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#0009Soft X-Rays

Investigations of Z-pinch X-ray Source for Medicine and Microelectronics.

#0012Laser Isotope Separation

Creation of a Technological Laser Complex for Laser Separation of Middle Mass Isotopes.

#0012-2Laser Isotope Separation

Creation of a Technological Laser Complex for Laser Separation of Middle Mass Isotopes.

#0016Soil Decontamination

Development of electrokinetic and chemical methods for rehabilitation of soil and ground water contaminated by radionuclides and heavy metals.

#0017Plutonium Conversion

Feasibility study of technologies for accelerator based conversion of military plutonium and long-lived radioactive waste.

#0018Reactor Pumped Laser for ICF

Reactor Pumped Laser for ICF Feasibility

#0021Ultrabright Laser X-Rays

Civilian Applications of Ultrabright Laser-produced X-Ray Sources.

#0025Muon Catalyzed Fusion

MUON Catalyzed Fusion

#0025-2Muon Catalyzed Fusion

MUON Catalyzed Fusion and its Applications

#0029Boundary Layer Instabilities

Research of hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulent mixing for optimization of laser target compression.

#0042Wide Aperture Plasma Accelerator

Development of wide aperture plasma accelerator with a low-flow rate of gas for technical purposes.

#0044Ion beam Recuperator

Ion beam energy recuperator.

#0047Pollutant Transport in Mordovia

Mathematical simulation of atmospheric pollutants - Mesoscale transport and transformation.

#0049Vibration Diagnostics

Development of industrial accelerometer for vibration diagnostics of NPP equipment.

#0067Simulation of Reactor Dynamics

Simulation of complex dynamic processes in nuclear power plants. Development of basic program codes. Adaptation of the codes to multi-processor computers.

#0068Parallel Computer Programming

New generation of integrated program tools for portable parallel program development on NPP.

#0073Self Quenching Pulse Reactors

Monograph on self-quenching pulsed reactors.

#0074Shock Waves and Extreme States of Matter

Shock Waves and Extreme States of Matter

#0075Acoustic Devices for Reactor Control

Development of acoustic sensor equipment for tightness checks at NPP.

#0076Atomic and radiation processes

Atomic and radiation processes in plasmas, gases and solids

#0105Iodine Lasers

Development of technical proposal to create multichannel iodine laser, generating 5 MTAI the third harmonic frequency and experimental investigations of the "Risk Reduction Programs" (IGNIS Project).

#0111Quasi-Stationary EM Fields

Experimental demonstration of the possibility of producing 1019-1021 W/cm2 quasi-stationary electromagnetic fields sources for fundamental investigation of the matter behavior in 109-1011 V/cm fields.

#0134Transmutation in Fast Reactors

Experimental and calculation investigation to validate the concept of the reactor technology with ultimate neutronics and thermal-hydraulic characteristics.

#0142Laser Monitoring for Pipelines

Development of Laser Technology for Environmental Monitoring in Gas and Product Pipeline Areas and Energy Saving of Gas and Oil Products.

#01443D Dosimetry for Radiation Therapy

Development of a three-dimensional dosimetry planing system for radiation therapy.

#0145Nuclear Data for Fusion

Development of a library of evaluated nuclear data of charged particles for ITER and other applications to thermonuclear fusion.

#0150Contamination of Agricultural Products

Contamination of Agricultural Products, Dose Burden for Population and Efficiency of Countermeasurement on Contaminated Lands: Probabilistic Methods of Estimation, mathematics and Software.

#0154Heavy Ion Driver for Fusion

An energy fusion system concept based on heavy-ionity driver.

#0161Spectroscopy of Tokomak

g-ray Spectroscopy of Tokamak Plasmas.

#0161-2Spectroscopy of Tokomak (C)

g-ray Spectroscopy of Tokamak Plasmas.

#0172New Approach to Laser Diagnostics

New Approach to Laser Diagnostics (LIDAR and LII techniques).

#0207Mettalic Hydrogene

Theoretical Investigation of Production Possibility of Metallic Hydrogen and its Physical Properties at Low Temperatures

#0208Quark Confinement Calculations

Studies of Quark Confinement Based on Exact Solutions of the Classical Yang-Mills Equations.

#0209Explosion Synthesis and Compaction

Development of Explosion Synthesis and Compaction Technology of Superhard Materials for Industrial Purposes.

#0214Ash Microspheres for Coal Burning

Estimation of perspectives for ash microspheres production at coal burning thermal power stations , development of methods for their quality certification. Creation of a database for ash microspheres in Russian Federation.

#0215Multipurpose Supercontainer

Multipurpose Supercontainer.

#0216Tunable CO2-Laser (R)

Automatic Tunable CO2 - Laser.

#0217Capture Cross-Sections

Measurement of Capture Cross-Sections on a Pulse Neutron Source for the Nuclei, Forming Daughter Nuclei with Short Life Time in Basic and Metastable States.

#0219Deactivation of Contaminated Buildings

Development of Decontamination Techniques and Technologies for Industrial Buildings and Equipment that are Polluted by Radionuclides

#0221Magnetic Nozzle Device

Magnitized plasma Heating Research in MHD-Nozzle Device.

#0222Blast Wave Perturbations

Studies of Blast Wave Selfsimilar Perturbations.

#0223Water Soluble Crystals

Development of Single-Sector, Rapid-Growth Technologies for Production of Water Soluble Crystals.

#0225Shock Compressibility of Matter

Study of the Shock Compressibility Character of Matter from the Standpoint of Crystal Lattice and of Phase Transitions by Means of Flash X-Ray Analyses.

#023720 MGauss Magnetic Generators

Development of a Magnetocumulative Generator of 20 MG Pulsed Reproducible Magnetic Fields.

#0238Semiconductors in Superstrong Magnetic Fields

Investigation of Semiconductors in Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields.

#0257Electro-Chemical Currents

Solid State Electrochemical Battery Based on Ionic Conductors of Lanthanum 3-Fluoride Type.


╩Astroneutron╦: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Neutron Cross-Sections of Neutron-Enriched Nuclei Capture and Fission, Creation of a Data Bank and Simulation of Natural Nucleosynthesis Processes.

#0274HTSC in Strong Magnetic Fields

Study of High-Temperature Superconductors (HTSC) Magnetic Properties in Ultrastrong Magnetic Fields.

#0282Safeguarding Devices for NPP

Development of Safeguarding Devices for Localization of Severe accidents Releases at Nuclear Power Plant.

#0285Magnetosphere Storms Simulation (R)

Laboratory and Numerical Simulation of Basic Processes of Magnetosphere Storms.

#0286X-ray Fluorescence Element Analysis

Development of High-Sensitivity Technique for Energy-Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence Element Analysis (XRF).

#0289Electron Phase Transition Analysis

Analysis and Systematization of Electron Phase Transition in Condensed Materials.

#0291Nucleation Upon Hydrogen Isotopes Condensation

Experimental Investigation of Spontaneous Nucleation upon Hydrogen Isotopes Condensation.

#0292Seismic Problems Solving by Parallel Computing

Development of Paralleling Algorithms and Programs for Solving Problems of 3D Seismic Prospecting for MP-X Multiprocessor Computer.

#0293Parallel Algorithms for Gas Dynamic Codes

Development of Paralleling Algorithms and Concentration Lagrangian-Eulerian Gas Dynamics Technique Implementation on Massively Parallel Computers.

#0294Ti-Ni Couplings for Pipelines

Development of an Experimental Technology for the Pipelines Demountable Joint by Couplings of Titanium Nickelide an Alloy with a Shape Memory Effect.

#0310EM-Radiation of Anisotropic Plasma (R)

Theoretical Study of Generation of the Electromagnetic Radiation from a Plasma with Anisotropic Electron Velocity Distribution.

#0311EM-Waves Propagation in Atmosphere

Theoretical Study of Intense High-Frequency Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Atmosphere Including Nonstationary, Nonlinear and Kinetic Effects.

#0323Tritium Targets for Neutron Tubes

Development of Tritium Targets for Small-dimension Sealed Neutron tubes with High Reliability ("INTEGRITY").

#0325Heavy Gas Discharge X-Ray Source

The Soft X-ray Source Based ECR-discharge Sustained by Powerful Gyrotron Radiation in Heavy Gases.

#0326Accelerator-Based X-Ray Medicine Device (R)

Development of the Technical Project of the X-ray Irradiator on the Basis of the Miniature Pulsed Accelerator ARSA for Application in Medicine.

#0332Safe U and Pu Storage

A Safe Method for Storing Large Masses of Plutonium and Uranium after Dismount of Nuclear Weapons.

#0332-2Safe U and Pu Storage

Project for the Safe Storage of large Masses of Weapon-grade Plutonium and Uranium

#0339Electric Discharges in Dense Gases

Writing a Monograph "High - Energy Phenomena in Electric Discharges in Dense Gases".

#0340Shock Desorption

Shock Desorption Effect.

#0349Railroad Tracks Diagnostics (R)

Comprehensive System of Railroad Tracks Speedy Diagnostics.

#0350Tritium Loop for ITER

Development of Model of Closed Tritium Loop with Purification Technology, Radiation Resistant Diagnostics and Radiation Shielding, Theoretical and Experimental Simulation of Plasma Effects on Reactor Systems with T-Be Safety Analyses in Support of ITER.

#0364Sintering of Ceramics by HF-Radiation

Sintering and Joining of Ceramic and Composite Materials by Using Millimeter-wave Radiation.

#0370Supernova Stars

Non-equilibrium Radioactive Transfer and Kinetics of Nuclear Reactions in the Theory of SUPERNOVA Stars.

#0373Collection of Shock Wave Data

Collection of Shock-Wave Data

#0377Diode Pumping of Solid State Laser

Creation of 1kW Power Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser

#0383Tritium Contaminated Water Cleaning

Creation of the Technology for Heavy and Light Water Purification from Tritium.

#0407Opening Switches for Liners

Design and Investigation of Submicrosecond Multimegaamper EMG Opening Switches for Fast-imploded Liners Producing High-Power Hot Plasma Radiation Pulses.

#0408Explosive Melt-Water Interaction

Investigation of Explosive Melt-Water Interaction (Steam Explosion) under Severe Accidents at NPPs with Light Water Reactors.

#0409Alpha Diagnostics of Thermonuclear Plasma

Alpha Particle Diagnostics and Data Analysis

#0410Fusion Products Measurements

Fusion Products Measurements and Elementary Atomic Process Studies.

#0425Zirconium Ceramics for Nuclear Reactor

Design of Zircon-based Ceramics for a Nuclear Reactor Core Melt Catcher

#0436Hydrogen Detonation Model

Physical Model and Code Development for Computation of Deflagration, Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition and Detonation of Hydrogen Containing Mixtures.

#0438Sensitivity of X-ray Semiconductor Detectors

Measurements of Absolute Spectral Sensitivity and Time Resolution of X-rays Impulse Semiconductor Detectors Using Synchrony Radiation.

#0439High-Voltage Discharges

High-Voltage Discharges in Dense Gases and There Applications to Pollution Control.

#0443Inert Gases Cleaning Technology

Development of New Plasma Technologies of Fine Purification of Inert Gases.

#0444Technological Excimer Lasers

Universal Eximer Laser Complex for Technological Applications.

#0445Microstrip Detectors

Research and Development of the High Precision Microstrip Detectors with High Radiation Hardness for Fundamental Studies in High Energy Physics.

#0466Rubber x-ray Protective Material

Development of the X-Ray Shielding Rubber-Fabric Material

#0469Flying Vehicle Drag Reduction

Development of a New Technology for the Reduction of Vehicle Drag.

#0470Power Materials Acceleration

Physical Processes of Power Materials Microparticles Acceleration in Pulsed Electrothermal Launcher.

#0471Neutron Fission and Capture Data

Measurements of Actinide Nuclear Data

#0472Oil and Gas Explosive Perforators

Investigation of Explosions as Applied to Drilling and Opening of Oil and Gas Well for Creation and Improvement of Some Types of Perforation Apparatus.

#0478Heat Insulating Material

Development of Formulation and Pilot Technology for Production of Noncombustible Heat Insulating Material

#0486First Wall Materials

Investigation of Structure and Mechanical Properties of Perspective Structural Materials for the First Wall of the Thermonuclear Reactor after the exposure of Ion Beams, Plasma Radiation of Laser Range and Dynamic Loads Modeling the Plasma Attack...

#0488Ocean Measuring Devices

Elaboration of New Class of Oceanographic Optical-electronic Devices for the precise Measurements of Fine Structure of the Hydrophysical and Hydrochemical Ocean Fields.

#0490Lightning Study by Electrons

Study of Lightning Governed by Relativistic Runaway Electrons.

#0503MAGO- System for Fusion

Studying the Feasibility to Solve the CTF Problem on MAGO System Base.

#0505Electromagnetic Compatibility of NPP

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety of Nuclear Power Plants.

#0508Microturbulent Plasmas

Investigations of Microheterogeneous (Microturbulent) Plasma.

#0510Electron and X-ray Therapy

Development of Apparatus and Methods for Radiotherapy by Super-Short Electron and x-ray Beams.

#0511Nuclear Optic Converter

Design and Construction of Control System of Energy Rector Neutron Flux Based on Nuclear-optic Converter.

#0514High-current e-Beam Formation

Formation of High Current Relativistic Electron Beam with Subnanosecond Front Duration by Means of a Shock Electromagnetic Wave.

#0519Radioactive Influence on Health

Radionuclide Pollution of the Environment and the Population Health.

#0520Rocks Radioactive Contamination

Material Changes of Rocks in Underground Nuclear Explosions and Radioactive Contamination of Rock Massif.

#0522Oxygen Formation in Aerosol Flow

Study of Singlet Oxygen Formation and Relaxation in Twisted Aerosol Flow.

#0524Diamond Growing Technology

Research of Ultradisperse Diamonds as Regards the Diamond Crystal Growing Technology, i.e. the Process of Advanced Material Obtaining for the Future Applications in Electronics.

#0526Irregular Lagrangian Grids

Technique and Program Development for Solving 3D Gas Dynamics Problems on Irregular Lagrangian Grids.

#0529Tokamak Diagnostics by Fusion Products

Development of Methods and Creation of the Equipment Complex for Thermonuclear Plasma Diagnostics at Tokamak by Neutrons and Charged Fusion Products.

#0530Laser Nuclear with Nuclear Pumping

Gas Dynamics and Optics of Nuclear Pumped Laser Channel

#0542Destruction of Reactor Materials

Investigation of Destruction and Resistance of Atomic Reactor Design Materials to Plastic Strain Coused by Dynamic Effects

#0543Heat Exchange Codes

Development of Techniques and Codes for Numerical Solution of 2D and 3D Radiant Heat Exchange Problems with the Zonal Method Using View Factors

#0546Discharge-Pumped Excimer Laser

Creation of a Discharge-pumped Excimer Laser with High-pulse-repetition Rate

#0555Pyroelectric Converters

Pyroelectric Converters of Pulse Ionizing Radiation Energy into Electric One.

#0557Abrasive Water-Jet Technology

Feasibility Study on Abrasive Water-jet Technology for Cutting Explosives-Containing Laminated Structures.

#0558High Albedo Coatings

Development of Reflecting Coating, Resistant to the Light in the Wavelength Range from 0.2 to 3.0 Microns with the Energetic Albedo Close to Unit and Damage Threshold above 1MW/cm2

#0560Software for Nuclear Control

Development of a Computerized Nuclear Control and Accounting for Implementation in Russian Facilities.

#0566Residual of NPP-Reactors

The Establishment of Methodology for Determining Residual Resource of NPP Reactors Power Vessels.

#0568Carbonate Fuel Diagnostics

Methods of Diagnostics of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells.

#0569Chernobyl Accident Analysis

Analysis of Accident Evolution and Consequences for the 4th Block Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

#0578Thick Holographic Optical Elements

Thick Holographic Optical Elements

#0586Oxygen-Iodine Laser

A Mobile Complex Based on the 7-9 kW Oxygen-Iodine Laser.

#0587Tandem Fusion Reactor

Plasma-Physical D3He Fusion Tandem Reactor Model.

#0590Safe Industrial Explosives

Development of Experiment-Calculation Model to Determine Safe and Critical Temperature-Time Effects on High Explosives (HE) under Conditions of Industrial Application.

#0591Ultra-Bright Laser

Research of Nonlinear Optical Phenomena in Phase Conjugation Processes Aimed at Development of a New Generation of Ultra-Bright Lasers

#0600Quasiparallel X-ray Beam

Development and Construction of an Acting Model of Powerful Quasiparallel Pulse X-ray Beam Source for Research, Industrial and Medical Applications.

#0602Self-Propagating Synthesis of Materials

Formation of Inhomogeneous Structural and Designing Composite and Gradient Materials in Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS).

#0606Isotope Electrical Generators

Physical Principles of Creating the Stationary Electrical Generators on the Basis of Direct Transformation of Radiation Energy of Long-lived Radioactive Isotopes with the Use of Doped Diamond Structure.

