experimental CANDU MOX Fuel Pins for Irradiation Testing in the MIR Reactor

#3608Minor Actinide Transmutation in Inert Matrices Fuels

MATINE 2- Study of Minor Actinide Transmutation in INErt Matrices Fuels: Modeling, Fabrication and Measurements of Out-of-Pile Properties

#3716Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Application

Investigation of Up-to-Date Mass Spectrometer Method Сapabilities to Determine Isotopic Ratio of Stable Elements During Criminalistic Examinations on Seized or Withdrawn Materials

#3732Radiation Shielding Concrete with Depleted Uranium Dioxide

Production and Testing of High-strength Concretes Including Depleted Uranium Dioxide Concerning their Use as Shielding Materials in Construction of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel. Stage 2

#3957Counteraction against Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear Materials

Development of the Concept on Improving the Normative and Legal Regulation on Combating Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive Material in the Russian Federation

#4052Fire Protective Coatings

Fire Retardand /Heat Resistant Paint, Primer Insulation and Other Materials

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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