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#0106-2CW Destruction (Continuation)

Development of environmentally safe means for utilization of chemical weapon agents, their synthesis and detoxification products in manufacturing ion-exchangers for hydrometallurgy, as well as for cleaning waste waters and gases.

#0245Radiation Contamination Data Base

Development of a Sophisticated Computer Based Data System for Evaluation of the Radiation Legacy of the Former USSR and Setting Priorities on Remediation and Prevention Policy.

#0245-2BRadiation Contamination Data Base

Development of a Sophisticated Computer Based Data System for Evaluation of the Radiation Legacy of the Former USSR and Setting Priorities on Remediation and Prevention Policy.

#0245-2CRadiation Contamination Data Base

Development of a Sophisticated Computer Based Data System for Evaluation of the Radiation Legacy of the Former USSR and Setting Priorities on Remediation and Prevention Policy.

#0256Fluoride Glasses for Detectors

Devising and Production of Radiation Hard Fluoride Glasses as Detectors for Application on Future Accelerators in Nuclear Physics.

#0264Low-Cost Crystal Silicon

The Development of Basic Plasma-Chemical Technology for Manufacture of Low Cost Crystal Silicon for Solar Power Plants.

#0338Uranium Hexafluoride Reprocessing

Plasmachemical Technology Development with Processing Uranium Hexfluoride into Uranium Oxides for Long Storage and Fluorine Regeneration as Unaqueous Hydrogen Fluoride.

#0515Molding Technique for Scintillators

Development of the Injection Molding Technique for Scintillation Tiles Production.

#0545Fluoride Glasses for Fibers

Development of High-purity Fluoride Glasses and Optical Fibers on their Basis for Application in Instrument Making and for Manufacturing Optical Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers.

#0747Fluoride Technology for Transmutation

Study of Gas- and Molten-Fluoride Separation and Transmutation for Accelerator Based Plutonium Disposition and Nuclear Waste Treatment

#0768Cerium Trifluoride Powder

Polycrystalline Powder and Monocrystal Synthesis of Cerium Trifluoride for Detectors

#0857Electrokinetic Technology of Soil Decontamination

Development and Application of the Technological Complex for Soil Decontamination from Radionuclides and Heavy Metals on the Basis of Special Electrode Devices

#0997Mineral Matrices for Waste Disposal

Technology of Producing the Material-like Matrices by High-Temperature Sorption and Gesostatic Pressing for Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Waste Containing Long-lived Transuranium Elements

#1108Safe Handling of Waste Products

Elaboration of Chemical Engineering Processes for the Safe Handling of Beryllium Waste Products

#1116New Fast Scintillators

Development of New Fast Scintillators for Nuclear Power Facility Monitoring, Radioactive Material Detection Systems and in Medicine

#1145Nuclear Data for Transmutation Problem

Nuclear-Physics Investigations Aimed at the Solution of Weapon Plutonium Conversion and Long-Lived Radioactive Wastes Transmutation Problems

#1190Hydrometallurgy of Platinum Ore

Investigation of the Process of Hydrometallurgical Processing of Platinum Ore Concentrates

#1212Partitioning of Radioactive Waste

Development of the Technology for Partitioning of Radioactive Waste Arising in Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

#1241Superconducting RF Cavities Manufacturing without Welding

Study of Technological Capabilities of Manufacture of Weldless Superconducting RF Cavities with TESLA-shape based on the High Te Films onto the Copper Shells by Using the Resource Saving Technology without Wastes

#1332Metallurgy with Non Water Liquids

New Solvometallurgical Methods for the Treatment of Mineral and Technogenic Raw Materials of Rare and Non-Ferrous Metals

#1414Elaboration of Scincillator Technology

Optimisation of the Technology, Production and Investigation of Scintillation Tiles

#1416Plasmochemical Production of MOX Fuel

Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX) -Born in Plasma

#1606Molten Salt Loop for Waste and Plutonium Disposal

Experimental Mock-up of Molten Salt Loop of Accelerator-Based Facility for Transmutation of Radioactive Waste and Conversion of Military Plutonium. Stage 2: Experimental Study of Molten Salt Technology for Safe, Low-Waste and Proliferation Resistant Treat

#1683New High Light Scintillators

Development of New Scintillators with High Light Yield for Use in Nuclear Physics and Medicine

#1735Civil Technologies Data Base

The Development of Data Base and Servers on Technologies for the Nonmilitary Fields

#2034Environmental Safety of Extraction Reprocessing

Improvement in Environmental Safety of Irradiated Material Extraction Reprocessing

#2092Processing of Weapon Plutonium into MOX-fuel

Processing Compact Weapon Plutonium into MOX-fuel by Anhydrous (Thermochemical and Thermoelectrochemical) Methods for Thermal and Fast Reactors

#2097Radio-ecological Database

Development of a Sophisticated Information System Including a Meta-Database and Regional Radioecological Cadastres for Assessment of the Radiation Impact on the Environment and Population. Evaluation Study of the North-West of Russia and Krasnoyarsk Regio

#2100Halogenide Crystalline IR Light Guide

Development of Halogenide Crystalline Optical Fibers, Bundles and Sensors for Infrared Range

#2156Crystals for High Energy Calorimetry

R&D Studies for Growing Long CeF3 Crystals to be used on Calorimetry in the E391a Experiment (KEK, Japan)

#2285Microwave Heating of Uranium Hexafluoride

Microwave Technique of Uranium Hexafluoride Heating for Safe Evaporation from Containers, Including Damaged Ones