#0614Nuclear Fuel Behavior

Numerical Simulation of Nuclear Fuel Behavior under Accidents and Normal Operation

#0619Electrical Phenomena in Shock Waves

A Monograph "Electrical Phenomena in Shock Waves"

#0625Chemical Sensors for Environment

Elaboration of Precise Chemical Sensors and Analytical Equipment on their Basis for the Control of the Gas and Liquid Environment

#0642Thermodinamical Calculations of EOS

Theoretical and Practical Elaborate the Scheme of the Thermodinamical Calculation of the Equation of State of Matter

#0644Pure Substances Transportation

Development of Special Containers for Storage and Transportation of Specially Pure Substances

#0646Risk Assessment Methodology

Elaboration of Risk Assessment Methodology both for Complex Technology Systems (of Hazardous Objects) with Radiation-toxic and Explosive Materials

#0647Wool Parameters Measurement

Development of the Device for Measurement of an Average Diameter and Dispersion of a Wool

#0649Atmosphere Circulation of Tritium

Mathematical Simulation of Tritium Circulation Among Soil, Vegetation and Atmosphere

#0651Light Beams Apodization

Development of the Nonlinear Optical Element for Light Beams Apodization and Large Aperture Laser Amplifiers Decoupling

#0651-2Light Beams Apodization

Development of the Nonlinear Optical Element for Light Beams Apodization and Large Aperture Laser Amplifiers Decoupling

#0654Tritium Behavior Models

Investigation on Verification of Environmental Tritium Behavior Models

#0656Nuclear-Free World

Technical Issues of Ensuring International Stability (Securyty) in the Nuclear-Free World

#0659Monograph on X-ray Laser Physics

Laboratory X-ray Laser Physics and Related Problems on High Temperature Plasma Physics

#0660Remote Detection of Radioactivity

Development and Test of an Optical System Prototype for Radioactivity Source Remote Detection

#0661Reprocessing of High Explosives

Development of Environmentally Benign Safe Technologies for Reclamation of Explosives from Ammunition

#0661-2Reprocessing of High Explosives

Development of Environmentally Benign Safe Technologies for Reclamation of Explosives from Ammunition

#0665Powerful Xenon Light Source

Development of the Technical Project for Creating a 3 GW Pulsed Xenon Light Source with Luminous Area of 3000 cm2 and Brightness Temperature above 15000 K

#0671Hyper-Velocity Impact

Investigation of Hyper-velocity Impact of Solid Particles to Barriers

#0679Control of Dangerous Goods

Independent System for Parametric Control (ISPC) of Abnormal Thermomechanical Loadings Produced upon Potentially Dangerous Goods in the Protective Container

#0682Diagnostics for Neutron Sources

The Creation of Diagnostic Systems for Pulsed Neutron Sources

#0683Benchmarks for Chernobyl Simulation

The Benchmarks for Mathematical Simulation of Chernobyl-4 Accident

#0700Biological Efficiency of Beta-Emission

Health-Biological Study of Tritium and Tritium Oxide Effect on Human Organism. Experimental Estimation of Tritium Beta Emission Relative Biological Effectiveness by Cytogenetic Criteria

#0700-2Tritium Effect on Human Body

Health-Biological Study of Tritium and Tritium Oxide Effect on Human Organism.

#0703Determination of Eye Cornea Curvature

Development of Laser Meter of Eye Cornea Curvature For Application in Medicine

#0706Kinetics of Ion Beam for Fusion

Development of Calculation Methods for Ion Beam Charge Kinetics in ICF Conditions

#0713Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics

Mathematical Modeling of Nuclear Process in the Framework of Super-ninequilibrium Thermodinamics

#0714Water Impurities Transportation

Physical and Mathematical Models for the Calculation of the Impurities Transport under the Migration of Underground Waters

#0722Mathematical Models for Nuclear Medicine

Development and Application of Mathematical Modeling for Nuclear Medicine Dynamic Studies

#0723Recycling Weapon-grade U and Pu in U-Th Closed-cycle Reactors

Conceptual Studies for Use of High-Enriched (Weapon Grade) Uranium and Plutonium and Power Plutonium under Conversion of Thermal Reactors to the Closed Uranium-Thorium Cycle

#0723-2Recycling Weapon-grade U and Pu in U-Th Closed-cycle Reactors

Conceptual Studies for Use of High-Enriched (Weapon-Grade) Uranium and Plutonium and Power Plutonium under Conversion of Thermal Reactors to the Closed Thorium-Uranium Cycle

#0724Hydrogen in Structural Materials

Hydrogen in Structural Materials Conducting with High Temperature-High Pressure Steam

#0729Modeling of Supernova Explosions

Investigation of Dynamics of Supernova Stars Explosion, Evolution of their Electromagnatic Radiation Spectrum and Expansion of their Shells

#0731Benchmark Data on Gamma-ray Production for Fusion Reactors

Benchmark Data on Gamma-ray Production for Evaluated Data Testing for Fusion Application

#0734High Power Neutron Source Based on Inductive Cascade Storage

Study of Plasma and Electrophysical Processes in the Pulsed and High Current Discharges for the Development of the Minik Conceptual High Neutron Source Design, Using the Inductive Cascade Storage

#0735Transmutation of Fission Products and Actinides Using Thermonuclear Reactors

Transmutation of Radioactive and Transuranium Isotopes by High-Energy Neutrons of the Thermonuclear Reactor

#0738NPP Diagnostic Equipment Demonstration

A concluding Stage of Scientific and Technical Studies and Development of Industrial piezoelectric Transducers for Diagnosing NPP Equipment (Continuation projects # 049; 075)

#0739Toxic Agents Annihilations

Investigation and Work out of the Plasma-Chemical Technology Principles of Weapons Toxic agents Annihilation on the Basis of Power A.C. Plasma Generators Application

#0740Lichnoindication Method for the Monitoring of Heavy Metals

Application of Lichenoindication Method for the Monitoring of Heavy and Radionuclide Pollution of Atmosphere

#0745Spectra of Diatomic Molecules

Investigation of Electron-Vibrational-Rotational Spectra of Diatomic Molecules

#0747Fluoride Technology for Transmutation

Study of Gas- and Molten-Fluoride Separation and Transmutation for Accelerator Based Plutonium Disposition and Nuclear Waste Treatment

#0755Publication of ATOM Journal

Publication of the Scientific and Popular Journal ATOM

#0757Laser Produced Plasma of Volume Structured Media

High Intensity Laser-Produced Plasma of the Volume Structured Media

#0758Phase Locking of Multibeam Lasers

Development of New Multibeam Lasers and Methods of Phase Locking of Multibeam Laser Systems

#0759Multiconnected Waveguides for Laser Radiation Focusing

Development and Application of Multiconnected Waveguides in the Problems of Laser Radiation Focusing onto the Areas of Subwavelength Dimensions

#0765Scandium Iodide Lamps

Development of the Technology to Obtain Anhydrous Scandium Iodide for Metallohallogenic Lamps with Emitting Additives

#0773Rate of Chromosome Aberration

Reconstruction of Absorbed Doses by the Rate of Stable and Unstable Chromosome Aberrations in Nuclear Specialists at Distant Periods after Exposure to Radiation

#0780New Detectors for PET

Development of Major Elements for Positron-Emission Tomograph

#0781Purification of Gas Flows

Development of the Technical Project of a Device for Fine Purification of Gas Flows from Particles

#0782Non-Destructive Control of Toxic Chemicals

Development of Technology and Means for Non-destructive Assay of Chemical Weapons and Capacities with Toxic Chemicals Using Radiation Method with Portable Neutron Generator Use

#0784Aerosol Particles in Lungs

Dynamical Modeling of Composition Transformation and Deposition of Aerosol Particles in the Respiratory Tracts and Lungs

#0786Universal Accelerator for Medicine and Industry

A Multifactoring Charged Particles Accelerator for Medicine and Industry Applications

#0797.2Safe Operation of VVER Reactor

Methodical Development for WWER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel Safe Operation Lifetime Evaluation Allowing for Anticorrosive Cladding

#0799Biological Effects of Pulsed Fields

Study into Biological Effects of Pulsed Electric and Magnetic Fields Produced upon Cellular Organism Renewal Systems for Developing New Prophylaxis and Therapy Methods

#0799-2Biological Effects of Pulsed Fields

Study into Biological Effects of Pulsed Electric and Magnetic Fields Produced upon Cellular Renewal Systems of Organism for Developing New Prophylaxis and Therapy Methods

#0811Production of Diamond Monocrystals

Production of Monocrystals and High-Strength Polycrystals of Diamond with Specified Properties by Shock and Quasi-Static Compression of Different Carbonaceous Materials Including Amorphous Carbon, Ultra-Dispersive Diamonds, Fullerits, etc.

#0812Solids under Ultra-High Pressure

Studies of Structural Changes of Solid State Bodies Under Ultra-High Pressure Test Explosions with Sample Preservation

#0813Dusty Plasma protecting ozone layer

Dusty Plasma in Air and its Influence upon Contamination Destroying the Ozone Layer

#0816Super-Intensive Neutron Source

Development of a Super-Intensive Pulsed Neutron Source for Physics Research RIN-10 on the Basis of the INR RAS Accelerator-Storage System

#0817Book on Detonation Sensors

Writing the Book "Design of Detonation Sensors for the Control Systems of the Car Engines"

#0819Deflagration on Hydrogen Mixtures

Experimental Investigation of Deflagration to Detonation Transition in Hydrogen Mixtures in Closed Volume

#0824Radiation Monitoring of Nizhni Novgorod Region

Complex System for Radiation Prospecting and Monitoring of Nizhni Novgorod Region

#0825Molten-Carbonate Fuel Cell

Development of the Advanced Technology for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Production

#0826Simulation of Carbonate Fuel Cells

Mathematical Simulation of the Performance of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Performance

#0829Theory of Metalinsulator Transition

Theoretical Investigation of Metal-Insulator Phase Transitions in Strongly Corrected Metals and Analysis of their Feasible Applications

#0831Waveguide CO-Laser

RF Excited Waveguide CO Laser

#0832Mutagen and Carcinogen Hazard

Detection of Mutagen and Carcinogen Hazard by Physico-Chemical Techniques

#0836Fighting Forest Fires

Experimental Investigation of Forest Fires and New Methods for Fighting Them

#0840Rigid Relativistic Objects

A New Approach to the Theory of Extended and Rigid Relativistic Objects

#0842Nuclear Equation of State

Nuclear Equation of State with Deconfinement Phase Transition and 3D Relativistic Dissipative Hydrodynamics. Development of the Approach and Confrontation of Results to Experimental Data on Heavy-ion Collisions

#0855High Velocity Plasma Fluxes

High Velocity Laser Plasma Fluxes in Strong Magnetic Fields and their Application for Optimization of Pressure Profile and Current Distribution in Magnetic Confinement Systems and in Modeling Solar Plasma-Magnetic Phenomena

#0859Corrosive Destruction of Plutonium

Corrosive Destruction and Migration of Plutonium from Drowned Radiation-Hazard Objects and its Accumulation in the Marine Environment Components

#0860Reactivity Burst in VVER Reactor

Study of the Conditions for the Reactivity Burst Occurrence at the Reflood Phase of a Loss-of-Coolant-Accident in VVER-type Reactors

#0866Bioenergetic Generation of Electricity

Bioenergetic Mechanisms of Electric Energy Generation by the Photosynthetic Bacterial Pigment-Protein Complexes

#0874Shock Waves Stability and Perturbation Evolution

Study of Stability and Perturbation Evolution of Diverging and Converging Shock Waves

#0875Aluminum Air Cells

Electric Power Source on the Base of Aluminum Air Cells

#0876Database for Monitoring of Irradiation Doses

Design of the Computer Information System (CIS) for Registration and Monitoring of Population Irradiation Doses from Ionizing Radiation Sources

#0877Gasless Combustion of Solid Fuel Mixtures

Investigation of the Macrokinetics and Energy of Self-Oscillatory Processes of Gasless Combustion of Solid Fuel Mixtures Proposed for the Design of Short-Term Thermal and Electrical Sources

#0879Explosive Compaction

Explosive Compaction of Fluoride Solid State Ionic Conductors and Batteries

#0892Neutron Source on Muon Fusion

mCF-Based 14-MeV Intense Neutron Source

#0894Photon Spectrometer on Heavy Crystals

Development and Studies of Prototypes of Photons Spectrometer Based on Heavy Crystals

#0897Remediation of Soils

Complexant Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Organics

#0899Dense Plasma Focus

The Physical Processes Investigation of the Creation of Dense Plasma Focus (MPF) Having the Neutron Yield with Low Stored Energy of Power Supply and the Construct the Compact Pulsed Neutron Generators on its Basis

#0900Microwave Discharges for Ozone Hole Study

Study of Nanosecond Microwave Discharges in Wave Beams and Modeling their Effect on the Atmosphere in the Region of Ozone "Holes"

#0901Recovery of Rough Diamonds

Development of Innovative Ecologically Safe Technology for Recovery, treatment and Approximate Analysis of Rough Diamonds

#0903High-Speed Plasma Fluxes

Formation and Application of High-Speed Dense Plasma Fluxes, Generated in High-Current Electric Discharges

#0905Monograph on Explosive Destruction

Work on Monograph "Peculiarities of Deformations and Destruction of the Simplest Objects Under Pulse (Explosive) Loading

#0906Point Source of X-Ray

Implementation of the Physical Researches in Behalf of Development of Point Source of Incoherent X-Ray Radiation on Z-Pinch

#0907Superpower Semiconductor Switch

Superpower Semiconductor Switch Based on Reversed Switched Dinistor

#0908Microwave Melting of Materials

Use of High Pulsed Microwaves in Material Processing

#0909Two-Cascade Power Blanket

Investigation of Neutron Multiplication in Media for Development of a Double-Cascade Frequency Power Blanket

#0909-2Two-Cascade Power Blanket

Study of Neutron Multiplication in Media for Creating a Frequency Two-Cascade Energy Blanket

#0910Nuclear Data of Vanadium

Execution of the Complex of Benchmark Experiments for Testing the Nuclear Data of Vanadium - Main Component of Low-Activation Structural Materials for Perspective Nuclear Energetics

#0910.2Nuclear Data for Vanadium

Execution of the Complex of Benchmark-Experiments for Testing the Nuclear Data of Vanadium - Main Component of Low-Activation Structural Materials for Advanced Nuclear Energy

#0913Photocathode Properties

Study of Photocathode Properties in Ultra-High Speed Systems for Registration of the Short-Time Processes

#0917Improved Sewage Purification

Power saving Technologies in the Process of Sewage Purification

#0921Cf Isotopes for Explosive Detection

Development of Rechnique for Detection of Explosives in Custom-Houses and Airports

#0943Deactivation of NPP Elements

A Device for Deactivation of NPP Constructional Elements' Surfaces Using Gas-Abrasive Method

#0944Laser Treatment of Cancer

Development of Laser Installations and Methods for Laser Treatment of Oncological and Infectious Disease and Radiation Lesions

#0945Remote Sensing of Turbulent Atmosphere

Method Development of Phase-Conjugated Remote Sensing of Turbulent Atmosphere Based on Stimulated Scattering

#0948Thin Film Organic Structures

Thin-Film Organic Structures for Electro-Luminescent Civilian Appliances

#0950Ionosphere Lighting

Investigation of Lighting Discharges Directed to the Ionosphere

#0952PF-Excited CO2 Lasers

Research and Development of Multislab PF-Excited CO2 lasers for Material Processing

#0963Uranium Container for Fuel Transportation

Development of a Technical Design for DU-shielded Transport Cask with Increased Spent Nuclear Fuel Specific Loading

#0971X-ray Diagnostics for Emergency Medicine

Research and Development of X-ray Diagnostics Techniques and Equipment for the Emergency Medicine

#0972Electrochemical Regenerator for Artificial Kidney

The Study of Concept, Development and Investigation of the Unit of Electrochemical Regeneration of Dialysing Solution for "Artificial Kidney"

#0975Beams for Surface Treatment

Development of Methods of Large Area, Repetition Rate Electron and Ion Beams Formation for Improvement of Properties of Material Surface

#0990Transport Aircraft Impact

Study of Airframe and Cargo Mechanical Response at Accident Impact Transport Aircraft to Take-off and Landing Runway


Physics and Technique of Nanometer Scale IC Element Formation Processes Based on the Interaction of Intensive EUV Radiation with Matter

#1000Emergency Shutdown of Gas Lines

Development and Manufacture of the Pilot Model of the Automatic Blocking System for Emergency Shutdown of Gas Lines in Accidents at Chemical Facilities

#1005Radiation Safety under Hydrogen Interaction

Creation of a Database on Ecological and Radiation Safety under the Interaction of Hydrogen and its Isotopes with Constructional Materials of Energy Devices

#1025Non-equilibrium Processes in Plasma

Atomic and Radiative Processes in Plasma, Gases and Solids: Non - Equilibrium Nonlinear Spectroscopy in Dense Gases and Plasma

#1027Apparatus for Explosives' Detection

The Development of an Apparatus to Detect Explosives and Drugs using Nuclear - Physics Methods

#1061Plane-Parallel Chamber

Development and Investigation of Prototypes for Gas-Filled Plane-Parallel Chambers, Realizing Time-of-Flight Detector for the Project "Alice" (LHC, CERN) and Other New Generation Experiments

