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Working out, Making and Testing of Demonstration Model of Wind-Plant with the Turbine “Bi-Darrie” - Apparatus with Anomalous High Coefficient of Wind Energy Use (0.6-0.7)

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  • NNE-EPP/Electric Power Production/Non-Nuclear Energy
  • NNE-MEC/Miscellaneous Energy Conversion/Non-Nuclear Energy

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Leading Institute
Kazakh National University / Technopark, Kazakstan, Almaty

Supporting institutes

  • Closed Joint-Stock Company "Asiaenergoprojectmontazh", Kazakstan, Almaty\nJoint-Stock Company Scientific Research Institute "Gidropribor", Kazakstan, Uralsk


  • University of Science and Technology, Poland, Krakov

Project summary

Many organizations of the Kazakh Republic become interested in use of autonomous electric power sources, and first of all, of wind power, available in plenty at any region of our country. It has been called by a number of reasons – some organizations are situated far from the system of electric power supply, separate consumers’ work has expeditionary character, and at last, it is deficiency of electric power in the Republic and that is why someone wants to be independent of conjuncture – market caprices in distribution of fuel-energy resources. Wind power stations appearance will change conception of power development as a whole, arouse interest to creation of machines for transformation of wind elemental energy to the concentrated one, excite rapid development of applied sciences, fundamental investigations. Theory and practice of electrical engineering problems as applied to the wind power devices will obtain serious development. The main element of a wind plant is a wind turbine, converting the energy of elemental wind flow into concentrated mechanic energy of shaft rotation, which can be connected with pumping plant for water lift and pumping over. Or for example it can be connected with mill-stones for grains crushing or, finely, it can be connected with armature of current generator to produce electricity for lighting, heating and to connect house-hold devices. Bi-Darrie works on two independently rotating shaft.

Specialists of high qualification – scientists, engineers, designers and technicians of KazNU, SRI “Gydropribor” and CJSC “Asiaenergoprojectmontazh” - are involved in Project implementation. Previously they took part in working out and testing of vertical-axial wind-aggregates and different types of other machines (hydro-machines, pneumatic machines and so on).

The project goal:

- creation of new version of vertical-axial demonstrating wind aggregate with power till 5 kW (kilowatt) with wind turbine "Bi-Darrie", having an anomaly-high coefficient of wind energy use (ξ = 0.6–0.7);

- physical and mathematical modeling of mechanic system of wind aggregate of vertical-axial type;
- investigation of aerodynamic processes in wind aggregates of whirligig type;
- investigation of work of the "Bi-Darrie" aggregate different constructions at the operating laboratory models;
- to study possibility of wind aggregate work under severe meteorological conditions.

The expected results:

- to elaborate and test working laboratory model of wind-turbine "Bi-Darrie" with even distribution of lift on the blades along all the sweeping cylindrical surface with the purpose of raising of technical-economic indices of WPP Darrie (WPPD);

- to carry out theoretical and experimental research of aerodynamics and heat exchange of the turbine Darrie with internal heating of aggregate’s rotating parts for working-out of new perspective devices, able to work under any meteorological conditions;
- to demonstrate experimentally possibility of creation of wind-turbine with anomalous high coefficient of wind energy use on the example of demonstrating specimen of WPP "Bi-Darrie" (WPPB);
- to reveal peculiarities of work of two kinds of wind-turbine "Bi-Darrie" construction – with one-way and opposite rotation of combined turbines;
- to elaborate, make and carry out tests on location of pilot demonstrating specimen of wind-aggregate "Bi-Darrie";
- publication of results of work at the Project;
- to take out the patents for inventions;
- to acquire license.


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