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Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Baylor College of Medicine, USA, TX, Houston\nNederlandse Vereniging voor Gerontologie, The Netherlands, Utrecht

Project summary

The purpose of the project is to discover the physical nature of the two main parameters that determine the vital processes in human organism: energy and the flow of energy.

Modern science pays a great attention to looking for the main parameters that determine the vital processes. Life is understood as the negative entropy, non-equilibrium state of the system, biological information. The closest to discovering the physical nature of life are the researches that take into account the energy and the flow of energy. The following concepts exist. The flow of substance and energy lets the organism keep stable form. The flow of energy through the lively system organizes it. Life of the organism depends on the flow of energy, and after all, life is the flow of energy. The organism lives because it immerses the energy from outside and recycles it to create the internal state. The organism dies because the process is not perfect. All the concepts are right but for one thing: modern science does not know what does the energy functioning in the organism look like, and what powers create the flow of energy in the human body and maintain its life. Physics must find the answer to all the questions, because its physics to study all the properties and processes like energy, transformation of energy, flow of energy.

The first problem this project to solve is to discover the physical nature of the vital energy, generated with the cells of human body. The question what is the vital energy is still open. But some guesses can be made. In condensed medium, the atoms pide to the ones that easily polarize under the pressure and the ones that polarize less. Well polarized atoms accumulate additional energy, they are active, it’s them that are to play the main role in creation of molecules and crystals. Atoms of hydrogen can be attributed to easily polarized and very active atoms. In the living cells hydrogen already is polarized, and in the process of receiving the electrochemical energy in the cell hydrogen polarizes additionally. And because the polarization happens in the biological medium and with the biological means it can be taken as biological polarization of hydrogen. It is like extension of a rubber tape – the extension takes energy and now the energy, accumulated in the tape can be used to do some work. We can suppose that biologically polarized hydrogen is the carrier of the vital energy.

The second problem of the research is to find out the role of gravity in the life activity of the organism. How does the gravity influence to the organism? We can suppose the following model. Living cells generate polarized hydrogen not only for its own energy-dependent processes; part of the energy is given for common use, it creates the reserve of free polarized hydrogen, carrying vital energy. Gravity acts to all the cells of organism straightly downward, and the hydrogen in the field of gravity takes the opposite direction straightly upward, and the power, opposing the power of gravity, appears. It leads to appearing the flow of energy from below upwards. The more free hydrogen there is in the organism, the more is the total power, opposing the power of gravity, the easier the organism becomes. Live is the continuous struggle with gravity.

The energy is redistributed allover the organism, maintaining the work of all its functional systems. This salutary action of gravity exists till the human organism produces enough of energy. But in the course of time cells produce less and less vital energy, and the strong action of gravity to human remains the same. Under the gravity, the polarized hydrogen is taken from cells because there is less of free hydrogen. Cells stop fulfilling their functions, gradual degradation of cells, organs, and organism begins. We can say that gravity creates human, contribute to his prosperity, and then starts slowly killing him. To suspend this process the external sources of energy, that would be redistributed allover the organism with the help of gravity, are necessary. The third problem is to develop the way of activating the vital processes in the organism by additional charging through the skin with the energy, generated by external sources – microorganisms.

The main result of the project would be an essentially new approach to solution of the problem of human vital energy, which would let getting closer to the solution the mystery of life. The base of the project idea is the theoretical and experimental research, conducted by N.A.Denisova and described in the book (Denisova N.A. The polarized atoms. – Bishkek: Ilim, 2002, 116 p.).

The work can be attributed to fundamental research, because it is expected to give new knowledge about the vital energy, about the role of gravity in the life of a human. The work can be also attributed to applied research, because the new knowledge would let working out the way of additional charging the organism through the skin with biologically polarized hydrogen, carrying the energy, necessary to human. This method letting activate many vital processes, can be used in physiotherapy. This creates conditions for prolongation of life, but not in the way of reanimation, not in the way of prolongation of ailing condition. On the contrary, would be prolongated the period of higher abilities, the period of high living and creative potential.

Scientists and engineers, who used to work in the weapon field and were engaged in designing biological weapon, are invited to the new direction of medical physics – physics of life. This project lets them reorient themselves and apply experience and knowledge to discover the physical nature of the main vital parameters. Researches are targeted to the studying of fundamental processes in the living organism and to developing new methods of keeping and prolongation life.

To solve the problems it is proposed to conduct detailed and various researches: the theoretical research of the generation of the polarized hydrogen by living cells and interaction of the hydrogen with gravity, acting to the organism; the experimental study of biologically polarized hydrogen and its interaction with gravity in different biological mediums; study with the help of physiotherapeutic research, clinical trials and bioenergetic control the influence of the external source of biologically polarized hydrogen to functioning of human body.

The following cooperation with foreign collaborators is planned: regular share of information during the project realization; response of the collaborators to annual and final reports; common usage of the results; participation in common scientific seminars and symposiums.

The first two problems the project studies can be attributed to fundamental, that is why they should be solved with the methods of theoretical research, computer modeling and with the help of biophysical experiments. The third problem has an applied meaning, that is why it would be solved with the help of physiotherapeutic researches, clinical trials and study of bioenergetic processes in human body. The base of essential decisions of the project is the following requirement: the vital energy that the human organism is supposed to be additionally charged with, will be identical to the vital energy that is generated in the organism itself, i.e. natural biophysical factors would be used in natural state, without any transformation.


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