#1072High-Pressure CO2-Amplifier

Creation of a Wide-Aperture High-Pressure CO2-Amplifier

#1076Electron Antineutrino

Search for Electron Antineutrino Rest Mass in the Tritium b-decay

#1077Tritium Monitoring in the Environment

The Development of Procedures and Devices for Passive Sampling to Monitor Tritium and Its Oxide in the Environmental Objects

#1078Aerosol Formation in Clouds

Mathematical Simulation of Atmospheric Pollutants Mesoscale Transport and Transformation: Kinetics of Aerosol Formation in Clouds

#1079Optimization of Radiation Therapy

System for Optimization of Radiation Therapy Planning by Photon and Electron Beams on the Basis of a Pencil Beam Algorithm

#1082Electric Circuit Breakers

Carrying out Research on Developing the Electric Circuit Breakers Based on the Shape-Memory Materials

#1083Tritium Oxide Content Control

Development of Method and Technical Project of the Plant for Thermo-Vacuum Desorption of Tritium Oxide (HTO) from the Environmental Samples

#1084Diffusion Zink Planting of Steels

Research on Diffusion Zinc Cladding of Structural Steels, as Well as Their Mechanical and Corrosion Properties to Replace Their Cyanic Cadmium Plating

#1085Optimization of Thermal Protection Systems

Development of Computational and Experimental Methods for the Efficiency Evaluation of Thermal Protection Systems for the Transportation and Storage of Highly Important, Valuable and Hazardous Cargos. Optimization of Thermal Protection Systems

#1086Monte-Carlo Nuclear Reactor Code

Monte-Carlo Code Development for Spatial Neutron Transient Calculations of NPP Core

#1087Code-Library Based on the Particles-on-Cell Method

Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Ion Accumulation and Production Processes in Multicharged Ion Sources and Electron Beams for Electron Cooling Applications

#1088Current Layer Plasma

Research of the Current Layer Plasma Dynamics, Solar Flash Simulations

#1089Initiation of Electric Discharge in Atmosphere

Performance of Large-Scale Experiments for Study of High-Energy Pulses Propagation in Atmosphere

#1090Crystal Implants

Study of the Character of Crystal Implants and Interaction of Biologically Active Media

#1105Multipurpose Wastes-Free Singlet Oxygen Generator

Rationale of a Possibility of Creating a Multipurpose Wastes-Free Continuous Action Singlet Oxygen Generator with the Efficiency Ranging from Hundreds of Fractions up to Several Moles of Singlet Oxygen Per Second and Elaboration of the Demonstration Sampl

#1109Pulsed Opening Switch

Development of New Type of Pulsed High-Current Open Switch

#1110Thin Film Coatings

Thin Film Coatings for the Technologies of Hydrogen Isotope Permeation Through Metallic Membranes and for the Protection of Structural Materials

#1113Air Monitoring by Infrared Laser

Ecological Monitoring Using Multifrequency IR laser. Matematical Modelling and Feasibility Study.

#1113-2Air Monitoring by Infrared Laser

Ecological Monitoring in the Sites of Chemical Weapons Destruction and Near High-Danger Industries by the Multifrequency Infrared Laser

#1117Tunable CO2 Laser

Automatic Tunable CO2 Laser (Continuation of project #216-95)

#1118Oxygen-Iodine Laser Optimization

Optimization of the Physics and Major Performance Parameters of Industrial Oxygen- Iodine Laser

#1119Tunable Infrared Laser with Frequency Doubling

CO2 Lasers Tunable Over a Broad IR Spectrum with Effective Frequency Doubling in Nonlinear Crystals

#1126Globus-M Diagnostic Equipment

Advanced Diagnostics Array for Spherical Tokamak Globus-M

#1129Compression Plasma Diagnostics

Development of Techniques for Studying the Space-Time Characteristics of Thermonuclear Plasma in Experiments on Magnetic Compression

#1137Heavy Ion Fusion Research

Research on Powerful Heavy Ion Fusion Facility Based on Accelerator Developments in Europe and Russia

#1139Design of Mobile Gas Purification Unit

The Development of the Method and Technical Design of Mobile Automated Unit for Removing Gases from the Rooms

#1140Publishing of Monograph on Pulse Reactors

Publication of Monograph "Aperiodic Pulse Reactors"

#1142Completion of ITER Tritium Circuit Development

Completion of a Closed Tritium Circuit Device, Investigation of Processes, Manufacturing, and Tests of Models of ITER Tritium Loop Components; Experimental Simulation and Theoretical Analysis of Plasma Effects of ITER In-Vessel Structure Components; Radia

#1145Nuclear Data for Transmutation Problem

Nuclear-Physics Investigations Aimed at the Solution of Weapon Plutonium Conversion and Long-Lived Radioactive Wastes Transmutation Problems

#1149Superhigh Magnetic Fields for Diamond Production Technology

Application of Megagauss Magnetic Fields for Improving Monolithic Diamond and Diamond-Like Material Technology, using the Dynamic-Static Compression Method

#1158Faster-than-Light Electromagnetic Radiation Source

Experimental Investigation of Faster-than-Light Electromagnetic Radiation Source Characteristics

#1159Human Eye Models

Development of Experimental and Theoretical Optical Human Eye Models

#1168MGD-Nozzle Chamber for Thermonuclear Ignition

Development of an MHD-Nozzle Device for Further Additional Compression of Plasma and for Obtaining Thermonuclear Reaction Ignition Conditions

#1180Equation of State for a Light Element Plasma

A New Approach to the Equation of State for a Dense Plasma of Light Elements that Generalizes Larkin's Model

#1185Multipurpose UV Source

Development of Ultraviolet Light Sources for the Use in Science, Industry, and Ecology

#1187Nanodiamonds for Emission Cathodes

Nanodiamond Materials for Cold Emission Cathodes

#1195Dynamic Simulator for Power Complex

A Multipurpose Dynamic Electric System Simulator for the RIAR Power Complex

#1201Crystallographic Analysis of Bio Liquids

Crystallographic Method for Study of Therapeutic Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Effects

#1202Monograph on Materials under Dynamic Loads

Monograph "Methods for Studying Material Behavior under Intensive Dynamic Loads"

#1203Database on Material Dynamic Strength

Creation of Database on Dynamic Strength Properties of Construction Materials

#1205Positron Storage Ring

The Manufacture of a Low-Energy Positron Storage Ring and Positronium Flux Generation

#1206Powerful Infrared Laser

Powerful IR Lasers with Controllable Spectral, Spatial and Temporal Parameters

#1208Calculation Model of Materials Dynamic Destruction

Investigation of the Dynamic Destruction of Materials in Wide Longevity Ranges Aimed at Creating a Process Calculation Model

#1213Superintensive Source of Electromagnetic Radiation

Experimental Demonstration of Producing 10[19] - 10[21]W/cm[2] Quasi-stationary Electromagnetic Field Sources for Fundamental Investigations of the Behavior of Matter in 10[9] - 10[11] V/cm Fields Part 2. Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the

#1220Muon Absorber Design

Development and Optimization of Muon Spectrometer Absorber

#1220-2Muon Absorber Design

Development and Optimization of Muon Spectrometer Absorber

#1227Properties of Transuranium Radionuclides

Transuranium Radionuclides: Producing Highly Enriched Isotope Samples, Measuring Emission Probabilities of Radiations and Decay Data Evaluation

#1229X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Development of Highly Sensitive Technique of X-ray Fluorescence Element Analysis

#1232Deformed Crystals Structure by X-ray

X-ray Diffraction Study of Crystals Phase Transitions at Fast Deformations

#1250Laser Diagnostics of Detonation Waves

Experimental Study of Detonation Wave Structure of Condensed High Explosives in Nanosecond and Subnanosecond Range by Laser Velocimeters

#1253Stability and Transport Phenomena in Plasma

Theoretical Problems of Oscillations, Stability and Transport Phenomena in the Plasmas and Plasma Like Mediums

#1259Material Improvement by Laser Radiation

Development of Industrial Technology of Magnetic Properties of Electrotechnical Materials Improvement by Pulse - Periodic CO2 - Laser Radiation

#1260Anomalous Transport in Plasma

Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Anomalous Transport in a Field - Reversed Configuration

#1270Powerful Sources of Spontaneous Light Radiation

Development and Creation of Powerful Sources of Spontaneous Radiation

#1271Thickeners for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells

Investigation of Potential Use of Different Materials as Matrix Plate Thickeners for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells

#1272Multispectral Laser for Diseases Treatment

Development of a Working Laser Multispectral Medical Model for Therapies of diseases Causing Destructive Changes in Tissues and Accompanied by Inflammation

#1273Corrosion Protection in Fuel Cells

Development of Method for Anticorrosive Metal Structure Protection of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Batteries

#1276Reprocessing of High Explosive Components

Ecologically Clean Industrial Technological Line for Processing HE Details

#1277Paint Removal by Laser

Investigation of the Optimum Conditions to Remove Paint Coatings from Surfaces of Different Construction Materials Using Laser

#1280Femtosecond Diffractometry

Femtosecond Photoelectronic Diffractometry Measurement Techniques

#1281Chemical Reactions in Strong Magnetic Field

Influence of Strong Magnetic Field on Chemical Processes Catalysed by d-metal Complexes

#1282Extracellular DNA as Environmental Factor

Study of Low-Molecular Extracellular DNA as a Factor of Programmed Death due to the Surrounding Medium Action

#1284Lasers in Analytical Biochemistry

Laser Based Ortho-Molecular Medical Diagnostics

#1286Genetic Health Prognosis

Integrated Genetic Health Prediction for People Exposed to Hazardous Environments: A Method Based on Genotype and Radiosensitivity Analysis

#1286.2Genetic Health Prognosis

Integrated Genetic Health Prediction for People Exposed to Hazardous Environments: A Method Based on Genotype and Radiosensitivity Analysis

#1287Fortran-90 Software for Matrix Algebra

Development of FORTRAN 90 Newt Software Module for Large-Dimension Matrix Algebra Calculations

#1299Monograph on Laser Radiation Interaction with Matter

Writing of the Monograph: "Termal, Hydrodynamic and Plasma Effects in Laser Matter Interaction".

#1301Shok Wave Monograph Publication

Publication of Monograph "Shock Waves and Extreme States of Matter"

#1303Plasma Technology for Gas Cleaning

Development of Plasma Technologies for Gas Cleaning Utilising Nanosecond Discharges

#1304Database on Materials under High Pressure and Temperature

Integrated Database on Material Properties at High Pressures and Temperatures

#1305Exotic Nuclei States

Investigation of the Exotic States of the Atomic Nuclei

#1318High Purity Plutonium-244

Development of Technology for High-Purity Plutonium-244 Production Using the Method of Electromagnetic Separation Aimed at Build-Up of Highly Enriched Plutonium-244 to Control Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Materials

#1319Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting

Development of Automated Nuclear Materials Control and Accounting (NMC&A) Methods for Fissile Material Storage Fasilities (FMSF)

#1323Data Bank on Materials Properties

Data Bank on Phisical-Mechanical Properties

#1334Space Debris Impact on Spacecraft

Study of the Spacecraft Vital Elements Response to Space Debris Impact

#1348Frequency Control of RF Excited Lasers

Interactive Electronic Frequency Control of RF Excited Lasers

#1350Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Optimization

Optimization of Mass-Exchange in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC) and Investigation of Transport Phenomena of Reactants and Products in Electrode/Membrane Assemblies (EMA) Taking into Account Macrokinetic Properties of Electrochemical Reactions

#1369Acoustic Seismic Monitoring

Use of Coherent and Non-linear Acoustic Methods in Nondestructive Testing and Seismology

#1388Metal Tritides

Study of Metal Tritides

#1393Non-spherical Shock Waves in Liquids

Research of Generation Mechanism and Focusing Process of Non-One-Dimensional Shock Waves in Liquids

#1395Theory of Plasmachemical Reactor

Theoretical Modelling of the Plasmachemical Reactor Assigned for Generation of Chemical Compounds Participating in the Formation of Thin Films on the Surface of Solid Samples

#1396Penetration of Micro-particles into Solids

Physical Processes of Anomalistic Penetration of Micro-particles into Solid Bodies.

#1397Design of Ozone Production Facility

The Development of the Technical Project of Facility (with Capacity of 1 KW) for Ozone Producing by High Frequency Current (HFC) in Transversal Discharge

#1398Combustion Synthesis for Molten Carbonates

Application of Combustion Synthesis Method to Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Technology

#1399Radiation Influence on Ignition of Hydrogen Mixtures

Research of the Impact of Ionising Radiation on Ignition Limits and Burning Rate of Hydrogen-Air and Steam-Hydrogen-Air Gaseous Mixtures

#1413Composite Alloys with Superplasticity

Development, Acquisition and Investigation of Aluminum Composite Alloys with High Strain-Rate Superplasticity Effect

#1415Alpha-Radiometer with Surface Contamination Visualisation

Development of the Portable Alpha-Radiometer with a Silicon position-Sensitive Detector and with Visualisation of a Density Distribution of Alpha-Active Nuclides on an Inspected Surface

#1420Pressure Vessels under Impact of Space Debris

Gas-Filled Pressure Vessels under Hypervelocity Impact of Space Debris Particles: Development of Numerical Simulation Methodology and Survivability Analysis

#1422X-ray and Extreme UV Technologies

Advanced XUV Technology: Methods, Sources, Instruments

#1425Spherical Ionization Waves

Spherical Ionization Waves

#1474Gaseous Fuel Ignition by Ionization Wave

Superfast Homogeneous Plasma Ignition of Hydrogen-Oxygen and Air-Fuel Supersonic Flows by High-Voltage Ionization Wave

#1476Extreme Parameters for Magnetocumulative Technique

Research and Ultimate Potentialities of a Magnetocumulative Technique for Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields Production

#1477Vortex Flow in the Aircraft Wake

Investigation of Dynamics, Stability and Remote Sensing Methods of Vortex Multicomponent Flow in the Wake of Subsonic Civil Aircraft

#1478Educational Package on Solid State Physics

Tutorial and Methodical Package on Condensed Matter Physics

#1478.2Educational Package on Solid State Physics

Tutorial and Methodical Package on Condensed Matter Physics

#1480Runaway Breakdown and Lightning Initiation

Runaway Breakdown in the Air and Implications for Lightning Initiation

#1482Acoustic Method for Underwater Piping Monitoring

Pipelines' Estimation Technique Development in the Area of Underwater Passages Across Deep Rivers with the Implementation of Acoustic Emission Monitoring Technique

#1486Cascade Subcritical Reactor

Experimental and Theoretical Justification of the Cascade Scheme of the Subcritical Molten-Salt Reactor for Transmutation of Long-Lived RW of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

#1493Electrode Material for Chemical Current Sources

Investigation of Possibility for Production of Active Negative Electrode Material for Chemical Current Sources

#1496Multi-Charged Ion Source

Multi-Charged Ion Source Based on ECR Discharge in Heavy Gases Sustained by Powerful Gyrotron Radiation

#1521Solar Light Pumped Laser

Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Development of Photodissociation Laser Pumped by Solar Light

#1558Water Surface Oil Monitoring

Development of HF-DF Laser Technology to Measure the Size and Evolution of Oil Spills on Water Surfaces

#1559Aerocomplex for Radiation Monitoring

Development of Mobil Complex Based on Light Flying Vehicle for Radiation Monitoring of Environment

#1560Monograph on Classical Gauge Theories

Writing a Book Self-action in Classical Gauge Theories

#1562Porous Materials Shock Compressibility

Experimental Study and Mathematical Simulation of Shock Compressibility of Porous Materials in the Region of Incomplete Compaction

#1564Superhigh Pressure of Hydrogen Isotopes Installation

Elaboration of the "Technical Project" of the Installation for the Superhigh Pressure of Hydrogen Isotopes

#1565Underground Water Basin Model

Continuosly Functioning Model for Underground Water Basin

#1566Monograph on Resistor Technologies

Writing a Monograph "Liquid High-Voltage Sealed Resistors: Development, Research, Application"

#1571Manipulator for Fissile Materials

Development and Investigation of a Manipulator Equipped with a Videosystem of Space Orientation Aimed at Safety Increase at Working with Fissile Materials

#1572Flight Time Measurement for Charged Particles

Development of Engineering for Measurement of Time of Flight for Identification of Charged Particles in Nuclear Physics and for Applied Purposes

#1576Neutrons Thermonuclear Amplificator

Thermonuclear Amplificator of Neutrons by Fission Fragments (THERANFF)

#1578Space Remote Energy Transmission

Space Remote Energy Transmission (Development, Simulation and Pre-Starting Procedures for Remote Energy Transmission Experiment in Outer Space)

#1579Magneto-Hydrodynamic Software

User Package for Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flows

#1580Hydrogen Detectors

Development and Study of Detectors for Hydrogen Detection and Registration

#1581Discharge Singlet Oxigen Generator

Development of Discharge Singlet Oxygen Generator for an Industrial Discharge Oxygen-Iodine Laser

#1582Radioactive Waste Disposal Using Microspheres

Immobilisation and Disposal of Radioactive Wastes Using Modified Microspheres of Natural Silicates

