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Ultra High Purity Xenon for Scintillator


Investigation of Ultra High Purity Xenon as Highly Effective Scintillator in Time Projection Chambers for the XENON Experiment

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  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • PHY-ANU/Atomic and Nuclear Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Russia, Moscow reg., Dubna


  • University of British Columbia / Department of Physics and Astronomy, Canada, BC, Vancouver\nColumbia University / Department of Physics / Nevis Laboratories, USA, NJ, Irvington

Project summary

The Project foresees conduction of studies for the XENON dark matter experiment, related to the design and construction of the time-projection chamber module (TPC) and of the module for the production of xenon of desired purity, specified by the experiment requirements. Liquid xenon show unique physical and chemical feature, which make it attractive for the application as work substance for ionization liquid detectors (ILD), playing a key role for some planned fundamental experiments in Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics (such as search of neutrinoless double β-decay, µ→eγ decay, solar and reactor neutrino detection, search of proton decay, neutrino oscillations experiments with future neutrino beams, etc.).

The XENON project aims at the search of dark matter in the form of Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) through the elastic scattering of these particles on xenon nuclei. To achieve the desired sensitivity a very large quantity of ultra-pure liquid xenon is required for this and other planned fundamental experiments. It should be noted that usually the xenon purity level required for ILD`s is much higher than that provided by the manufacturer. For example it is crucial for the XENON dark matter search, to use xenon with krypton impurities down to Kr< 1 ppb, to minimize the background rate due to the long-living radioactive Kr-85. In this view, users themselves often have to additionally purify xenon abefore their use. However, such approach is rather burdensome in the case of large quantities of gas to be purified, as in the case of XENON where 1 ton active target is used, distributed among ten independent time-projection chambers (TPC), each of them containing 100 kg of active xenon mass.

The proposed Project foresees production of ultra-pure xenon with < 100ppb Kr. Computation and experimental studies will define optimal parameters for using it in experiments. Experimental lots of ultra-pure xenon will be produced using commercially produced xenon as raw-material. Further purification of xenon with < 1ppb Kr will be done by our collaborators in the USA and used for the XENON experiment.

Also the aim of the given project is for design and fabrication of some mechanical elements of the XENON experiment.


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