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Polymer Encapsulation (R)


Research and development of complex delivery systems based on microencapsulated and gel-like chemical and pharmaceutical products for health care, agriculture and technology of new polymer materials.

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  • CHE-POL/Polymer Chemistry/Chemistry

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Senior Project Manager
Komarkov D A

Leading Institute
Delivery Systems International, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • SANTOX Agency, Russia, St Petersburg


  • Chemical Delivery / Systems International, USA, OH, Kettering

Project summary

The aim of the project is the complex scientific and technical development of highly prospective class of the complex delivery systems of chemical and pharmaceutical means for health care, agriculture, culture and pew polymer materials.

The main components of delivery systems are micro-encapsulated chemical and pharmaceutical means. Gel-like materials can be used as matrix. Such systems provide programmed action in time and space.

The aim of the project coincides with the tasks of ISTC, i.e. realization of skill, experience of scientists and engineers, worked for defense in the field of rocket fuels, use of their equipment for humanitarian aim:

- new advanced pharmaceutical means and systems;
- means for agriculture;
- preservation cultural values;
- components for new polymer materials mainly with decreased combustibility - for civil engineering, transport etc.

As a result of the project (after three years) the proposed results are supposed:

Scientific: dates on chemical and physical processes during micro-encapsulation under the conditions of phase separation, gaseous phase polymerization and polymerization on phase boundary, data on properties of micro-encapsulated products (continuity, looseness, penetrability, size distribution etc.), medical and biological evaluation of effect on animals; data on structure and properties of new polymer compositional materials.

Practical: As a result of the world experience adoption in the field of delivery systems and on the base of scientific research some new delivery systems would be developed for the above mentioned application. On the base of pilot experiments standartization works, design projects and recommendations for industrial production would be carried out.

Commercial: Taking into consideration the world-wide experience, the commercial outcome could be significant, if the industrial production would be organized. There are no such a products on the market of Russia and CIS. In this direction we are orienting to assistance and joint activity with American company Chemical Delivery Systems International (CDSI). CDSI is one of the leaders in the field of delivery systems, has wide conniptions in this sphere in Europe and USA.

Carrying out of the proposed Project would (establish the solid scientific and technical base for such a cooperation in the form of joint venture.

That’s why, the fulfillment of the project would promote indirectly small American businesses in Russia.

Methodology of the project is as follows:

1. Laboratory scientific research in the field of physical chemistry and technology of production of micro-encapsulated products and delivery systems on their base; search of application.

2. Pilot experiment for checking of scientific data, statistics followed by standartization of the products and development of initial data for design of industrial production.

3. Marketing of delivery systems for Russia and CIS.

4. Development of recommendation for organization of industrial production of delivery systems for health care, agriculture, new polymer materials, and for preservation cultural values.

Thus, the total result of the project's realization would be the establishment of scientific, technological basis and principles of application of the quite new for Russia class of chemical systems and materials - so called delivery systems, which would be the foundation for industrial and market development of such s systems in cooperation with American businesses. Also the fundamental scientific results in the field of fine physical and chemical effects during the processes of micro-encapsulation, gel-formation and new processes during action of new pharmaceutical means, components for agriculture and special polymer materials would be obtained.


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