#1584Interference-Suppressing Digital Devices

Interference-Suppressing Digital Devices and Systems: Design Technique Study and Monograph Preparation

#1593Electrohydropulse Stamping

Development of Technology for Electrohydropulse Stamping Sequential Making up of Blank Material on Punch

#1598Shock-wave Treatment of Blood Plasma

Methods for Shock-wave Correction of System Structures of Blood Plasma (Serum)

#1601Electromagnetic Fields in Oncology

Experimental and Clinical Validation of the Use of Low Intensity, Multi-Stage Modulation Electromagnetic Fields as Adjuvants and Immunomodulators in Oncology

#1607Functionally Graded Coating

The Production of Functionally Graded Coatings Using Intense Millimeter-Wave Beams

#1610Pressing and Punching in Detector's Technologies

Development of the Pressing and Punching Technics for the Manufacturing of Particle Detectors

#1613Chemical Decomposition of Explosive and Combastive Materials

Study into Kinetics of Chemical Decomposition Reactions of Energetic Materials to Improve Franck-Kamenetsky Model

#1614Impact Sensitivity Tests for Explosives

Study through Techniques for Impact Sensitivity Test of Commercial HE Toward a Unified Approach to Testing and Data Evaluation

#1619Ozone in Siberia Region

Survey of Ozone in Eastern Siberia. Instrument Development and Observations

#1626Optical Tomograph for Fissile Solutions

Optical Tomograph for Gassing Dynamic Control on Tracks of Fission Fragments for Facilities of Storage and Operation of Fissile Solutions

#1627Gas-plasma Nuclear Generator

Nuclear Generator of Gas-plasma Flux

#1629Ions Collective Accelerator

Development of Ions Collective Accelerator, Based on Plasma Vircator and Periodical Magnetic Field

#1633Dangerous Micro-organisms Destruction

Method Development and Pilot Installation Creation for Destroying of Especially Dangerous Forms of Micro-organisms

#1634Plasma Light Sources

High Efficiency Plasma Light Sources with Adjustable Spectrum

#1645Gas Desulfurization

Development of an Industrial Technology to Manufacture a Complex Catalyst-Chemical Sorbent for Natural Gas Desulfurization in Fuel Cell Based Power Plant

#1646One-Stage Carbon Monoxide Converter

Development of a One-Stage Carbon Monoxide Converter for Fuel Cell-Based Power Plants

#1651Remote Methane Monitoring

Remote Laser Analyser for Methane Sensing in the Air of Subterranean Spaces

#1655Gauge Field Sources Dynamics

Behavior Dynamics of Gauge Field Sources in General Relativity

#1657Zinc Diethyl Risk Assessment

Toxicological and Hygienic Risk Assessment of Zinc Diethyl Autooxidation and Hydrolysis Products at Normal Temperature and Air Humidity. Synthesis and Analysis of Physical and Chemical Properties of Zinc Diethyl Transformation Products

#1658Infra-Red Recording Camera

Creation of a Model of a Fast IR Recording Camera Based on the Semiconductor Camera of Ionization Type KIT-2F

#1660Multiply Charged Ion Characteristics

Computation of Multiply Charged Li-, Be-, B-, C-, N- Like Ion Characteristics

#1661Alkali Metal and Noble Gas Plasma

Calculation of Alkali Metal and Noble Gas Imperfect Plasma Thermodynamic Characteristics

#1662Solid Electron Phases

Study of Solid Electron Phases

#1663Laser Plasmatron

Laser Plasma Chemical Reactor

#1665Alkali Metals Spectrum

Phonon Spectrum Investigation of Alkali Metals at External Pressure Corresponding to Anomalous Range of Electrical Resistance by Means of Inelastic Neutron Scattering

#1669Beryllium Radiation Damageability

Systematizating the Results of the 30-year Research on Beryllium Damageability in a Wide Range of Irradiation Temperatures and Neutron Fluences. Preparation and Publication of the Book "Beryllium Radiation Demageability"

#1670Metal Cutting Laser

Development of the Devices for the Increase of Thickness, Speed and Quality of the Gas-Assisted Laser Cutting

#1672Supersonic Plasma Flows Monitoring

Development of Diagnostic Methods of Supersonic Flow of Plasma and Creation of a Laboratory Prototype of an Automated Diagnostic Complex

#1678High Temperature Catalytic Burners

Development of Effective High Temperature Catalytic Burners for Applications in Reformers of Fuel Cell Power Plants

#1679Radiation Safety Thermal-Hydraulic Codes

Verification of Thermal and Hydraulic Codes, Used for Safety Justification of Russian VVER NPPs

#1680Ural Region Geoinformation System

Geoinformation System for Safe Transportation of Highly Hazardous and Hazardous Cargoes by Motor Vehicles in Sverdlovsk Region and Ekaterinburg

#1684Filter Test Expert System

Development of Expert System on Pumping Test Interpretation

#1708Ferroelectric Films in Radioelectronics

Ferroelectric Film Structures for Application in Radioelectronic Devices

#1710Evaluation Software for Physical Protection Systems

Development of Informational-Analytic System and Software to Evaluate the System of Physical Protection of Nuclear Hazardous Objects and Delivery of Recommendations to Upgrade its Effectiveness

#1711Orphopedic Device for Extremities

Development and Clinical Trials of Automatic Compression and Distraction Device of External Fixation for Lengthening of Extremities

#1712Rapid-Growth Technology for Soluble Crystals

Development of Rapid-Growth Technology for the Production of Single-Sector Water-Soluble Crystals (2-nd stage)

#1714Nuclear Reactions in Z-Pinch Gas Discharge

Investigation of Reactions Between Light Nuclei at Ultralow Energies Using Z-Pinch

#1717Physics Methods for Eye Pathology Diagnostics

New Methods of Early Diagnostics of Some Forms of Eye Dystrophic Pathologies

#1724Pollution Distribution in Aeration Zone

Physical and Chemical Hydrodynamics of Pollution Distribution in Soil Aeration Zone: Computer Simulation and Structure Models

#1725Satellite Monitoring of Earthquakes Forerunners

Satellite Monitoring of Ionospheric Forerunners of Earthquakes with Radiophysical and Radio Engineering Methods

#1726Piezoelectric Sensors

Development of Prospective Sensors and Piezotechnique Devices

#1730Nitric Oxide Monitoring in Exhaled Air

Creation of an Instrument for Monitoring the Nitric Oxide (No) Content in Exhaled Air and Its Test in Treatment Process of Asthmatic Patients (in Medical Practice)

#1733High-Power Sources of Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation

Creation of High-Power Sources of Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation for Energy, Information and Acceleration Systems

#1737Gd-157 Production Using Liquid Centrifuges

Development of Technology for Enriched Gd-157 Production Using Liquid Centrifuges

#1737.2Gd-157 Production Using Liquid Centrifuges

Development of Technology for Enriched Gd-157 Production Using Liquid Centrifuges

#1740Radiation Pyrolysis of Oil Fractions

Study of Radiation Pyrolysis of Oil Petrol Fractions to Raise Efficiency and Quality of Their Processing into Source Matters for Petrochemical Synthesis

#1743Radiation Destruction of Polymers

Intensification of the Ionizing Radiation-Initiated Degradative Processes of the Cross-Linked Polymer Systems

#1744Isobaric Multiplets of Light Nuclei

Investigation of Isobaric Multiplets of Light Nuclei with T=2 Near Neutron-Decay Thresholds Using Tritium Beam

#1745Rocks Fracture Investigations

Investigation of Formation and Development of the Fracture Nucleation Site in Rocks Aimed at Prediction of Seismic Events

#1749Fission Cross Sections for Minor Actinides

Measurements of the Cross Sections of Fast and Resonance Neutrons Induced Fission of Minor Actinides for Their Transmutation with Accelerator-Driven Systems

#1751Amorphous Alloys by Powder Compacting

Technology Development for Obtaining of Enhanced Magnetic Properties Amorphous Alloys (Metal Glasses) by Shock-Wave Compacting Powder Materials for Magnetic Applications

#1753Pulse Pressure Effect on Lipids Reactions

Impulse Pressure Affect on Chain Reactions of Lipid’s Peroxide Oxidation

#1754Efficiency Improvements in Excimer Lasers

Research into Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Short-Pulse Excimer Lasers with E-Beam Pumping

#1761Nuclear Lagoon

Nuclear Lagoon for Biomass Photosynthesis with Use of Radioluminescent Radiation of Nuclear-Optical Converter

#1764Activation of Heterogeneous Catalysts

Nontraditional Approaches to the Activation of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Environmentally Important Processes

#1768Transportable Containment for Explosion Products

Development of Transportable, Fast-Assembling Device for Localization of Products of Environmentally-Hazardous Objects Explosion

#1784High-Voltage Gas Switches Maintenance

Development and Production of Trial Samples of the Mobile Gas-Technologic Complex for Environmentally Safe Maintenance of High-Voltage SF6 Switches

#1787Shock Method for Tires Utilization

Method for Utilization of Large-Size Automobile Tires by Shock Bench of Explosive Type (Development, Manufacture of Demonstration Model Facility)

#1790Environmentally Pure Solid Fuel

Development of Environmentally Pure and Effective Heat Source Based on Solid Carbon Hydride Fuel

#1792Book on Knocking Sensors for Car Engine

Publication of the Book «The Design of Knock Sensors for Control Systems of the Car Engine»

#1794Diffraction Gratings Based on Multilayer Structures

Development of High Efficiency Diffraction Gratings on the Basis of Multilayer Structures for Monochromators and Polychromators of X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation and for Ultra-High Spectral Resolution X-Ray Diagnostics in the 0.1 – 10 Kev Energy Range

#1796Nuclear Data for Astrophysics

An Extended Data Base of the Beta-Decay Properties and Nuclear Reaction Rated for Astrophysical Applications

#1797Laser Induced Lightning Discharges

Modeling of The Laser Pulse Induced Lightning Discharges

#1805Price Reducing Technology for "Pockels" Cell Production

Investigation of Potential Price Reduction of Large-Aperture Pockels Cell Fabrication Technology

#1807Lidar Sensing of Ocean Trough Disturbed Surface

The Development of the Technique for Polarization Lidar Remote Sensing of the Stratified Ocean with Allowance for the Effects of the Sea Surface Roughness

#1814Powerful Disturbances Effects on Atmosphere and Ionosphere

Response of the Atmosphere and Ionosphere to Impacts of Large Meteoroids and Powerful Natural and Technogenic Impulsive Disturbances (Chemical and Nuclear Explosions, Volcano Eruptions, Active Geophysical Experiments)

#1816Dusty Plasma Investigation

Dusty Plasma in Nature and Technological Devices

#1824Diagnostic Complex for Heavy Ion Beam

The Diagnostic Complex Development for Fundamental Characteristics Researches of Heavy Ion Beams Interaction with Matter

#1825Improvement of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy

Method Development of Essential Increase of Gamma-Resonant Spectroscopy Resolving Power and of New Type Gamma-Sources Design for Use in This Field

#1827Risk Assesment for Nuclear Materials Storage

Adaptation of the Technique Based on the Logical-Probabilistic Safety Theory Statements for Evaluating the Risk of Emergency Situations at the Facilities Containing Nuclear Materials

#1831Non-Radiation Methods for Nuclear Materials Monitoring

Application of Non-Radiation Methods for Nuclear Materials Accounting, Control and Identification

#1832Uranium Enrichment Measurements by Neutron Irradiation

Development of the Active Neutron Method for Control over Enrichment Degree of Uranium in Closed Shielding Containers

#1835Pure Scandium Production

Development of the Technology to Obtain Pure Metal Scandium by Thermal Decomposition of Scandium Iodide

#1844Selective Effects of X-ray on Biological Tissues

Development of X-ray Beam Space-and-Time Modulation Techniques for Localized Impact on Biological Tissues

#1851Dynamic Structures in Plasma Turbulence

Dynamic Structures in Plasma Turbulence: Measurement of Characteristics and Determination of General Features

#1853Electric Discharge Lasers and Lamps

Development of Electric-Discharge Devices with Plate Electrodes and Discharge Stabilisation for Using in High Repetition Rate Lasers and Lamps

#1854Diagnosis and Prophylaxis for People under Radiation Risk

Development of Early Preclinical Diagnosis and Prophylaxis Methods for People Working or Living in Higher Radiation Background Environments

#1855Powerful Source of Visible and Ultraviolet Radiation

Development of Powerful Pulse Source of Visible and UV Radiation on the Base of Induced Gas Discharge

#1871Numerical Analysis of Gas Hazards

Numerical Analysis of Gas Hazards

#1889Civilian Science Center in Sarov

Technical, Economical and Social Justification for the Project of Open Research Center in the City of Sarov

#1890Parallel Programming with Dynamic Balancing

Technology for Parallel Programming with Dynamic Balancing of Gas Dynamics and Heat Conduction Type Problems using Fine-Grain Irregular Parallelization

#1907Infrared Receivers/Transmitters for Atmosphere Spectroscopy

Tunable IR Parametric Receivers/Transmitters with Heterodyne Detection for Remote Spectroscopy of the Atmosphere with High Spectral Resolution and Probing Distance

#1919Tamper Indication System

Tamper Indicating Device Complex Development and Implementation within NM Protection, Control and Accountability System (MPC&A)

#1920Radioactive Waste Capsulation in Filters

Development of Method for Capsulation and Fixing of Radionuclide Contamination on Porous Materials of Aerosol Filters

#1928Electron-Positron Storage Ring

Construction of Electron-Positron Storage Ring VEPP-2000 with the Colliding Beams Energy of up to 2×1 GeV

#1929Phase Conjugation in Commercial Laser

Development of a Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Phase Conjugation Mirror of Superhigh Conjugation Quality Employing the Kinoform Optics of New Generation for a Commercial Solid-state Pulse-periodic Laser with Nanosecond Scale Pulse Duration

#1930Light Nuclei at Neutron Stability Border

Structure of the Lightest Nuclei on the Border of Neutron Stability

#1932Nuclear Safety for Advanced Neutron Sources

Theoretical and Experimental Substantiation of Nuclear Safety for Advanced Pulsed Neutron Sources

#1945Laser Detection Explosives and Drugs

Device Development to Detect and Analyze Explosives and Drugs by Diode Laser Spectroscopy

#1949Geoinformation System of Beloyarsk NPP

The Geoinformation System for Ensuring Safety of the Beloyarsk NPP’s Engineering Service Lines (GIS-BESL)

#1962Oxygen and Mixed Gases Production Technology

Engineering of High-Performance Techniques of Oxygen Production and Respiratory Mixed Gases for Space Systems and Public Health Services

#1965Gas Discharge Sterilization in Medicine

Development of Technology for Medical Instrumentation Sterilization by means of Gas Discharge Technique

#1967Magnetic Stabilization in Liner Implosion

Study of Magnetic Stabilization of the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability under Conditions of Liner Implosion by Magnetic Fields Formed by Helical Magnetic Generators

#1974Brickwork Materials for Operational and New NPP's

Perspective Materials for Brickwork Elements of External Catchers of Operating and Design NPP. Methods of Severe Accidents Consequences Mitigation

#1977UV/VUV Lasers with REB Pumping

Investigations of Ultraviolet and Vacuum Ultraviolet lasers with Runaway Electron Beams Pumping

#1982Magnetic Power Amplifiers

Magnetic Amplifiers of Power for Fundamental Research in Physics and Technology

#1984Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Spent Fusion Fuel

Development of a Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Recovery of a Spent T-D Mixture of Fusion Facilities

#1997Acoustic Dictionary

Translation and Editing the Manuscript “Acoustic Encyclopaedia”, Make-up Page Creation

#2004The Table-Top Source for Nuclear Reactions

The Table-Top Source for Nuclear Reactions, Initiated by the Multi-TW Picosecond Laser

#2026Monograph on Electrosorption Phenomena in Heat Insulators

Writing of the Monograph: “Electrosorption Phenomena in Screen-Vacuum Heat Insulation Layers”

#2027Short Radiation Pulses for Genetic Research

Application of Nano- and Sub-Nanosecond Pulses of Electron and X-ray Radiation Generated by Small-Size Megavolt Accelerators for Selection and Genetic Researches on Fruit-and-Berry Cultures

#2028Test-system for Individual Radiosensitivity Analysis

Development of Highly Precise Test-System for Individual Human Radiosensitivity Analysis in Cohorts of Occupationally Exposed People

#2029Diagnostics of Magnetic States in Rare-Earth Dielectrics

High-Field Combined Diagnostics of Magnetic States in Rare-Earth Dielectric Compounds

#2032Explosive Technology for Metal Processing

Optimization of the Conditions for Dynamic Effects in the Explosive Metal Processing Technology

#2033Fuel Element Diagnostics for Pulse Reactor

Development of a Fuel Element Diagnostics Technique for the Aperiodic Pulse Reactor BR-1 with the Metallic Core

#2045Study of Small-Size Industrial Shaped Charges' Jets

Study of Peculiarities of Small-Size Industrial Shaped Charges' Jet Formation, Evolution and Penetration into Various Materials

