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Shock Method for Tires Utilization


Method for Utilization of Large-Size Automobile Tires by Shock Bench of Explosive Type (Development, Manufacture of Demonstration Model Facility)

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  • MAN-PDM/Plant Design and Maintenance/Manufacturing Technology
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Komarkov D A

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VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • University of Miami / Clean Energy Research Institute, USA, FL, Coral Gables\nLiland Technology, LLC, Western Region, USA, AZ, Gilbert\nAdvanced Processes, Inc., USA, PA, Monessen

Project summary

Recycling of worn out automobile tires in all countries is a major economic and ecological problem. Worn out automobile tires are valuable raw material containing rubber and other materials which can be returned in the raw balance of the rubber industry. Recycling of tires having small sizes is nowadays carried out by specialized facilities manufactured in several countries. However, features of these facilities are such that there are restrictions for dimensions and weight of tires or rubber fragments loaded into these facilities.

The patent-technical search showed that there is no specialized equipment for recycling of large-size tires in Russia and abroad.

Thus, large-size tires for heavy-load automobiles and agricultural vehicles with sizes from 18.00/25 to 40.00/57 (conventional width / rim sizes in inches) having large quantities of rubber-containing raw materials (tire weight is from 320 to 3500 kg) are not returned for processing because of a lack of technological equipment for cutting.

According to estimations of Russian Research Institute of Tire Industry, only in Russia about 50 thousand tons of worn out large-size tires are annually accumulated in waste piles. And total quantity of this raw material is estimated as 1 million tons. The tendency of growth of these quantities is observed all over the world. The piles are concentrated, as a rule, at locations of automobile enterprises working for ore mining and processing plants.

In this connection the ecological problem is also touched upon. The piles are vast expanses filled up with tires.

The goal of this project is development of the shock bench model using energy of explosion of brisant explosive localized in closed volume for acceleration of cutting device. This shock bench will demonstrate capability to cut large-size automobile tires into fragments appropriate for further processing. The proposed design of the bench should provide fragmentation (partition) of a tire for the required number of fragments during one action.

Advantages of the explosive bench are:

– lack of need for exterior sources of energy;

– high specific energy consumption (power/weight of facility) at small cost of energy source (for the bench operation, it is planned to use small charges of explosives with standard formulations like ammonite used in ore and mining industry);

– quick self-repayment of the bench, while its cost is relatively small.

All this allows to transport and to mount the bench in places of concentration of worn out large-size automobile tires (as a rule, these places with open procedure of mining), and, using explosives available already at these plants, to cut large-size tires to pieces for further their transportation and reprocessing.

The project realization will be based on available RFNC-VNIIEF expertise in the field of studies of behaviours of various materials under dynamic loading and large expertise in the field of developments of shock benches intended cause dynamic loadings of various levels.

The bench should meet the following basic requirements:

– mobility of the design allowing to transport and mount the bench near piles of accumulated worn out large-size tires;
– safety of the efforts, namely, protection of surrounding industrial equipment and personnel against explosion effect;
– standard explosives used in the mining industry should be applied as the charge.

The efforts will be carried out in the following several steps:

– numerical - experimental study of the process of deformation and cutting of elements of large-size tires;
– conduction of simulating laboratory studies;
– development of the shock bench design;
– manufacture of demonstration variant of the shock bench.

The deliveries will preliminarily include the following:

• Review of the existing methods and facilities for recycling of worn out tires;

• Experimental studies how such factors as cutting velocity, temperature, cord type, material and geometry of the cutting operating elements of the bench influence on the processes of deformation and cutting of large-size tires elements;

• Development of design-assembly schemes for various variants of the explosive-type benches depending on standard sizes of tires and kind of final production;

• Development together with the collaborator of the engineering requirements for the design of the demonstration shock bench;

• Numerical - experimental studies of power characteristics of the explosive-type benches of various variants;

• Designing of the shock bench design;

• Verification of operational regimes of the bench;

• Demonstration test.

RFNC-VNIIEF scientific-technical basis, long-term expertise in study of processes of shock effects and intensive dynamic loadings realized when using directed energy of explosion of explosives localized in closed volume are arguments sufficiently forcible for successful realization of development of the shock bench intended to cut large-size automobile tires.


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