#2316Calcium and Barium Fluoride Crystals for Microelectronics

Vapor Phase Growth of CaF2 and BaF2 Single Crystals

#2348Fluoride Materials for VUV Lasers

New Complex Fluoride Compounds as Promising Materials for Solid State Lasers, Fast Scintillators and Luminophors of UV and VUV Wavelength Regions

#2388Fluorescence Materials with Long Afterglow

Development of High-Effective Light-Reserving Fluorescence Materials with Long-Lived Afterglow for a Wide Spectrum of Applications

#2589Nano-Dispersion Copper Containing Materials

Developing the Method of Production of Nano-Dispersion Copper Containing Materials from Inorganic Waste for Use in Inorganic Materials and Organic Preparations for a Wide Range of Application

#2617Composites from Military Scrap

Utilization of Aircraft and Military Technique Scrap Based on Mechanical Alloying Technology for Producing Heat-Resistant Components

#2634Shells Piercing by Space Dust Particles

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Piercing Protective Shells by Space Dust Particles in Regime of Ultra-Deep Penetration

#2691Radiation Shielding Concrete on the Base of Depleted Uranium Dioxide

Production and Testing of Heavy Concretes Including Depleted Uranium Dioxide Concerning their Use as Shielding Materials in Constructions of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel

#2693Cast Uranium Cermet for Shielding Casks

Production and Testing of Cast Cermet on the Base of Stainless Steel and Depleted Uranium Dioxide as Applied to its Use as Shielding Materials in Constructions of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Wastes

#2703Modification of the Surface by the Method of Friction Plating

Improvement of Metallic Items’ Service Characteristics due to Modification of Their Surface by the Method of Friction Plating

#2760Correlation of Nanotubes Parameters

Correlation of Electron Properties of Individual Carbon Nanotubes, Atomic Structure and Parameters of Catalytic Synthesis

#2794Oriented Structure in Multicomponent Metallic Systems

Development of New Methods of Oriented Structure Obtaining in Multicomponent Metallic Systems

#2810Materials for Vacuum Ultraviolet Emitters

New VUV Inorganic Media for High Technologies in Laser, Scintillation and Phosphor Techniques

#2938Low Density and High Mechanical Strength Materials

Metal Matrix Composites with Lightweight Reinforcements

#2941Metal-Oxide Superconductors

Structurally Perfect Metal-Oxide Superconductors of the Y-Ba-Cu-O System with Improved Superconducting Characteristics

#3003Radiation Impact on Biota

Radiation Impact of the Russian Nuclear Facilities on the Environment and Man. Amendment of the Scientific Basis for Radiation Protection of Non-Human Species

#3019High Efficient Scintillators for Nuclear Physics and Medicine

R&D Studies for Growing Long CeF3, Cerium-doped BaF2 and CaF2 Single Crystals as High Effective Scintillators to Be Used in Nuclear Physics and Medicine

#3146Superparamagnetic Magnetocaloric Materials

Fabrication and Investigation of Superparamagnetic Nanocomposite and Molecular Cluster Materials Suitable for Using as Working Bodies in Magnetic Cooling Devices

#3168Materials with Antiseptic Protection

Recycling the Solid Industrial and Household Wastes to the New Family of Composite Materials with Antiseptic Protection

#3226Spent Nuclear Fuel Cladding Removal

Elaboration of Solvometallurgical Method for Chemical Removal of Spent Nuclear Fuel Claddings

#3243Scandium Powder for Lamps

Development of the Technology of Producing Scandium Metal Powder to Fill Low-Wattage Metal Halide Lamps

#3258Transport Cask for Radioactive Waste

Develop a Transport Cask for Transportation, Storage and Burial of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Using Cast CERMET Based on Dioxide of Depleted Uranium and Steel

#3262Polyfiber Infrared Systems

Combinatorics, Research and Development of Multifunctional Polyfiber Infrared Systems for Delivery and Processing Molecular and Thermal Information of Exploratory, Industrial and Biomedical Purpose

#3322Utilization of Secondary Plastic Materials Unfit to Decomposition

Purification of Environment from Secondary Polyethileneterephthalate Waste on the Base of Development of Resource-Saving Manufacture of High-Performance Goods

#3333Fast Scintillators

Development of High Speed Scintillators for Medical Tomography

#3349Bulk Amorphous Alloys

Investigation of Methods of Manufacture and Deforming Bulk Amorphous Alloys

#3493Chromium Alloy for Dies

Development of Cr Base Alloy as an Efficient Tool Material for Forging with Operation Temperature up to 1250 oC in Air

#3494Fine Titanium Powders

Development of the Technique of Manufacturing of Fine Titanium Powders for the Needs of Medical Industry

#3701Toxic Action of Nanopowders

Toxic Action of Nanopowders of Hard Alloys Constituents Produced by Plasmachemical Synthesis

#3707Institutional Control of Radiation Sources

Development of Information, Legal and Regulatory Basis for a System of the Institutional Control and Stewardship Of Radioactively Contaminated Areas and Radionuclide Ionizing Radiation Sources in the Russian Federation

#3811Reinforced Copper Composite Materials

Copper Composite Materials Reinforced with Powdery Particles

#K-043Iron Concentrate Processing

Investigation at Technology of Complex Processing of Sokolovsko-Sarbayasky Mining-Dressing Company's Waste Obtain Iron Concentrate, Non-Ferrous and Noble Metals

#K-044Manganese Sulfate Technology

Investigations of Pulled out and Technological Gas Cleaning in Metallurgical Works from Sulfur Compositions and Obtaining of High Purity Manganese Sulphate.

#KR-180Protection Measures for U-Tail Storage

Study of the Radiogeological Situation in Uranium Production Waste Storage Sites of the Kyrgyz Republic and Development of Recommendations for Conducting Environmental Protection Measures

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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