#2046Diagnostics and Correction of Microelementoses in Farm Animals

Method of Diagnostics of Chronic Microelementoses in Farm Animals Based on the Chemical Elemental Composition of their Hair and Correction of Such Microelementoses

#2071Dielectric Properties of Biological Media

Physical Models for Dielectric Properties of Biological Media

#2098Magnetic Reconnection Phenomena

Experimental study of plasma dynamics and three-dimensional magnetic reconnection aimed at modeling the phenomena of the solar-flare type

#2099Monograph on Atmospheric Radioactive Contamination

Writing a Monograph "Methods of Detection of Atmospheric Radioactive Radiations and Physical Methods of Precipitation of Radioactive Clouds"

#2104Theoretical Studies of Plasma Instabilities

Theoretical Studies of Anisotropic Plasma Instabilities in the Space Plasmas

#2105Boron Dilution in WWER Reactors

Study of Emergency Situations Related to Boron Dilution in WWER Reactors

#2107Thermal Properties of Uranium Dioxide

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Thermophysical Properties of Uranium Dioxide (UO2) and Other Materials Related to the Problems of Nuclear Power Plants Safety

#2110High Power Technological Lasers

High Power Technological Lasers with Self-Adaptive Resonators

#2114Development of Nanostructured Materials

Development of Advanced Nanostructured Metallic Materials by Severe Plastic Deformation Techniques

#2115Estimation of the Action of Tritium on Nuclear Specialists

Molecular-Genetic Analysis of Blood Cells from Nuclear Specialists Occupationally Exposed to Tritium and Tritium Oxide

#2130Sealed CO-Laser with Controlled Cavity

Carbon Monoxide Sealed-off Laser with Operated Dispersive Cavity for Medicine, Ecology, Active Media and Material Study

#2136Cadmium Fluoride for Optics and Optoelectronics

New Prospective Materials Based on Wide-Gap Ionic Semiconductor CdF2 for Emitters, Memory Cells, and Holographic Elements

#2138Pilot Production Technology for Shape Memory Materials

Development of Pilot Production Technology of Thin Shape Memory Materials Based on Quasi-Binary Intermetallic Systems

#2141Membrane Ozonation of Waste Waters

Ozone Pertraction through Non-Porous Polymeric Membranes for Efficient and Energy Saving Treatment of Waste Waters and Disinfection of Drinking Water

#2146Materials Strengths in Accidental Situations

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Strengths of Structural Materials as Applied to Accidental Situations at Nuclear Facilities

#2147Ti-Ni-Nb-Alloy-Based Thermomechanical Joints

Development of an Advanced Technology for Safe and Easy-Demountable Thermomechanical Joints Using Ti-Ni-Nb Shape Memory Alloys with a Wide Martensite Hysteresis

#2148Polyurethane with Increased Fire Resistance

Development of Formulation and Pilot Technology for Production of Elastic Foam Polyurethane with Increased Fire Resistance

#2149Technology for Heat-Insulating Elements Production

Development of Construction and Pilot Technology for Production of Heat-Insulating elements for Refrigerating Equipment

#2150Developing of RFNC-VNIIEF Electron Library

Developing of RFNC-VNIIEF Electron Library

#2165Maximum Radiative Yield in Plasma

Production of the Maximum Radiative Yield in the Plasma of Pulsed and Laser Systems

#2170Critical Assembly Training Simulator

Development of a Full-Scale Critical Assembly Test Bench Training Simulator

#2182X-ray Focusing System

New Generation of X-ray Focusing System for Advanced Technologies and Basic Research

#2182X-ray Focusing System

New Generation of X-ray Focusing System for Advanced Technologies and Basic Research

#2187Piezoelectrics and Ferroelectrics conductivity

Technique to Measure Shock – Induced Conduction in Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric Crystals and Ferroelectric Ceramics

#2188Break protection plate

Development of the Protection Plate Resistant to Unauthorized Effects of Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical Break Means

#2189Monograph on Stationary Discharge

Writing of a Monograph "Mathematical Modeling of a Stationary Discharge in a Cylindrical Gas-Discharge Chamber"

#2190Development of Physical Models and Numerical Techniques for Turbulent Flow Simulations

Development of Physical Models and Numerical Techniques for Turbulent Flow Simulations

#2193Transparent Electrodes for X-Ray Facility

Development of Design and Technology for Manufacturing Transparent Electrodes for GRIM Multiple-Frame Radiographic Facility

#2210Artificial Initiation of Ionospheric Lightnings

Investigation of Possible Artificial Initiation of Lightning Directed to Ionosphere

#2212Cholesterol Detection Device

Device for Noninvasive Detection of Cholesterol

#2219Peculiarities of Steam Explosion in the Corium-Water System

Peculiarities of Steam Explosion in the Corium-Water System

#2221Tumor Thermoradiotherapy Enhancement

Complex Research into Thermoradiotherapy Efficiency Enhancement due to Simultaneous Action of Ionizing Radiation and Heat on the Tumour and Development of Relevant Equipment

#2222Chemical Evolution of Planet Substance at Impact

Experimental Research of Chemical Evolution of Substance of the Moon and Other Bodies of Solar System by Methods of High-Speed Shock Modeling

#2238Plutonium's Behavior in Aqueous Environments

Study of Plutonium’s Electrochemistry and Dissolving in Different Aqueous Environments

#2240Light Radioactive Nuclei Interaction with Heavy Nuclei

The Study of the Total Interaction Cross Sections of Light Radioactive Nuclei with Nuclei of Lead, Uranium and Plutonium

#2253Investigation of the Delayed Neutron Characteristics

Investigation of the Delayed Neutron Characteristics from the Fission of Compound Nuclei Th-233, U-234, U-235, Am-244, Np-238, Cm-246, Pa-233, Pa-234, Np-239, Np-240 at the Excitation Energies from 5 to 20 МeV

#2253.2Investigation of the Delayed Neutron Characteristics

Investigation of the Delayed Neutron Characteristics from the Fission of Compound Nuclei Th-233, U-234, U-235, Am-244, Np-238, Cm-246, Pa-233, Pa-234, Np-239, Np-240 at the Excitation Energies from 5 to 20 MeV

#2262Carbon-14 Recovery

Recovery of Carbon-14 from Low-Content Waste Originating from Operation of Medical Facilities, Biology Research Institutions and Labeled Compounds Producing Enterprises, as well as of Other Origin

#2263Telecommunications Approaches to NPP Emergency Control

Applied Research in Telecommunications and Multimedia Hardware and Software for Online Emergency Control at NPPs

#2264Interaction of Ion Beams with Matter

Investigation of Interaction of Intense Ion Beams with Matter and Dynamic Processes in Irradiated Targets

#2269Mathematical models for local deformation processing

Development of mathematical models for manufacturing parts out of hard-to-deform materials by local deformation method

#2271Semiconductor Pumping Systems for Solid State Lasers

Development and Investigation of Pumping Systems for Solid State Lasers Based on Semiconductor Laser Bars and Stacks

#2272Aluminum Foam

Development of an Efficient Technology for Aluminum Foam Materials Production

#2273Management and Information System for Russian Nuclear Facilities

Management and Information System Development for Russian Nuclear Facilities

#2275.2High-Sensitive Infrared Photographic Films

Creation and Research of High-Sensitive Infrared Photographic Films for 1300-1700 nm Spectral Range

#2276Hydrogen and Helium in Metals

Hydrogen and Helium in Metals

#2284Immobilization and Safe Storage of Plutonium Actinide Wastes

Nuclear Safe Ceramics for Compact Storage and Immobilization of Plutonium and Nuclear Power Engineering Actinide-Containing Wastes

#2291Compact Natural Gas Steam Reformer

Development of a Compact Unit for Steam Natural Gas Reforming Conjugated by Heat with Oxidation of Waste Anode Gas of Fuel Cells

#2293IR Lasers on Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures

Development of Physical Principles of New Type Far and Mid IR Lasers Based on Low Dimensional Semiconductor Structures

#2296Photosynthesis and Charge Transfer

Study of Molecular Mechanisms of Charge Transfer in Photosynthesis

#2299Interaction of Intense Relativistic Beams with Matter

Experimental and Theoretical Research into the Basics of Intense Relativistic Beams – Matter Interaction

#2305"Useful Explosions"

Elaborating the Monograph "Useful Explosions"

#2307Thermal Damage of the Fissile Material Container Protection Layers

Fissile Material Container Behavior Modeling in the Event of Fire-Induced Thermal Damage of the Heat Protection Layers

#2308Independent Systems of Description of Color and Light

Elaboration of Independent Systems of Psychological Formal Description of Properties of Color and Light Emittance Sensations Sets on the Basis of Equivalence and Order Relations between Sensations

#2310Clusters under Laser Ablation

Cluster Synthesis under Pulsed Laser Ablation

#2313Radiation Transport in Nonlinear Media

Numerical Simulation of the Radiation Transport in Nonlinear Media

#2314Non-Destructive Control Method of Material Fatigue

Development of Physical Principles of Non-Destructive Method for Control over Material Fatigue Degree Basing on Measurement of Dynamic Characteristics of Elastic-Plastic Wave Initiated by Pulse Source of Energy

#2322An Improved Explosive Method for Stone Slab Separation

Development of Explosive Device for Separation of Stone Slabs from Rock Massive (Granite, Basalt, Marble, etc.) and Further Fragmentation of them to Pieces of Specified Sizes

#2327Development of an Apparatus of Gas Conditioning

Development of a Compact and Economic Apparatus of Gas Conditioning for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

#2349Fiber-Optic Vibroacoustic Sensors

The Development of Fiber-Optic Vibroacoustic Sensors Based on Novel Precision Methods of Low-Coherent Interferometry

#2351Acoustic Emission Sensors

Development of Advanced Acoustic Emission Sensors Having the Required Specifications

#2363Pilot Project on ISO 14000

Development of the Pilot Project of Environmental Management System for Minatom RF Enterprise in Compliance with ISO 14000 Standards on Environmental Management and its Testing in RFNC-VNIIEF

#2364Oil Recovery in Clayey Pools

Research into Physical and Mineralogical Mechanism of Oil Recovery Decrease in Clayey Oil Pools

#2372Diagnostics of Gas-Phase Epitaxy Processes

Investigation of the Kinetics and Disintegration of Hydride Molecules in Epitaxy Processes with Gas Sources by Submillimeter Spectroscopy Method

#2403Monograph «Magnitocumulative Generators"

Writing of a Book «Magnetocumulative Generators as Pulsed Power Sources»

#2404Numerical Simulation of the Elastic-plastic Flows

The Creep Law Application for Numerical Simulation of the Elastic-plastic Flows

#2405Experimental Nuclear-Physics Data for Transmutation

Experimental Researches of Nuclear-Physics Characteristics of Materials Essential for the Processes of Weapon Plutonium Utilization and Radioactive Wastes Transmutation

#2408Computer Modelling of Atmospheric Pollutions

Computer Simulation of Atmospheric Pollution from Plume Emission at Gas Industry Facilities

#2409Clear Water

Computer Aided Analysis of River Contamination Risk Posed by Waste Water of Industrial Facilities

#2410Monograph "Aperiodic Pulse Reactors" (English)

Preparation of the Monograph "Aperiodic Pulse Reactors" for Publication in English

#2418Heavy Metals Effect on Animal Cells

Studies of the Superheavy-metal Effect as a Stress-factor on Protein Biosynthesis and Cytoskeleton Integrity in Animal Cells

#2419Soil and Groundwater Protection from Hydrocarbons Contamination

Soil and Groundwater Protection from Hydrocarbons Contamination Using the Placement of Natural Adsorbents into the Soil

#2420Fuzzy Sets in Danger Assessment

Methodology of Danger Indexes Assessment Based on the Methods of Fuzzy Sets at Handling Hazardous Production Objects

#2421Phytohormones for Bioprotection against Radiation Effects

Studies of Protection from Ionizing Radiation of Plant and Animal Organisms using Phytohormones

#2422Anti-Bedsore Systems

Developing and Fabricating the System for Adequate Preventing and Healing Bedsores, Muscular Contractures, Conjection Bronchial-Pulmonary Complications

#2424X-ray ARSA Irradiator

Development of a Pilot Model of Small-size X-ray ARSA Irradiator for Clinical Tests

#2425Monograph "The Use of Ferroelectrics"

Monograph "The Use of Ferroelectrics for Converting Pulsed Ionizing Radiation into Electric Energy"

#2427Artificial Kidney with Dialysate Regeneration

Research, Development and Manufacturing of Hemodialysis Machine with Dialysate Regeneration

#2473Impedance Spectrometer for Underground Corrosion Monitoring

Impedance Spectrometer for Corrosion Monitoring and Diagnostics of Underground Pipelines

#2474Multibeam Interferometry for Control of Nonuniformity of the Thin Films

Investigation of Possibilities of Multibeam Interferometry for Control of Wall Nonuniformity of the Thin Films and Shells

#2475Study of Composition and Properties of Red Muds (Slimes)

Study of mineral and element composition, physicochemical and mechanical properties of red muds to elaborate recommendations on their use

#2482Hydrogen Isotope Composition in Hot Plasmas

Apparatus for Measurements of the Hydrogen Isotope Composition (Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium) and the Studies of Isotope Effects in Hot Plasmas

#2484Production and Exploration of Carbon Nanotubes

Development of a Technology for Large Scale Production of Carbon Nanotubes and Exploration of Use of This Material in Power Engineering

#2485Magnetic Pulse Nonferrous Metals Separator

Development of Machine for Separation of Nonferrous Metals

#2495Microlensing Effect in Radioastronomy

The Weak Microlensing Effect and Its Influence on Very Long Baseline Radiointerferometry Observation

#2504Optimization of Fullerene-Like Structures Production

Optimization of the Procedure for Fullerene-Like Structures Production

#2505Physical methods in oncological diseases diagnostics

Synchrotron radiation application for oncological diseases risk forecasting

#2511Fullerene-Like Metal Derivatives

Production and Investigation of Composition, Structure and Properties of Fullerene-Like Structures' Metal Derivatives

#2512Investigation of Properties of Elasto-Flexible Intraocular Lenses

Investigation of Functional Properties of Elasto-Flexible Intraocular Lenses with Modifying Covering

#2514X-Ray Diffraction in Shock Compressed Crystals

X-Ray Diffraction Study of Structure Transformation in Shock Compressed Crystals

#2518Eddy Current Smart Probe

Eddy Current Smart Probe for Thread Holes of Reactor Vessel

#2519New Semiconducting and Semimetallic Materials

New Semiconducting and Semimetallic Materials for the Electronics Industry

#2520UV radiation Effects on Pathogenic Microorganisms

Study of Modification Effects in Pathogenic Microorganisms Exposed to Near Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation (170-200 nm)

#2523Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Patient

Development of Improved Second Generation Photosensitizer-Based Process of Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Patient

#2523Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Patient

Development of Improved Second Generation Photosensitizer-Based Process of Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Patient

#2525Universal Curvature-meter

Development of Universal Spherometer Intended for Direct Measurements of Actual Sizes of Curvilinear Parameters and Radii of External and Internal Spherical Surfaces of Products

#2526Build-up of Organically-Bound Tritium in Crops

Studying the Build-up of Organically-Bound Tritium in Agricultural Crops

#2527Pilot Sample of Ion Plating Facility

Advanced Development of the Unit of Ion Plating with Arc Sources Ensuring Forming of Coatings Without Drops

#2529Nanocomposite Catalyst

Development of an Efficient, Inexpensive Nanocomposite Catalyst and Elaboration of a Flexible Technology to Produce Syn-Gas for Fuel Cells

#2530Uranium Detection in Atmosphere

Development of an Atmosphere Monitoring Technique to Detect Technogenic Uranium

#2531Effects of Ammonia and Heavy Metals on Heart, Brain and Intestine

Studies on the Effects of Ammonia, Heavy and Rare Metals on Animal Heart, Brain and Intestine in Order to Create Diagnostic Methods for Cardio-Vascular, Neurological and Gastro-Intestinal Diseases

#2532Magnetism and Strong Correlations in Quantum Corrals and Clusters

Magnetism and strong correlations in quantum corrals and clusters

#2533Microjet Charge for Explosives Destruction

Microjet Charge for Nondetonated Destruction of Explosive Loads

#2535Superfine Corundum Powder

Technology Development for Superfine Powder Corundum Production by Electroerosion Dispersion of Scrap Aluminium

#2537Geoinformation System For Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant

The Geoinformation System for Ensuring the Monitoring of Radiation Situation at the Beloyarsk NPP and Inside the 30th km Zone

#2542Geoinformation System for Ekaterinburgh

Geoinformation System to Ensure Ekaterinburg’s Environmental Safety

#2545Automated System for Recognition of Human Faces

Development of an Automated System of Recognition of Human Faces with Use of Volumetric Performances of Faces

#2557The Book: “Near the Explosion Epicenter”

Preparation of Electronic Book “Near the Explosion Epicenter”

#2561Simulator Based on Pulsed Nuclear Reactor

Simulator Based on Pulsed Nuclear Reactor BIR-2M and Kinetic Process Emulator in Real Time for Personnel Training Aimed at Higher Safety of Operations

#2562High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker with SF6 Insulation

