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Nucleation Upon Hydrogen Isotopes Condensation


Experimental Investigation of Spontaneous Nucleation upon Hydrogen Isotopes Condensation.

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Coevering G van de

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VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • CEA / DAM / CE Bruyères le Châtel, France, Bruyères le Châtel\nUniversität Karlsruhe, Germany, Karlsruhe\nLos-Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos\nLawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, CA, Livermore\nUniversität Konstanz, Germany, Konstanz

Project summary

It is well known that quantum effects in molecular gases show up most vividly in hydrogen (See, i.e., Ref.1). This also refers to t nucleation process upon condensation. The present nucleation theories in the best case describe only energy spectrum of molecules anc clusters /2/. The of f ered experi mental investigation of hydrogen isotopes nucleation will help understand process and develop the theory.

The aim of this work is to investigate experimentally the spent neous nucleation upon hydrogen isotope condensation. This work includes investigation of the dependences of nucleation rate an critical oversaturation of protium, deuterium, and tritium and the mixtures on the gas cooli ng rate and i ts quantity. The gas under investigati on is in a closed spherical container of smal1 volume /4/. It alows airily to work on tne radioactive isotope — tritium A gas supercool ing is si mply done by the quick cool ing of the container.

The work will result in submission of experimental data as a re port and article or paper at scientific meeting. Besides, the obtaned data can be discussed with the specialists working on the nucltion theory and the use of available theories for a description of the experimental data. Scientific importance of the project is in obtaining of new data on hydrogen isotope nucleation and in attemp of the use of available theories for a description of the experimental data.

Commercial importance of work 1ies in the fact that the obtaine data can be used in developing setups in the field of hydrogen ene getics and targets for inertial confinement fusion.

The project wi11 employ former weapon scientists and engineers, specialists in the hydrogen technology and cryogenic technique, in fulfilling purely scientific work for peaceful application.


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