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Dynamics of Plasma in a Vicinity of the Charged Body


Dynamics of Plasma in a Vicinity Electrical an Isolated Conducting Body with a Changing Charge

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  • PHY-PLS/Plasma Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
AO "Mintz Radio-Technical Institute", Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The basic purpose of the present project consists in research of the physical processes occurring in plasma in a vicinity electrical of the isolated conducting body with the changing charge. Interest represents studying existential characteristics of change of an electric field, concentration of the charged particles of plasma and their speeds, and also change of a charge of a body.

Now from references the theoretical and experimental works devoted to dynamics of plasma in a vicinity of conducting bodies for set potentials and foreign currents are known. Thus parameters of a current of plasma on a body, distribution of speed and concentration of particles of plasma in a vicinity of a body were investigated.

As against these works in the offered project the new problem of research of dynamics of the self-coordinated system" the isolated, conducting, charged body-plasma" in which change of a charge of a body causes change of indignations in plasma and on the contrary is put.

Within the framework of the project it is supposed:

- To create full-scale theoretical model of dynamics of the self-coordinated system "the isolated, conducting, charged body-plasma";
- To carry out analytical and numerical researches of the created model;
- To study structure of equilibrium configurations of plasma in a vicinity of an isolated, conducting body with a changing charge;
- To consider behaviour of researched system at various laws of change of a charge of a body;
- To study linear, nonlinear and parametrical properties of the given system;
- To define conditions of occurrence instability and excitation of fluctuations of plasma.

Technical approaches and methodology of realization of the project are based on the theory of physics of plasma, radiophysics, theoretical electrodynamics and methods of mathematical modelling on the personal computer.

Expected results of performance of the project will have great value for fundamental science, will give new knowledge of properties electrical isolated conducting bodies with the changing charge, taking place in plasma, and will specify ways of practical application of the investigated phenomena for construction of new radiophysical devices.

The wide experience of researches in the field of physics of plasma and the radiophysics, saved up by employees of Radio engineering institute of a name of academician A.L. Mintz, guarantees performance of the project at a high scientific level.

The offered project corresponds to purposes ISTC, as:

- Gives an opportunity to scientists and the experts of Radio engineering institute connected to development and creation of radio-electronic systems of defensive purpose, to be reoriented on peace activity;
- Supports fundamental and applied researches in the field of physics of plasma and the radiophysics, adequate to economic needs;
- Promotes integration of the Russian scientists into the international scientific community.

The role foreign collaborator includes:

- Information interchange during realization of the project;
- Representation of comments to technical reports of the executor of the project;
- Participation in check of technical activity under the project, carried out by employees ISTC;
- Rendering assistance to executors of the project in visiting the international conferences;
- Carrying out of working seminars and meetings with executors of the project for discussion of results and updatings of plans of works.


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