Development of High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker for 6 kV with SF6 Insulation for the Objects of Electric-Power Industry and Nuclear Power Plants

#2564The study into thermodynamic hydrogen isotope properties

The Study into Equation of State for Hydrogen Isotope Crystal Phase within Megabar Pressure Region

#2566Hydrogen Influence on Chemical Bounds

Experimental Study of Hydrogen Action on the Integral Energy of the Atomic Bonding in Constructional Materials, Applied in Hydrogen Power, Gas and Oil Industries

#2570Equation of State of Matter

Thermodynamic Theory of Equation of State of Matter

#2574Multifunctional Laser Surgical Facility

The Multifunctional Laser Facility Development for Skin Surgical Procedures

#2576Investigation of Ancient Metal

Investigation of Eastern Europe Ancient Metal by Using of Physics and Material Science Methods

#2580Test Bench for Liner Implosion

Development of the Fixed-Site Diagnostic Test Stand with Removable Pulsed Power Source for Study of Liner Implosion

#2584Reactivity Evaluation Device

Development and Testing of the Reactivity Evaluation System to Provide Nuclear Safety of Subcritical Systems and Non-destructive Control of Nuclear Materials Inside Technological Equipment and Containers at Nuclear Industry Enterprises

#2591Microorganisms Destruction by Powerful Impulse Optical Radiation

A Study of the Mechanisms of Microorganisms Destruction in Transparent Water Environments by the Powerful Impulse Optical Radiation

#2594Phonon Spectrum in Alkali Metals at High Pressure

Inelastic Neutron Scattering Investigation of Alkali Metals at High Pressure

#2597Selective Ash Removing for Plasma

Investigation of Selective Ash Removing for Fusion Plasma

#2599Plasma Neutrons Effects on Nervous System

The Study of Thermo-Nuclear Neutron Irradiation on the Structure of Synaptic Connections in the Central Nervous System of the Rat and Protective Opportunity of Hypothermia

#2605Destruction of Freshwater Polycrystalline Ice

Study of Processes of Destruction of Freshwater Polycrystalline Ice in Wide Range of Temperatures and Strain Rates

#2606Thermal Decomposition of HEs Included in Industrial Perforating Systems

Predictive Model for Estimating the Effects Produced by Thermal Decomposition of HE Included in Perforating Systems of the Oil and Gas Industry on Their Normal Operation in Boreholes under Various Temperature and Time Conditions

#2631Adaptive System for Vortex Laser Beams

Adaptive Optical System for Phase Correction of Laser Beams with Wave Front Vortices

#2635Nuclear Data Reactions Data Base for Internet

The Integrated Relational Database of the Nuclear Data Reaction References in the Internet Created on the Base of CINDA, EXFOR Libraries and Other Sources

#2643Attosecond Photoelectron Bunches Generation

Generation of Sub-Femtosecond (Attosecond) Probing Photoelectron Bunches with Quasi-Stationary Electromagnetic Fields

#2655Destruction of Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Development of Mechanisms of Destruction of Tornadoes and Hurricanes

#2657Superconducting Molecular Electronics and Molecular Spintronics

Development of Superconducting and Magnetic Molecular Devices Based on Carbon Nanotubes and DNA Molecules

#2658Sources of Seismic and Oceanic Disturbances

The Development and Investigation of the Effectiveness of Remote Methods for Determination of Parameters of Seismic and Oceanic Disturbances

#2662Managing Systems of Safety for NPP

Development of Managing Safety Systems for NPP

#2663Dynamic Strength of Structural Materials for Nuclear Reactors

Study of Dynamic Strength of Structural Materials Used as First Wall of Nuclear Reactors and for Protection of Constructions and Containers against Outside Impact Loading

#2671Safety of Smolensk NPP

The Automatized System for Ensuring Safety of the Smolensk NPP’s Engineering Service Lines (AS-SESL)

#2675Beam Dynamics in Cyclotrons

Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Beam Dynamics in Cyclotrons

#2678CO2-Laser Amplifier

Optically or Chemically Excited Powerful Wide-Band CO2-Laser Amplifier

#2683Transportable Detonation Containment System

Detail Design Development of a Transportable Containment System Useable for Multiple Detonations

#2684Investigation of Muscular Tissue State

Non-invasive Electromagnetic Investigation of Muscular Tissue State

#2688Continuum Mechanics Tasks

Preparation of Monograph “Solution Techniques of Continuum Mechanics Multidimensional Problems on Irregular Meshes” to be Published in English

#2690Neutron Monitoring as Predictor of Catastrophes

Study of the Origin and Sources of the Near-Crust Neutron Flux Variations to Predict Convulsions of Nature and Man-made Catastrophes

#2691Radiation Shielding Concrete on the Base of Depleted Uranium Dioxide

Production and Testing of Heavy Concretes Including Depleted Uranium Dioxide Concerning their Use as Shielding Materials in Constructions of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel

#2693Cast Uranium Cermet for Shielding Casks

Production and Testing of Cast Cermet on the Base of Stainless Steel and Depleted Uranium Dioxide as Applied to its Use as Shielding Materials in Constructions of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Wastes

#2694Capture of Radionuclides by Depleted Uranium Oxides and Hydroxides

Investigation of Sorption Capture of Long-lived Radionuclides from Underground Waters by Depleted Uranium Oxides and Hydroxides

#2698Tungsten Nuclear Data

Evaluation and Integral Validation of Nuclear Data of Tungsten – Candidate Material of Fusion Reactor Diverter

#2700Neoplasia Inhibition by Nanosecond Electric Discharges

Research into Applicability of High-Energy Factors of Nanosecond Corona and High-Current Electric Discharges for Cancerous Growth Inhibition

#2701Clays Characteristics for Medicine

Comprehensive Study of Structure, Morphology, Porosity, Radioactivity, and Chemical, Elemental and Mineral Contents of Natural Clays for Enhancement of their Utilization Efficiency in Therapeutic and Prophylactic Medicine

#2702Applied Software for NPP Unit

Applied Software Development for Updated Data-Processing NPP Units with VVER-1000 Reactor

#2706Pulsed UV and VUV Radiation Sources

Study and Creation of Pulsed UV and VUV Sources of Spontaneous Radiation with High Power Density

#2708Sorbents for Radioactive Metals Extraction

Development of High Efficient Selective Sorbents for Radioactive Metals Extraction from Industrial Waste

#2709Small-Size Damping Device

Development and Calculation-and-Experimental Study of Small-Size Damping Device Based on Viscous-Plastic Medium under Dynamic and Quasi-Static Loads

#2727Ecologically Safe Luminescent Lamps

Development and Creation of Model Samples of Ecologically Safe Luminescent Lamps

#2729Solid State Fluoride Ion Composite Conductors for Solid State Batteries

Solid State Fluoride Ion Batteries Using Solid Composite Conductors with Enhanced Fluoride Ion Conductivity

#2746Clinical Practice and Optimization of Radiation Therapy

System for Optimization of Radiation Therapy by Photon and Electron Beams on the Basis of a Pencil Beam Algorithm. Phase 2: Introducing into a Clinical Practice and Improving

#2755Welding of Large Diameters Pipes

Explosive and Thermochemical Welding of Pipes Having Large Diameters

#2755.2Welding of Large Diameters Pipes

Explosive and Thermochemical Welding of Pipes Having Large Diameters

#2756Fissile Material Aerosol Control

Development of the Method and Equipment Complex for Determination of Fissile Material Dispersion and Amount by Means of Track Detectors

#2759Monograph «Pipeline system simulation»

Monograph «Numerical Simulation of Pipeline Systems for Enhancing Their Safety and Efficiency»

#2767Monograph "Acoustic Emission Sensors"

Writing and Publishing of the Book "Acoustic Emission Sensors for the Systems of Nondestructive Control and Diagnostics of Extended and Large-Scale Industrial Objects"

#2774Coexistence of Superconductivity and Magnetism

Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Coexistence and Interplay of Superconductivity and Magnetism

#2778Sensors and Instruments for Infectious Diseases Diagnostics

The Study and Selection of Bioreceptors and Transducers and Development of Sensors and Instruments on Their Basis for Immunoassay by the Example of Diagnosis of the Forest-Spring Encephalitis

#2783Liquid Explosives for Oil and Gas Wells

Study of Liquid Explosives to be Used in Oil and Gas Wells

#2784Kinetics in Nonequilibrium Plasmas

Nonlocal Kinetic Theory and Numerical Modeling of Transport and Fluctuations in Nonequilibrium Plasmas

#2801Combustion Processes in Pyrotechnic Materials

Investigation of the Chemical Transition Behind the Shock Front in Pyrotechnic Materials by D-U Diagram Method

#2804Body-Van for Hazardous Objects

Specialized Body-Van for Mechanized Loading Localization and Transportation of Explosives and Environmentally-Hazardous Objects

#2806Carbon Exchange in Eurasian Forests

Carbon Exchange Formation in Boreal Forests of Eurasia

#2808Stability of Diverging Shock Waves

Study of Stability of Diverging Shock Waves

#2809Materials for Internal Combustion Engine Pistons

Development and Research of New Class of Microcrystalline Aluminum-Silicon Alloys for High-Resource and High-Strength Internal Combustion Engine Pistons

#2837Influence of Radiations on Materials on the Basis of Fullerene

Research of the Ionizing Radiation Influence on the Fullerene-Based Constructional Materials

#2843Nanocrystalline Oxides and Carbides of Transition Metals

Nanocrystalline Oxides and Carbides of Transition Metals. Synthesis, Properties and Application

#2844Nanostructures of Conducting Polymers

Electrocatalytic Synthesis and Investigation of the Properties of Nanostructures on the Basis of Conducting Polymers Using Ionic Liquids as Ecologically Benign Electrolytes and Catalytic Media

#2846Low-Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar

Doppler Lidar Based on Low-Coherent Pulsed Laser and Multipass Fiber-Optic Ring Delay Line for Measuring Wind Velocity Profiles

#2853Proton Induced Total Fission Cross Sections

Measurement of Energy and Isotope Dependencies of Fission Cross Sections of Heavy Nuclei Induced by Proton in Energy Range of 200-1000 MeV

#2854Vanadium Superpermeability to Hydrogen Isotopes

Superpermeability to Hydrogen Isotopes of the Group V Metals and Development of Vanadium Membranes for Applications in Nuclear Fusion

#2860Device for Detection of Blood Lipid and Lipoprotein Composition

Small-Size Device Development to Detect Blood Serum Lipoproteins and Lipids Based on Low-Resolution Fourier-Spectrometer

#2867Low-Noise Civil Engineering Machines

Development of Guiding Technical Materials Based on the Analysis of Noise Sources and Simulation of Noise Protection in Design of Civil Engineering Machines

#2868Welding with Two Heating Sources

Development of Synergetic Welding Based on Combination of Coherent and Polychrome Energy Radiation for Motor-Car and Aerospace Industries

#2869Atomic Xenon Laser

Achievement of Ultimate Efficiencies and Output Powers for Atomic Xenon Laser Excited by Different Methods

#2888Alvarez-Type Accelerating Structure

Alvarez-Type Accelerating Structure for Room-Temperature Part of the CERN SPL Project

#2889Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Accelerating Structure

Design and Manufacture of DTL-RFQ Focusing and Accelerating Structure Prototype for a 3-40 MeV H- Linac of CERN SPL Project

#2904Small Capacity Fuel Cells

Environmentally Friendly Small Capacity Power Plants Based on Fuel Cells for Stationary Application

#2919Removable Polymeric Covers for Decontamination

Development of Technology and Complex of Technical Devices for Effective Localization and Decontamination of Chemical and Radioactive Environmental Pollutions by Method of Removable Polymeric Covers

#2920Power-Meter for Soft X-Ray Radiation

Absolute Measuring Instrument of Power on the Basis of High-Temperature Superconducting Thermometer as the Primary Standard Detector for Soft X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation

#2922Self-Organization in Plasma

Self-Organization of Spatial Structures in Glow Discharge Plasma

#2932Optical Radiation Treatment for Wool

Purification and Treatment of Wool with Optical Radiation

#2937Oil Bio Destruction Suppression

Development of Oil Bio Destruction Suppression Methods in Industrial and Natural Storages

#2943Spent Electrolytes of Galvanic Production

Development of Technology of Spent Electrolytes of Galvanic Production (Chrome Plating, Nickel Plating, Copper Plating, etc.) Complete Recycling

#2953Technology of Sawdust Products

Development of Manufacturing Technique and Characteristics Study of Products, Made of Sawdust without Using Binding Materials

#2954Automatic Parallelism in Computing

Universal High-Performance Systems Providing Automatic Parallelism in Computing

#2962Advanced Pulsed Neutron Sources

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Dynamics of Advanced Pulsed Neutron Sources of Periodic Operation

#2976Super-High Density Optical and Magnetic Memory

Study for Possible Design of Optical and Magnetic Memory with Super-High Recording Density with the Use of Femtosecond Laser Radiation and Atomic-Force Microscopy

#2977Muon Spectrometer Absorber

Development of Technology of Assembling and Mounting of Muon Spectrometer Absorber

#2986High-Intensity Laser Pulses for Oncology

Study of Ablation Processes and Potential Hazard to DNA in Pathological Biotissue Irradiated by High-Intensity Visible and Near IR Laser Pulses for Application in Oncological Practice

#3000Calorimeter for Linear Сolliders

R&D Studies of Calorimeters for Linear Сolliders

#3010Electrohydraulic Forming Sheet Metals

Advanced Technology of Multistep Sheet Metal Stretch Forming on the Punch

#3018Industrial Application of Explosions

Monograph "Industrial Application of Explosions"

#3022Performance of Perforator Shape Charges

Performance Analysis of Perforator Shaped Charges at High Temperatures and Pressures

#3025Shock Adiabat and Equation of State for Hydrogen

Research on Shock Compressibility and Construction of Equation of State for Hydrogen and Its Isotopes at the Wide Pressure Range

#3033Translation of the Book “Britain and the H-Bomb”

Preparation and Translation of the Book "Britain and the H-Bomb" by Lorna Arnold into Russian Language (with Comments to Russian Edition)

#3037Neutron Radiation of Plasma Filled Diode

Study into Neutron Radiation of Plasma Filled Diode

#3041Graphite Isotope Ratio Method

Verification of Graphite Isotope Ratio Method to Restore Neutron Local Fluence in Reactor Core with Graphite Moderator by the Example of the Reactor of the First A-Plant in Obninsk to Control Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Fissile Materials

#3042Parametric Amplifiers of Laser Pulses

Broadband Large-Aperture Optical Parametric Amplifiers of Chirped Laser Pulses Based on KD*P Crystal

#3048Study into Turbulent Mixing Development

Study into Turbulent Mixing Development at Different Density Interface with Pressure 500 atm and Acceleration 100000 g0

#3079Russian Nuclear Cities Web site

Development of a Web Site for Distribution and Commercialization of Scientific and Technological Projects of the Russia Nuclear Cities

#3080Nanosecond breakdown

Breakdown in High Pressure Gases under the Effect of Nano- and Subnanosecond Highvoltage Pulses

#3087Early Diagnostics of Heart Disease

Transdermal ME-Method of Early Diagnosis of Cordial Changes

#3093Balloon Research of Processes in Stratosphere

Balloon Research in the Stratosphere for Study of Chemical and Dynamical Processes Influencing the Climate Change and for Validation of Satellite Observations

#3098Plasma Display and Excimer Lamps

High-Effective Methods of Investigation and Modelling of the Barrier Discharges for Optimization of Plasma Display Panels and Excimer Lamps

#3111Advanced Perforator Charges

Development of a Suite of Software Modules for Computer-Aided Design and Testing of Advanced Perforator Charges Based on PRODAS Gas Dynamics Program

#3112Separator Plates with Metal Felt Insertions

Development of Bipolar Separator Plates with Porous Insertions of Metal Felt as Bearing Surfaces for Fuel Cell Electrodes

#3114Cosmic rays and thunderstorm activity of planetary atmospheres

The Association of Cosmic rays and Penetrating Radiation to Thunderstorm Electrical Activity and the Implications for Planetary Atmospheres

#3116Bacillary spores disinfection

New Approaches to Bacillary Spores Desinfection with the Help of Integrated Influence with Minimal-Optimal Radiation Doses

#3118Technology and Apparatus on Natural Gas Desulfurization

Development of a Highly Efficient Technique for Natural Gas Desulfurization and Creation on Its Basis of an Economic Compact Desulfurization Apparatus for Fuel Cell-Based Power Plants

#3119Safety use of Dispersive Fuel

Design-Theoretical and Experimental Research on Justification of Safe Use of Dispersive Fuel in a Nuclear Reactor Core

#3120Shaped-charge Perforation

Permeability Analysis of Deformation Zone Formed by Shaped-charge Perforation

#3131Electrothermal Technology of Coating

Development of Electrothermal Technology of Coating

#3140Separator for Fuel Cells

Development of an Integrated Separator for Direct Reforming of Hydrocarbons in High-Temperature Fuel Cells

#3140.2Separator for Fuel Cells

Development of an Integrated Separator for Direct Reforming of Hydrocarbons in High-Temperature Fuel Cells

