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Sound Vibration Decrease


The Development of Practical Decisions of the Decrease of the Sound Vibratin and Noise in Products of Common-technical and Medical Purposes

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  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology

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VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Project summary

The task of the decrease of the sound vibration and noise in products of common technical and medical purposes is one of the important in modern machinebuilding. The decision of this task has two obviously expressed applied aspects - ecological (decrease of the harmful effect on the environment) and technical (increase of the reliability of the products themselves). At the same time the modern tendency of perfection of working characteristics of such products in some cases inevitably gives the increase of their vibroacoustic activity. So, in spite of the big number of domestic and foreign works, the problems of searching the ways of decreasing of noise and sound vibration are still actual, require the further researches and are one of the rational directions of the application of efforts of qualified researchers and designers during the conversion of military development.

This work is devoted, basically, to the researches of one of the universal and rather effective way of the decrease of vibroacoustic effects, which is based on the usage of the vibroisolators and dynamic suppressors. Conventional approaches lie in the tendency decrease as much as possible selffrequencies of isolators and to supply the decreasing of the level of vibrations in the possibly wide range of frequencies.

However low frequency isolators have a number of essential disadvantages - large sizes, big movings during the action of external loads and so on. Suppressors are also most widely used as low-frequent frequently-tuned systems. It's known also high-frequent resonant suppressors, however the area of their effective usage is limited because of impossibility of exact frequency set-up.

The main purpose of this project is the broadening the area of the effective usage of the isolators and suppressors of sound vibration. The main body of the author's collective form the specialists of the unique in Ministry specialized department working on the supply of the units and blocks resistance to vibration and shock loads, who have long term experience of the development of isolators and suppressors of vibrations. It permitted them to form original small-size constructive schemes, providing, by the combination of typical elements, the wide range of self frequencies and the possibility of the exact set-up, and also the principally new approaches to designing, based on the definition, on relation from amplitude-and-frequent characteristics of the acting vibration and protected equipment, the main parameters of isolators and suppressors. Such isolators and suppressors can be effectively used when the traditional decisions can't be used because of their large sizes and movings, insufficient reliability, complexity of exact frequency set-up and so on.

The main problems, which is coming to decide in this work, are connected with the adaptation of constructive schemes, methods of calculation and experiments to the superlow levels of sound vibration. To solve these problems it is necessary to conduct several works on the following main directions:

1. To develop techniques and test facility and to conduct researches of characteristics of the elastic-dampen materials (in particular, rubbers)at characteristic for sound vibration small amplitudes of dynamic deformations, as well as at characteristic for application of these materials in isolators and suppressors schemes of load (at imposition of static deformation of compression).
2. On the basis of analysis of received experimental results to introduce the necessary corrections in earlier developed by authors methods of designing of isolators and suppressors.
3. To adapt earlier developed by authors constructive schemes for purposes of external and internal isolation and dynamic suppression of the sound vibration.
4. To check up the efficiency of developed decisions on particular products (electric motors, units of the medical x-ray computer tomograph and in structure of the tomograph and so on).

Methodological each direction of work includes the analysis of conventional decisions, development of mathematical models, methods of calculation and constructive schemes, their check by experiments, processing of experimental data with the use of methods of spectral analysis and mathematical statistics, development of software (including of programs of automated designing).

The expected results (in kind of mathematical models, methods of completion of calculations and execution of experiments, constructive schemes of test fixtures, isolators and suppressors, computer programs of calculation and automated designing) have, in opinion of authors, the scientific significance, since include in essence distinct from the conventional decisions.

The economic significance of expected results is defined by decrease of labor input of development of isolators and suppressors at the expense of application of programs of automated designing. The expected results have also by definite commercial potential, therefore, in case the separate decisions will satisfy to market needs, after completion of the project the cooperation with commercial partners is possible.

Foreign specialists and interested foreign organizations are invited to the cooperation in the term of completing works on the project.


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