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Developing of the Information System of the Scientific and Industrial Potential of the Kirov Region in the Sphere of Biotechnology

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  • INF-SOF/Software/Information and Communications

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Senior Project Manager
Gremyakova T A

Leading Institute
Research and Production Center for Environmental Monitoring "RACEM", Russia, Kirov reg., Kirov

Supporting institutes

  • Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Hunting and Fur Farming, Russia, Kirov reg., Kirov\nVIT (Vyatka Information Technology), Russia, Kirov reg., Kirov

Project summary

The deep conversion processes in the Kirov defense enterprises started in the beginning of 90s have touched such an important sphere as biotechnology. The detailed analysis of social and economic structure of Kirov region, its scientific, technical and industrial potential has led to the developing of the integrated "Program of structural changes in economy and foreign relations of Kirov region". Due to the fact that Kirov region has the unique scientific biotechnological possibilities the special region sub-program in biotechnology has been worked out. Within the framework of mis sub-program the following investment projects are represented: organization of production of vaccines against plague and Siberian ulcer, standard vaccine sample of the strain СТИ -1, Siberian ulcer diagnosticum, gamma-globulin against Siberian ulcer and many other medicines; development of new technology of unified line of guided bioreactive modules for laboratory, piloting and industrial levels and putting them into production; development of biopisions for production of means of plant protection and veterinary preparations with the sectors for converting plants wastes into fodder and food products, production of devices for microbiological tests of preparations, the production of fermentator for cultivating micelle forms of microorganisms and some others.

These projects can be realized owing to the strong scientific basis in Kirov. Even excluding the Microbiology Scientific and Research Institute of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation this basis includes the Medical Institute, Agricultural Academy, the biotechnology department of the Vyatka State Technical University, the Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, the RI of the North-East Agriculture named after N.V.Rudnitsky, the RI of Timber and Wood Industry, the RI of Hunting Management and Breeding of Fur-bearing Animals, Kirov epidemiological control unit, Biotechnological Research and Design Institute «Biotin». Besides that the existing industrial basis allows to put into practice the projects of Kirov scientists. There are such industrial enterprises in Kirov as Biochemical Plant, Joint stock company «Vostok», Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant, Joint stock venture «Farmax» and so on. In order to coordinate the biotechnological projects the Russian government and Kirov Region Administration founded the Volga-Vyatka Center of Applied Biotechnology.

In accordance with the mentioned above we think it is useful to develop the information system of the scientific and industrial potential of the Kirov Region in the sphere of biotechnology. The aim of the project is the systematization of the information about the scientific researches and their industrial fulfillment in the spheres of microbiology and biotechnology, the exchange of information, the strengthening of relations between Russian scientists and specialists and their foreign colleges.

The information system is to be integrated to the Internet. For the quickest and the most reliable access to Internet, for organizing the videoconferences it is necessary to have the satellite communication link to the European providers of Internet. The information system is planned to be created as the technical complex for using the open, object-oriented, multimedia database including hyper-text, sound, video, graphic. The system is to be scaleable and extendible. The system is to provide the opportunity to put new information regularly and promptly, to select and search the necessary information. The usage of the satellite communication link of the DETESAT GmbH will give the opportunity of the quick access to the information system in spite of the geographical location of the remote users including not only Russian specialists and businessmen but also their foreign colleges.

Many researchers and consultants of the proposed project are employees who were engaged in developing military programs in the former USSR. The fulfillment of the project will be useful for them as it will provide this category of the scientists with the information about the possibilities Kirov region. possesses and where these specialists can use their knowledge in peaceful activities. It will make easier for them to find new places of work. Besides, taking part in this project will help these specialists to establish the contacts with the directors of the Kirov enterprises and institutes that also will help these specialists to start the new peaceful way of living.

The work is to result in conducting the scientific discussions between Russian and foreign specialists during the video- and teleconferences within the framework of the project. The directors of the enterprises will get the opportunity to study the results of the scientific researches in the sphere of biotechnology. We hope that they will be interested in them and will put some of them into practice. That will lead to the economic growth of the region, opening of the new places for work for the kirovites including scientists and engineers previously engaged in developing military programs.

The foreign collaborators might also take part in the project if they are interested in it. As we think the creation of the information system of biotechnology of Kirov region will become the new and useful step in fruitful international cooperation.


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