#3153Ranking of defective pipelines

Computer Ranking Method of Defective Main Pipelines on the Base of Numerical Simulation Algorithms and Stochastic Analysis

#3156Conformational changes of proteins in mental disorders

Conformational Changes of Proteins in Mental Disorders: Detection, Development of Assay Methods And Searching for Ways of Correction

#3157Position-sensitive detector of electrons

Spectrometric Position-Sensitive Detector of Electrons with Base Energy Shift

#3161Lightning simulator

Development of Mobile Simulator of Positive Lightning Current Effect on the Grounded Objects

#3166Materials with shape memory effect

Study of Physical-Mechanical Properties of Materials with Shape Memory Effect with Account for Phase Transitions

#3172Laser ablation of metals

Computer Simulation of Ablation of Metals under Conditions of Micromachining by Short and Ultrashort Laser Pulses

#3176Nuclear Data for Minor Actinides

Measurement and Evaluation of Cross Section for Minor Actinides in Low Energy Region

#3185Validation of Measured Data at Kola NPP

Validation of Automatically Measured Data on Kola NPP Power Units

#3190Metal Hydrides Formation and Decomposition

Ascertainment of Mechanisms and Evaluation of Rate Constants of Metal Hydrides Decomposition and Formation

#3191Human Tissues Exposed to Heavy Metals

Research into the Mechanisms of Structural-functional Stability of Human Tissues Exposed to Heavy Metals

#3195Smart Vision Sensor development

Development, Production of the Prototype and Demonstration of the Smart Vision Sensor for Broad Application

#3198History of Nuclear Weapons Making in Russia

Research into the History of nuclear Weapons Making in Russia (1946-1953) and Writing the Collection of Documents, Volume 1, "Establishment of KB-11"

#3199History of First Soviet Atomic Bombs

Research into the History of Nuclear Weapons Making in Russia (1946-1953) and Writing the Collection of Documents, Volume 2, "Development and Testing of the First Soviet Atomic Bombs"

#3202Intelligent Piezocomposite

Development of an Intelligent Composite Material with Piezoelectric Properties

#3203Utilization of Spent Filters Contaminated with Radioactive Materials

Development of Know-How of Utilization of Spent Filters in Exhaust Ventilation Air Ducts Contaminated with Radioactive Materials

#3209Chronic Diseases of Respiratory Organs Diagnostics

Diagnostics and Analyser of Respiratory Organs Inflammation Activity at Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Bronchial Asthma and Tuberculosis Using Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide Content in Biosubstrates

#3211Diagnostics of Bolted Fastening Elements for Aerospace Equipment

A Portable Laser-Driven System for Promt Diagnostics of Bolted Fastening Elements of Aerospace Equipment

#3216White light interferometer

White Light Interferometer for Precise Testing of the Large-Aperture Optics

#3218Remote Gamma Spectrometry

Development of High-Performance of Search of Radioactive Sources Using Remote Gamma-Spectrometry Techniques

#3225Processes of Formation and Evolution of Karst

Numerical Model Development for Phenomena Going Along with Karst Formation and Evolution Processes

#3227Super Low Emission Vehicle

Development of the Vehicle Prototype Based on board Reforming of Natural Gas into Synthesis Gas and Providing Super Low Emission and Saving of Fuel

#3228Modeling of Fuel Cells

Development of Physico-Mathematical Models and a Suite of Software Modules for Computer Modeling and Testing of Fuel Cell Designs Based on PRODAS Program

#3229Stimulated Condensation

Stimulated Condensation in Supersonic Flows

#3234Membranes for Pure Syn-Gas Generators

Development of High-Performance Oxygen-Conducting Membranes and Compact Pure Syn-Gas Generators on Their Base

#3235Recovery of Polymer Waste by Shear Strains

Recycling, Modification and Recovery of Natural and Synthetic Polymer Waste by Shear and Shock-Shear Strains

#3241Modeling of Aerosol in Atmosphere

A Tutorial/Research Package for Mathematical Modeling of Aerosol Formation Dynamics and Transport in Atmosphere

#3243Scandium Powder for Lamps

Development of the Technology of Producing Scandium Metal Powder to Fill Low-Wattage Metal Halide Lamps

#3248Probe Measurements of Plasma Parameters

Development of Automated Plasma Electrokinetic Measurements Probe System

#3249Ferromagnetics, Based on Fullerenes

Obtaining of High-Temperature Ferromagnetics, Based on Fullerenes and Their Derivatives

#3253Laser Active Medium Formation

Study of Mechanisms of Active Medium Formation by Electric Discharge in Pulse-Periodic Oxygen-Iodine Laser

#3258Transport Cask for Radioactive Waste

Develop a Transport Cask for Transportation, Storage and Burial of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Using Cast CERMET Based on Dioxide of Depleted Uranium and Steel

#3259Faraday Isolator for High Power Lasers

Faraday Isolator for Radiation with Average Power up to 10 kW

#3263Geo-Information System for Risk Assessment

GeoInformation System for Assessment of Radiation, Man-Made and Social Risks for the Population of Sverdlovsk Region

#3268System for Limb Lengthening

The Development and Clinical Trials of the Computer-Aided System for Limb Lengthening

#3270Natural Gas Transport and Fire Risk

Numerical Analysis of Fire Risk while Natural Gas Transport and Storing

#3271Methane Plume Emissions

Computer Simulation of Nonstationary Spread of Foul Gases in the Atmosphere upon Plume Emissions at the Facilities of Natural Gas Transport and Heat Power Plants

#3295Wave Formation at High-Speed Collision

Experimental Research of Wave Formation at Impact of Liner on Cone

#3296Robot’s Gripping Device

Development of a Robot’s Gripping Device Using the Load-Bearing Elements Based on CuAlNi Mono-Crystal Shape Memory Material

#3298Digital System for Video Signals Transmission

Development of Digital Systems for Video Signals and Sensors Signals Transmission through a Fiber Optic Cable in Real Time to Improve the Safety of Nuclear Objects

#3300Seabed Station for Radio-Ecological Monitoring

Development of Autonomous Underwater Measuring Complex for Radiation-Ecological Monitoring

#3306Electrode for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells

Development and Investigation of Alternative Oxygen Electrode Material for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells

#3310Negative Differential Resistance in Molecular “Wires”

Theoretical Research of Mechanisms of Negative Differential Resistance Appearance in Molecular “Wires”

#3311Radioprotectors and Immunomodulators for Protection against Radiation

Development of New Generation of Radioprotectors, Immunomodulators, and Radiation Sensitizers for Human Protection Against Ionizing Radiation and Efficiency Improvement of Radiotherapy of Malignant Cells

#3314Fragmentation of Small-Scale Space Bodies

Determination of Fragmentation Conditions and Parameters for Small-Scale Space Bodies Experiencing Action of Kinetic Bodies

#3315Air purification by Ozone

Physical Chemistry of Fine Air Purification from Environmentally Hazardous Сhemicals by Ozonation on the Surface of Collector Catalysts for the Case of Diethyl Zinc

#3318Fire Extinguishing with Dispersed Water

Modeling and optimization of Fire Extinguishing with Dispersed Water

#3335Fracture of Firm Monoliths

Development of Mobile Impact Facility for Fracture of Oversize Firm Rocks, Concrete and Ferroconcrete Constructions with Use of Energy of Explosion Localized in Closed Chamber

#3337Controlled laser thermocracking of dielectrics

Development of controlled CO- or CO2-laser -based technique for thermal cracking of dielectric wafers to chips

#3340Detection of Anti-personnel Mines by Radiometric Method

Methodical and Equipment Provision of the Humanitarian Mine Clearance of the Regional Conflict Territories by Millimeter Wave Radiometric Method

#3342Radionuclide Sorbents for Deactivation

Development of Technology for Production and Application of Radionuclide Sorbents Basing on Man-Caused Wastes after Dressing Apatite-Nepheline Ores

#3344Optimization of Isotope Separation

Experimental Investigations S-2 Laboratory Mass-Separator Operating Characteristics Aimed at Optimization of Coefficient of Separated Materials Utilization

#3374Finger Fine Mobility

Elaboration and Clinical Trials of Playing Technique for Developing the Finger Fine Motility Based on the Working Kinematic Model

#3375Heatexchanger Reliabiligy

Technological Ways of Increasing of Reliability of Heat – Exchange Apparatuses by Increasing the Contact Pressure in the Tube to Tubesheet Joints

#3376Adhesive to Close up the Defects of Natural Rocks

Development and Research on an Adhesive to Close up the Defects of Natural Rocks to Improve Reliability of the Repositories of Nuclear Wastes

#3376.2Adhesive to Close up the Defects of Natural Rocks

Development and Research on Properties of Adhesive to Close up the Defects of Natural Rocks to Improve Reliability of the Repositories of Nuclear Wastes

#3379Metalloxides for Microwave Electronics

Metalloxide layered structures including ferromagnetic and superconducting films for tunable microwave electronic devices

#3381Decontamination of Beryllium Waste

Elaboration of Safe Methods for Radioactive Beryllium Waste Decontamination after Operation in a Nuclear Reactor

#3382Elastoplastic Flows in Iron

Elastoplastic Flows in Iron taking into Account Temperature-Dependence of Shear Modulus and Relaxation Parameters

#3383Nonlinear Optical Materials

Development of Novel Hybrid Glass/Ferroelectric Materials with High Second-Order Optical Nonlinearity

#3385Alloys for Fuel Cell Interconnects

Development of Ti-Based Alloys with Intermetallic Coatings for SOFC Interconnect

#3386Inert Gases Mixtures under High Pressures

Metallization of Inert Gases-Hydrogen Mixtures at High Pressures

#3387Lead-Free Bismuth-Containing Solders

Lead-Free Bismuth-Containing Solders

#3390Possibilities of Enriched Uranium Detection

Calculation-Theoretical Investigation of the Possibilities of Protected HEU Detection

#3391Damage in Transparent Materials

Experimental, Theoretical, and Numerical Studies of Damage Nucleation and Growth in Transparent Materials

#3397Molecular Layering of Polymers

Application of the Molecular Layering Method for Increasing of Thermal Stability of Polymers

#3401X-Ray Methods for Nanoelectronics

Development of Approaches in Methods of X-Ray Reflectometry with Application to Process Engineering in Micro and Nanoelectronics

#3406Biometric Parameter Identification

Development of Improved Falsification-Resistant Method to Identify Human Biometric Parameters

#3413Irradiated Solutions for Biotechnology

Study of Properties and Biological Activity of Electrochemical Activated Solutions, its Modification by Radiation Nanosecond Duration for Apply in Medicine and Biotechnologies

#3414Polymer – Quasicrystal Composite Materials

Polymer-Quasicrystal Composite Materials with Advanced Physical-Mechanical and Tribological Properties

#3415Light Convertors for Greenhouses

Development of New Light Transforming Materials for Fast Growing of Plants in Greenhouses

#3419Soil Natural Self-Cleaning

Remediation Technology for Soils Contaminated by Fuel Hydrocarbons Based on the Intensification of Soil Natural self-Cleaning Processes

#3419.2Soil Natural Self-Cleaning

Remediation Technology for Soils Contaminated by Fuel Hydrocarbons Based on the Intensification of Soil Natural Self-Cleaning Processes

#3422Catalysts Based on Nanoclasters

Development of Scientific Basis of a Technology of Catalytically Active Сlusters Formation of d–Metal at Nano-Dimensional Substrate with Different Topology of Surfaces

#3423Magnetic Hydrodynamics with Hall’s Effect

Numerical Technique for Solving Two-Dimensional Equations of Magnetic Hydrodynamics with Allowing for the Hall’s Effect

#3432Vibration Acoustical Equipment for Medical Diagnostic

Development of Advanced Sensor Equipment for Medical Diagnostics through the Vibration Acoustic Channel (Auscultation, Phonocardiography, Percussion, etc.)

#3433Heterogeneous Compositions based on Si, Ge and C

Investigation of the Growth Processes Originating from Gas Phase in Vacuum and Production of Test Heterogeneous Compositions based on IV Group Elements (Si, Ge, C) and their Solid Solutions

#3435Equal-Channel Angular Extrusion for Making Materials

3D Simulations and Experimental Verification of ECA Extrusion with Varied Cross-Sectional Dimensions and Channel Shape. Investigation of Scale Effect

#3442Risks for Population of Archangel’sk Region

GeoInformation System for Assessment of Radiation, Man-Made and Social Risks for Population of Archangel’sk Region

#3443Natural Diamond Formation

Development and Experimental Validation of Scientific Conception of Natural Diamond Formation in the Earth Surface

#3446Monograph “Nuclear-Pumped Lasers”

Writing of the monograph “Nuclear-pumped lasers”

#3447Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Nanostructures

Study of Sorption Properties of Carbon Nanostructures for Selecting the Optimum Ones for Hydrogen Storage

#3450Glass-Forming Charge for Hydrogen Containers

Theory and Methods of Glass-Forming Charge Synthesis to Produce Hydrogen Micro-Containers

#3453Eddy Current Inspection of Reactor Case Details

Creation and Testing of an Automated System for EC (Eddy Current) Inspection of Threaded Surfaces of Stud Sockets at VVER-1000 Reactor Case

#3454Tubular Electron String Ion Sourse

Electron String Systems of Tubular Geometry for Researches in Atomic and Nuclear Physics and for Application in Accelerator Technique and Development of Nanotechnologies

#3456Selective Modification and Diagnostics with Ion Beams

Selective Modification and Diagnostics of Solids, Thin Films and Nano-Structures with Ion Beams

#3459Complex-Shape Panels Forming

Electrohydraulic Pulsed Sheet Forming of Complex-Shape Panels

#3461Interference-Immune Digital Systems

Interference-Immune Digital Devices and Systems: Design Techniques Studying and Monograph Elaboration

#3462X-Ray Microradiography for Bioobjects

Prototyping of the Nanosecond Micro-Radiography Technique for the Bio-Objects Testing in Active Condition to Study Radiation Resistance and to Compare This Method Self-Descriptiveness with Scanning Probe Microscopy

#3463Electric-Discharge Oxygen-Iodine Laser

Experimental and Theoretical Study and Optimization of Industrial Electric-Discharge Oxygen-Iodine Laser

#3465Electromagnetic Fields and Carcinogenesis

Research of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Effect on Chemical Carcinogenesis and Induced Tumor Growth and Metastasing in Animals

#3471Technical Means for Protection from Terrorist Actions

Development of the Complex of Technical Means Protecting Dangerous and Valuable Goods against Terrorist Actions During their Storage and Transportation

#3472Protection from Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical Break Means

Development of the Built-in protection panel resistant to unauthorized and terrorist effects of mechanical, thermal and chemical break means, which may be used in fixed and mobile technical facilities

#3473Case for Carrier of State Vehicle Data

Development of a shockproof heat-resistant casing for the data storage module of the device recording the state of vehicle components

#3474Device for High-Energy Neutronography

Creation Possibility Substantiation and Development of Experimental Device for Visualization of Neutron Flow with Energy of More than 10 MeV Flowed through High Density Object

#3480Light-Absorbing Coatings for Sattelite-Borne Equipment

Development of Light-Absorbing Coatings for VUV Wave Band

#3481Tire Rubber Recicling

Energy-Efficient Technology for Recycling of Tire Rubber Using Explosive Cutting Followed by Shear Grinding

#3483Synthesis of Natural Gas Hydrate

Search and Investigation of the Methods, Increasing Natural Gas Hydrate Production Efficiency

#3484Super High Strength and Plasticity of Metals

Development of methods for production of ultrahigh strength materials basing on combined effect of severe plastic deformation and shock-wave loading

#3487Muon-Catalyzed Fusion in Deuterium and Tritium

Investigation of the Fusion Reactions in Muonic Molecules of Deuterium and Tritium

#3488Waterjet Сutting of Munitions

Waterjet Сutting of Munitions

#3489Separation of Admixture Particles from Liquids and Gases

Developing a New Method and Device to Separate Admixture Particles from Liquids and Gases at Centrifugal and Gravitation Fields

#3491Electrodes for Batteries and Supercapacitors

The Development of the Production Technique of High-Performance Cheap Thin Film Electrodes Based on the Nanostructured Tin Oxides for Lithium Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors and Manufacturing of Pilot Samples of Energy Storage Devices.

