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High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker with SF6 Insulation


Development of High-Voltage Circuit-Breaker for 6 kV with SF6 Insulation for the Objects of Electric-Power Industry and Nuclear Power Plants

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  • NNE-OTH/Other/Non-Nuclear Energy

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Open Joint-Stock Company "Research Center of High-Voltage Apparatus Tests", Russia, Moscow\nRussian Electrotechnical Institute named after V. I. Lenin, Russia, Moscow


  • Han Kwang Electric Co., Ltd, Korea, Seoul

Project summary

The proposed Project is devoted to development of high-voltage circuit-breaker for 6 kV using SF6 gas as insulating arc-extinguishing environment.

Use of SF6 gas as insulation in high-voltage equipment, especially in more complicated and responsible electric apparatuses – high-voltage circuit-breakers, much reduces their sizes, degrades materials capacity, increases their work reliability and longevity at common increase of the technical and operational characteristics factors.

High-voltage circuit-breaker for 6 kV is intended for operative and accidental switching in the networks of three-phase alternate current composed of SF6-gas-insulated switchgears (GIS). Thus, it is produced to be used in all GIS types, including updating of old series GIS to change dated types of circuit-breakers.

There are developments and industrial manufacture of high-voltage (110, 220 kV and more) circuit-breakers with SF6 gas insulation in Russia.

But there are no developments and manufacture of average-voltage (6-10 kV) circuit-breakers with SF6 gas insulation.

In USSR and then in CIS and Russia some large research centers and companies were engaged in scientific and research activities to create circuit-breakers with SF6 gas insulation for 6-10 kV.

These researches, however, were not finished, and the started experiment-engineering activities were practically stopped for different reasons (mainly, financial and technological).

Thus, some hundreds of thousands of circuit-breakers for 6 kV old types (oil, air, electromagnetic), which are morally and physically dated and need to be changed, are operated till now in electric-power industry of Russia and CIS, including Nuclear Power Plants, industry, municipal economy.

At present the situation at the Russian market of 6-10 kV equipment with SF6 gas insulation is the following:

– There is a joint company “ABB-Moselectroschit” in Russia, producing circuit-breakers of VF-series of ABB company development, assembled of foreign component parts.

– The companies ABB, ABB-SACE and Schneider-Electric supply similar but bargain for use production of these companies.

But deliveries of import production are not very big and so, they can’t solve the problem. Also this product can not always be used in the domestic SF6-gas-insulated switchgears (GIS) without reworks of the circuit-breakers as well as GIS.

Considering all this, the development and manufacturing introduction of domestic circuit-breakers with SF6 gas insulation for 6-10 kV is very actual.

The present Project purpose is development of high-voltage circuit-breaker for 6 kV with SF6 gas insulation for the objects of electric-power industry and Nuclear Power Plants. The Project will be performed by a team of expert specialists of RFNC-VNIIEF, most part of them works on “weapon” subject, and by scientists and specialists of GUP VEI and OJSC SRC HVAT.

The activities performers have a great experience in Scientific-Research and Test-Designed Activities (SRTDA) carrying in the fields of science and technique, which satisfy the Project subject.

Qualification of the scientists and specialists participating in the Project, is proved with the developments and manufacturing introduction experience of many years, positive results of tests and models operating, and the results of preliminary tests of breadboard and research models of high-voltage technique on the Project subject.

The scientists and specialists participating in the Project are authors of more than 20 inventions and Patents of RF, and 15 patents were obtained in the field of high-voltage technique developments, so it satisfies the Project subject.

The specialists of the Leading Institution of the Project participant – RFNC-VNIIEF received the License №ЦО-11-101-0640 dated 27.10.99 from Gosatomnadzor of Russia to design equipment for Nuclear Power Plants.

The proposed Project refers to “Technology development” and “Technology demonstration” categories.

Development of the first domestic high-voltage circuit-breaker for 6 kV with SF6 gas insulation for the objects of electric-power industry and Nuclear Power Plants should become the main result of the Project realization.

The Project realization will allow:

– to create real conditions for the modern high technology product (circuit-breaker for 6 kV with SF6 gas insulation) manufacturing introduction and outcome to the Market;

– to transfer expert specialists working on “weapon” subject to civil activity, to give conversion plants of the Ministry for Atomic Energy orders for a long period of time, to form volumes of new work places at these plants and other plants of Russia;
– to obtain new technical solutions and researches and tests results, new technologies which will promote creation and manufacturing introduction of developments to higher parameters and to be of scientific and technological interest for other institutes and plants which are engaged in close scientific and technical problems.

The proposed Project satisfies ISTC goals and objectives:

– when realizing the Project, volumes of scientists and specialists in the field of nuclear weapon will have the opportunity to redirect their ability to peace activity;

– when working on the Project, joint activity and experiments with collaborators will be possible. This will promote development of international integration of scientists and specialists;
– development of the modern circuit-breaker with SF6 gas insulation and its introduction to Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) will promote increase of security and nuclear safety of NPP and will be a step to protect the environment;
– the proposed Project realization will allow to support applied researches and developments with peaceful aims;
– the Project realization will promote the solution of the important State problem in the field of electric-power industry – modernization and technical rearmament of electric equipment at NPP;
– the Project will be performed in the conditions and taking into account competition with known foreign companies – world leaders in the field of similar production developments. It corresponds to the Market economy requirements.

The activities performing on the Project suspect the following stages:

– marketing research;

– design-research and calculating activities;
– experiment-engineering activities;
– perfecting of technology, models and samples making;
– models and experiment sample's tests.

Technical problems on the Project will be discussed with the collaborators. Joint researches, experiments and calculations are possible.

When the Project is being realized:

– the carrying of the activities on the Project will be performed, taking into account world achievements in this field of science, technique and technology, using modern computer technologies and programs (computer aided design, calculations, etc.);

– the domestic manufacture ability, perfected technologies, new materials introduction and technologies prospects, economic efficiency, concrete Customers’ requirements and desires will be considered;
– the models manufacturing will be performed, according to the perfected designed and technological documentation under conditions of industrial manufacture. The effective industrial technologies (pressing, casting under pressure, punching, powder metallurgy) will be used;
– the circuit-breakers manufacture to deliver them to NPP will be performed by the system of quality support according to standard ИСО-9001-94.

Thus, the proposed Project satisfies ISTC goals and objectives. It will create real conditions for a new conversion direction development in the activity of organizations and plants of the Ministry for Atomic Energy which work on “weapon” subject, allow to support performing researches and developments in the field of civil technique, promote increase of security and nuclear safety of NPP and protection of the environment.


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