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Research and Training Reactor PIK


Functional Training-Simulating Complex of the Research Reactor PIK (FTSC PIK).

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  • FIR-MOD/Modelling/Fission Reactors

8 Project completed

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Senior Project Manager
Tocheny L V

Leading Institute
Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia, Leningrad reg., Gatchina

Supporting institutes

  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering named after N.A.Dollezhal, Russia, Moscow\nResearch Institute of Technology, Russia, Leningrad reg., Sosnovy Bor


  • Technische Universität München, Germany, Munich\nSiemens AG / Power Generation (KWU), Germany, Erlangen

Project summary

The main purpose of Functional Trainlngi-Sijnulatiiig Complex (KSC) is the improving of the reactor facility PIK (RF PIK) operation safety and research efficiency by the perfection pf the operating staff training ana realization of a deep simulatlfig research of the RF PIK technological processes.

FTSC RF PIK is a technical means for the operating staff training and for the research of the HP technological processes. It intends for: primary and current trainings of the operators of the main and redundant control panels as, well as the operators of the

- total Inspection the knowledges after the courses of study finishing;

- developing tbe programs, methods and the educational maintenance of the operators training;

- carrying out the simulation tests of the physical processes and technological regimes RF PIK in real time as well as in slow and accelerating time scale;

- trying out and, optimisation of the, control algorithms, the technological systems. FTSC RF PIK includes in its composition: operator's working places, equiped by the computational technics with the displays instructor's working place with the necessary equipment;

- computational complex with the information exchange system, central compiler DEC 3000 AXPSOOMha (400 MIPS, 200 Nflops

- software;

- support technological systems (power system, conditioners e.c.)

FTSC must provide the solution by means of computer software the educational tasks foresaw, by the education programs for operating,staff of main and redundant control panels and of local posts RF .EIK. The reactions of FTSC on correct and uncorrect operator performance under given by instructor Initial conditions events and tasks is adequate to the reactions of the real control object RF PIK.

The operations of the emergency protections, blockings and signals occurs in the same logical and temporary succession as on the main, redundant and others control panels of RF PIK.

In the time of conditional technological operations fulfilment on FTSG (at the command through electronic computer) or the actions on the technological process simulating breaches liquidations the operator must carry out the same operations as on real control desk. During the training on FTSC it is possible to create the any alarm condition RF, therefore training operators develop the necessary optimal successions of the actions practically for every alarm situation. For all that; it is provided the leading of FTSC in standard condition which corresponded to the steady stable condition of RF, if it may be achieve by means of the operations in simulating limits. .

FTSC is the system which is developed with the participation of the scientists and engineers who were connected with the weapon development. This system provides the support of the fundamental and applied investigations on RF PIK as well: as rises the safety of the nuclear reactor. It Is the project the supporting of which corresponds to the aim of ISTC.

The result of me creation will be the rising of the RF PHL operational reliability :which is difficult to estimate quantitative. However, it should be take into account that in present time from 30% to 50% of all incidents occurs due to the staff mistakes (1, 2) that is why the Improvement of the RF. operator professional training a serious reserve of the realtor, exploitation safety and reliability increase. The significance of the FTSC RF PIK creation is emphasized by the interest of foreign specialists: by fax 083 from 03.08.94 to the Neutron research pision PNPI the depnty director on safety and reliability of the Brookhaven National Laboratory reactor association (US) Michael H. Brooks displayed the interest to this work and proposed collaboration in field of the staff training methods (3).

The work on FTSC creation was began in 1990. In August 1994 the general work volume is estimated at 406 man-monthes or 1.687.000 US dollars worth Including the,worth of equipment.


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