#3497Aberrometric System for Surgery of Eyes

Aberrometric System of New Generation Based on Adaptive Optics for Diagnostics of Human Eye Aberrations for Carrying out Operations in Refractive Surgery

#3501Low-Dimensional Metal-Oxide Compounds

Synthesis of New Low-Dimensional Metal-Oxide Compounds with Spin Gaps and Determination of Their Fundamental Сharacteristics

#3502Radiation Impact on of Hydrogen Mixtures Ignition

Research into the Impact of Long-Term Ionizing Radiation on Local Ignition Temperature Limits Shift of Hydrogen-Air Gas Mixtures

#3503Shock-Crash-Fire Porous Refractories

Shock-Crash-Fire Porous Refractories for Impact Limiters and Thermal Barriers

#3510Endohedral Metallofullerenes

Molecular-Dynamic and Quantum Chemical Simulation of Properties and Formation Processes of Endohedral Metallofullerenes

#3522Permafrost Models

Development of Methods for Simulation of Heat and Mass Transport Processes in Permafrost

#3523Atmospheric Electricity in Kyrgyzstan

Atmospheric Electrical and Ion Fields in Kyrgyz Republic

#3524Monograph on Liquid Energetic Materials

Writing of the Monograph “Electric Spark Initiation of Liquid Energetic Materials”

#3528Discharge in Strongly Electronegative Gases

Volumetric Self-Sustained Discharge in Strongly Electronegative Gases and Possible Applications to Plasma-Based Technologies

#3530Monograph on Shock Compression of Condensed Substances

Hugoniot Equations for Condensed Substances

#3531Passive Broad-Band Crystal Laser Shutter

Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystals, Activated by Vanadium Ions - New Promising Material for Passive Shutters of Lasers Emitting in Wide Spectral Range

#3532Rotary Piston Engine

A rotary piston combustion engine

#3541Treatment of Paper Product

Development of a Technological Process for Paper Product Treatment with a Neutralizing Reagent and Biocide

#3560Heatinsulation Material for Heating Systems

Modification of Properties of “Sferolit” Material Developed within ISTC Project # 478-98 to be Used as Heat-Insulation in Individual Heating Systems

#3564Metal Behavior under Extreme Conditions

Substantiation of the Possibility for Predicting Metal Behavior under Extreme Conditions based on Fundamental Studies into Dynamic Fracture of Some Metals

#3573Fuel Elements within Fast Pulse Reactors

Calculated, Theoretical and Experimental Substantiation of the Diagnostics Technique over the State of Typical Disc Fuel Elements within Fast Pulse Reactors

#3574Accelerator-Driven Systems for Transmutation

Comparative Study of ADS-burners with Fast, Intermediate and Thermal Neutron Spectrum for Radioactive Waste Transmutation

#3577Antitumor Drug Development

Targeted Liposomal Forms of Antitumor Drug Melphalan: Design, Preparation and Studies on the Mechanism of Action

#3586Fire Extinguishing with Water-Filled Capsules

Study of the Possibility of Fire Extinguishing with Water-Filled Capsules

#3590Groundwater Dating

Tritium/Helium-3 Method of Dating Recent Groundwater in Hydrogeoecology

#3594Heat Pipes for Pedestrian Municipal Objects

Development of Energy-Saving Technology based on High-Efficiency Heat Pipes for Warming Municipal Pedestrian Objects

#3597Spectrum Analyzing Equipment

Precision Analytical Instrument for High Spectral/Temporal Resolution Spectroscopy

#3612Gold Extraction from Ores

Intensification of Technology of Gold Extraction from Gold-Containing Complex Ores

#3613Hypoxia and Magnetic Therapy for Personnel Radiation Protection

Development of Portable Normobaric Hypoxia and Pulsed Magnetic Field Firmware System for Enhancement of Radio- and Non-specific Resistance in Workers of Environmentally Hazardous Industries

#3618Microprocessor of Dimethylether for Fuel Cells

Development of Catalytic Microprocessor of Dimethylether for Solid Polymer Fuel Cells

#3627Grid Technology for Power Reactors Safety

Grid Usage Technology Development for Safety Analysis of Power Reactors

#3631Epitaxial Layers of GaAs

Epitaxial Layers of GaAs on Substrates with Metallic Type of Conductivity for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Solid-State Devices

#3632Vibronoise Absorbing Materials

Making High-Performance Ecologically Safe Vibronoise Absorbing Composite Materials Based on Polyvinylacetate Plastics

#3633Metal Matrix Composites

Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced by Ultra Fine Particles with High Hardness

#3634Magnetic Metal-Polymer Nanocomposites

Development of the Technology of New Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials

#3647Cycle Driving Gear

Development of Advanced Cycle Driving Gear for Special Racing Bicycles and General Bicycles

#3650Groundwater Pollution

Prediction of Groundwater Pollution Using Multiprocessor Computers

#3659Diagnostics of Functional State of Human Organism

Development of the Technique and Making the Facilities for Integral Express Diagnostics of the Functional State of Human Organism by Digital Processing of Bio-Impedance Measurements Using Nonlinear Dynamic Principles

#3661Shields for Waste Disposal

Development of the Technique of Quantitative Calculation of Artificial Shields Efficiency as Geochemical Barriers at Radioactive and Toxic Waste Disposal

#3664Biofuel Cell

Development of Biofuel Cell Utilizing Organic Wastes

#3665Adaptation of Mammals to Irradiation

Adaptation of Mammalian Organism to Irradiation: Modeling Approach

#3668Protection from Explosion

Electrodynamic Way of Protection from Explosion

#3672Hydrogen and Helium in Metals

Hydrogen Isotopes and Radiogenic Helium in Metals

#3673Broad-Band X-Ray Spectrograph

Broad-Band X-Ray Spectrograph Based on a Cylindrically Bending Multilayer Mirror with a Laterally Graded Period

#3676Highly Sensitive Gas Analyzer

Development and Creation of Automatic Highly Sensitive Gas Analyzers Based on Molecular Condensation Nuclei Effect to Detect Dangerous Substances

#3678Hybrid Laser Lighting Welding

Control of Structure Formation and Properties of Improved Quality Low-Carbon Steels (Car-Body Steels) For Hybrid Laser Lighting Welding

#3680Safety of Nuclear-Power Enterprises

The Coordinating Complex of the Protection Means for the Solution of Safety Problems of the Objects of the Nuclear-Power Enterprises

#3683Photonic Crystal Fibers

Development of Photonic Crystal Structures and Fibers Based on Quartz Glass

#3685“Dry” Decontamination of Human Skin

Self-Contained Personal Kit for “Dry” Decontamination and Isolation of Human Skin and Wounds from Radioactive Contamination and Pathogenic Bacteria

#3688Authentication on Base of Personal Knowledge for Pass

Development of Authentication System Based on Personal Knowledge - EGOPASS

#3696Radionuclide Transport to the Water Bodies

Modeling of Radionuclide Transport Realized into the Rivers, Lakes and Bays from the Non-Uniformed Contaminated Territories in Order to Perform Long-Term Radio Ecological Prediction Using Measuring Data Analysis

#3704Electromagnetic Radiation Flashes in the Atmosphere

Study of Fast Flashes of Electromagnetic Radiation in Earth Atmosphere aboard of Artificial Satellites of the Earth. Experiment, Theory, Numerical Simulations

#3708Seeking a Neutron Source in Town

Development of a Technology for Seeking a Neutron Source in Compactly Built-up Urban Areas

#3712Oil and Gas Bearing Capacity Prognosis

Development of Hydrogeochemical Method for Separate Prognosis of Oil and Gas Bearing Capacity by Polyarenes with Fine-Structure Luminescent Spectroscopy by the First Borehole

#3725Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

Development of Advanced Technology of Thermomechanical Treatment Forming Well-Developed Substructure and Nanocrystalline Structure for Improvement of Functional Properties of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys

#3732Radiation Shielding Concrete with Depleted Uranium Dioxide

Production and Testing of High-strength Concretes Including Depleted Uranium Dioxide Concerning their Use as Shielding Materials in Construction of Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel. Stage 2

#3735Prediction of Material Destruction

Prediction of Material Destruction with Use of Scaling Analysis of Destruction Precursors

#3738Catalytic Microheater for Cassette Type Fuel Cell

Development of a Multifunctional Catalytic Microheater from Metal Fiber Mesh Sheet for Portable Cassette-Type Fuel Cell Stacks

#3746Dialysis in Acute Renal Failure

Dialysate Solution Regeneration System for Peritoneal Dialysis in Acute Renal Failure

#3747Human Eye Investigation

Development of Reflectometry Measurement System on the Base of Digital Multispectral Fundus Camera for Estimating Macular Pigments Optical Density and Concentration of Phototoxic Compounds in Retina

#3752System of Physical and Mathematical Education

1. Creation of the System of Physical and Mathematical Education of Talented Young People in the Region of the Russian Federation Moved Away from the Center. 2. Creation of the Regional Physics and Engineering Center Working with Gifted Young People Using

#3754Electron Beam Pumped Semiconductor Lasers

Electron Beam Pumped Lasers of Visible and Ultra-Violet Ranges Based on Quantum-Size Semiconductor Heterostructures

#3757Dynamic Properties of Submicro- and Nanocrystalline Materials

Investigation of Regularities of Dynamic Behavior of Materials with Submicro- and Nanocrystalline Structure

#3761Laser Pulses with Axially-Symmetric Polarization

Formation of Powerful Short Pulses with Axially-Symmetric Polarization in Solid-State and Gas Lasers for the Production of High-Energy Particles and Applications in Laser Technology

#3764Solder Ceramics and Metals

Development of a Technology to Solder Ceramics and Metals Using Active Solders Not Containing Precious Metal

#3809Noises and Vibrations in Complex Constructions

Study of Noise and Vibration Propagation in Complex Structures and Engineering Systems (Service Lines) of Buildings and Constructions

#3812Computations of Barriers for Groundwater Contaminations

Development of Technique and Software Package for Optimal Sorbing Barrier Computation

#3831Heating and Retention of Corium

Development and Experiments at Large-Scale Installation for Heating and Retention of Corium

#3845Accelerating Structure for Linear Accelerator

Development and Manufacture of a Preproduction Model of ALVAREZ-Type Accelerating Structure for a “Warm Part” of Linear H- Ion Accelerator to be Installed and Tested as a Component of LINAC-4 in CERN

#3864Laser Method for Treatment of Alcohol-Dependence

Development of Advanced Method for Treatment of Alcohol Dependence by Method of Effect of Low-Intensive Modulated Laser Radiation on Biologically-Active Points of Man

#3867Surface Amorphization in Conductive Materials

Novel High-Power Nanosecond Current Pulse Technology For Surface Amorphization in Conductive Materials

#3868Clots in Blood Vessels

Study and Modeling of the Development of Clots in Blood Vessels and the Resultant Abnormalities in Hemodynamics

#3874Fluorescent Protein Spectral Properties

Simulation and Prediction of Spectral Properties of Fluorescent Proteins as Perspective Biomarkers for Studying Processes in Vivo

#3892Reforming of Natural Gas with Fiber Glass Woven Cassette Catalysts

Development of New Technology for Catalytic Conversion of Natural Gas in Regime of Ultra-Short Contact Times and Creation of Compact and Efficient Reactor-Reformer of Natural Gas with Fiber Glass Woven Cassette Catalysts

#3897Magneto-Hydrodynamic Complex

Magneto-Hydrodynamic Complex with a Stored Energy up to 10 MJ to Study High Speed Processes and Substances Properties

#3898Module for Transportation of Hazardous Substances by Aircraft

Development of Shock-Resistant Specialized Module for Transportation of Hazardous Substances by Aircraft

#3901Dynamic Method for Production of Diamonds of Specified Shape

Dynamic Method for Production of Diamonds of Specified Shape

#3903Device for Hand Functions Restoration

Elaboration of the Device with Application of a Biofeedback for Hand Functions Restoration

#3905Thermal Safety of Chemical Technologies

Creation of the Advanced Methods and Means for Investigation of Thermal Hazards of Chemical Processes and Products at their Use, Storage and Transportation.

#3908Small Capacity Fuel Cells

Environmentally Friendly Small Capacity Power Plants Based on Fuel Cells for Stationary Application

#3912Laser Cutting of Triplex

Development of High-Efficiency Technology for Cutting Triplex Based on Controllable Laser Thermal Cracking

#3918Conductive and Dielectric Properties of Deuterium

Study of Conductive and Dielectric Properties of Deuterium in Megabar Pressures Range

#3920Electroluminescent Light Sources

Development of a Pilot Technology for Production of Polymer Nano-Composites for High-Performance Electro-Luminescent Light Sources

#3921Genetic Consequences of Radiation Exposure

Molecular-Genetic Analysis of Blood Cells from Persons Exposed to Radiation in their Professional Activity

#3931Switched Isotope Neutron Source

Creation of a Prototype of Switchable Isotope Pu-Alfa-Be Source of Neutrons and Study of Its Parameters

#3935Megampere Currents Diagnostics

Study of Possibility of Magneto-Optical Diagnostic Methods Application for Megampere Currents in High-Power Electrophysical Facilities

#3942Magnetic Energy Transformations in Current Sheets

Experimental Research of Magnetic Energy Transformations in Tridimensional Current Sheets

#3951Nanocomposites with Sensor and Magnetic Properties

Development of Novel Metal-Containing Nanocomposites with Dielectric and Magnetic Properties: Sensor and Spintronic Applications

#3952Monograph “Electrosorption Phenomena in Superinsulation Layers”

Writing and Publishing of the Monograph: “Electrosorption Phenomena in Superinsulation Layers”

#3954Hard X-Ray Concentrator for Astrophysics

Development of the Advanced Systems of Concentration of Radiation of Hard X-Ray Range for Astrophysical Studies

#3956Oil Searching via Oil Occurrence “Breath”

Elaboration of the Effective Method for Oil Searching Via Direct Geochemical Investigations of Oil Occurrence “Breath”

#3963Thin Film Structure

Development of a Comprehensive Approach to Study a Structure of Thin-Film Systems

#3986Low-Dimensional State of the Matter

Simulation of the Low-Dimensional State of the Matter in Experiments on Excitons in High and Ultra-High Magnetic Fields

#3993Luminous Events and Penetration Radiation in Thunderstorm Atmosphere

Numerical Simulation of Transient Luminous Events and Generation of Penetration Radiation Pulses in Thunderstorm Atmosphere

#3996Simultaneous Action of Radiation and Heating on Tumor

Further Progress of Research and Development of Methods and Equipment for Simultaneous Action of Radiation and Heating (SARH) on Tumors for Increasing Therapeutic Effect

#3999Protection of Sea Constructions against Corrosion and Biofouling

Development of Nanocomposite Coatings for Protection of Sea Constructions against Corrosion and Biofouling

#4014Explosive Compaction of Nanopowders

Explosive Compaction of Nanopowders Followed by Research of Properties of Compact Nanomaterials

#4025Black Holes

Event Horizon: Interfacing the Classical and the Quantum

#4046Ecological Passport of a Territory

Development of the Aero-Hydro-Geo-Ecological Model of a Territory

#4054Polychlorinated Biphenyls Destructions by Means of Excilamp

Investigations of Polychlorinated Biphenyls Destructions by Means of Excimer Lamps Emission

#4063Adaptive X-ray Optics

Development of Methods for Controlling X-Ray Beam Parameters for Solving Problems of Adaptive X-Ray Optics in Radiology

#4064The Welding of a Magnesium Alloy with Steel

Research of Influence of Deformation Regimes on Durability and Diffusion Processes of the Zone of Joint of a Magnesium Alloy with Steel at Solid Phase Pressing Welding

#4088Impedance of Biological Tissue

Development of Technology Based on Biological Tissue Impedance Nonlinear Fluctuations Analysis for Organism Functional State Evaluation

#4094Radionuclide Migration

Mathematical Modeling of Radionuclide Migration in the Subsurface Hydrosphere

#A-131Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactor

Design of Proof-of-Concept Technology Demonstration for Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Nuclear Reactor

#B-1173Geodesic laser system

Computer-Controlled Geodesic Laser System for City-Planning and Municipal Services

#K-497Nuclear Data for Astrophysics

Measurement and Evaluation of Nuclear Data Required for Astrophysical Applications

#KR-1123Uranium Production Waste Impact upon Kirgizian Population

Environmental Monitoring to Assess Uranium Production Waste Impact upon Kirgizian Population Health and Gene Pool

#KR-1202Lightning-Generated Electromagnetic Radiation

Experimental Studies of Radiation Connected with Lightning in Thunderstorm-Active Regions of Kyrgyz Republic

#KR-1207Electric Arc Plasma Technology

Development of Theoretical and Computational Models for Electric Arc Plasma Technologies Optimization

#KR-1430Model of Toktogul Water Reservoir

Study of Formation Factors and Estimation of the Nizhny-Naryn HEPP Cascade Effect on the Quality of the Naryn River Catchments Using Isotopic Methods

#KR-1446Radionuclides in Drinking Water of Bishkek

Studying the Dynamics of Drinking Groundwater Contamination with Radionuclides in the Kyrgyz Republic’s Capital City, Bishkek

#KR-154Quantum Birth of the World

Cosmological Consequences of the Quantum "Birth" of the World

#KR-1698Nanoceramics Fabrication by Microwave Sintering with Application of Pressure

Investigation of Nanostructured Ceramic and Composite Materials Fabrication by Combined Effect of Microwave Radiation and External Pressure

#KR-244Imaging System of Gas-Filled Detectors

Development of X-Ray Visual Digital System on the Basis of the Coordinate-Sensitive Detector of Large Sizes

#KR-515Biological Impact of Contaminated Sites in Kyrghyz Republic

Environmental Contamination by Radionuclides and Heavy Metals of Waste/Tailing Sites in Kyrghyz Republic: Study of Impact on Human and Animals

#KR-727Silicon Nitride Ceramics from Silicon Wastes

Development of a Technology for Producing Silicon Nitride Ceramics from Silicon Industrial Wastes from Kyrgyz Republic

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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