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Physical Methods of Cancer Therapy


Effects Investigation of Gamma-Radiation, Cold and Magnetic Field on Carcinomas

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  • BIO-RAD/Radiobiology/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
Physical-Technical Institute, Tajikistan, Dushanbe

Supporting institutes

  • Republican Clinical Center of Oncology, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • International Society of Cryosurgery, Italy, Trieste

Project summary

Numerous facts of successful effect of cryotherapy on skin tumors are known at which complete destruction of pathology cells in certain volume is achieved with maximum preservation of sound tissues.

Today the deep cold is the most physiologic treatment method, which do not require anesthesia and well endured by patients, and the treatment results with the minimal and post-operational consequences and smooth cicatrisation. Tumor histological shape, its clinical signs, tumor localization and prevalence, tumor localization area anatomic characteristics, and cryosurgery technical aspects are very important for getting cryosurgery procedures positive results. The fact was a stimulus for more detailed research of cryoeffect on tumor cells.

What about other modern treatment method - magnetic therapy, its use, for instance, on breast neoplasms treatment is marked with facts of mastopathy diffusive forms complete resorption. In the case of breast cancer use of magnetic therapy in combination with chemical therapy and radiotherapy results with improvement of the treatment effect – it increases cellular immunity and allows having good survival rates. In both cases – during cryotherapy and magnetic therapy we monitored nonstandard facts of selective influence of deep cold and magnetic field on tumor.

Availability in Cancer Center of new radiotherapy equipment shall give us new potential and opportunities for tumors therapy. In combination with magnetic field, it is possible to improve radiotherapy treatment quality, particularly, to decrease the possibility of recurrent tumors. This was the starting point for formulation of our project tasks. We selected four directions from a variety of uncommon facts:

  • Cold selective action;
  • Unordinary clinical course and treatment of skin cancer on scars;
  • Mastopathy diffuse forms resorption under effect of magnetic field;
  • Radiotherapy treatment quality increase in combination with magnetic field effect.

We think that explanation of these facts should be found in morphological particularities of tissues and cells, as well as in tumor molecules structure.

Investigations must give answer to the problems of selective effect of deep cold, radiotherapy and magnetic field on tumor tissues and how the effect of deep cold and magnetic field during treatment of cancer patients may be increased.

Scientists of Physical and Technical Research Institute have rich experience and well-equipped technical and experimental base on construction and creation of cryosurgery instruments on the basis of liquid nitrogen, magnetic systems, complex electronic engineering, and experimental research of substances optical properties in broad band. We plan to use all these potential in our project work.

Cryosurgery instruments of MKI series are widely used in surgery, dermatology, cosmetology, gynecology and modern oncology. For magnetic therapy in oncology physicist developed a special magnetic system, which allows generation of magnetic fields having various intensity, frequency and configurations. For solution of project tasks, the physicists are able to develop and create inpidual cryosurgery instruments and magnetic therapy equipment.

CRCMHRT research doctors of are very qualified oncologists and both employees of general oncology and mammology departments have very rich experience of patients treatment.


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