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Safety of Helium Cooled Reactor


Calculations for Validation of Safety and Design of Safety Systems for Helium Modularised Reactor with Gas Turbine ( GT-MHR) and Plutonium as a Fuel

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  • FIR-NSS/Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding/Fission Reactors

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Leading Institute
Experimental Designing Bureau of Machine Building (OKBM), Russia, N. Novgorod reg., N. Novgorod

Supporting institutes

  • Kurchatov Research Center, Russia, Moscow

Project summary


Development of the high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor technology aiming at utilization of weapons-grade plutonium and efficient generation of electricity using a direct gas-turbine cycle is being carried out in framework of the international co-operation activity on creation of the GT-MHR nuclear power plant under the Project involving MINATOM of the RF, General Atomics(USA), Framatom (France) and Fuji Electric (Japan).

Experience accumulated in the development and operation of gas-coooled reactors provides en engineering background for the GT-MHR design relying upon passive safety features, validation of which represents currently a task of primary importance.

Activity on the Project is a costituent of design and analytical works addressed to validation of the GT-MHR reactor plant safety.

Objectives of the Project are as follows: the development of criteria and concept for safety, creation of computer codes, assessment of the reactor plant safety, the development of designs for basic safety systems, i.e.: reserve shutdown system with spherical absorber elements, passive shutdown cooling system, containment structure, actuation safety system and emergency power supply system.


As a result of the Project fulfilment computer codes and basic safety sysstem designs would be developed and analysis would be performed for the reactor plant behavior in emergency modes.

Also, basic components performance would be validated, as well as the plant radiological safety in both design-basis and beyond design-basis accidents.


Multy-year experience in design of high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactors (HTGRs) accumulated by OKBM in cooperation with RRC “KI” will be used as a background in a process of the fulfilment.

An experience gained by OKBM in the development and operation of other type nuclear reactors will be applied also for formulation of the reactor plant safety concept, development of computer codes and designs of basic safety systems.

The design development and related calculations will be carried out using modern computers.


Representation of information conserning the validation of nuclear reactor plant safety, exchange by available experience, discussion and rewiev of results obtained.


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