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Electromagnetic Radiation for Therapy


Research and Development of Advanced Magnetotherapy Methods for Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders and Oncological Pathologies

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  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine

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Leading Institute
VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Supporting institutes

  • State Science Establishment - The Urals Scientific-Research Veterinary Institute, Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Ekaterinburg\nUral State Technical University / Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin, Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Ekaterinburg


  • University of Silesia / Institute of Physics, Poland, Katowice\nBrookhaven National Laboratory, USA, NY, Upton

Project summary

By now the greatest amount of information on biological effect of electromagnetic radiation has been accumulated. Unlike ionizing radiation, the morphologically irreversible impact of nonionizing radiation is threshold with the threshold characteristics of the electromagnetic field (EMF) being multiparametric. Effects of the EMF action allow setting the problem of investigation of possibility to control the state and activity of biological systems of different levels by varying the EMF exposure parameters. Of greatest interest are pulsed signals, which biological activity is defined by the pulse waveform, pulse amplitude, pulse duration and on-off time ratio, as well as by irradiation exposition.

The most important biological rhythms of the cell and system levels lie in the range of low and infralow frequencies. This assumes the resonance conditions for the fields of corresponding ranges, which action on biosystems is conditioned essentially by the magnetic component. The use of low- and infralow EMFs is widespread in clinical practice, at that the sub-threshold exposures, as a rule, are implemented. Effectiveness of the EMF application is conditioned by optimization of its parameters with reference to specific pathologies of discriminate bioobjects.

The cumulative effect of the pulsed EMF action on the central nervous system (CNS) having a host of neurons of different activities at any instant of time is space-time. In this case its efficiency may depend on the exposure time and the level of time correlation of the acting pulse sequence with the bioelectrical activity of brain. However, the issues connected with principles of optimal use of EMF for “testing” the functional state of CNS on the base of the analysis of responses to the exposure, as well as with correction of the functional state of CNS by pulsed EMF still remain open.

Analysis of biophysical mechanisms of the EMF exposure shows that the most influence is experienced by cells being at the stage of pision, including embryonic and tumor cells. The preferred activation of metabolic processes in the tumor cells and the acceleration of the chemical reactions as a consequence of the exposure to the EMF magnetic component are the base for studying the possibility to apply magnetotherapy to oncology and for working through “sparing” chemotherapy modes in joined use of EMF and anticancer drugs. The combination of their effects promotes the enhanced destruction and lysis of the tumors. By now this research direction is insufficiently explored.

Goal of the presented project: testing and substantiation of new methods of infralow-frequency magnetotherapy. In the framework of this project the following problems are to be solved: development and testing of new magnetotherapy technologies for diagnostics and treatment of central nervous system disorders; substantiation of potentialities of oncomagnetotherapy; and designing of a magnetotherapy installation that allows morphological sub- and after-threshold exposures to the infralow-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field.

The proposed project falls in categories “Technology Development” and “Technology Demonstration”.

The project fulfillment assumes a solution of a wide range of problems, including theoretical justification, choice and development of research methods and appropriate equipment, carrying out of a package of research and designing works: analysis and summarizing of available information on biophysical mechanisms of the infralow-frequency EMF influence on bioobjects; experimental sub-threshold EMF exposures of CNS of animals to explore the optimum modes of EMF exposure of CNS of patients with CNS disorders for developing clinical recommendations; EMF after-threshold exposure of tumors in connective tissues and mammary gland of animals; calculation and development of a functional scheme, technical documentation and programs to control the pulsed infralow-frequency installation and manufacture of a pilot sample; testing and adjustment of optimum operating modes for the manufactured magnetotherapy installation with the use of animals, development of a business plan to initiate a small company for production of magnetotherapy installations that allows morphological sub- and after-threshold exposures to the infralow-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field.

Scientific results of the project.

  • Adaptive variations in bioelectrical activity of brain at infralow-frequency pulsed EMF exposures, their dependence on the functional state of CNS and its structures that regulate the synchronization-desynchronization processes.
  • Optimum modes of exposure of CNS for using them in clinical practice.
  • Possibility of differential morphologically-irreversible (after-threshold) exposure of tumor tissues to infralow-frequency EMF with provision of sub-threshold exposure of health tissues.
  • Pulsed infra-frequency EMF effect on the functional state of CNS, as well as on the morphological structure of tumor and health tissues at cell and sub-cell levels of animals.
  • Pilot program-controlled infralow-frequency installation allowing sub- and after-threshold exposures of bioobjects.

Commercial results of the project.

The project realization promotes the effective medical care of population, including personnel of enterprises of the Agency for Atomic Energy. The project results have potentialities in commercialization for using them in medical institutions, including:

  • New magnetotherapy technologies of diagnostics and treatment of CNS disorders.
  • New magnetotherapy technologies of treatment of tumor tissues.
  • Medical device with automatic computer control, permitting the pulsed electromagnetic field exposure. The design of the device makes it possible to implement the functions of sub- and after-threshold EMF exposures of organs and systems of bioobjects.
  • Necessary methodological directives and instructions on practical use of magnetotherapy equipment for sub- and after-threashold exposure.

In order to control the process of therapy of the tumor, histological and electronic-microscopical studies of tumor and health tissues will be conducted on standard equipment before and after the EMF exposure; the cell components and biochemical characteristics of blood, as well as the immune status before and after the exposure will be analyzed. On exposure of CNS, control of its functional state will be carried out based on signals of electrocardiograms (EKG) of animals and electroencephalograms (EEG) of treated patients. The EKG and EEG signals will be used as feedback signals to control the exposure. Finally, the correlation “exposure-response” dependences will be estimated.

Foreign collaborators may participate in the project in the following basic fields: information support of the project and preparation of joint analytical reviews (to be published in Russian and English); information exchange in the course of project realization; issue of comments for technical reports; crosschecks of the results obtained in the course of project realization; holding of joint conferences and work seminars.

The project contributes to the solution of national and international problems in health protection and promotes the transfer to the market economic by involving the scientists and developers of nuclear weapon in solution of problems imposed by the market.

The project creates the possibility for scientists and engineers involved in weapons development to redirect their abilities to peaceful initiatives. The project grants the scientists and specialists at RFNC-VNIITF involved in weapon development the possibilities to redirect their abilities to peaceful activities connected with health protection. 23 specialists will be drawn away from works connected with weapons development.

The project is based on developmental works conducted by the executors. USRVI is successfully forwarding new methods of infralow-frequency magnetotherapy. The optimum modes of exposure of CNS and malignant growths of animals are at the stage of development. The new results obtained hold much promise for clinical practice. There is a modern clinicolaboratory research base that is being successfully used. The specialists at USTU-UPI have gained operational experience in EMF sources for analyzing nuclear magnetic and electron paramagnetic resonances. They have developed infralow-frequency EMF oscillators and software tools to control them, providing means to ensure conditions for the optimum exposure of bioobjects. Studies on problems of engineering support in medicine are being conducted. RFNC-VNIITF has gained great experience in development of software, program interfaces, algorithms and software implementation for a system generation, reconstruction and processing of images in tomography. The Institute possesses a high scientific potential in designing, manufacturing and application of high-technological technical devices both for defense and for civil purposes. In particular, there is an experience of work with low-frequency EMF generators for demagnetization of ship bodies and for other purposes. Neutron therapy methods are developed and successfully applied in oncology.

The creative group participating in realization of the project has an experience of work with the ISTC grants.


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