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#A-2123W-Cu Composite Nanomaterials

Combustion Synthesis and Characterization of W-Cu Composite Nanomaterials

#A-2137Enhanced devices for study of optically active substances

Development of enhanced devices based on new generation optical elements for study of optically active substances

#A-2208Effect of Space Factors on the Materials and Devices

Development and Ground Study of Materials and Devices under Simulating Space Complex Conditions including in-situ measurements

#A-2286Neutron beam profiler/monitor FOR cancer tissue investigation


#G-034Helium Cryogenics for Reactors

Creation of Cryogenics Helium Complex on Pulse Nuclear Reactors of RFNC-RSRITP of Snezhinsk for Radiation Physics of Solids.

#G-050Safe Technology Development

Development of the Technologies Excluding the Usage of Precious Metals and Toxic Substances in Production of Radioelectronic Articles and Consumers Goods.

#G-1089Antioxidant Defense System in Blood Cells

Antioxidant Defense System Status as Blood Markers of Atopic Bronchial Asthma and the Influence of the Emerging Therapy

#G-1168Cooling system for a Low-power nuclear facility

A New Type Cooling System Ensuring the Safety of a Low-Power Nuclear Facility Based on the Decommissioned IRT-M Reactor of the Institute of Physics, Georgia

#G-1366Short Intense Laser Pulses in Optical Media

Short Intense Laser Pulses in Optical and Composite Negative Phase Index Media

#G-1372Selenium-Containing Biomass for Food Supplement

Development of Biotechnology of Production Selenium-Containing Biomass of Spirulina platensis as a Substance for Food Supplement and Pharmaceuticals

#G-1393Vortex Matter in Superconductors

Vortex matter in high-temperature and exotic superconductors

#G-1409Anisotropic Laser Center Stabilization

New Method of Creation of Active Elements of Tunable Lasers on Color Centers by Combined Action of External Fields on Ionic Crystals, and the Investigation of Their Optical-Generation Properties

#G-1412Flows in Confined Plasmas

Flow Induced Phenomena in Magnetically Confined Plasmas

#G-1433Nanotechnology for Fabrication Films with Specified Properties

Development of Competitive Nanotechnologies for Production and Modification of Nano- and Micro-Sized Particles and Deposition of Films with Specified Properties

#G-1509Nuclear Power Facility with Thermosiphon Cooling

Experimental Investigation of a New Nuclear Power Facility with Thermosiphon Cooling

#G-1536Acoustic Vibrator for Spectrometer

Novel Type Of Acoustic Vibrator as Three-Reed Tuning Fork and Creation on its Basis of a Precision Acoustic Spectrometer with the Extremely Low Background Dissipation

#G-1559Respiratory Precancer Screening

Creation of Nanotechnology and Device for Screening of a Precancer of Respiratory Organs

#G-1643Antioxidant System and Bronchial Asthma

The Study of Antioxidant Defense System Role in Bronchial Asthma: Development of Electrochemical Methods for the Evaluation of Antioxidant System Status

#G-2000Gradiental State in Polymer Nanocomposites

Development of Gradiental State in Polymer Nanocomposites and Creation of Sensors of New Generation with Desirable Gradient of Electrical and Magnetic Properties

#G-202Sub-Micron Miniaturization of Household Electronics

Development of the Technologies Excluding the Usage of Precious Metals and Toxic Substances on Production of Radioelectronic Articles and Consumers Goods as well as Providing Sub-Micron Miniaturization

#G-202-2Sub-Micron Miniaturization of Household Electronics

Development of the Technologies Excluding the Usage of Noble Metals and Toxic Substances in the Production of Devices of Radioelectronics and Consumer Goods, as well as Providing Microminiaturization

#G-2095Neutron Activation Analysis Service

Renovation of Neutron Activation Analysis Service and Extension of Service for Identification of the Sources of Ionizing Radiation in Georgia

