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Generation of Elastic Fluctuations


Application of Vibratory and High Speed Effects of Powder Component Combustion to Generate Elastic Fluctuations in Different Media

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  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences

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Leading Institute
Research Institute of Polimeric Materials, Russia, Perm reg., Perm

Supporting institutes

  • Kamsky Research Institute of Complex Researches of Deep and Superdeep Wells, Russia, Perm reg., Perm\nPerm Scientific and Design Institute of Oil Industry, Russia, Perm reg., Perm\nInstitute of Oceanology, Russia, Moscow\nPerm State University, Russia, Perm reg., Perm

Project summary

At present there is large persity of seismic energy sources for geological exploration of petroleum and gas fields. However these units can not be used in areas having complex geological structure, in off-the-road application, on soft terrain, as well as for transition zones ground-water and some other conditions. These difficulties are stipulated by features of excitation of signals, large weight of sources, as well as negative influence on surrounding nature and other factors. In this connection the development of principally new small-sized, ecologically safe devices, enabling to receive necessary seismic waves in geological media at various conditions is necessary. For such devices powerful source of energy, occupying small volume is necessary.

On the other hand, the powder pressure accumulators for the wells are known. These devices are assigned for raising the rate of oil and gas recovery and polluted wells restoration. The units installed and burned in the interval in oil and gas-bearing layers. However these pressure accumulators for a variety of reasons have exhausted their opportunities. At the same time, there are the data concerning the efficiency of attacks of wave processes into formation. Obviously, that the efficiency of pressure accumulators for the wells increases with the presence of vibro-waved attacks, i.e. the energy source is necessary.

The reason for the suggestion of a project is an actuality of the touched problems, having fundamental and applied value for peaceful activity and also an interest, showed in researches on several international exhibitions, seminars and congresses in 1990-96 years.

The project is directed on study vibrational and high speed effects of combustion of powder elements from the point of view of possibility of their use for excitement of elastic waves in solid and fluid mediums, presenting interest for geophysicists and oilmen, as well as on study the peculiarities of spreading of generated wave processes and their influence upon these mediums.

To vibrational modes refer those, accompanying combustion of channel powder elements, reminding the processes which occur in the missile engine, when in chamber high frequency pressure-fluctuations take place. These fluctuations can be of different intensity and proceed for some seconds or tens of seconds.

High-speed regimes are characterized by short-term (a fraction of a milliseconds) combustion of the elements in view of inpidual pulses of pressure or series of low-frequency pulses during several seconds.

For completion of the project there are sufficient quantity of materials, equipment, instruments, highly trained experts, and will adjusted connections between the scientists and experts in different spheres of activity.

The project will be executed on laboratory and industrial complexes of organizations-participant, as well as on test beds, polygons, wells and research ships with the use of the whole existing equipment.

For tests of the developed devices and valuation of efficiency of new technologies usual techniques, used at stand tests, seismic and geophysical work will be applied. Simultaneously the new techniques, for example, registration of necessary parameters on stands with the additional use of seismic instruments, study of various operating modes of devices with solid propellant elements at high temperatures and pressure under actions of loads, in different environments, in wells, in view of ecological safety and etc. will be introduced.

As a result of preliminary researches the prototypes of devices for seismic exploration, having weights hundred times less, in comparison with vibrators, pulsing installations and other existing seismic energy sources are made and tested. At field test-methodical seismic exploration the intensity sufficient for prospecting purposes of longitudinal waves is received. The prototypes of power acoustic pressure accumulators and results of their preliminary tests on stands and in wells are also received.

The increase of oil production 1,6...1,9 times for 30 and more months is achieved. The profit at a rate of one wells perannum made up tens of thousands of USA dollars. The advantages of new technologies are shown.

The realization of the project allows to, carry out the significant volume of theoretical and experimental researches, as well as to develop principally new types of ecologically safe devices on the basis of fuel elements and appropriate them technologies.

For geophysicists there will be offered universal, powerful, reliable and simple in operation surface, under-water and wells sources of seismic signals with the adjustable characteristics, working in areas inaccessible for the usual sources and also there where the application of the latter is hindered or undesired.

For petroleum companies the acoustic accumulators of pressure, used for vibro-waved effect on oil and gas-bearing bed will be offered. These devices allow considerably to increase debit wells on petroleum and gas deposits and appreciably to increase the efficiency of usual powder term-gas-chemical accumulators of pressure, carrying out only baric and term-gas-chemical effects on beds.

At the expense of change of characteristics of vibrating operating mode of these devices, the influence of all kinds of effect on productive beds at different distances from the wells is adjusted. It promotes the additional increase of extraction of oil.

The application of new technology of vibro-waved attacks on oil and gas bearing beds is assumed at different geological and natural-climatic conditions. Combined use of this technology with the other technologies, promoting the increase of petroleum production is probable. The specific significance it has for enhancement of oil recovery at mature oil field as well as for the development of marginal and thin beds.

At a realization of the project creation of necessary backlogs for further researches in selected directions in theoretical and experimental plan is expected. Rather fast assimilation and practical introduction of the results of work thanks to large volume of preliminary operating time successful use of freed potencies of a military-industrial complex, realized during conversion and available interests of customers is supposed. Deriving of significant profits, broad propagation of process engineering and "know-how" in Russia and abroad, and also extension of production of production and creation of joint firms with the foreign partners on its assimilation and application in the peace purposes is probable.

To participation in project are invited: the research institutes, private firms and companies, separate experts from USA, countries of European Union, Japan, as well as Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The role of the foreign partners should consist in an improvement and updating of directions of researches, in study vibro-waved processes in geological mediums, their interaction, improvement of emitters at some phases of the project with use of a necessary geophysical apparatus and special equipment. They can also spread an obtained technological information, publish outcomes of researches, organize meetings of the participants of the project with the conducting experts of the geophysical and petroleum companies, search for customers, and also realize any other forms of activity. The other form of cooperation, not conflicting with the ISTC's main goals and objectives, are possible.


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