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Magnetic and cryo-treatment of tumours


The Impact of Magnetic Field and Deep Cold on the Structure and Molecular Organization of Tumor Cells

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Leading Institute
Physical-Technical Institute, Tajikistan, Dushanbe

Supporting institutes

  • Republican Clinical Center of Oncology, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • DRUGIMPEX Trading Company Limited, Austria, Vienna\nAmerican MedicoPharma Research & Development Foundation, USA, TX, San Antonio

Project summary

The facts of successful influence cryotherapy on skin cancer are well known, at that the full destruction of pathologic cells is reached in certain volume at the maximal protection of neighbor's healthy tissues.
For today the deep cold is the most physiological method of treatment which is not required anesthesia, it is good enduranced by the patients, and the treatment occurs minimal post-operational consequences and smooth scaring. It's important for positive results of cryosurgical operations histological forms of a tumor, clinical indications, localization and prevalence of a tumour, anatomic features of area, and also technical aspects of cryosurgery. All of it has given stimulus for more detailed study of influence of cryosurgery on the cancer cells.
About another modern method of treatment - magnitotheraphy, its using, for example, at malignant breast tumours shows the fact of complete resolving of diffusion forms of mastopathy. In case of breast cancer, the application of magnitotherapy in a combination with chemo- and X-ray therapy improves the result of medical effects: strengthen cell's immunity and allow to achieve the good survival results in long-run.
In both cases - cryotherapy and magnitotherapy the unusual facts of selective action of a deep cold and magnetic field on a tumor are closely observed. It was stimulate us to build up a number of goals.

From all variety of not ordinary factors we shall allocate some of them:

- Unusual clinical run and treatment of skin cancer based on scares

- Resolving of diffusion form of mastopathy under magnetic field influence
We think that the explanation of this facts can be founded in morphological features of tissue, cells and molecular structure of tumor.
We can formulate the following tasks for our study:
1. to investigate morphological features and molecular structure; molecular binds of healthy tissue areas and tumor tissues which were object to cold and magnetic fields;
2. to state morphological and structural molecular features responsible for selective influence of a deep cold on the skin tumor tissues;
3. to state morphological and structural molecular features responsible for resolving process of the tumors in case of diffusion form of mastopathy which was undergone to magnetic field influence;
4. to optimize the condition of combined treatment different tumors with attracting of magnetic field, cold and external influence (e.g. X-ray therapy, laser therapy, chemotherapy, UV and US influence);
5. to develop recommendations for practical application;
6. On the basis of the given data to plan prospect of the further scientific works.

The researches should give the answer to the reasons of selective action of a deep cold and magnetic field on tumor tissue and, how it is possible to strengthen effect from a deep cold and magnetic field at the treatment of the oncological patients.
To the mentioned above expected results; e.g. resolving pre-tumor breast diseases, improvement of treatment effect at breast cancer, reduction of lymphoria after radical operations on breast tissues, strengthening of cell's immunity, achievement of the good long-run survival results it is necessary to add possibility of application magnated chemotherapeutical medicines, realization of cryo-magnitotherapy in a combination with X-ray and chemotherapy.
The positive results of research can be prepared for application in medical practice.
Within 3 years it is supposed to realize works under the project, to execute more than 200 cryosurgery operations and 100 magnitotherapetical procedures.
Simultaneously to study morphology and mitotic regime of tumour cells and structural features of molecules on spectra electronic paramagnetic resonance, infra-red, mass-spectrometry and method of spin labels.
Scientifics of the Physical-technical institute have wide experience on development of cryosurgery instruments on the basis of liquid nitrogen, and also designing of magnetic fields systems for various purposes.
The cryosurgery instruments from MKI series are widely used in surgery, dermatology, cosmetology, gynecology, and also are applied in modern oncological practice.
By physicists for magnitotherapy aims in oncology was developed the special magnetic system, which allows to create magnetic fields of various intensity, frequency and configuration.
Thus, physicists can design and prepare inpidual cryosurgical instruments, magnitotherapy devices to solve the stated task.
Medical scientists of RCC of the Republic of Tajikistan have the high qualification as the oncologists and wide work experience in mammological branch and also in general oncology.
The assumed collaborator Gerhard Schilcher (DrugImpex, Vienna, Austria) will participate in discussion of research results, in making work conclusions and prospects of practical application of work results.
The technical approach, which will be carried out within the framework includes:
1. Using cryosurgical instruments on the basis of liquid nitrogen.
2. Using of electromagnetic systems of various intensity, frequency and configuration.
3. Using of devices for studying of structure of molecules (EPR, IK – spectrometer, mass-spectrometer, method of spin labels)
4. Combined treatment in a combination with X-ray, chemotherapy, hormonotherapy and immunotherapy.
5. Development and manufacturing of the cryosurgical instruments for special purposes and various magnetic systems.
The authors of the project suppose to spread scientific co-operation with research centers in Europe and USA, with Cancer Center in Linz (Austria) [Prof. Lutz], University of Linz [Prof. Hans Lorg Bohmig], Prof. Buhny A.F. [NGO on children oncology, USA] among them. Prof. Nowicky W. [Nowicky Pharma, Austria] visited Cancer Center of Tajikistan in 2004, May. All of them render technical support and methodological aid in our work. Gerhard Schilcher ["DrugImpex", Austria] will be invited as collaborator.
In our mind any of specialists mentioned above may act as collaborator, they will get detailed information about project, its aims and goals. As to the scientists - weapon-makers of the PhTI, they will obtain the possibility to move to the peaceful humanistic work. The scientists of PhTI posses rich experience and good technical and experimental basis for design and construction of cryosurgical instruments, magnetic systems, complex electronic approaches, which are to be used in our project.

The expected results and their application

In the result of this work it will be proved that:

1. There is a bind between optical characteristics (IR-absorption, EPR, etc) of the tissues in healthy skin areas, sick skin areas, and areas with tumours from scares, skin areas susceptible to pathology; peculiarities of tissues samples under study, their morphological specificity, changes of molecular binds and possibility of molecule’s conformation under the effect of cold and magnetic field with clinical run and treatment.
2. The links between optical characteristics (IR-absorption, EPR), and dynamic of conformation phenomena and molecular binds for breast tissue with diffusive mastopathy pathology in it's different variations and stages ( beginning from origination of tumor till pre-operating period), which appear under influence of cold and magnetic field with attraction of X-ray, laser, chemotherapy, UV, US with clinical run and treatment of diseases.
3. Scheme of tumour treatment in case of chemotherapy of stroked area by magneted medicines, with additional magnetician (in several stages).
4. According to optical properties to develop the mechanism of influence chemotherapeutical medicines on tumor's tissues and cells.
5. To optimize parameters of tumour treatment (especially in magnitotherapy and cold) not only for chosen pathology (skin cancer, skin cancer based on scars, diffuse mastopathy), but in different cases of oncological diseases (breast cancer, lymphogranulematosis etc.) using the same scheme from 1 up to 4.
6. The scheme of prompting in oncological tissues changes in structure (both cells and molecules), which could lead to resolving or significant decrease of the area and mass of the tumor applying external influence such as magnetic field and cold, slight X-ray therapy, laser therapy, UV, US etc.


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