#G-2136Nanotechnologies for alternative energy sources

Creation of cheap efficient nanotechnologies for alternative energy sources

#G-342Effect of Spirulina Platensis on Iodine in Cells

Effect of Spirulina Platensis Cultivation Procedure on the Intracellular Accumulation and Distribution of Iodine: Process Development for Generation of Iodine-enriched Culture of Spirulina Platensis

#G-348Heavy Metal Transformation on Microbial-Mineral Surfaces

Molecular Mechanisms of Heavy Metal Transformation on Microbial-Mineral Surfaces, their Roles in Detoxifying High-Oxidation State Cr and Other Heavy Metal Ions

#G-349Cellular Effects of Cr(VI) Compounds

In Vitro Study of Mechanisms of Intracellular Responses to Low-Dose and Low-Dose Rate Exposure to Cr(VI) Compounds

#G-380High Temperature Superconductor

High Temperature Ceramic Superconductors: the Ordered State Symmetry, Suppression of Superconductivity

#G-389Lattice Dynamics in High Temperature Superconductors

Novel Supersensitive Contactless Mechanical Methods in Combination with Magnetoresonance Methods for Abrikosov Vortex Lattice Dynamics and Order Parameter Symmetry Investigation in High Temperature Superconductor

#G-406Microdilatometers for Radiation Swelling Investigations

Development and Creation of Microdilatometers for Investigation of Radiation Swelling of Metals and Alloys

#G-407Phase Transition for Heat Engines

Design and Creation of Heat Engines Working on the Basis of Phase Transitions in Solids and Using Nontraditional Sources of Heat Energy

#G-408Activation Analysis of Spirulina Platensis

Neutron-Activation Analysis of Blue-Green Alga Spirulina Platensis: Heavy and Toxic Elements Accumulation from Nutrient Medium in the Process of Cell Growth

#G-409Modelling of the Power Nuclear Facility

Calculation of Parameters of Low Power Nuclear Facility Provided by Conversion Program of the Research Nuclear Reactor of the E. Andronikashvili Institute of Physics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences on the Basis of Computer Program Developed in USA

#G-410Microcalorimetric Methods for Cancer Diagnostics

Microcalorimetry as a New Method for Fast and Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Cancer from Studies of Human Blood Plasma/Serum

#G-411Toxic Metals Effects on the Chromatin Structure

A Study of Chromatin Structure Under the Influence of Toxic Metals (Ni, Cr, Pb)

#G-421Elastic Waves in Helium Saturated Porous Media

Elastic Waves in a Superfluid Helium-Saturated Porous Media

#G-554Electrohydrodynamic Pulse Pressure Device

Electrohydrodynamic Pulse Pressure Installation and Technology Development of its Wide Application

#G-593Conductive Polymer Composites

Creation of New Conductive Polymer Composites Capable to Work in Extreme Conditions

#G-663Superstrong Electromagnetic Fields in Media

Superstrong Electromagnetic Fields in Media

#G-713Ordered Hydrides of Rare-Earths and Their Alloys

Hydrides of Rare-Earth Metals and Their Alloys. Influence of Hydrogen Ordering on Physical Properties

#G-782Modification and Metallization of Bulk Materials and Particles

Development of Competitive Technologies for Modification and Metallization of Bulk Materials and Powder-Like Particles for Obtaining Specially Desired Properties

#G-804Nontraditional NMR Spectroscopy of Magnetics

Nontraditional NMR Spectroscopy of Magnetically Ordered Materials with Applications to Materials Research and NMR Instrumentation

#G-838Gas-Filled Inclusions in Materials

The Experimental Investigation of Physical Parameters of Gas-filled Regions in Materials

#G-915New Medicinal Preparation on the Basis of Iodized Spirulina Platensis

Biotechnology and Pharmacology of New Medicinal Preparation on the Basis of Iodized Blue-Green Algae Spirulina Platensis: Technological, Experimental and Clinical Investigations

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is an intergovernmental organization connecting scientists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia with their peers and research organizations in the EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway and the United States.


ISTC facilitates international science projects and assists the global scientific and business community to source and engage with CIS and Georgian institutes that develop or possess an excellence of scientific know-how.

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