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Designing of the Universal and Harmless to Nature Factory for the Utilisation of the Armaments, Equipped with TNT and Cast Explosives Mixtures by Means of Elution of the Explosive with the Liquid Heat-transfere Agents

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  • MAT-EXP/Explosives/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Alexandrov K A

Leading Institute
St Petersburg State Polytechnical University / Special Constructing and Technological Bureau "Technolog", Russia, St Petersburg

Project summary

Continuing stockpiling of the obsolete and needless armament at the arsenals and military bases creates potential danger to the environment and to the population. It is especially important for Russia where enormous stocks of unspent armaments had been made. Existing technologies and equipment for the demilitarizing of the ammunition are not acceptable enough for the simultaneous solving of the problems of the quick, ecological and technologically safe utilization of the armaments, which at the same time should be quite economical – maximal quantities of the utilized components of the armaments should be returned for the industrial purposes. Due to these facts the purpose of the project is, using the technologies and experimental equipment developed in SCTB "Technolog", using the experience of the specialists and technical documentation, to create the universal factory that will be capable to:
— extract TNT and mixed explosives from the shells of all types and dimensions;
— be technologically secure and ecologically clean, have the closed and wasteless technological cycle of the extracting and utilizing of the extracted explosives;
— process the extracted explosives to the consumers of the explosive products;
— secure the quality cleaning of the metal shells for the consequent use in the metallurgy;
— be autonomous, to have low energetic requirements, to have portable equipment of the sufficient capacity that will permit to transport the factory and use it right at the sites of the armaments stockpiling.

Designing of the utilization factory will be made on the base of the analyses of the domestic and foreign experience. Existing analogues, as it was mentioned before, do not comply with the conditions applied to this kind of processes in one or several parameters. Specific feature of the proposed project is the generalized and complex character of the method. The aim is achieved by the pumping of the working medium heated up to130 °C – melted TNT – into the shell of the armament, separating it from the extracted components of explosive (in case of mixed explosives), and returning it back to the working cycle.

Creating of the universal factory of the armament utilization will permit to solve successfully the problems of decreasing of the technogenic danger in the regions, and to return several types of the valuable materials to the industrial needs, namely:

— to unload arsenals and bases complying with the technological and ecological security on the sites of the work;

— to convert quality industrial explosives from the extracted stuff, and products manufactured from it, to the mining and constructing industry and other branches of industry which consume explosives;

— to provide metallurgy with the raw materials;

— to decrease the social tension in the regions due to the improving of the technogenic situation and to the demilitarization performed by the secure and ecologically acceptable methods;

— to develop technological and constructional methods of the extracting and processing of the explosives from the armaments, to develop scientific and technical documentation for solving of the problems of the demilitarization of the newly created armaments with consequential converting to the non-military industry;

— to achieve certain economic effect during utilization due to the using of the cheaper secondary raw materials.

While implementing of the project it is planned:

— to optimize the technological regimes of the extraction of explosives of the various contents at the pilot plants existing in the organization;

— to specify the working parameters of the process of the extracting of the explosives of the various contents for keeping the constant high quality of the cleaning of the inner surfaces of the shells;

— to develop and to test the necessary units and constructions of the universal factory using the experimental and calculated data;

— to accomplish the installation of the newly designed original equipment in the existing pilot plants, to launch the programs and methods of the tests, to be sure in the accordance of the theoretical and realistic parameters;

— to perform a marketing investigation of the demand for the ready-made products from the extracted raw materials, using the North-West regions of Russian Federation as an example, to define and to develop the most profitable products, to prepare and to test all equipment for its production;

— to develop and release technical documentation for the technological equipment for the universal factory for the armaments utilization.

The project complies with the aims of ISTC as it gives the possibility to the scientists, connected with weapons, to use their abilities and to re-orient them to the peaceful purposes, to support the fundamental and applied researches and technology development in the area of the environmental protection, and to assist to the transfer to the market economy.

The organization and the participants of the project will be grateful to ISTC for the search of the collaborator for the cooperation in the frames of the project in compliance with the ISTC procedures.


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