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Complex research of electrical state of near-ground atmospheric layer by example of the Kyrgyz Republic

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  • ENV-APC/Air Pollution and Control/Environment
  • ENV-MIN/Monitoring and Instrumentation/Environment

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Leading Institute
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • MIFI, Russia, Moscow\nScientific Research Center for Remote Atmosphere Sounding, Russia, St Petersburg\nInstitute of Atmospheric Physics, Russia, Moscow


  • Umveltforschungszentrum Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Germany, Leipzig\nLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, CA, Berkeley\nOakton International Corporation (OIC), USA, VA, Oakton

Project summary

The Project objective is to perform complex scientific and medical researches of electro-physical state of near-ground atmospheric layer including measuring aero-ion content, electric field potential gradient, specific positive and negative electric air conductivity as well as studying the recreational potential of Kyrgyzstan and developing the strategy of rational use of the regional resort resources.

Day-to-day anthropogenic effect on the environment in the form of aerosol emissions by industrial facilities, exhaust gases emissions by motor transport, radioactive contamination result in changes of electro-physical state of the near-ground atmospheric layer. As result, aero-ion air content changes qualitatively and quantitatively which affects significantly on human day-to-day activity.

Research of near-ground atmospheric layer is supposed to be performed in Kyrgyz Republic where plenty recreational resources of natural aero-ions are available in the form of atmospheric ions, hydro-ions and speleo-aero-ions. Healing air properties in mountainous areas change depending on the state of atmospheric electrical field namely specific positive and negative air conductivity, charges volume density and mobility, aerosol content, “mountainous-valley circulation” and weather conditions specific for a given area. Walks or respiratory exercises make patients feel better even at oxygen ions concentrations of 1,000 – 2,000 ions/cm3, while at decreased concentrations of 150 – 100 ions/cm3 patients feel worse. At present healing properties of mountainous air at mountainous resorts of Kyrgyzstan, Russia, CIS and abroad are used ineffectively because of lack of appropriate treatment methods and necessary equipment for aero-ion concentration control.

To guarantee preservation of the regional recreational potential, it is necessary to perform comprehensive study and develop integrated approach to near-ground atmospheric layer monitoring. A number of reasons are to be considered including:

  • Nature of atmospheric electric phenomena is not fully understood and its study is of scientific and practical importance;
  • Regularities of forming the healing properties of air enriched by aero-ions, hydro-ions and speleo-ions can be used in treatment and prophylactics of various diseases;
  • Determining the relation between emissions from industrial facilities, motor transport, radioactive emissions after nuclear tests and changes of aero-ions content and electric properties of air environment will allow to forecast undesirable ecological consequences, for example, Asian brown cloud (ABC);
  • Developed apparatus and methods of atmospheric electricity monitoring can be applied to various fields of science and technology, for example, for effective protection of different objects from static electricity and thunder discharges;
  • Creation of electro-metric stations network will allow to localize and to monitor behavior of extensive electric heterogeneities in the atmosphere, for example, those similar to ABC or Asian dust.

At the moment the Roshydromet’s ground-based observation network consists of 4 units. Monitoring of atmospheric electricity properties such as atmospheric electric field potential gradient, specific positive and specific negative electric air conductivity is included into the program of atmosphere background monitoring. The obtained observation data are published in Environment Pollution Surveys covering the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS. The main aim of the atmospheric-electric network observations is obtaining data on electric state of near-ground atmospheric layer with the purpose of revealing natural and anthropogenic changes of its electric state. Basing on the observation data, effects of emissions by industrial facilities, radioactive emissions into atmosphere after nuclear tests and Chernobyl catastrophe on forming the electric state of near-ground atmosphere layer were detected.

In this connection, it is planned in the project to develop and to create new up-to-date apparatus for measuring gradient of atmosphere electric field potential, specific positive and specific negative electric air conductivity, which meets the requirements of modern circuit technique. Further, the developed means will be combined into a measuring-calculating complex to accumulate and store database including history and current information about atmospheric electricity. On request the complex will generate data, provide information exchange between foreign units and systems. Technology and production support for near-ground atmospheric layer monitoring system will be provided.

It is also planned in the project to develop a system for controlling integral electric properties of aero-ion content in air environment by aspiration method including measurements of air electro-conductivity and electric charges volume density within whole spectrum of aero-ion motilities.

Growth of urban contamination accompanied by decreasing lights aero-ions concentration and correspondingly by increasing concentration of aerosol particles of sub-optic size range requires for studying electrical factors to analyze biological consequences of air composition change. Basing on data of reliable measurements of electric aerosol density, aerosol particles concentration in sub-optic size range can be calculated. This concentration characterizes the level of environment pollution and is considered as an influencing factor when analyzing the reasons of respiratory diseases.

To preserve the regional recreational potential in future, it is necessary to know in what extent anthropogenic influence caused by day-to-day human activity within the Kyrgyzstan territory affects on electro-physical state of the atmosphere.

It is planned in the project to perform integrated experimental researches and to develop mathematical models, which allow to study the influence of various factors and processes on electro-physical state of near-ground atmospheric layer.

Social significance of the project lies in the fact that population of the Kyrgyz Republic will obtain an electronic atlas of medical recreational resources of natural aero-ions within mountainous Kyrgyzstan available through Internet. This will allow to widely use healing properties of mountainous air, to increase efficiency of mountainous resorts. The project results can be used by mountainous resorts, tourist bases, population, new rest homes, sanatoriums and other medical institutions. Work experience acquired will allow to elaborate recommendations on searching and monitoring areas with favorable distribution of atmospheric ions, hydro-aero-ions and speleo-ions concentrations in other resort area of Russia, CIS and abroad.


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