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Medical Control of Astronaut


Infrared Telemeasuring Complex of Medical Control of a Cosmonaut

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  • SAT-MAS/Manned Space Station/Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation

8 Project completed

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Senior Project Manager
Malakhov Yu I

Leading Institute
NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • MIFI, Russia, Moscow\nRussian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russia, Moscow


  • NASDA, Japan, Tokyo

Project summary

The goal of the project is the creation of infrared telemeasuring complex for the control of psychophysical state of a cosmonaut on board a space craft. The use of pshychophysical and technical principals of infrared telemeasuring gives the possibility to realize wireless duplex telemeasuring channel: the object (a cosmonaut) - a transmitter. The wireless complex of medical control as well as the existing complexes based on cables and radiowaves communication provides control of pshychophysical state of a cosmonaut practically during all the activities of a cosmonaut while flying (running the space craft, research work, training, different testing etc.).

The implementation of the principals of infrared telemeasuring excludes the important drawbacks characteristic of radio-waves and cables telemeasuring (the effect of fading the signal at the expense of the interference of direct and reflective radio waves and limitation of the cosmonaut's moving and comfort).

The Project's methodology takes into consideration modern native and foreign technologies IR of impulse telemeasuring and their combination with native experience of building board complexes of medical control in the sphere of cosmic medicine.

The technical approach in the decision of the main project goals is the following:

- investigation and experimental working off the main principals of creation infrared impulse telemeasuring, determining diagrammatic and constructive decisions of multifunctional complex of new generation medical control;

- definition of variety of testing indications of multifunctional state of a human being and the principals of building the corresponding arrangements of data collecting;

- optimization of distributing functions and the structure of transmitting (on a person) and accepting part of the complex, its junction with computer means;

- creation of an experimental complex model, its medical and technical testing, definition of the main normal metrological characteristics.

- the Experimental model of multifunctional complex of medical control on the bases of infrared impulse telemeasuring would be created as a result of fulfilling the project.

The above mentioned complex of medical control will be also implemented in diagnostic and reabilitationing centers of professional, prophylactic and sport medicine, spa treatment and other spheres of a human being activities where the information about his pshychophysical state is needed.


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